After hosting over 1500 segments of SPORT SCIENCE, 6x Emmy Award-winning host and NYT Best-selling author, John Brenkus, recognized that high achievers tend to share a similar story of attaining success that's driven by hard work and tough choices, accompanied by some moments that are simply divine. Through "The Brink of Midnight Podcast", John explores the moments that guests credit with changing their lives forever... those that pushed them in an unexpected direction, shaping the experiences that followed and molding them into the people who they are today. This podcast is all about good news and features positive messages, inspiring our audience to live a fulfilling, authentic life. Guests include luminaries in sport, entertainment, business, tech, philanthropy, and many other different walks of life.


#27: YOGI ROTH, Pac-12 Analyst, Filmmaker, Podcaster  

Pac-12 College Football Analyst. Award-winning documentary filmmaker. Best-selling author. Podcaster. Part of Pete Carroll's USC coaching staff. World traveler. This is Yogi Roth, one of the most curious seekers, travelers, and thinkers we know. We're thrilled to bring you our conversation on THE BRINK OF MIDNIGHT PODCAST. Hailing from a small town in Pennsylvania, Yogi started making bold moves by walking on to the University of Pittsburgh football team and those moves haven't stopped. He transitioned from playing to coaching at USC, and after exploring the world, he made his move to sports broadcasting. Nine years in, he's worked at ESPN, Fox, and is now calling games and creating special pieces for the Pac-12 Network. Yogi's impeccable work in college sports hardly scratches the surface of what he does and he doesn't apply limits to what he chooses to pursue. Curiosity, seeking, and questioning are at the core of everything he does in making documentaries like his award-winning "Life in a Walk" and short films like 'What Does it Mean to Love?", writing books, and producing the episodes of his Life Without Limits Podcast. He's paved his own unique path by leading with heart, personal faith, and curiosity, and all along the way he encourages everyone he meets to do the same. Listen, learn, and watch your sense of wonder come alive. For full show notes, visit: Contact: @brinkofmidnight across social platforms

#26: Special Edition, The Closest We've Been to the Brink of Nuclear War  

#26: Special Edition on THE BRINK OF MIDNIGHT PODCAST with John Brenkus This Special Edition episode tells the story of the closest we've ever come to nuclear war and how one hero saved the day in 1983. We are fascinated by the life-changing "brink of midnight" moments in the lives of our guests, luminaries across the worlds of sport, entertainment, business, tech, philanthropy, and beyond. We also believe these moments happen in our collective human history and our shorter format Special Edition episodes chronicle stories that have shaped our shared experience in profound ways. twitter: @brinkofmidnight instagram: @brinkofmidnight Facebook: @brinkofmidnight

#25: KATE VOEGELE, Singer/Songwriter, Actress  

Singer/Songwriter, Actress, and Founder, Kate Voegele, shares her creative journey and process on THE BRINK OF MIDNIGHT PODCAST. Growing up as a suburban kid in Cleveland, OH, in a creative household, writing and creating art with family was a natural and normal part of daily life. As a teenager, Kate played her original music in countless shows from Ohio to Pennsylvania and, despite label interest, decided to pursue college to ensure she was rounded out and considering all potential future opportunity. What she didn't expect was MySpace "first friend" and co-founder, Tom Anderson, sending a direct message on MySpace to inquire about her interest in signing with him. Taking a class that allowed her to visit LA and explore the industry deeper, Kate found herself inking a great deal and making her first record shortly thereafter. At a crossroads with the options of staying in college and facing the reality of an uncertain, but much more cemented path as an artist, she took the leap of faith, dropped out of school, and went for it. A few months after arriving in LA, she made a last minute decision to audition for a single episode role on well-loved TV show "One Tree Hill" playing a singer-songwriter and she nailed it. That single episode job turned into four seasons of playing a role reflective of her life and sharing her original music with her target demographic on a unique platform. She's gone on to make several more albums, including her most recent "Canyonlands", tour the world, and take back control of her entire catalogue. To say it all came easy, however, would be to ignore the grit, passion, work ethic, wisdom, and business acumen Kate brings to the table every single day.  If you are questioning whether or not to go for a creative pursuit, or if you just want to live more creatively in your day to day life, this episode is a must listen. Kate's refreshing take on inspiration and her music just might trigger your muse to start knocking!  - For full show notes, visit: - @brinkofmidnight (twitter, instagram, Facebook) -

