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The Box Set Pod - The Boxset Podcast

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A podcast in love with TV Box sets. The latest news, chatter, and guests from in front and behind the camera of the greatest box sets in the world. Hosted by Northern English Hywel and Jamie - its like being looked after by two guards of the nights watch...


The OA  

Say what now? A girl was blind, went missing, jumped off a bridge, called herself 'The OA', came back, bit a dog, befriending a bully, and then what now happened eh? What? Welcome to the world of the OA. Never has a series been more questioned, criticised, and more in need of The Box Set Pod to help you decide whether to continue. Listen in, no spoilers beyond ep one. Or at least, half way through episode one...

Lemony Snicket  

Lemony Snicker has been a well known film staring Jim Carey for many years, but now Netflix, in their infinite wisdom, have created a whole new serve from the books. You may have heard people saying it’s great, but should you spend your valuable time on it? No spoilers here, just the advice to either keep you watching or put you off.

Should you watch Goliath?  

Billy Bob Thornton has taken on the role of David in the new Amazon Prime court-room (ish) drama. Episode one has been watched by our Guinea Pig Mat, should he and YOU watch more?


Criticism runs high as the podcast is afoot. Sherlock has reached what seems to be a sort of end, with a new year set of three latest but fairly exhaustive episodes. This is a spoiler episode, we will talk about things which may spoil it for you.

A Christmas Letter to America  

Just a little Christmas short story from Hywel, an unplanned episode due to the arrival of a card on Christmas Eve.

A Christmas Moody Muppet Planes Trains Automobiles Special  

Welcome to the final Box Set Pod of 2016, and Christmas special. Young idiot, work experience boy Jack, has never seen Muppets Christmas Carol. He has also never watched A Very Moody Christmas - available on Netflix via Australia comedy talents. Now he has watched both, and sparks may fly.

Black Mirror  

Created by Charlie Brooker, Black Mirror has had a few series in the UK and now on Netflix is its 'series one' (actually its 2016 series). The team, reformed now Jamie is back, discuss the episode that seems very familiar to our lives, but also to an episode of another series we watched recently... In a future entirely controlled by how people evaluate others on social media, a girl is trying to keep her "score" high while preparing for her oldest childhood friend's wedding.

OH just spin off Marsha Shandur  

Marsha lives in Canada. She is from England. She is many other things too. An ex radio presenter, the person who picked most of the music for The Inbetweeners TV show, an activist (though she claimed to be a lazy one), and a general all-round thinker. Hywel and Marsha chew the creative kale from their perspectives of life as media / creative types.

Gilmore Girls 2 - Revival Review  

The new Gilmore Girls has been released on Netflix and fans Hywel and Mel had to do a special podcast reacting to the four films - Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. What's the transatlantic difference in reaction, and how do the fans reviews hold up to review?!

The West Wing Retrospective Spoiler Edition - Discuss  

In times like these the idea of an informed liberal elite running the White House may seem a lot less realistic than when the West wing was originally released. One of hywel and guest Mathew Wandless' favourite box sets, time to look back over it and remove the rose tinted spectacles to see if it stands up.

Dexter Revisited, A SPOILER SPECIAL - Discuss  

Hywel and work experience boy Jack (normally confined to six words per podcast) discuss the whole of Dexter having finished it all. If Dexter's boat had as many holes in it as this series, would it float? And why do we love it sooooo much.

Spoiling the Gilmore Girls - Discuss  

A day before the election, and (more importantly) 20 or so days before the new episodes arrive on Netflix, Gilmore fans Hywel and Mel talk about the Gilmore girls alone. This podcast is a SPOILER of the entire 7 series of GM. Be very very warned.

Creative Kale - Walt Disney World's retired Vice President Lee Cockerell  

Lee Cockerell used to be the Vice President of Walt Disney World Resort. He joins Hywel to continue Hywel's search into the world of 'creative management'. Where better for Hywel to find answers than perhaps the most qualified 'manager' from a world that has been highly successful AND creative than his favourite topic - Disney.

Getting in Luke's Cage  

Luke Cage, the latest Netflix Marvel offering, is impressing fans across the world. Great ratings and reviews. How will it go down with less die-hard fans. Find out as we enter the Box Set Pod...

Get down with The Get Down  

Netflix' most expensive series, possibly the most expensive series in TV history, is an epic and unusual mix of Baz Luhran's world of the hyper-real musical with the story of the beginnings of Hip Hop in 1970's New York. How does the mix go down with first-time watchers, and should you invest time in this epic?

Community with Chubby Chase  

Hywel and Jamie with guests Mel, Mat, and Jack (who has the flu) talk all about cult / hit comedy COMMUNITY. An odd, surprising comedy which maybe holds more than Hywel and Jamie think on viewing first episode. Is it a community worth joining for you?

Outside the Box (set pod) - Creative Kale! With Justin Lee Collins  

Episode 2 of Hywel's Box Set Pod Spin-Off called 'Creative Kale'. This week, Justin Lee Collins talks about the inner workings of making big, yet silly, TV shows...

The night of 'The Night Of'  

'The Night Of' is a new series splitting the audience in half. Is it worth the investment of your time? Find out different perspectives with the passionate folk of the box set pod with special guest and huge John Turtorro fan Russell Gomer.

Outside the Box (set pod) - Creative Kale!  

Hywel has decided to explore the mind of the creatively challenged. Joining him for podcast number one, of this Box Set Pod spin off (potential spoilers and bad language), is Michael Mayers. A genius of Photography Direction, check out his work at He's made things you've watched look great, and made a career out of it. How has it worked for him?

Do you Daredevil?  

Daredevil is one of the darkest offerings from the Marvel universe and you may have been recommended it or seen it pass by on Netflix. Work experience boy Jack has watched episode one, others have watched it all, can he be persuaded to continue? And can you be persuaded to begin?

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