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Introducing the Dave Portnoy Show. This show will focus on the inner workings of Barstool Sports. We'll talk about all the controversies, decisions and stories from the past that helped mold who we are today as well as questions that will define the future. Basically an in-depth look behind the curtain of one of the most controversial blogs on the planet and the guys who make it tick.


Best Of Week 12 - Grudgement Day Aftermath, Hank vs Tex and March Madness  

Best of Barstool Radio Week 12 is Live. This week's show opens up with the aftermath of Grudgement Day. Dave goes through the Stoolie take-over of Soul Cycle's social media, Frankie becomes Dave's best friend and a new office battle arises between Hank and Tex. Gambling Dave makes an epic comeback as he give's live play by play of the march madness games that he has action on. This week's show also includes an all-time Dicky V story, behind the scenes of the Budlight Buster's challenge, a St.Patrick's Day rant and much more.

Best Of Week 11 - Loud Sean vs Spags and Grudgement Day  

Best of Barstool Radio Week 11 is Live. Boy oh boy what a week it was. We kick the show off with Loud Sean vs Chris Spags (1:08 - 30:35). The two go back and forth about what happened at Karaoke night and it turns into one of Barstool's most intense arguments ever. Next up was an update on the Robbie Fox Cum Challenge (30:35 - 38:50). Other topics include International Women's Day (41:08 - 43:20), The impact of Pizza Reviews (43:20 - 46:08), and caller Natalia had a choice to make (46:06 - 48:38). The entire second hour consists of Grudgement Day (49:35 - 1:51:31) as Dave airs out all his dirty laundry regarding a recent breakup with his girlfriend live on SiriusXM airwaves.

Best Of Week 10 - Featuring Paul LoDuca, Andy Buckley, Eric LeGrand and Eric Kelly  

Best of Barstool Radio Week 10 is Live. The one and only Paul LoDuca joined the Barstool Radio gang for all of week 10. The guys talk all things Oscars, which includes some Viola Davis hate, and Kelly Keegs mean tweets. Riggs gets scolded for having the worst hair in the office, and Kmarko gets called out by Caleb for not being good at basketball. Andy Buckley, famous for his role as David Wallace in "The Office" stops by the studio and gets caught up in what turned out to be a wild show. Fake Voice guy shows up in studio mid phone call, the inspiring Eric LeGrand joins the show and takes some calls, and boxer/trainer Eric Kelly shows up unexpected to roast Dave for not helping Tex get ready for Rough n Rowdy. The Hosts talk to Chris "In It To Win It" Bennett and Tex prior to the big Rough n Rowdy Fight live from Welch, WV.

Best of Barstool Radio - Week 9  

Best of Barstool Radio Week 9 is Live. Michael Rapaport joins Dave and Big Cat in studio. The guys talk about MSG being (or not being) the "mecca", Rapaport not winning any film awards, Meryl Streep and much more. Abigail Ratchford calls into the show to discuss the instagram comment left by New York Knicks star Kristaps Porzingis. Pat McAfee calls in to discuss the opening of Barstool Indy and the launch of his new podcast The Pat McAfee Show. Other topics include Dave's hate for Bill Simmons, Tex entering the Rough n Rowdy boxing match in West Virginia, and the Bingo man being relieved of his duties. Paul LoDuca calls in to talk about his upcoming visit to Barstool HQ, and Spittin' Chiclets' very own Ryan Whitney and Rear Admiral stop by to talk about why the wave is one of the worst things in sports.

Best of Barstool Radio - Week 8  

Best of Barstool Radio Week 8 is Live. Dave and Frankie go off to Houston on a private plane with the SI Swimsuit models for an event and leave KFC all alone with the show. This week's show includes a recap of the Swimsuit weekend, the entire Francis DM saga, Jamie O'Grady domination, a caleb check-in from Cali and much more. Fake Voice guy returns to the show.