#24: MORTEN ANDERSEN, All-Time Leading Scorer in NFL History  

Legendary NFL kicker and Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductee, Morten Andersen, "The Great Dane", joins THE BRINK OF MIDNIGHT PODCAST. All-Time Leading Scorer. Played in a record 382 games. All-time leader in field goals made. Pro Football Hall of Fame. This is Morten Andersen. His story is unlike the common thread of growing up playing flag football and eventually donning pads for tackle. A foreign exchange student from a small fishing village in Denmark, Morten only set foot on an American football field because his American father was Vice Principal of his high school and they needed a kicker on the football team. Coming from competitive soccer in Europe, they figured he might be able to kick some pigskin, too. So, at 17 years old, while still learning English and figuring out the life of an American teenager, part of sport history was written. An All-American and Academic All-Big 10 at Michigan State University, Morten went on to have a 25 year career kicking for the New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons, New York Giants, Kansas City Chiefs, Minnesota Vikings, and finishing with the Falcons in 2007, his most accurate year - at the age of 46. Morten's approach to life will move you, motivate you to be ready for opportunity, and illustrate how stepping way outside your comfort zone might be the most important start to discovering your passion. For full show notes, visit: @brinkofmidnight (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)

#23: HALEY JOEL OSMENT, TV/Film Actor, Academy Award Nominee  

TV and Film Actor and Academy Award Nominee, Haley Joel Osment, joins THE BRINK OF MIDNIGHT PODCAST. Haley Joel Osment's artistic journey began with a shopping trip at IKEA with his mom when he was four years old. A casting director spotted him and the next several months propelled him into the world of acting from national commercials to "Forrest Gump" with Tom Hanks, and eventually M. Night Shyamalan's "The Sixth Sense", and Steven Spielberg's "A.I. Artificial Intelligence". Despite major film roles and working with the biggest names in Hollywood, Haley and his family thought it was important to be a well-rounded person, so he continued to go to his hometown high school and eventually college at New York University. It was at NYU that he cemented his love for the arts. Haley's story is one of committed self-discovery and evolution. Listen and be inspired to make room for adventure and self-discovery in your own life! For full show notes, visit: twitter: @brinkofmidnight instagram: @brinkofmidnight Facebook: @brinkofmidnight

#22: JAY ABRAHAM, Business Growth Strategist  

Legendary business growth strategist and best-selling author, Jay Abraham, joins THE BRINK OF MIDNIGHT PODCAST. Jay Abraham is a name that resonates with some of the world's most influential business minds and thought leaders. He has increased the bottom lines of over 10,000 clients in more than 400 industries and 720 sub-industries worldwide. Advisor to people like Tony Robbins, Daymond John (Shark Tank), Dave Asprey (Bulletproof), and entrepreneurs around the world, Jay delights in helping develop and encourage what he calls "value creators". With no formal college education, Jay's journey is founded on hustle and the instinctive ability to connect dots and people in unique and innovative ways. His curiosity and love of process will get you fired up to travel outside your comfort zone, and you just may be thinking about this question all day, courtesy of Jay Abraham: "In life, are you a multiplier or a 'diminisher'?" For full show notes, visit: twitter: @brinkofmidnight instagram: @brinkofmidnight Facebook: @brinkofmidnight

