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Ep. 221 - When Trump Sins, Will Anyone Mention It?  

The media lose their minds over Trump on Taiwan, Trump pushes FDR's economic agenda, and Republicans have to determine if they'll stand up.

Ep. 220 - Trump Saved Jobs! But How?  

Trump claims victory for saving jobs at Carrier, Trump surrogates decry elitism, and we check out the mailbag!

Ep. 219 - Trump Eats Dinner With a Side of Romney  

Trump hangs with Mitt, Trump fills his cabinet, and we talk Bible!

Ep. 218 - Islamist Terrorist Attacks, Left Goes Silent  

Another day, another terrorist attack; Trump tweets about flag-burning; and we deconstruct the culture.

Ep. 217 - Castro Dies, The Left Weeps  

Why the left weeps for evil dictators, Trump tweets about voter fraud, and the Romney mess.

Ep. 216 - Democrats Collapsing, Trump Organizing  

The DNC considers a radical for its head, Trump plays Good Trump/Bad Trump with picks, and the Vaunted Mailbag!

Ep. 215 - Good Trump/Bad Trump: Thanksgiving Edition  

Trump rips the press, gets down to business, and we deconstruct the culture!

Ep. 214 - 'Hamilton' Attacks Trump, Media Go Nuts  

Trump goes at it with the cast of 'Hamilton' and 'SNL,' we get a glimpse of what Trump's White House will look like, plus comedians lose their minds over Trump.

Ep. 213 - Leftists Keep Pushing Americans To Trump  

Things go wild at University of Wisconsin, protesters make America suck again, and the mailbag!

Ep. 212 - Media Look To Hand Re-Election To Trump  

Update from Depaul, the media lose their minds over steak, and will Republicans hold true to an objective standard of behavior?

Ep. 211 - Thanks, Obama. But Really.  

Obama says nothing is his fault, DePaul tries to ban Ben, and more Good Trump/Bad Trump!

Ep. 210 - Trump White House Takes Shape  

It's Bannon and Reince, leftists continue to lose their mind, and SNL destroys itself

Ep. 209 - Protesters Go Nuts, Prove President Trump's Case  

Why Americans hate the left, in full living color; the media lose their minds; and the mailbag!

Ep. 208 - President-Elect Trump  

Trump proved me wrong about the election; I pray he proves me wrong about him. Plus, the wonderful glory of Hillary's shattered dreams.

Ep. 207 - Today Is The Day  

Final arguments for and against Trump, Obama's parting pitch, and Madonna makes her case.

Ep. 206 - The Final Prediction: Trump vs. Clinton  

Trump and Clinton down the homestretch, we all drink a mazel tov cocktail, and Beyonce wants to put a ring on it.

Ep. 205 - The Final Countdown  

Hillary's campaign is into some weird, weird stuff, Chris Christie's Bridgegate comes back to bite Trump, and we do a bit of Bible study.

Ep. 204 - Will Trump Provide Another Cubs-Like Miracle?  

The Cubs win the World Series, Trump gains in the polls, and Hillary enters Panicland.

Ep. 203 - Never Trumpers, Don't Make This One Big Mistake  

Some Never Trumpers are making a big mistake, Hillary gets desperate, and we deconstruct the culture!

Ep. 202 - Hillary Receives A Halloween Surprise  

The ultimate October surprise drops, Democrats panic, and everything is freaking hilarious.

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