Best of Barstool Radio - Week 7  

Best of Barstool Radio Week 7 is Live. Dave opens up the week by absolutely eviscerating the twitter egg that is Patrick Claybon. Office Manager Brett loses all of Club Dave's clothes, Dave's Mother makes her Barstool Radio Debut, and Fake Cancer Francis gets questioned. The guys also go into heated debates over Valentine's Day, the Grammy Awards and Beyonce. Sports Illustrated Swim Suit models Danielle Herrington, and Lais Ribeirocome come on the show to talk about the upcoming weekend with Dave and Frankie. Intern Robbie and Tex are asked hold out on ejaculation for a month, and Trent talks about Tiger Woods withdrawing from a press conference.

Best of Barstool Radio - Week 6  

Best of Barstool Radio Week 6 is Live. The show opens up from Houston as the guys react to Super Bowl 51. Chaps opens the show with some Donald Trump jazz voice. Pat McAfee, fresh off retiring from the NFL to join Barstool Sports, joins the show to talk about his decision and also gives an all time story about getting kicked out of the Bar at the Comedy Central set. Dave, Feits and Hank record Monday's show from the living room couch after a night of partying with the Patriots, resulting in the most hungover radio show ever to hit the SiriusXM airwaves. KFC talks all things McGillicuddy and Pats, is also joined by his KFC Radio Co-Hosts to talk about friend zones and midgets.

Best of Barstool Radio - Week 5  

Week4 5 of Barstool Radio is Live from Houston, Texas home of Super Bowl 51. This week the guys recorded straight off the Barstool RV at Kirby Ice House in Houston. We had Sam Dekker of the Houston Rockets, NFL QB TJ Yates also known as "Yates of Hell", and Sarah Tiana of Comedy Central Roast Battles all stop by the RV to hang out. Topics include Barstool Rundown on Comedy Central, Gay Bar Talk, Bowel Movements, the Super Bowl, Nipple Twisting, and much much more. The ol' KFC Radio Gang gets together again for Barstool Radio.

Best of Barstool Radio - Week 4  

Week 4 of Barstool Radio is Live. As Barstool HQ gears up for the trip down to Houston for Super Bowl 51, the Barstool Radio covers all things from conspiracy theories about the military and heroin to 'Jersday'Thursday Intern Wars. Minnesota Vikings TE Kyle Rudolph stops by to talk about the upcoming Super Bowl, Dave calls all Falcons fans fake and also gives a public PSA of his personal life. The guys also repeatedly call the New York Post to complain about Bart Hubbuch's outrageous tweet about Donald Trump.

Best of Barstool Radio - Week 3  

Week 3 of Barstool Radio is Live! This week we welcomed Pat McAfee back into the studio as well as Xavier Rhodes of the Minnesota Vikings. The guys talked NFL playoffs, the Barstool Rundown on Comedy Central, and took many "This or Thats" from the stoolies. Caleb tells Dave live on air that he spent $10,000 on the company credit card at the club, Office Manager Brett brings in a girl for an on-air interview with Dave which gets super awkward and Dave talks to ESPN's Anita Marks about fake boobs and football and Barstool Radio attempts the first ever "radio inception" while trying to crash in on "KFC Radio". Tune in to SiriusXM Rush 93 Monday through Friday noon-2pm to listen to Barstool Radio Live.

Best of Barstool Radio - Week 2  

It's been a crazy week here at Barstool HQ, lots of action in and out of the office. Pat McAfee came in studio to talk about what is a sport and what isn't, he also gives his review of the Broadway play "Hamilton". Dave gives his pitch to save hockey, Jerry Thornton comes by to talk NFL Wildcard Weekend, and the guys argue over which NFL QB is most "murderable". Also, lot's of golden globes talk, Roger Goodell hate and Mike Portnoy Esquire calls. Tex comes into the studio minutes after getting the shit beat out of him by a Barstool Idol contestant and fake voice guy makes his SiriusXM debut.

