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The Bitch Bible

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A podcast that dares to say what many are thinking, but only a bitch would say. Expect unfiltered and unapologetic discussions about sex, millennial struggles, pop culture, social faux-pas and hopefully, an insightful takeaway. Nothing is off limits. Hosted by Jackie Schimmel, creator of blog “The Bitch Bible," and your soon-to-be bitchy (and super neurotic) best friend.



Jackie and Lauryn Evarts from The Skinny Confidential discuss their upcoming nuptials, how to handle high maintenance men and why fear is a solid foundation for love!

Sorry Maddox  

Jackie sits down with former producer Yimu to hash out all things Brangelina, guidelines for dating an older man, pigeons and Jonbenet Ramsey. For the sake of legality, we are desperately hoping no one in the Jolie-Pitt clan gets wind of this episode otherwise Shiloh may have to hoist up her boys cargo shorts and cut a bitch...

On Da Brink  

Jackie sits down with Empire's Ta'Rhonda Jones to discuss Jackie's dream of becoming a Korean pop star, what Golden Globe parties are really like, and schvitzing while eating.

Delusions of Grandeur  

Jackie and comedian friend Rachael O'Brien showcase the long term benefits of being painfully delusional. They discuss annoying people at NYFW, why Taylor Swift might be Regina George and explain the simple pleasures of pestering your significant other.

Ladies Who Bitch  

Jackie and her new bffs from the Ladygang podcast (Becca Tobin, Keltie Knight & Jac Vanek) leave their manners at home and have a full throttle bitchfest. They discuss Jackies uber ride from hell, Bachelor nation inside scoop and mourning the tragic demise of Tiddleswift.

Adderall & Compliments  

Jackie is joined by Annabelle Desisto to discuss all their passionate feelings towards reality television, why cats lead to eternal singledom and the upside of sexism. Silver linings for days bitches.

Pity Party  

Jackie and her notoriously bitchy cousin Joanna discuss lots of super real shit. Channeling Dr.Schimmel's philosophy that "laughter is the best medicine" Jackie returns to discuss her fued with a Bachelorette cast-off, why she is over the Olympics and a special vocal performance by Grandma Gloria!

F*ckin' Flossy  

Jackie sits down with Mrs. Boobs and Loubs and star of #RichKids, Morgan Stewart, to discuss all the important things in life like how Morgan stays so thin, #kimexposedtaylor drama, Hollywood’s latest breakups, and what makes a bitch #basic. It's a good one, bitches. So relax, take off those wedges, and enjoy.

This is What You Came For  

Jackie sits down with comedian Dulce Sloan and discusses the dangers of Pokemon Go, Hiddleswift conspiracy theories and why finger lingering is the new duckface.

Too Much TV, Too Little Rosé  

Jackie invites you into her libation fueled Monday television night marathon. She discusses all of today's pressing issues like feminism, the return of Ashlee Holmes, raising children and why to never date someone who has super white shoelaces. Grab a bottle, put your snuggie on and let Jackie say all the things you have the social decency not to say out loud.

99 Problems  

Got 99 problems? A bitch ain't one. Jackie recovers from her x rated engagement party by answering listener emails and offering her brutal advice. The truth hurts and so does Jackie's head.

Guilt-free Pleasures  

Jackie goes in deep on some reality television commentary as she spends a Monday night in a robe with a few too many cocktails recapping your faves from The Bachelorette to Real Housewives of OC to Southern Charm.

Moronic & Platonic  

Jackie and her wishfully neglected BFF Dan Kramer (not gay) discuss the intricacies of platonic relationships and pros and cons. Pro: he buys you dinner without putting out. Con: you want to kill him 98% of the time. Bro apetite.

Over Indulged  

Jackie and Annie Lawless break down all things health and wellness and bitchiness - Is there a natural supplement on the same level of Xanax? Did Gigi and Zayn really break up? Does Jackie maybe get a panic attack during this episode and scarf down a granola bar with high fructose corn syrup? Find out in this episode… Namaste.

Bridezilla Chronicles  

Jackie hits the road with only her pup and the voices in her head to start planning her impending nuptials. Whilst deep in the trenches of wedding venue scouting, Jackie pauses to podcast some deep reflections on children at weddings and curious intrigue in the sexual leanings of the hot groundskeepers. Join her as she takes listeners along her Bridezilla journey. Mason jars NOT included.

Lonely & Horny  

Jackie and the sexy comedic duo Jake & Amir of “Lonely and Horny” (peep it on Vimeo) break down the new Bachelorette bros, rate themselves on a scale of 1-10, and identify whether or not it’s psycho to still be friends with your exes.

Girl Boss  

Jackie and GIRLBOSS Liz Carey sip on rose and discuss very important matters such as diversity in wedding parties, Blac Chyna and Rob’s gross situation, and reiminisce on their poor choices.

Can You Not?  

Jackie sits down with the duo behind Crazy Jewish Mom, Kate Siegel and mom Kim Friedman. Grab your matzo balls and get ready for a roller coaster covering the reproductive system and the temporary emotional turmoil that comes from living with a overbearing Jewish mother. Deep breaths.

Of a Certain Breed  

Jackie gets into it with #RichKid Dorothy Wang as they break down Lemonade, how to be better on Instagram (not an LC, not yet a Britney), and dish on the new season of RKOBH

Off the Beam  

Jackie and friend Greg Bennett embark on a humiliating journey podcasting in public. They drink lukewarm champagne, insult innocent bystanders and rejoice in all things pop culture!

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