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Introducing the Dave Portnoy Show. This show will focus on the inner workings of Barstool Sports. We'll talk about all the controversies, decisions and stories from the past that helped mold who we are today as well as questions that will define the future. Basically an in-depth look behind the curtain of one of the most controversial blogs on the planet and the guys who make it tick.


Episode 35 - Power Hour Featuring Mike Portnoy (Dave's Dad)  

Today on the Dave Portnoy Show, Dave was joined by his Father, Mike Portnoy. This week, the Father and Son duo took calls Power Hour style from the stoolies. They talked about Dave's most difficult decision with Barstool, Mike's athleticism, history of the purple star fish, Dave consistently locking himself out of his house, and many other very important topics.

Episode 34 - Power Hour Style  

Today on the Dave Portnoy Show, Dave kicked it Power Hour style and took calls from the stoolies. They discussed the new studio, Nate at Night drama, Dave being intimidating and other very important topics like the first time Dave got high.

Episode 33 - Interviews with Milmore, Office Manager Brett, Trent and Rone.  

Today on the Dave Portnoy Show, Dave speaks with Barstool employees around the office. Barstool's mystery man Milmore tells a story of being drugged, Office Manager Brett explains his journey to Barstool, and Trent talks all things Iowa and his hopes of coming to NYC. Dave also speaks with International Battle Rap Champion Rone, who gives his pitch for why he should be working for Barstool.

Episode 32 - Power Hour Style  

Today on the Dave Portnoy Show, Dave kicked it Power Hour style and took calls from the stoolies. They discussed his eye eczema, glenny balls, who drops the nastiest deuce in the office, chaps being blasted during the debate, and other very important issues like what it means to be "salt of the earth".

Episode 31 - Blogger Power Rankings  

Today on the Dave Portnoy Show, Dave was joined by CEO Erika Nardini to discuss life in the New York office, as well as providing power rankings for each of the bloggers.

Episode 30 - The "Non Cool Club"  

Today on the Dave Portnoy Show Dave was joined by the "Non Cool Club". Basically everyone who wasn't invited to the Kanye West concert. He talked to Clem: about his commute and being fat. Riggs: about his plans for BarstoolHQ and his illustrious Harvard Hockey career. Nate: On being hated and his plans for Nate at Night. Smitty: about his thoughts on the "Club Cool" and his feud with Nate. Coley: about his infamous blunt rolling video and Mo recruiting him to leave Barstool.

Episode 29 - Scott Zolak  

Today on the Dave Portnoy Show Dave was joined by Scott Zolak former QB of the New England Patriots and current radio host on 98.5 The Sports Hub. They discussed Dave's past battle with Zo regarding Giselle Bundchen, if there is any drama inside the walls of 98.5, if he hates anyone from WEEI, and how the Patriots will do these first 4 games this season. Dave also took calls from stoolies where he got into the Kanye West concert and "club cool" . Caleb then called in from the Barstool RV to try to clear the air.

Episode 28 - Jared Carrabis  

On this weeks Dave Portnoy Show Dave was joined by Jared Carrabis. Jared tells us why he wasn't the one to break the David Price signing with the Red Sox story, why old beat writers don't like him, and how Nate was salty with him when he first started at Barstool. Dave also talks about why he is mad with Trent this week and how our new head of video guy already screwed up. Finally, Dave snuck in a little note confirming a certain rumor that has existed around Barstool for years.

Episode 27 - Barstool Sports and Old Row Join Forces  

Today on the Dave Portnoy Show Dave was joined by Mike from Old Row. They discussed the big Barstool acquisition of Old Row, how it happened, why it happened, and what it means for Barstool and Old Row moving forward. Dave then gave updates on the office including the war he is having with DirecTV and then he addressed what is going on with the comment section. Finally, Dave was joined by Caleb to discuss how and why Caleb said he didn't work hard on his podcast.

Episode 26 - The Island Retreat (with Erika Nardini and Jay Danahy)  

Dave, Erika, and Jay (Head of Sales) sit down to discuss all that has happened during the Barstool Nantucket Retreat.

