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Ep. 380 - The Berkeley Hurricane  

Berkeley “braces” for my visit, Hillary sounds off on 2016 (again!) and Steve Bannon hits 60 Minutes.

Ep. 379 - When Politics Becomes Religion  

Democrats attack a judge over her Catholicism, Hillary attacks Bernie, and Republicans cave to Trump while Trump caves to Democrats – plus we check the mailbag!

Ep. 378 - Trump’s Big Democratic Day  

Trump campaigns with a Democrat, signs a debt deal with Democrats, and prepares for an infrastructure deal with Democrats. So why are so many Republicans happy?

Ep. 377 - Circular Firing Squad  

It’s the war of all against all over Obama’s executive amnesty; Linda Sarsour talks about when she wasn’t a person of color; and we talk some Bible.

Ep. 376 - Trump Dumps Obama’s Executive Amnesty  

Trump moves to kill DACA, but is it smart politics? Plus, Trump visits the hurricane disaster zone and media refuse to give him credit, and North Korea tests an H-bomb.

Ep. 375 - The Democrats’ Last, Best Hope  

The Mueller investigation moves forward, new information breaks about former FBI director James Comey, and we check the mailbag.

Ep. 374 - The Scorn For The Heartland  

The worst cartoon in recent history hits Politico, Trump talks taxes, and Democrats start to get a clue.

Ep. 373 - Does Trump Have An Empathy Problem?  

The media pounce on Trump’s supposed lack of empathy, Melania’s shoes are all the rage, and Nancy Pelosi does something right. Yes, really.

Ep. 372 - Everything Is Political, Including Hurricanes  

The Left blames global warming and oil companies for Hurricane Harvey, Trump sounds off, and Katy Perry cuts the worst music video of all time.

Ep. 371 - Trump’s First Crisis  

Hurricane Harvey hits Houston, Antifa aggresses in Berkeley, and MTV’s Video Music Awards targets Trump.

Ep. 370 - The War On Children  

The Left decides that children must be involved in the political process, Democrats question Trump’s mental health, and Trump attacks his fellow Republicans.

Ep. 369 - How The Left Blows Itself Up, In 4 Easy Steps  

The Left thinks Trump is finished, but they're busily committing political suicide; we critique the media; plus, we take a look at some of the funniest videos in history.

Ep. 368 - Like A Phoenix From The Ashes  

Trump travels to Arizona and delivers a barnburner, the media go nuts, and Antifa takes to the streets.

Ep. 367 - Commander-In-Chief Trump Tackles Afghanistan  

Trump makes a move on Afghanistan, the Republican Party splits over it, and we deconstruct some culture!

Ep. 366 - Everyone’s A Nazi Now  

The Left goes all out on a free speech rally in Boston, Antifa makes its move, and Bannon's out at the White House.

Ep. 365 - Real Terror, Fake News  

Islamic terror strikes Barcelona, Trump reacts, and the media continue to focus on Confederate monuments. Date: 17-08-18

Ep. 364 - The Left Defends Evil Of Its Own  

The Left comes to full-scale defense of Antifa, we trace the history of violent Communist bands, and Trump tries to regain control of his administration. Date: 17-08-17

Ep. 363 - Trump’s Messy Presser  

Trump rips Antifa, but defends the alt-right; the media reacts; and Iran gets serious. Date: 17-08-16

Ep. 362 - The Aftermath Of Charlottesville  

The Left takes advantage of Charlottesville, Trump condemns racism and then tweets his way into trouble, and the Washington Post issues a Russiagate hit piece that immediately collapses. Date: 17-08-15

Ep. 361 - Horror in Charlottesville  

An alt-right murder in Charlottesville, the Trump White House responds, and Antifa gets ugly again. Date: 17-08-14

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