#21: JORDAN RAPP, 6x Ironman Triathlon Champion, ITU World Champion  

Jordan Rapp, ITU World Champion and Champion Ironman Triathlete joins THE BRINK OF MIDNIGHT PODCAST. A natural athlete, Jordan's diverse athletic journey started as an All-American High School lacrosse goalie, proceeded to rowing for Princeton, and, on hiatus from rowing, finally led to triathlon, where he has been a pro for the last 11 years. Winning several Ironman triathlons and winning the ITU World Championship are some of Jordan's professional highlights, but what's even more incredible is that most of these wins came after an incredible comeback story. On a long training ride, Jordan collided with a car in a hit and run accident, suffered serious injuries, and was left for dead bleeding out in the middle of the road. With the clock ticking and minutes to live, Chief Petty Officer Thomas Sanchez happened to be driving by, stopped and reached inside Jordan's neck to save his life. Jordan's comeback and willingness to work as hard as possible remind us of the best of the human spirit and how amazing things can happen when we look for ways to help each other out. For full show notes, visit: twitter: @brinkofmidnight instagram: @brinkofmidnight Facebook: @brinkofmidnight info@brinkofmidnight

#20: MARK DACASCOS, Champion Martial Artist, Actor, Iron Chef Chairman, Food Entrepreneur  

Mark Dacascos, champion martial artist, actor, Iron Chef Chairman, and food entrepreneur, joins The Brink of Midnight Podcast. To say Mark Dacascos is a Renaissance Man is an understatement. You may know him from his commanding presence as The Chairman on Food Network's "Iron Chef America", or perhaps from fighting Jet Li in "Cradle to the Grave", or perhaps as the tough Wo Fat on "Hawaii Five-O"…but did you know he had no intention of being in entertainment? Growing up in Germany, the son of two Kung Fu instructors, Mark cut his teeth on his first stage in Kung Fu competition and as a young man moved to Taiwan to become a monk. He has taken chances ever since and his ride in this lifetime is rich with diverse experience. Just like the fluidity that is characteristic of great martial artists, Mark has traveled through his remarkable life seizing opportunities to strike, learn, and honorably give his best. This episode will inspire you to live with a sense of adventure, curiosity, and faith. Allez Cuisine! For full show notes, visit: twitter: @brinkofmidnight instagram: @brinkofmidnight Facebook: @brinkofmidnight

#19: THOMAS DIMITROFF, General Manager, Atlanta Falcons  

Thomas Dimitroff, General Manager of the Atlanta Falcons, joins THE BRINK OF MIDNIGHT PODCAST and shares his life-changing moments, outlook, and unique take on teamwork. Football is in Thomas Dimitroff's blood. The son of a football coach and scout, Thomas played the game growing up and into college, grew through the ranks as an executive with the New England Patriots, and now manages the Atlanta Falcons. Football is the canvas where Thomas learns, grows, and leads. His outlook on life, despite ups and downs, and how we articulate purpose while listening to instinct will captivate you. For full show notes, visit: twitter: @brinkofmidnight instagram: @brinkofmidnight Facebook: @brinkofmidnight

#18: TREVOR MOAWAD, Thought Leader, Mental Conditioning, Peak Performance, Moawad Consulting  

Powerful thought leader, Trevor Moawad, joins THE BRINK OF MIDNIGHT PODCAST and shares his life-changing moments and hard-earned insight. Trevor hails from the worlds of sport, mental conditioning, and peak performance. Trevor, himself, was a two sport athlete at Occidental College, was inducted into the athletic hall of fame at Charles Wright Academy, and is the son of late performance educator, Bob Moawad, who was one of the original contributors for "Chicken Soup for the Soul". For the last 15 years, he's been part of the leadership and mental conditioning teams for the IMG Performance Institute, EXOS, NCAA teams, NFL teams, US Soccer, and now his own Moawad Consulting Group…not to mention working with elite individual athletes across the nation like Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson, who considers Trevor Moawad to be a difference maker in his career. Trevor appears regularly on ESPN, SI, Fox Sports, NPR, USA Today. Get your notepad ready - this episode is full of tips and inspiration to live your fullest and most authentic life! For full show notes, visit: twitter: @brinkofmidnight instagram: @brinkofmidnight Facebook: @brinkofmidnight