Episode 25 - By The Common Man For The Common Man  

This week on the Dave Portnoy Power Hour Dave answered calls about what his best first date would be, if he would play in a Pro-Am with Nate as his caddy, and If he is milking Harambe's death for profit, and who the Big 10 is going to play out this year. Were you wondering what song was playing on Phelps headphones when he was mean mugging pre race? Dave knows the answer.

Episode 24 - AJ Hawk  

This week on the Dave Portnoy Show Dave was joined by former NFL linebacker AJ Hawk. Topics include the Mt Rushmore of Ohio State State Linebackers, the Michigan vs Ohio State rivalry including how long before Harbaugh wins a Championship, Tom Brady's 4 game suspension, and who AJ would want to play for if he came back to the NFL.

Episode 23 - Power Hour From The Mainland  

On this weeks Dave Portnoy Show Dave discussed his trip to the Republican National Convention, the status of Rico Bosco, and who he would hire if he had no budget. He also talked about his best betting memory, when the barstool casting couch will be back, and who would win in a fight CT or Chad.

Episode 22 - Introducing Erika Nardini the new CEO of Barstool Sports  

On todays Dave Portnoy Show, Dave introduces the new Barstool Sports CEO, Erika Nardini. They discuss her previous roles before Barstool, her thoughts on Barstool, why she took the job, the criticism, and where she wants to take the barstool business in the future.

Episode 21 - When you are a noodle what kind of noodle are you?  

Today on the Dave Portnoy Show stoolies brought their usual wackiness mixed in with some actual substance. Topics include: Will PFT ever be on the rundown, What was the best blog Dave has ever written, How many chicks did Dave hook up with in college, Does he want to freeze his brain so that it can last forever, When he is a noodle what kind of noodle is he, and If he could piss a scent like a skunk what scent would it be? Like we said all important questions that need to be answered. There was also a can't miss story about your boy Nate.

Episode 20 - The Vacation Episode  

Today on the Dave Portnoy Show live from Nantucket we took non stop calls from stoolies. Topics includes: Get your dick sucked by a guy or suck a guys dick, Would he rather wake up tomorrow as Brady or Beiber, What his favorite cape town is, what school would Dave go to if he had a full academic scholarship for football. Did Dave plan the Peta attack on Big Cat, Thoughts on foul ball guy, and would he accept a billion dollars to blow Lebron James on the rundown?

Episode 19 - My Parents and Special Guest Big Cat  

On today's Dave Portnoy Show, Dave was joined by his mom and dad....and special guest Big Cat. They talked about his dad's golf game, him falling down in the backyard, and how he showed up today with a USB device he found. Dave's mom also chimed in with her thoughts on barstool including if she was ever embarrassed by anything Dave has done in the past. Dave's dad then tells us based on no knowledge what so ever what universities are good and bad. This whole episode is a must listen to round table discussion.

Episode 17 - CT from The Real World  

On this weeks episode of the Dave Portnoy Show Dave is joined by MTV Real World Road Rules Challenge legend, CT. They talked about how he originally got on the Real World, his numerous fights including how he chased Adam around the house, how he choked out Kenny, and how he wore Johnny Bananas as a back pack. Did CT do steroids? Will CT do another Challenge? All questions are answered. Download and listen to find out.

Episode 17 - Nick Bonino  

Today on The Dave Portnoy Show Dave was joined by Nick Bonino of the Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins. Nick discussed what the last few days have been like since they won the cup, If Logan Couture is a bitch for complaining about Sydney Crosby's face-off antics, what he plans to do with the cup, and how he thinks he would fair vs "The People's Goalie".

Episode 16 - Rico Bosco  

This week on the Dave Portnoy Show Dave was joined by handicapper and friend of the program Rico Bosco. Dave and Rico discussed where Rico stands with Barstool, Rico then talks about the different circles of people he has and who he would rather kill Clay Travis or Doug Gotlieb if he only had one bullet. Overall its a wild 50 minute ride where you never know whats going to happen next.

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