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Thanks for listening to my podcast. I don't have a strict plan for what it's going to be about. The only component I know that will remain constant is me, so that's why I decided to just call it "The Caleb Pressley Show." It doesn't box us in. I will focus on things that I'm interested in--whether that's food, sports, music, film, whatever. I'm going to grapple with some curious stuff, and my hope is that it is as mentally stimulating for y'all as I know it will be for me.


B-TEAM w/ Ebony & Tex  

In the face of adversity, Barstool security guard Ebony and Intern Tex join Caleb to deliver a show of epic proportions. Tex makes a huge wager on throwing a football further and more accurate than Caleb. Ebony keeps trying to switch the conversation to sex. A must listen.

LEFT TURNS w/ Ryan Blaney  

Young NASCAR star Ryan Blaney joins Caleb in studio the last week of The Chase. They cover everything from whether or not NASCAR is worth watching to performance enhancing drugs in racing. A stimulating show with a sport's next superstar.

BACK IN NYC w/ Glenny Balls  

Back in NYC after six weeks on the road, Caleb reunites with his intern Glenny Balls and catches up on everything he missed. Caleb talks about leaving UFC 205 before the McGregor fight, and Glenny describes his understanding of the big bang theory.


A final look back on the Natty Tour that was. Caleb and Benny focused on LSU but also reminisced on their favorite parts of tour and what they learned going forward. As always, they included a peer review of their weekend guest-Handsome Hank.


Full week four Natty Tour recap including top reasons why no one should ever go to FSU, a peer review of Feitelberg, and a new Best Moment of the tour.


Full week three Natty Tour recap of the University of Alabama and the race at Talladega. The guys also do their visiting peer review of Uncle Chaps, and reminisce on a new "Best Moment of the Tour."

NATTY TOUR WEEK TWO w/ Bus Boy Benny  

Full week two Natty Tour recap including Mike Stud concert, peer review of Trent's visit, and best and worst moments of the Tennessee week.

NATTY TOUR WEEK ONE w/ Bus Boy Benny  

One week into the Natty Light Tailgate Tour, Bus Boy Benny and Caleb talk about the ups and downs of being back on the road as well as take questions from Twitter. This episode also features a new segment called "Kre-Alkalyning."

PHONE DOWN w/ Lost Kings  

Lost Kings join the show the on the release week of their new single "Phone Down." They talk about witnessing Kanye find out about Kim's hostage situation at Meadows, touring with Caleb, as well as a teaser of their new single.

MANAGING TIESTO w/ Matt Goldman  

Matt Goldman, manager of world famous DJ Tiesto, joins the show to talk about the intersection of sports and music.


Caleb's newly hired intern Glenny Balls joins the show to talk about reaching his intern potential. Mind, body, and soul were all covered as Caleb and Glenny continued to form a special bond.

THE MEETING ROOM w/ Coach John Shoop  

Caleb's former quarterback coach John Shoop, who coached in the NFL and NCAA for 20 years tells stories about his career with the likes of Jon Gruden, Brett Favre, Dom Capers and more. Follow Coach Shoop at @coachjohnshoop


World Champion Battle Rapper Rone joins the show to talk about his battle career as well as his unusual situation with Barstool Sports.

OUR SEC EXPERT w/ Cole Cubelic  

Former Auburn football player and current host of The Cube Show and SEC Network sideline analyst Cole Cubelic joins the show to discuss the upcoming SEC football season.

PRODUCING TAKES w/ Handsome Hank  

Pardon My Take Producer Hank Lockwood joins the show to talk about the recent success of PMT, his recent move to NYC, and the past year at Barstool Sports in general.


Chainsmokers Manager Enes Kolenovic joins the show in the midst of the meteoric rise of the number one DJ duo in the world. Enes describes how he met the Chainsmokers, how they built their foundation, and what it's like now with two songs in the country's top 10. He also declares Lost Kings as next up and elaborates on how he will help them get there. Lastly, he tells all listeners how to get free tickets to this weekend's Billboard 100 Festival in New York, and drops the world wide premiere of Wuki's remix of "Closer." Follow Enes @eneskolenovic

WHAT I'VE BEEN DOING w/ Dijana Kunovac  

As he prepares to move to NYC later this week, Caleb looks back on the last six months in an interview with Dijana Kunovac. Find Dijana at

WHAT I'VE BEEN UP TO w/ Dijana Kunovac  

As he prepares to move to NYC later this week, Caleb looks back on the last six months in an interview with Dijana Kunovac. Find Dijana at Song snippet featured: Choose by JPB ft. Deverano

HOLLYWOOD AGENT w/ Spencer Sherman  

CAA Music Agent Spencer Sherman sheds light on the Hollywood Agenting world as depicted by the popular HBO show "Entourage."

THE PENIS EPISODE w/ Penis Doctor Paul  

Official Urologist of The Caleb Pressley Show-my cousin Paul-joins live from Greece to answer penis questions. What to do. What not to do. Are the people with 4 hour boners from the Viagra commercials real. You name it, we talked about it.

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