The Bright Sessions

The Bright Sessions


Therapy for the strange and unusual.


40 - Safe House Part II  

*Please be advised this episode contains the aftermath of violence, discussions of self harm, and intense psychological distress*

Audio from the safe house on Friday, November 11th.

39 - Safe House Part I  

*Please be advised this episode contains violence* Audio from the safe house on Friday, November 11th.

38 - Telephone 2  

*Please be advised that this episode contains mentions of suicide* 

Phone conversations from November 10th through November 11th.

37 - Patient #14-A-8 (Rose)  

November 3rd: second session with my newest patient.

36 - Patient #11-A-7 (Caleb)  

A less than normal session, due to the events that transpired directly before.

Mini Episode 9 - sunday, after my session  

walking whatshisface home w/ Sam

35 - Patient #13-A-3 (Chloe)  

My latest conversation with Chloe was interrupted by a series of visitors.

34 - Frank  

*Please be advised that this episode contains descriptions of violence and war, and deals with some of the trauma that results from these actions.*

My first full session with Frank Sawyer (non-atypical/atypical-adjacent).



33 - September 24th, 2016  

Phone calls and recordings from Friday evening through Saturday afternoon.

32 - Damien, September  

For Joanie - hopefully she can help.

30 - Friday, 9/23/16  

Personal audio notes from Friday, September 23rd, 2016 - OAG

Mini Episode 7 - Caleb, 9/16  

Caleb asked me to meet him at the park and well...I'll probably delete this later. Maybe.

29 - Sam, September 13th  

Sam returns and we catch up on the past few months.

28 - Patient #13-A-3 (Chloe)  

Truncated session with Patient #13 before a new patient came in. He defies my usual categories.

27 - Mark, August  

August, somewhere off I-80.

26 - Patient #11-A-7 (Caleb)  

Session 40, September.

25 - Asset 43, Meetings 1-6  

Disciplinary Meetings 1-6 with Asset 43. 


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