#17: SHANNON FARAR-GRIEFER, Ultra Marathoner, 6x Badwater Finisher, MS Warrior  

Shannon Farar-Griefer joins THE BRINK OF MIDNIGHT PODCAST and shares her life-changing moments in motherhood, ultra-running, and fighting MS. Shannon is a true force. She's an incredible mom to three boys and accomplished ultra-marathoner, including six finishes of the Badwater 135 Ultra Marathon and being the first female double-Badwater finisher, running 270 miles from Death Valley to Mt. Whitney, summiting, and running back through Death Valley. Shannon was a late bloomer in long distance running and started when she made the life-changing decision to go for a run at 35 years old after watching the LA Marathon on TV with her two youngest boys. Any one of her major ultra marathon, "hundo" (100 mile race), or Badwater finishes could be a "brink of midnight" moment, but her world truly changed when she was diagnosed with MS. Despite daily injections, IV treatment, and the total disruption and toll this disease has taken on her life, she has not given up running. She considers putting one foot in front of the other her life force and what makes her strong enough to go to battle against MS. She heroically fights every day and shows us all that the human spirit and faith can reign in the toughest of circumstances. Shannon also challenges us to abandon the idea that we somehow aren't enough to chase our dreams, and that no excuse should stop us from seizing every day in pursuit of those dreams. For full show notes, visit: twitter: @brinkofmidnight instagram: @brinkofmidnight Facebook: @brinkofmidnight

#16: MICHAEL VICK, Former Pro Bowl NFL Quarterback  

Michael Vick shares his rise, fall, and resurrection on THE BRINK OF MIDNIGHT PODCAST. Drafted #1 in the 2001 NFL draft, Michael Vick was a force of nature and a natural leader. His rise carried with it an unmistakeable momentum and he became the face of the NFL. Yet, deep inside he was becoming a person he didn't know and of whom he wasn't proud. The incredible high came to a crashing low when Mike was arrested for his involvement in a dog-fighting ring and sent to prison for 18 months. That time he now considers a blessing and, with the deck stacked against him to never reform or succeed again, he managed to evolve, grow, and redeem himself. He came back to the NFL until recently announcing his retirement, and now uses his platform on and off the field to educate and work with kids, trying to make a major impact in areas of conduct and accountability. This episode will challenge your idea of what it means to grow and evolve, to reform and forgive, and ultimately what the arc of a life can be. For full show notes, visit: twitter: @brinkofmidnight instagram: @brinkofmidnight Facebook: @brinkofmidnight

#15: SCOUT BASSETT, Team USA Track & Field Paralympian, American and World Record Holder  

Team USA Paralympic Track and Field athlete, Scout Bassett, shares her truly remarkable journey on THE BRINK OF MIDNIGHT PODCAST. No one has a story like Scout. Burned in a fire as a baby, she lost her right leg and was abandoned on the street in Nanjing, China. Transferred to a government orphanage, she endured years of emotional hardship, never seeing the light of day, and never knowing there was a world outside those orphanage walls. She had never even looked in a mirror or seen a photo of herself. When she was eight, a loving couple adopted Scout and brought her to Michigan to have a better life. Imagine seeing everything in the world - nature, cars, the sky, people, running water, a family…literally everything - for the first time at eight years old. Scout struggled to grow and learn about herself and the world and eventually found solace in sport. It allowed her to learn the strength, endurance, and grace within her and was her outlet to express so many emotions many of us will never know. In less than two decades of knowing the outside world, Scout earned a full ride scholarship to UCLA, found her running legs with the help of Challenged Athletes Foundation, broke both American (100m, 200m) and World (400 meter) track and field records, competed for Team USA Track & Field in the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games, and became a sponsored Nike athlete. Listen and be mesmerized by Scout's life-changing moments and her other-worldly wisdom. Your perspective will be challenged and your definition of words like "inspiration", "grit", "determination", and "endurance" just might get an update. You'll also be challenged to answer Scout's bold question: "What are you willing to give and give up for your dream?" For full show notes, visit: twitter: @brinkofmidnight instagram: @brinkofmidnight Facebook: @brinkofmidnight  

