The Boogie Monster

The Boogie Monster

United States

Kyle Kinane and Dave Stone talk about ghosts and barbeque and maybe interview people and maybe have had a few drinks before they started recording.



Kyle and Dave talk about Unacknowledged, Mexican food and more. 

Pawley Island Ghost  

Kyle and Dave talk about the ghost Pawley Island, the fires in LA and World of Warcraft.  

Militias, but not really  

Kyle and Dave kind of talk about militias, kayaking and more. 

Current Events  

Kyle and Dave talk about Kyle's parents, food Dave has eaten recently and what else has been happening in the world lately. 

Chicago Mothman  

Kyle and Dave talk about the Chicago Mothman, having to pee on flights and Kyle talks about his trip to Europe. 

Grey Aliens  

Kyle and Dave talk about theories and conspiracies about grey aliens, their favorite alcohol and more. 

Red Rooms  

Kyle and Dave celebrate the one year anniversary of The Boogie Monster. They talk about the red rooms on the dark web, announce the show's new Patreon ( and Dave has a weird crush.  

Real Life Sci-Fi Crossover  

Kyle and Dave join Wade and Willy for a Boogie Monster/Real Life Sci-Fi crossover.


Kyle and Dave talk about Satanism, ordering drinks for strangers in bars and Kyle went to a witch store. 


Kyle and Dave talk about the Chupacabra and what grosses them out the most. 

Listener Q&A #4  

Kyle and Dave answer more of your questions. 

Martial Law  

Kyle and Dave talk Martial Law, toenail dust and Dave has a new van story.

Jade Helm  

Kyle and Dave talk about the Jade Helm conspiracy theories, Kyle's recent move and more. 

Nevada Triangle  

Kyle and Dave talk about the Nevada Triangle...eventually. But first, Arbys!

Catchin' Up with Dave  

Kyle and Dave catch up after not seeing each other for a while. 

Mandela Effect  

Kyle and Dave talk about the Mandela Effect, proper bicycling etiquette and more.

Skinwalkers Part 3  

Kyle and Dave conclude their conversation about Skinwalkers. 

Skinwalkers Part 2  

Kyle and Dave continue talking about skinwalkers!

Skinwalkers Part 1  

Kyle and Dave talk about Skinwalkers and old times candies. 

Hollow Earth Part 2  

Kyle and Dave finish their conversation of the Hollow Earth theory and they discuss how crazy people are usually smart. 

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