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Ep. 198 - Laughing Our Way To Doom  

Trump and Clinton both bomb at the Al Smith Dinner, Laura Ingraham goes nuts, and a second mailbag!

Ep. 197 - Final Debate: The Apocalypse Approacheth  

Trump attacks, Trump blows himself up, Hillary's awful and corrupt, and the vaunted mailbag!

Ep. 196 - Yes, It's Rigged! But Not The Way Trump Thinks.  

Hillary's DNC exposed, Trump's final debate, and Ben is the number one recipient of Jew-hate in the United States!

Ep. 195 - Everybody's a Hypocrite About Sexual Assault  

Accusers emerge to allege sexual assault against Trump, the media spin for the Clintons, and the mailbag!

Ep. 194 - The Great Trumpocalypse Is Upon Us  

Hillary lies (as always), Trump goes on offense against the GOP 27 days from an election, plus the weirdest tape you will ever see.

Ep. 193 - Cage Match: Trump Hammers Hillary  

Trump implodes over the weekend, then goes nuclear on Hillary!

Ep. 192 - Can Conservatives Unite?  

Debate preview, why you might want to boycott Ben and Jerry's, and we deconstruct the culture!

Ep. 191 - Round II: Trump vs. Hillary, The Revenge  

The second presidential debate is almost upon us, Ted Cruz makes the world's saddest face, and the vaunted mailbag!

Ep. 190 - VP Debate: Pence Dominates, Kaine Loses It  

Pence runs circles around Kaine, Trump ceases to exist for an evening, and Hillary invites an old friend to campaign with her!

Ep. 189 - Yes, Comey's FBI Was Rigged For Hillary  

Andrew Klavan stops by, FBI Director James Comey falls apart under oath, Donald Trump can't get off of the Miss Universe Fatgate, and the vaunted mailbag!

Ep. 188 - Stop Trump So We Won't Be Mean To Fat People!  

Thomas Sowell joins us, the left trots out a once-suspected murder accomplice to slap Trump, and Bible time!

Ep. 187 - Fight Night: Hillary Lies, Trump Melts Down  

Trump turns in a rotten performance, Hillary remains a congenital liar, and we deconstruct the culture!

Ep. 186 - It's Debate Night -- And Advantage: Trump  

Hillary's running from behind, Trump's on the move, and the media have lost their minds.

Ep. 185 - Leftists: They're Not Rioters, They're Heroes!  

The DOJ descends on Charlotte, Hillary doesn't know why she's losing, and the Mailbag!

Ep. 184 - Hillary Destroys Police To Win Black Votes  

A justified shooting in Charlotte prompts race riots, Trump trots out a convicted murderer, and Trevor Noah has fun with Skittles.

Ep. 183 - Black Man Shot, Leftists Blame America  

Terence Crutcher shot in Tulsa, and Americans mourn -- but the left blames the flag; CNN demonstrates its obvious bias; and we deconstruct the culture!

Ep. 182 - Terrorists Hit NY, NJ, Dems Destroy Themselves  

Democrats can't deal with Islamic terrorism, the media beclowns itself once again, and the Emmys are filled with stupid people.

Ep. 181 - Hillary Won't Stop Losing Until She Stops Being Hillary  

Hillary releases a doctor's note, Trump defenders unite, and the Vaunted Mailbag!

Ep. 180 - Trump Frees His Inner Democrat  

Trump pushes paid maternity leave, Hillary flails, and Sean Hannity knows kung fu

Ep. 179 - Hillary Lies Make Her Pathetically Ineffective  

Hillary's penchant for lies makes her wildly ineffective, Trump rolls out a Democratic talking point, and we deconstruct the culture!

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