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Ep. 239 - Obama's Final Presser! Get Out, Dude.  

Obama drops his last batch of nonsense on friendly reporters, Bernie Sanders says one of the dumbest things in history, and the Inauguration Mailbag!

Ep. 238 - Obama Goes Full Traitor  

Chelsea Manning becomes a free man, Democrats lose their credibility on Russian hacks, and Vladimir Putin does his best Trump impression.

Ep. 237 - Anti-Trump Racism Breaks Out All Over  

Are open-to-Trump blacks "mediocre negroes"? Plus, Obama says the long goodbye, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson is the dumbest smart person in the world.

Ep. 236 - Is Trump Illegitimate?  

Democrats call Trump illegitimate, Trump calls the EU, SNL and NATO illegitimate, and we talk about "La La Land."

Ep. 235 - So, Does Anybody Care About The Truth Anymore?  

CNN and Trump go to war, the Democrats trot out their 2020 candidates, and we check the Mailbag!

Ep. 234 - Media Smack Themselves In The Face With Russian Urine  

The media gives Trump the biggest inauguration gift ever, Obama says goodbye, and is healthcare a right?

Ep. 233 - The Racist Left Goes On Attack  

Jeff Sessions is targeted for faux racism, Hillary Clinton gets apass for real racism, and we deconstruct some culture!

Ep. 232 - Hollywood Hates Trump. And America Hates Hollywood.  

Meryl Streep is Hollywood's greatest hero, Trump fires back, and Obama prepares the longest goodbye.

Ep. 231 - 2016 Goes Out With A Nuclear Bang  

Democrats prepare for nuclear war, three-year-old boys prepare to become three-year-old girls, and the mailbag!

Ep. 230 - Trump Derangement Syndrome Reaches Epidemic Levels  

Leftists push hoaxes, abuse Ivanka, and generally lose their minds; Trump pushes executive power; and we talk some Bible.

Ep. 229 - Lena Dunham's Merry Abortionmas!  

The leftist radicals are on the move, Trump's putting the pressure on for some big spending, and Russia's got the upper hand.

Ep. 228 - Celebrities Will Save America From Trump!  

The celebrities are back to save America, Trump meets with the tech industry, and the mailbag!

Ep. 227 - Yes, Leftists Are Completely Bats***  

George Stephanopoulos' wife reveals something crazy, the Obama administration laments its own policy, and is Kanye too white?

Ep. 226 - Trump Picks Pro-Putin Secretary of State. Does It Matter?  

Trump picks Tillerson, Republicans get on board, and Democrats continue to be wildly incompetent and awful at everything.

Ep. 225 - Did Russia 'Hack' Our Election?  

Democrats say Putin stole the election from Hillary, Trump says the CIA is awful, and we get a Secretary of State nominee!

Ep. 224 - Can Democrats Recover From 2016?  

Democrats falling apart, media losing its mind, and the mailbag!

Ep. 223 - Left Feels Punched In The Stomach, And They Deserve It  

Odd women cut their hair to protest Trump, Trump picks more cabinet members, and The Trumpire Strikes Back against his enemies.

Ep. 222 - Trump Does Something Brilliant  

Trump makes another smart political move, but is it conservative? Plus, the worst column of all time, and we deconstruct some culture!

Ep. 221 - When Trump Sins, Will Anyone Mention It?  

The media lose their minds over Trump on Taiwan, Trump pushes FDR's economic agenda, and Republicans have to determine if they'll stand up.

Ep. 220 - Trump Saved Jobs! But How?  

Trump claims victory for saving jobs at Carrier, Trump surrogates decry elitism, and we check out the mailbag!

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