The Big Listen - New Season

The Big Listen - New Season

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There are tens of thousands of podcasts out there. So how do you know what to listen to? On The Big Listen — THE broadcast about podcasts from WAMU and NPR — host Lauren Ober introduces you to podcasts you've you might not have ever heard of, and gives you the inside scoop on shows you already love. Through interviews, listener recommendations, show snippets and more, The Big Listen helps you curate your perfect playlist.


A More Perfect Podcast (Remix)  

We brush up on our Supreme Court history with the folks behind More Perfect, explore George Washington's home with Alexis Coe, the host of Presidents Are People Too! and pick up some podcast recommendations from our foreign correspondents, the Auditors. Plus: a father/son super duo who are truckers during the day and podcasters at night.

We Need To Talk About S-Town  

S-Town has everyone hooked. But what to think about this complicated piece of aural literature? Media ethicist Kelly McBride helps us sort through our feelings. And we visit a lively S-Town Hall in Chicago. Plus, we unpack the many Muslim-American identities with See Something Say Something's Ahmed Ali Akbar. And Irish writer and comedian Maeve Higgins introduces us to some of her favorite immigration stories. Including her own.

Munching Mini Eggs With Ronna & Beverly  

This week on The Big Listen, we talk Passover and Easter candy with America's favorite Jewish mothers, Ronna & Beverly. We also pet a lot of hypothetical dogs with the co-host of Can I Pet Your Dog?, and we peer beyond prison bars with writer Alex Kotlowitz from Written Inside. Plus: best-selling author Pamela Druckerman uses podcasts as Xanax.

The Ronna & Beverly Passover Special!  

In our special Passover bonus episode, Ronna Glickman and Beverly Ginsburg — America's favorite middle-aged Jewish women — drop by the Big Listen HQ to gab about Liam Neeson, Canadian geography and the Jews' exodus from Egypt. Ronna and Beverly are the hosts of the eponymous podcast and are the creation of comedians Jessica Chaffin and Jamie Denbo.

Oprah Says: You Get A Podcast! (Encore)  

Most producers want to keep you awake; we talk to a podcaster bent on putting listeners to sleep. Then, we interview Oprah! Just kidding. But we check out a podcast that did, Making Oprah from WBEZ! Plus, we discover salacious sex columnist Dan Savage's vanilla tastes in podcasts.

Gillian Jacobs Gets Squeaky Clean With Podcasts  

Actress Gillian Jacobs lets us in on which podcasts she listens to when she's in the shower. Then we head out to sea to learn about cargo ships with Containers' Alexis Madrigal, and we tickle the ivories with some of piano's greatest young stars with The Competition. And we get fizzy with the hosts of the heavily carbonated Seltzer Death Match.

Katie Couric Is No One's Sweetheart  

Pajama-wearing podcaster Katie Couric explains why she's over being America's sweetheart. And we talk Hawaii's complicated racial history with the host of Offshore. Plus, untold stories from the Middle East from the folks behind Kerning Cultures. And a senior citizen podcast club where wine plays a prominent role.

Hardcore Listening With Dan Carlin (Encore)  

Who's more hardcore: Dan Carlin, for making Hardcore History? Or his listeners for absorbing three-hour-plus episodes? We also ask Andrea Silenzi Why Oh Why dating today is so hard and learn how podcasting makes Gretchen Rubin and her daughter Happier. Plus: Which stories pass muster with master storyteller Shannon Cason?

Talking Wife Life With Cameron Esposito And Rhea Butcher  

Comedians Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher host a comedy show — in real life, in a podcast and on their TV sitcom, Take My Wife. We talk about their dog, their meta lifestyle and their favorite podcasts. And we find out if the host of The New York Times' The Daily ever sleeps and learn some art history with The Lonely Palette.

Susan Orlean Loves To Cry (Remix)  

Author Susan Orlean tells us about podcasts that make her cry. Also, comedian Phoebe Robinson shares the public radio personalities she would date. And we chat with a guy who is literally Making Gay History.

Larenz Tate Goes Old School With Bronzeville  

Actor Larenz Tate slides into your ears with the new fictional audio series, Bronzeville. And comedian Marina Franklin does impressions of her family. Plus, we go back to college with Chioke I'Anson and find ourselves charmed by Charm City.

Anna Sale Wants To Be Uncomfortable  

Discomfort is the currency of Death, Sex & Money, according to host Anna Sale. Plus, we chat with the folks behind Historically Black about everyday objects in African-American families. And Nate, our favorite kid podcaster, gives us interviewing tips.

Valentine's Day Special: Love, Romance and Lost Wedding Rings  

Valentine's Day is upon us. So we're diving into online dating trials and tribulations with The Zoo, exploring the messiness of human intimacy with The Heart and getting some sage love advice from Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond of Dear Sugar. Plus, how a podcast saved a wedding!

Malcolm Gladwell Will Make You Cry  

Malcolm Gladwell tells us why he tries to get people to cry during interviews. And podcaster Sam Sabin finds her Native American heritage by way of her estranged father's obituary. Plus, why Alec Baldwin has the best celebrity podcast.

Al Letson Reveals Errthang (Encore)  

We meet Lauren's Scandinavian doppelganger, then explode songs with the host of Song Exploder. Then we chat with the makers of the hit show In The Dark, and Al Letson tells us what he's listening to.

Inauguration Special: Are Presidents Really People Too?  

On inauguration weekend, we talk to two gals podcasting their way across America to D.C. Then we hit the history books with the hosts of Presidents Are People Too! and Presidential. Plus, what Ezra Klein thinks POTUS 45 should be listening to (Hint: Ezra Klein).

Susan Orlean Loves To Cry  

Author Susan Orlean tells us about podcasts that make her cry, then we have a conversation about Our National Conversation About Conversations About Race (meta!) and chat with a guy who is literally Making Gay History. Plus, did you know podcasts can save your life?

Susan Orlean Loves To Cry  

Author Susan Orlean tells us about podcasts that make her cry, then we have a conversation about Our National Conversation About Conversations About Race (meta!) and chat with a guy who is literally Making Gay History. Plus, did you know podcasts can save your life?

Episode 6: Warehouse Workers, UNITE! (Rebroadcast)  

Warehouses are great places to listen to podcasts, says a former warehouse worker. Also, comedian Phoebe Robinson on whether she'd date Terry Gross. And Nate Dimeo on his favorite podcast genre.

Episode 12: The Future is Podcasting  

2016 brought so many great guests on The Big Listen, and this episode, we revisit our favorite segments of the year. Plus, we take a deep dive into the highest court in the land with More Perfect. And our brand new foreign correspondents give us their podcast recommendations for 2017.

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