#14: JOEY MCINTYRE, New Kids on The Block, Solo Artist, Actor  

The versatile, talented, and ultra-creative Joey McIntyre joins THE BRINK OF MIDNIGHT PODCAST to share some of his most life-changing moments. From performing a duet with his sister at the young age of six, Joey McIntyre found comfort and joy on stage and, from that day, he hasn't stopped performing and growing as an artist. The youngest of nine kids, Joe cut his teeth singing and traveling with Neighborhood Children's Theater of Boston and a few years later would get a phone call from Maurice Starr to become the final member of New Kids on the Block. The rise of NKOTB nearly didn't happen without the sequence of some very key moments, from a standing ovation at the famed Apollo Theater, a Tampa Bay radio station deciding to spin the New Kids record, and so many more. Joe shares his unique insight during the beginning, rise, and initial band break-up during the context of grunge and early 90s. He has since gone on to star on Broadway ("Wicked"), release solo albums, write and perform in a one-man show, and play roles in TV series and in major films. He's taken up marathon running, as well, and his chilling account of the Boston Marathon bombing will move you. Joe is a fantastic example of creating a life based on passion and he's still doing what he loves today. NKOTB is on tour, has now been back together longer than they initially were, and Joe recently wrapped his TV comedy series "The Return of the Mac". Joe's insatiable hunger to create and grow is contagious and you just may find your inner artist wanting to emerge or re-emerge. As Joe states so eloquently, "nothing is random" and "experience is everything." For full show notes, visit: twitter: @brinkofmidnight instagram: @brinkofmidnight Facebook: @brinkofmidnight

#13: RYAN LEAF, Former NFL QB, Addiction Recovery Advocate  

Ryan Leaf, former NFL quarterback and addiction recovery addict joins THE BRINK OF MIDNIGHT PODCAST. Ryan is a modern American hero. Picked #2 in the NFL draft after Peyton Manning, he had a world of potential ahead of him. Not long into his career, he fell into a world of addiction that ended up landing him in prison. His comeback is one to marvel at and Ryan now leads a life devoted to serving and helping others who are struggling. His turn-around and rise is a story that benefits all with whom he comes into contact. For full show notes, visit: twitter: @brinkofmidnight instagram: @brinkofmidnight Facebook: @brinkofmidnight

#12: TRENT DILFER, Former Pro Bowl Quarterback and Super Bowl XXXV Champion  

Former Pro Bowl Quarterback and Super Bowl XXXV Champion, Trent Dilfer, joins The Brink of Midnight Podcast and shares his journey from his youth, to college, to the NFL, and beyond. Trent has had what he calls "mountain top" moments that are the stuff of dreams and vision realized and extreme challenges that tested him in every way. We are are fortunate that he's willing to open up about winning, losing, and everything in between. We explore handling devastation, finding oneself, the value of being a teammate, and ultimately, transcendence. This episode will crack open your heart and lift your spirit to new heights. For full show notes, visit: twitter: @brinkofmidnight instagram: @brinkofmidnight Facebook: @brinkofmidnight

