The Boogie Monster

The Boogie Monster

United States

Kyle Kinane and Dave Stone talk about ghosts and barbeque and maybe interview people and maybe have had a few drinks before they started recording.


Surveillance State  

Kyle and Dave talk about Big Brother and Dave has a French toast recipe.​

Haunted Hotels  

Kyle and Dave talk about haunted hotels, country music and eating weed. 


Kyle and Dave talk spirituality, scary Uber rides and biscuits. 

NWO Part 2  

Kyle and Dave continue their conversation about NWO.

NWO Part 1  

Kyle and Dave talk about NWO, Kyle went to a museum and Dave went on tour. 

Black Eyed Children  

Kyle and Dave talk conspiracies about children with blacked out eyes and they get silly about other stuff. 

Sports Conspiracies  

Kyle and Dave talk sports and sports conspiracies.  

Doomsday Preppin'  

Kyle and Dave talk about getting prepared for doomsday and food. 

Kyle and Dave Catch Up  

Kyle and Dave catch up with each other after being out of town for a bit.

Artificial Intelligence  

Kyle and Dave talk artificial intelligence and the future of robots. 

Listener Q&A #2  

Kyle and Dave take more questions from listeners. 

Our Best/Worst Episode Yet  

Depending on who you ask, tomorrow's episode is either the worst one (Dave) or best one (Kyle) yet.

Savannah Hauntings  

Kyle and Dave talk favorite music and haunting in Savannah. 

X-Mas Bigfoot  

Kyle and Dave talk about Christmas memories and bigfoot. 

Pizzagate #2  

Kyle and Dave return to talk more about Pizzagate. 


Kyle and Dave talk about recent trips on the road, the election and the recent "Pizzagate". 

Me & Paranormal You  

Today’s Boogie Monster is actually an episode of the podcast Me & Paranormal You hosted by Ryan Singer with Kyle and Dave as guests.

Bridgewater Triangle  

The guys get worked up over recent hecklers and stumble through the listener-suggested Bridgewater Triangle phenomenon.

Listener Q&A  

Kyle and Dave take your listener questions. 

Election Day Special  

Kyle and Dave dip into Dave's agricultural yield from his temporary gig as a pot trimmer and forget how words work sometimes. Also, it's election day and the world might end.

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