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Ep. 275 - Can Everybody Stop Lying For 30 Seconds, Please?  

Democrats say Trump is a Russian stooge, Trump claims vindication on wiretapping, and Republicans make a big decision on Trumpcare -- plus, the mailbag!

Ep. 274 - Trump's Judicial Pick Shines  

Gorsuch looks great in front of the judiciary committee, and does disaster loom for Trumpcare?

Ep. 273 - Is Trump In Trouble?  

Comey destroys Trump's wiretapping narrative and says Trump's team is under investigation on Russia ties -- but does it matter? Plus, Democrats make asses of themselves on the Gorsuch nomination.

Ep. 272 - Can Trump Actually Fulfill His Promises?  

Can any politician actually fulfill promises that should never have been made? Meanwhile, Democrats backtrack on their Russia allegations, and Tomi Lahren gets in hot water on The View.

Ep. 271 - Courts Go Rogue, Battle Trump on Immigration  

The leftist media attempts to rewrite the history of Ferguson, Republicans continue to battle over Trumpcare, and we visit the mailbag!

Ep. 270 - Epic Media Fail: Trump Tax Return Edition  

Rachel Maddow has one of the most embarrassing nights in media history, can we believe anybody anymore, and 4Chan pulls off one of the great trolls in American history.

Ep. 269 - Myths And Facts About Trumpcare  

The Congressional Budget Office scores Trumpcare, the media continue to lose their minds, and we deconstruct some culture!

Ep. 268 - When The Media Alleges Racism, Do Your Research  

Did Steve King promote racism? Or are the media lying? Plus, Trumpcare's disastrous rollout continues.

Ep. 267 - Will Trumpcare Live or Die?  

Trumpcare runs into obstacles, Democrats struggle to find a story to tell, and we visit the mailbag!

Ep. 266 - Women March For Something Or Other  

Women all over the media say that America is sexist, Trumpcare isn't going over well, and the Russia-Trump scandal is imploding.

Ep. 265 - Trump Tweets, The World Goes Insane  

Why is everyone going nuts over Trump's anti-Obama tweets? And did Obama tap Trump?

Ep. 264 - Did Democrats Get Another Scalp?  

Attorney General Sessions recuses himself, Republicans struggle to recapture the narrative, and even the media knows what's going on here.

Ep. 263 - Can Oprah Be President?  

Oprah considers running for president, Democrats decide to rip down Trump's tribute to a Gold Star widow, and we check the mailbag!

Ep. 262 - Trump's Best Moment EVER  

Trump gives the speech of his life, Democrats humiliate themselves -- but what does it mean for policy?

Ep. 261 - Is Destroying Trump A Winning Strategy?  

Democrats think their winning strategy is attacking Trump, Trump attacks his own enemies, and Trump presents his, we deconstruct some culture!

Ep. 260 - Oscar Night's Big Winner: Trump!  

The Oscars can't help themselves, Democrats pick a new leader, and is Trump getting things done, or just posturing?

Ep. 259 - Do You Get Extra Credit For Experiencing Tragedy?  

Protesters storm Republican town hall events, Trump rolls back Obama's transgender bathroom policy, and Democrats debate who should lead them -- plus, the mailbag!

Ep. 258 - Is The Enemy Of Our Enemy Our Friend?  

The right must decide who is a real friend, the left manipulates for a Republican split with Trump, and Trump pursues some well-crafted policy!

Ep. 257 - Is Trump Actually Making The Left Insane?  

Leftists say they're "traumatized" by the election, the media bias gets even more insane, and we deconstruct some culture.

Ep. 256 - What Do Conservatives Stand For?  

Republicans celebrate smacking leftists in the mouth no matter what it takes, leftists in the media make it about themselves, and what the hell happened in Sweden?

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