#12: TRENT DILFER, Former Pro Bowl QB, Super Bowl XXXV Champion  

Former Pro Bowl Quarterback and Super Bowl XXXV Champion, Trent Dilfer, joins The Brink of Midnight Podcast and shares his journey from his youth, to college, to the NFL, and beyond. Trent has had what he calls "mountain top" moments that are the stuff of dreams and vision realized and extreme challenges that tested him in every way. We are are fortunate that he's willing to open up about winning, losing, and everything in between. We explore handling devastation, finding oneself, the value of being a teammate, and ultimately, transcendence. This episode will crack open your heart and lift your spirit to new heights. For full show notes, visit: twitter: @brinkofmidnight instagram: @brinkofmidnight Facebook: @brinkofmidnight

#11: APOLO OHNO, Record 8x USA Winter Olympic Medalist  

Apolo Ohno, retired short track speed skater, has won a record eight Winter Olympics medals for the USA. He started breaking records at age 14, when he became the youngest US National Champion in short track speed skating. The winning streak continued, but not without a devastating bump in the road and a rude awakening that nearly derailed him. You won't believe the one distinctive "brink of midnight" moment that shaped the rest of his life. In Apolo's words: "When you win, you win. When you lose, you learn." For full show notes, visit: twitter: @brinkofmidnight instagram: @brinkofmidnight Facebook: @brinkofmidnight

#10: BRYAN CALLEN, Stand Up Comedian, Actor, Podcaster  

You know Bryan from sell-out stand up shows, hilarious roles in movies like "The Hangover" and TV shows like "MAD TV", "How I Met Your Mother", and "The Goldbergs", and from his successful podcasts (The Fighter and the Kid, Mixed Mental Arts, The Bryan Callen Show). Our long time friend and favorite funny guy, Bryan Callen, is a unique combination of comedian, actor, podcaster, philosopher, and history fanatic. Born overseas and living in six countries outside the U.S. before age 14 gave Bryan a world lens few experience. A master observer of the world and himself, asking difficult questions is the foundation of everything Bryan does from stand-up and acting to podcasting and being a family man. His pattern of repeatedly questioning everything and choosing to get uncomfortable has developed his sense of responsibility to his opportunities and his process for growth as an artist and human being. Bryan believes self-growth beings by being brutally honest with yourself. By honestly asking of yourself, "What would I want if I knew I couldn't fail? What would I really ask for if I knew I would 100% get it?" This conversation is chock-full of gems and takeaways on how to question, pivot, commit to your personal vision, practice less attachment, be more generous, and start with honesty and curiosity. Listening to Bryan make a point is like taking a journey through philosophy, poetry, history, real talk, self-deprecation, and gut-wrenching laughter. Bryan's vast knowledge and willingness to learn will make you want to simultaneously pick up ancient texts, learn a language, LAUGH, scare yourself, and share your original talents with the world for the greater good. For full show notes, visit:

#9: DIANA NYAD, Swimming from Cuba to Florida  

Diana Nyad is the only human being to successfully swim the 111 treacherous miles from Cuba to Florida. That fact alone stops us all in our tracks. The ONLY human being. But that is only one piece of Diana's story. The arc of ultra-endurance swimmer Diana Nyad's life so far is anything but traditional or predictable. What she has endured and also chosen to endure is remarkable in every sense of the word.  Simultaneously coming to terms with an abusive childhood and understanding the fleeting nature of our individual human experiences led her down a path of chasing unthinkable dreams and living with fierce passion and personal belief. Accomplishing numerous swimming feats by the time she was in her 30s, she hung up her cap and goggles for 30 years before embarking on a goal that still captivated her decades later. Learn how the combination of Christopher Reeves' influence, a chance conversation with a Holocaust survivor, the death of her mother, turning 60, and reading Mary Oliver's poem, The Summer Day, led Diana to step into the water on Cuban shores convinced she would make the swim to the shores of the Florida Keys.  You will be shocked and moved by this conversation, and Diana's plea to live to your fullest potential will both give you the chills and light you on fire. You may re-evaluate the excuses you've been telling yourself, perhaps for years. Like Diana, you, too, may deeply consider Oliver's poignant, poetic question: "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"  For full show notes, visit:

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