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Thanks for listening to my podcast. I don't have a strict plan for what it's going to be about. The only component I know that will remain constant is me, so that's why I decided to just call it "The Caleb Pressley Show." It doesn't box us in. I will focus on things that I'm interested in--whether that's food, sports, music, film, whatever. I'm going to grapple with some curious stuff, and my hope is that it is as mentally stimulating for y'all as I know it will be for me.



Rone details what it feels like to be robbed on an international stage as his title of world rap battle champion was stolen from him over the weekend.


Young and Happy is on the verge of a new era... The Guest Era. Rone will soon return to New York City from his sabbatical and YAH will start bringing in real guests. It should also be noted that this episode might be the last time we hear Rone speak as the World Rap Battle Champion, as he has to defend his title this weekend in Toronto.


There is no proof that the actress Caleb hired off Craigslist in Alabama was a "working girl" in any other sense of the word than she was a girl who was working. Also, Rone has cockroaches.


Why did Kris Jenner leave her wide hipped lover? Does Caleb have a pencil back? Is Rone's Uber driver gay? Find out on this week's Young & Happy.


Filling in for Rone, John Feitelberg steps in to discuss a Michael Jordan conspiracy, More Life, and hockey hair and helmets.


The first ever reverse engineered episode of Young & Happy delivers Hells Angels stories and first hand accounts of cocaine-using mothers pooping in their maternity clothes. There are also two can't miss short stories authored by the infamous Caleb Pressley and Adam Ferrone.


Henry Ford famously once said that if he would've given people what they wanted then it would've been faster horses. But he gave them what they wanted. The Model-T. On this week's episode Caleb and Rone give you the advice you didn't know you needed.

HEADSPACE w/ Culture Manager Tom Freeman  

The Young and Happy boys catch up on what's new including Rone's new life amongst Los Angeles comedians, unintentionally breaking news last week on the show, and Tex's fight this weekend. The episode closes with an interview with Headspace Culture Manager Tom Freeman on site from the Santa Monica HQ.

DANICA PATRICK w/ Danica Patrick  

This week the Young and Happy boys recount their reunion in Hollywood, and round up all the wild and wacky twists and turns their lives have been taking. From spending time with potential top NFL draft pick Mitchell Trubisky, to getting intimate with the Lost Kings, to the lessons of zen we learned at the Headspace headquarters, the Young and Happy boys have been on the go. During this weeks episode, we get to hear a special conversation with Danica Patrick, the biggest name in racing, as she prepares for the Daytona 500, and we got Rone's live reaction to the Nerlens Noel trade. The show is packed with juicy tidbits, from strategies on how to optimize mornings, to ways we can alter our diets to make our lives better, to some good old motivational speeches. I DARE YOU TO TRY NOT TO ENJOY THIS.


A little conspiracy theory started floating around the office towards the end of week that Rone has a kid. At first Caleb couldn't believe it at all. Just laughed. But then people started connecting the dots. Rone's still paying for a place in Philly. He goes back almost every weekend. He's somewhat clandestine about his personal life. And then the final straw was when someone brought up a clip of an old battle rap video where his opponent calls him "father of the year," and Rone responds with a confirmation that he has a daughter. On this week's Young & Happy we found out the truth...


Rone has officially moved from New York City to Beverly Hills to write for an upcoming TBS show. This show is about that change.


Young and Happy tips into Houston for the championship game of NFL football. The gentlemen might be in Screw Town, but don't get it screwed up, they're here for business. And this week their business is pleasure, as the latest episode of Young and Happy delves into the magical labyrinth that is relaxation. Houston hip-hop legend Bun B took us outside the bun for some authentico roadside tacos and a talk on his favorite ways to relax. The episode also features some smooth-jazz-radio-guy talk with American Hero Uncle Chaps, a live attempt to calm down a frazzled former pizza maker, Frankie Borelli, and an impromptu meditation session orchestrated by none other than the hosts of Young and Happy. Namaste.

THE PORNOS w/ Keiran Lee  

Welcome to the pornos, folks. The Young and Happy boys reminisce on their trip to Las Vegas this past week for the AVN porn awards. During their trip they not only met the episodes' guest Keiran Lee--the only man in the world with a $1 million dollar insurance policy on his dong--but they also made their debut in porn itself. That's right. You heard correctly. Caleb and Rone acted in a porn. Also, buckle up for a ride down real science lane as Caleb's cousin and practicing urologist comes on to talk about real life effects of watching baby making online. Lastly, the show ends with Rone making his case for sex with corpses, which was a pretty clear look into his grotesque mind, so if you don't have a strong stomach maybe skip that part.


Bienvenidos, or welcome to our English listeners. Also, whoever is doing this from PodcastOne can you please make this Braille-inclusive. The first episode of Young and Happy shows every sign of this going on to be the best gosh darn podcast of all time. There are a couple segments that you will learn about if you make an effort to listen to the show. This week's guest is newly minted top-40 artist Luke Combs. Please enjoy, or as our friends in France say, de nada.

END OF AN ERA w/ Rone  

Caleb covers his weekend in Cleveland with Mitchell Trubisky before making the biggest announcement in the history of the Caleb Pressley Show.


The internet's most mysterious man joins the show to speak on a variety of historically relevant topics and makes his claim that Donald Trump is a Muslim. Rone and Caleb also begin to plan the metamorphosis of the podcast into something completely different.


World famous porn star and Barstool Sports newest employee Asa Akira joins the show to talk about a multitude of topics including her transition to office life and her thoughts on Caleb and Rone's recent teamwork.


Barstool Sports Editor-in-chief Kmarko joins the show to elaborate on exactly what that title means. Subjects covered include the #BlogMusic feud, the weekly power rankings, being roasted by the entire internet, and what it would take to get fired for someone to be fired from Barstool.

MIDNIGHT w/ Midnight Gerry  

Boston legend Midnight Gerry joins the show to discuss music management, basketball at Drake's house, and the new For The Homies Studios in Los Angeles.

B-TEAM w/ Ebony & Tex  

In the face of adversity, Barstool security guard Ebony and Intern Tex join Caleb to deliver a show of epic proportions. Tex makes a huge wager on throwing a football further and more accurate than Caleb. Ebony keeps trying to switch the conversation to sex. A must listen.

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