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The Box Set Pod - The Boxset Podcast

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A podcast in love with TV Box sets. The latest news, chatter, and guests from in front and behind the camera of the greatest box sets in the world. Hosted by Northern English Hywel and Jamie - its like being looked after by two guards of the nights watch...


Get down with The Get Down  

Netflix' most expensive series, possibly the most expensive series in TV history, is an epic and unusual mix of Baz Luhran's world of the hyper-real musical with the story of the beginnings of Hip Hop in 1970's New York. How does the mix go down with first-time watchers, and should you invest time in this epic?

Community with Chubby Chase  

Hywel and Jamie with guests Mel, Mat, and Jack (who has the flu) talk all about cult / hit comedy COMMUNITY. An odd, surprising comedy which maybe holds more than Hywel and Jamie think on viewing first episode. Is it a community worth joining for you?

Outside the Box (set pod) - Creative Kale! With Justin Lee Collins  

Episode 2 of Hywel's Box Set Pod Spin-Off called 'Creative Kale'. This week, Justin Lee Collins talks about the inner workings of making big, yet silly, TV shows...

The night of 'The Night Of'  

'The Night Of' is a new series splitting the audience in half. Is it worth the investment of your time? Find out different perspectives with the passionate folk of the box set pod with special guest and huge John Turtorro fan Russell Gomer.

Outside the Box (set pod) - Creative Kale!  

Hywel has decided to explore the mind of the creatively challenged. Joining him for podcast number one, of this Box Set Pod spin off (potential spoilers and bad language), is Michael Mayers. A genius of Photography Direction, check out his work at He's made things you've watched look great, and made a career out of it. How has it worked for him?

Do you Daredevil?  

Daredevil is one of the darkest offerings from the Marvel universe and you may have been recommended it or seen it pass by on Netflix. Work experience boy Jack has watched episode one, others have watched it all, can he be persuaded to continue? And can you be persuaded to begin?

Nurse Jackie - a pill worth swallowing?l  

Nurse Jackie, staring Mrs Soprano, is a box set now in its seventh series! Hywel and Jamie watch episode 1 for you, and fan Mat discussed their thoughts and whether its worth continuing on this big operation of a show.

Gotham.  Just another comic book series?  

The latest Box Set news from TV world, and then in the box set court, three people discuss the first episode of Gotham and whether or not they should carry on, with one person who's watched them all. Gotham, Hywel realises, is different from the rest because it's less... 'different'.

Stranger Than Fargo?  

After wrapping up Stranger Things with work experience boy Jack - who, rumour has it, didn't warm to it!!!! - regular box set pod discussioneers Matt and Mel join Hywel and Jamie to discuss FARGO. They've watched 1 episode, will they continue? Oh, and Jamie gets wound up about Ghostbusters after Hywel LOVED it.

Stranger Things including Justin Lee Collins  

Justin Lee Collins, big fan of the 80's, joins to talk about Stranger Things, the phenomenon, as well as why he hasn't watched Game Of Thrones yet... Box set regulars join, but will anyone have actually not watched it (Stranger Things) yet? And if you haven't, can we persuade you to join the boat before you give up because EVERYONE is telling you watch it and you feel like a left out loser.

Is it just for Gilmore Girls?  

The Box Set Pod returns after a short summer break... One of the hosts has serious jet lag, which means a great deal of TV and other nonsense is discussed before finally reaching the subject of The Gilmore Girls.

Judge Mike Judge('s Silicon Valley)  

Beavis and Butthead creator Mike Judge is behind Silicon Valley, a comedy about... Silicon Valley. What do the panel think on first watch of Episode One? Comedian Christian Talbot and Mel from join Hywel and Jamie to discuss.

Put a Zombie in Your Eye  

Stand up comic and izombie fan joins Hywel and Jamie to persuade them to watch more than one episode of the zombie teen series... Plus Jamie's made a top ten Box Sets from just the first 6 months of 2016.

When you got the exit blues, what do you watch on the TV?  

Post European world has hit the Box Set Camp. And one is actually camping. Much is discussed from satire to vicar of Dibley.

Pair of Bastards  

A brief look into Transparent from a much bigger fan than on the last weeks' pod, and then a spoiler special chat between Hywel and Jamie on GAME OF THRONES and the Battle Of The Bastards. All from a man flu ridden rabbit shed.

Is Transparent Transparent  

Hywel has seen just one or two of Transparent. Have you? People who love it really really LOVE it, should you watch it? And is Hywel's reading of it so far astute, or is Transparent less transparent than he thinks?

Flowers, Frankie Boyle and Game Of Thrones  

You couldn’t get much further apart on the box set scale than Flowers and Game Of Thrones. Flowers, a new TV series written by Will Sharpe and starring the Boosh’s Julian Barrett and Olvia Coleman is Hywel’s favourite thing ever (at the moment). But recent support act to Frankie Boyle Tiernan isn’t a fan, and neither is work experience Jack. BUT they’ve only seen episode one. Should they, and you, invest in this new series Hywel loves so much? Oh and some Game Of Thrones spoiler chat at the end – a warning will warn you when the spoilers will begin.

Way down in New Orleans... Treme.  

The man who made the Wire made Treme, but is it right to come at Treme with the same expectations? Is Treme gonna make you tremble, or will it trombone the trumpin' boredom from your ass.

YOU are Seeking Man Seeking Woman?  

Is the best current comedy one you haven't seen? Hywel, your host, hasn't seen it, everyone else has, and not to ruin anything... But this sounds good. Listen!

Orange Is The New Box Set Worth Watching?  

Hywel and Jamie are joined by huge Orange Is The New Black fan, Marsha, luke warm Mathew, and guinea pig work-experience-boy Jack who is NEW to the new black of orange. Debate, insight, debate all ensue. PLUS all your latest box set pod news. Don't forget to email us your thoughts on ANYTHING related to

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