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Ep. 259 - Do You Get Extra Credit For Experiencing Tragedy?  

Protesters storm Republican town hall events, Trump rolls back Obama's transgender bathroom policy, and Democrats debate who should lead them -- plus, the mailbag!

Ep. 258 - Is The Enemy Of Our Enemy Our Friend?  

The right must decide who is a real friend, the left manipulates for a Republican split with Trump, and Trump pursues some well-crafted policy!

Ep. 257 - Is Trump Actually Making The Left Insane?  

Leftists say they're "traumatized" by the election, the media bias gets even more insane, and we deconstruct some culture.

Ep. 256 - What Do Conservatives Stand For?  

Republicans celebrate smacking leftists in the mouth no matter what it takes, leftists in the media make it about themselves, and what the hell happened in Sweden?

Ep. 255 - The Best of Trump, The Worst of Trump  

Trump renews America's relationship with Israel, more fallout from the Flynn firing, and we browse the mailbag!

Ep. 254 - Is The Intelligence Community Its Own Government?  

Team Trump plagued by leaks, the media think Flynn's ouster is the BIGGEST STORY IN HISTORY, and we talk some Bible!

Ep. 253 - Flynn's Out -- What's The Hell Happened?  

The National Security Adviser steps down, the media drools, and we talk about Beyonce at the Grammy's!

Ep. 252 - 'Saturday Night Live' Goes Totally Nuts On Trump  

Comedy stops being funny, Trump surrogate Stephen Miller raises eyebrows, and leftists keep making Trump look good.

Ep. 251 - To Democrats, Everything Is Sexist and Racist  

Democrats spot the REAL reason behind shutting up Warren, we've now reached Peak Trust Trust, and the mailbag!

Ep. 250 - Republicans: Let The Crazy Lady Talk!  

Republicans gag Native American princess Elizabeth Warren, Cruz roasts Bernie Sanders on a spit, and the Trump-Media War continues.

Ep. 249 - Is Donald Trump Vladimir Putin? Nope.  

The media are convinced Trump is Putin, Trump hammers the media by getting it wrong, and celebrities won't stop cutting stupid PSAs!

Ep. 248 - Super Bowl Advertisers Won't Stop Their Leftism  

Leftists won't leave the Super Bowl alone, President Trump keeps saying crazy things about Russia, and can we stop with the "fake news" insanity?

Ep. 247 - The Left Gets Violent at Berkeley  

The left burns down Berkeley, we welcome special guest California Assemblyman Mike Gatto to discuss the nature of capitalism, and we check the mailbag!

Ep. 246 - Promise Kept: Trump Picks Gorsuch!  

We analyze Trump's pick for the Supreme Court, take a look at the Democrats' failure to respond, and talk some Bible!

Ep. 245 - Trump: You're Fired!  

Trump fires the heads of ICE and his acting attorney general, we prepare for a Supreme Court pick, and we deconstruct the culture!

Ep. 244 - Did Trump Just Ban Muslims? No!  

Time to debunk all the myths about Trump's executive order; Team Trump botches the rollout; plus, was the Holocaust directed at Jews?

Ep. 243 - Trump Keeps His Biggest Promise  

The wall is coming, Trump maddens the media on voter fraud, and we do the mailbag!

Ep. 242 - Democrats: White People Need To Shut Up!  

Democrats look for a leader who knows how to shut white people up, Democrats go nuts over Trump's voter fraud claims, plus Lena Dunham is still being Lena Dunham.

Ep. 241 - Trump's First Monday: Great, Good, Rotten  

Trump signs some excellent executive actions but ignores some campaign promises; union bosses rally to Trump; and the press oversteps again.

Ep. 240 - Trump Becomes President, All Hell Breaks Loose  

Trump is sworn in, the left loses its mind...and then Trump goes Full Trump!

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