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The Box Set Pod - The Boxset Podcast

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A podcast in love with TV Box sets. The latest news, chatter, and guests from in front and behind the camera of the greatest box sets in the world. Hosted by Northern English Hywel and Jamie - its like being looked after by two guards of the nights watch...


Rick and Morty 2 - a brief one  

Mat wants to update you on Rick and Morty.


Welcome to a place with a coastline longer than California and a Jason Bateman deeper than other Jason Batemans.... What do we think of Ozark, and should you watch it? Have a listen. No Spoilers.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Roundup  

SPOILERS! Its time to share in the explosion of thoughts and emotion having finished Season 7!

Rick and Morty  

Dan Harmon - creator of Community etc - and his animated adult story splits the crowd on episode one. Should you invest your time in Rick and Morty's adventures?

Nasty Girl  

Well, unusually Netflix have cancelled this show seemingly quite quickly, but hywel is a big fan. Big hurdles to jump for you when deciding whether to watch though-why bother with a cancelled show about a nasty girl?

Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 and 4  

A double-whammy on the latest game of thrones spoilers alert!!


Battling it out this week to give you an idea of whether or not this should be your next box set… It has been recommended to the Box Set Pod panel for years and we’ve finally got around to watching episode one. Joining us to critique are two listeners Ray and Mynda (Vikings correspondant for “nice girls TV”) who are Vikings fans. Will a Viking battle commence and the Vikings reign supreme, or will there be a Viking Burial.

Game of Thrones 0702 Stormborn  

The latest episode is in for Game Of Thrones, a quick spoiler-special for GOT fans and critics with Hywel and Jamie.

Should you GLOW? No spoilers.  

The ‘Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling’ as a real thing. There’s a documentary on Netflix about it. There’s also a brand new series starring Alison Brie (community) and podcast king Marc Maron. But should you watch it? Listen to the debate and find out.

Game Of Thrones 0701 Dragonstone – Spoiler Alert!  

The latest episode of the latest series is out. Fans Hywel and Jamie discuss everything from Dragons to Ed Sheerans. We will do a podcast for each new episode if we can, so fans sit tight as they are released once a week!

Fargo Returns - This is a true story  

Fargo is back, a new series staring Euan McGreggor, twice. A long and heated discussion ensues....

The Keepers  

New Netflix crime documentary, The Keepers is... New. And many things, which we can't give away as spoilers. Episode one is quite a hook... Listen, and beware a spoiler beyond episode one occurs but happens half way through with lots of warning, so don't worry, just pause!

The Handmaid's Tale  

Should you watch it? It's new, (unless you're listening to this after 2017 in a dystopian future where evil has taken over) and it's called The Handmaid's Tale. An all star cast, a heavy mood, ripe for the reviewing.

Wayward Pines / Wonder Woman  

Wayward Pines is a high concept popcorn TV mysterious thing with an all star cast. Opinion is split on whether you should bother watching it, listen and decide for yourself.... Plus a brief chat about Wonder Woman.

Big Little Lies  

Huge HBO series Big Little Lies is in focus this week, half the episode is for you if you've never seen it, and half is a spoiler special if you HAVE.

What's the FREQUENCY Marsha?  

Frequency is a box set. It is LOVED by many. Marsha in Canada joins Hywel, Jamie and Mat to discuss their thoughts epsiode one in. This episodes includes adult nudity.

Manchester Arena  

A brief message this week from Hywel, as the podcast is recorded on Tuesdays. This particular Tuesday being the worst in Manchester's recent history.

13 Reasons to watch Thirteen Reasons Why  

No spoilers! (Beyond a few mentions about episode 1). Jack, Hywel and Mat have all watched episode 1 of Thirteen Reasons Why - a series about a teenage suicide which is causing a bit of a stink in certain circles of opinion. Jamie has watched all 13 reasons and is here to try and persuade the others and YOU to continue...

The League  

After much girl-related chat of late, its all about the boys in The League. Hywel and Matt discuss the show about... A league? Or is it about something else? Note, Hywel gets his dates mixed up in the podcast order here, and refers to next week instead of last week... You won't notice, you don't really listen to what he says do you? Email any thoughts! Plus some chat about The Walking Dead from Matt.

May You Catch Up  

A quick catch up from Hywel and Jamie, pay attention, your opinions will be needed based on these decisions herein....

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