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Ep. 289 - When The Left Says Science, They Mean 'Shut Up'  

Neil Degrasse Tyson mistakes science for religion, sports commentators are ragingly angry at the New England Patriots, and we examine the mailbag.

Ep. 288 - O'Reilly's Out -- What Does It Mean For The Right?  

Fox dumps its top host, the left thinks it's finally got a winning strategy, and Berkeley tries to ban Ann Coulter.

Ep. 287 - Is America On The Verge Of A Mental Breakdown?  

Democrats fail in Georgia's Sixth District, we talk to Lauren Southern about the riots at Berkeley, and we examine events in North Korea, Turkey, and Iran.

Ep. 286 - Trump The Conqueror  

Trump humiliates Obama with muscular use of the military, but is there any worldview behind it? Meanwhile, Trump's biggest supporters seethe, and we explore the mailbag!

Ep. 285 - Is Trump Growing Into The Office?  

Trump flips on a series of key issues -- but are they flips in the right direction? Plus the problem with devout Never Trumpism and we discuss Sean Spicer's Holocaust gaffe.

Ep. 284 - So, Is There A Plan?  

Team Trump struggles to come up with a plan, the media launches conspiracy theories, and CNN thinks Orthodox Jews are just like the Taliban.

Ep. 283 - There's A New Sheriff In Syria  

Trump sets a red line -- and then does something about it. But was it Constitutional? Plus we check the mailbag.

Ep. 282 - Trump's Big Syria Conundrum  

After spending years bashing Obama for intervening in Syria, what does Trump do now? Plus, Republicans struggle for a plan, and Democrats won't stop taunting Trump.

Ep. 281 - Susan Rice Is Under Serious Fire -- And She Should Be  

Susan Rice says she's never done anything wrong, Trump backs down on Assad, and CNN's Jeff Zucker lets the cat out of the bag.

Ep. 280 - A Massive Bombshell Helps Trump  

A top member of the Obama team was reportedly behind the unmasking of the Trump transition team, Trump struggles to get out of his own way, and Democrats have nothing to show for their Trump-Russia hysteria.

Ep. 279 - Both Parties Are Preparing To Commit Suicide  

Democrats rush headlong into oblivion, Republicans cave to Democrats, and we visit the mailbag!

Ep. 278 - Leftists Crack Down On Free Speech  

California files charges against the Planned Parenthood undercover journalists, media clash with Trump, and we do some Bible talk!

Ep. 277 - Real Controversies, and Fake Controversies  

Ep. 277 - Real Controversies, and Fake Controversies by The Daily Wire

Ep. 276 - Begun, The War On Conservatives Has  

Trump blames conservatives for his health care debacle, Ryan cowers in the corner, and the mainstream media steps all over itself. Again.

Ep. 275 - Can Everybody Stop Lying For 30 Seconds, Please?  

Democrats say Trump is a Russian stooge, Trump claims vindication on wiretapping, and Republicans make a big decision on Trumpcare -- plus, the mailbag!

Ep. 274 - Trump's Judicial Pick Shines  

Gorsuch looks great in front of the judiciary committee, and does disaster loom for Trumpcare?

Ep. 273 - Is Trump In Trouble?  

Comey destroys Trump's wiretapping narrative and says Trump's team is under investigation on Russia ties -- but does it matter? Plus, Democrats make asses of themselves on the Gorsuch nomination.

Ep. 272 - Can Trump Actually Fulfill His Promises?  

Can any politician actually fulfill promises that should never have been made? Meanwhile, Democrats backtrack on their Russia allegations, and Tomi Lahren gets in hot water on The View.

Ep. 271 - Courts Go Rogue, Battle Trump on Immigration  

The leftist media attempts to rewrite the history of Ferguson, Republicans continue to battle over Trumpcare, and we visit the mailbag!

Ep. 270 - Epic Media Fail: Trump Tax Return Edition  

Rachel Maddow has one of the most embarrassing nights in media history, can we believe anybody anymore, and 4Chan pulls off one of the great trolls in American history.

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