Best of Barstool Radio - Week 1  

Introducing Barstool Radio. The Dave Portnoy Show will now become a "Best Of" episode with all moments from Barstool Radio on SiriusXM Rush Ch. 93. On the first ever Barstool Radio; Dave, Rone and Caleb give an explanation as to what Barstool Sports is. They introduce a new segment called "Shit We Need To Talk About", El Pres tells stories of his recent experiences with Johnny Manziel and Noah Syndergaard. Dave, Rone and Caleb announce Barstool Sports' new TV deal on Comedy Central. They bring the blog life to radio with a segment called "Barstool Headlines", and they talk about grudges while Dave explains his hate for Bill Simmons. Mike Portnoy Esquire then calls in to give a grade of his son's new radio show and Asa Akria joins to talk about ASMR and Porn.

Episode 44 - Best of 2016  

This week on the Dave Portnoy Show, we recap the past year of episodes with a "Best Of" compilation. From the very first episode with Mike Kerns of Chernin Digital to the very latest episode with Asa Akira, we recap all the top moments the Dave Portnoy show has created. Special Guests include Peter Chernin, Erika Nardini, Mike Kerns, CT from The Real World, The people's golfer Jim Renner, Curt Schilling, Jack Eichel, Paul Lo Duca, Dave's Parents and caller of the year Brad from Charlotte.

Episode 43 - Power Hour featuring Asa Akira, Rone, and Riggs  

Today on the Dave Portnoy Show, Dave was joined in studio by Asa Akira, Rone and Riggs. The group took calls from the Stoolies while also mixing in a new segment "Watching Porn With Asa". They discussed the ongoing holy war at Barstool HQ, Asa's love for Gay Porn, Dave being robbed in Vegas, and many other important topics like what it takes to keep an erection for a long time.

Episode 42 - Power Hour featuring Rone, Caleb and Young Pageviews  

Today on the Dave Portnoy Show, Dave was joined in studio by Rone, Caleb and Young Pageviews as the guys took calls from the Stoolies straight power hour style. They talked about who ate the food out of the garbage at Barstool HQ, if Intern Tex is actually insane, the Barstool Spelling Bee, Young Pageviews' backstory and his journey to Barstool, and many more important issues like why Rone should not take his upcoming three month hiatus.

Episode 41 - Power Hour featuring Rone and Caleb  

Today on the Dave Portnoy Show, Dave was joined in studio by Rone and Caleb as they discuss the huge announcement that Barstool Radio is going to be featured daily on SiriusXM. The guys took live calls from the stoolies, and Rone rattled off a bunch of new ideas for the upcoming Barstool Radio show including Head to Head Psychics, Getting A Kick Out Of It, Blind Faith and many many more.

Episode 40 - Power Hour featuring Caleb and Rone  

Today on the Dave Portnoy Show, Dave was joined in studio by Rone and Caleb as they took calls from the stoolies straight power hour style. They discussed the possibilities of a Barstool Porn Video, if Caleb should leave Barstool to be in an entourage, upcoming plans for Dave's house in Nantucket, the history behind the Barstool logo and a familiar voice calls in.

Episode 39 - Power Hour featuring Rone  

Today on the Dave Portnoy Show, Dave and Rone took calls from the Stoolies straight Power Hour Style. They discussed the Marine Birthday Ball, Dave's favorite piece of content since starting Barstool, hot girls in the office, a threesome request from a Go Pres Go fan, and many other important issues like what it takes to get Dave's attention when applying for a job.

Episode 38 - Power Hour featuring Rone and Erin Olash  

Today on the Dave Portnoy Show, Erin Olash and Rone joined Dave in studio as they took calls from the Stoolies straight Power Hour Style. They discussed who in the company has the most dirt on Dave, Erin's "type", the return of Jerry Thornton, the history behind the name "El Presidente", and many more very important topics.

Episode 37 - Power Hour featuring Rone and Glennyballs  

Today on the Dave Portnoy Show, Rone and Glennyballs joined Dave in the booth as they took calls from the stoolies Power Hour Style. They discussed if cancer is fair game, Glenny's favorite deli sandwich, the "Angel of Barstool", First time jerking off and many more very important issues.

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