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Ep. 309 - Is It Okay To Body-Slam Reporters?  

Controversy -- and violence -- breaks out in the Montana Congressional race, Democrats trot out their old prescriptions on the budget, and it's time for the mailbag!

Ep. 308 - Katy Perry Hates Walls...Except Around Her House  

Leftists struggle to deal with the reality of Islamic terrorism, the Trump budget proposal arrives, and the left's favorite intelligence official gives them some rotten news.

Ep. 307 - Terror Rocks Britain -- And The Left Exposes Itself  

With President Trump in Israel, the left exposes itself as terrorism rocks Britain; plus, new supposed revelations regarding Trump and Russia have the left feeling confident.

Ep. 306 - Donald Of Arabia!  

Trump takes Saudi Arabia by storm, fallout continues from Trump's meeting with the Russians.

Ep. 305 - The Special Counsel Has Arrived -- But It Won't Satisfy Democrats  

The DOJ names a special counsel to investigate Trump-Russia ties, Mike Flynn is in a whole heap of trouble, and we explore the mailbag!

Ep. 304 - Democrats Cry Impeachment, But Is It All A Setup?  

Ep. 304 - Democrats Cry Impeachment, But Is It All A Setup? by The Daily Wire

Ep. 303 - Another Day, Another Russia Scandal  

A blockbuster report says Trump handed classified information to the Russians -- but is it true? Plus, we talk about whether the NBA is racist, and we deconstruct some culture.

Ep. 302 - Did Trump Just Wound Himself, Or Is This All Overblown?  

Trump takes to Twitter to start fires, the media rushes to throw gasoline on them -- but do Americans actually care?

Ep. 301 - Comey's Gone, And The Russians Are Coming! Or Are They?  

Democrats think Trump's dead to rites thanks to the Comey firing, but we still don't know the whole story. Meanwhile, the right blames the media and the Democrats, and we open up the mailbag!

Ep. 300 - Trump FIRES Comey, All Hell Breaks Loose  

It's the ultimate episode of "The Apprentice" -- but are the conspiracy theorists right, or was Trump right to dump Comey?

Ep. 299 - This Trump-Russia Garbage Is Getting Old  

Democrats trot out Sally Yates and James Clapper, Trump fires back, and health care continues to plod along.

Ep. 298 - Is Trump's Big Win In The House Actually A Win?  

Trump gets Trumpcare through the House, but how will it play in 2018, and does it help? Plus, we talk about the budget deal, and whether spewing racism in public should be policed.

Ep. 297 - It's Trumpcare Day!  

Congress votes on Trumpcare, we review Jim Comey's latest big day before Congress, and Trump meets with the Palestinian terrorist dictator!

Ep. 296 - Hillary's Back!  

Hillary is willing to take responsibility, but only if she doesn't have to take any responsibility; Trump tries to fib his way through policy; and we talk about The Handmaid's Tale some more.

Ep. 295 - Can Trump Focus On What Matters?  

We've now entered Day 2 of Jackson Civil War, the media's obsession with Trump ratchets into even higher gear, and we take a look at "The Handmaid's Tale."

Ep. 294 - Journalists Prove They're Smug Leftist Elites  

Reporters gather to mourn Trump at the White House Correspondents Dinner, and Trump trolls them hilariously -- but does he have any successful policy to brag about lately?

Ep. 293 - Fascists Win In Berkeley  

The dangers to democracy grow, confusion breaks out among Republicans on policy, and we explore the mailbag!

Ep. 292 - Should We Train Three-Year-Olds To Be Boys And Girls?  

The left pushes gender confusion for children, the Trump administration struggles to fund the wall, and we look at some weird stuff in the Bible.

Ep. 291 - Is The Trump Wall Dying?  

Trump trades his wall to avoid a government shutdown, the media go to war with Fox News, and Bill Nye loses his mind.

Ep. 290 - Trump's First 100 Days: How Has He Done?  

We look at Trump's promises, Democrats divide on abortion, and we are joined by a guest who thinks "cultural appropriation" is just terrible.

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