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The Candy Palmater Show


Host Candy Palmater brings her own life experience offering up great conversation with her trademark razor-sharp wit. Topics may come from anyone, anywhere, but they'll all have one thing in common: Candy's unique perspective.


'Cod Sounds' celebrates Newfoundland, artist Tiko Kerr, and Mohawk filmmaker Tracey Deer  

Lori McCarthy teaches people about Newfoundland's traditional food culture with 'Cod Sounds', Tiko Kerr on art and activism, and Mohawk filmmaker Tracey Deer on confronting her storytelling fears

Indigenous actor Michael Greyeyes, Olympic rower Krista Guloien, and CBC host Gillian Findlay  

Actor Michael Greyeyes on indigenous representation in the media, rower Krista Guloien on life after the Olympics, and Fifth Estate co-host Gillian Findlay on revisiting the show's stories.

Jarrett Martineau, Noah Pink & Basma Hameed  

The founder of Revolutions Per Minute, film writer Noah Pink, anda woman using tattoos to change lives.

Author Madeleine Thien, Pixar lighting director, and a mother-daughter play about lost objects  

Author Madeleine Thien on the family ties that inspired her Man Booker-nominated book, Pixar lighting director Farhez Rayani on what it meant to work on Finding Dory, and a mother-daughter theatre collaboration about lost objects.

Actor Eric McCormack, a Tragically Hip superfan, and living the zero waste lifestyle  

Actor Eric McCormack on the concert he never gave, why one family decided to get rid of their garbage bin, and making the Tragically Hip the soundtrack to your life

Six-time Olympic medalist Clara Hughes opens up about her battle with mental illness, an electronic duo talk about their journey from Beirut to Montreal, and a former CBC journalist launches a Facebook campaign about disabled people  

Clara Hughes opens up about her deeply personal struggle with mental illness, electronic duo Wake Island talk about immigrating to Canada from Lebanon, and former CBC journalist, Ing Wong-Ward launches a Facebook campaign titled Project Value.

An Olympic archer who also teaches high school physics, a Vancouver bartender that traded in her apron for boxing gloves, and what it's like to sleep in a separate bed from your spouse  

Olympic archer Crispin Duenas talks about his many talents, bartender Julie Comu puts on boxing gloves to help inner-city youth, and high school teacher Steve Wilson tells us why he sleeps in a separate bed from his wife.

A former foster kid starts up his own foster care agency, Metis ballet dancer Graham Kotowich, and monster truck culture.  

Lucas Medina talks about why he started the first foster care agency for LGBTQ kids in Canada. Graham Kotowich returns to the prairies to explore his roots in Metis jigging. Marvin Anderson drives monster trucks all summer.

Gail Vaz Oxlade on how to talk money with our loved ones; therapeutic clown Jamie Sneddon on bringing joy to patients at Toronto's SickKids Hospital; Edmonton's youth poet laureate on her poetic mission  

Financial expert Gail Vaz Oxlade tells us how to talk about money with loved ones; therapeutic clown Jamie Sneddon on bringing magic and play to young patients at Toronto's SickKids Hospital; Edmonton youth poet laureate Nasra Adem on her poetic mission.

Canadian barbecue champion Rob Reinhardt, crime novelist Wayne Arthurson and Jonathan Torrens on leaving Trailer Park Boys  

Rob Reinhardt brings southern barbecue to the prairies, Wayne Arthurson turns Edmonton into a main character in his novel, and Jonathan Torrens talks about what it's been like to hang up the ol' do-rag.

Author Joseph Boyden, musician Buffy Sainte-Marie, and the first woman in Canada to direct a Cirque du Soleil show  

Joseph Boyden talks about listening to his characters' voices. Buffy Sainte-Marie on blending arts and activism. Brigitte Poupart on the importance of more women directors.

A teacher who is inspired by what her students are reading, singer-songwriter Christa Couture, and our latest Summer Lovin' story.  

Kata De Sousa on why she loves getting reading recommendations from her teenage students. Singer-songwriter Christa Couture on turning loss and heartache into an upbeat fourth album. And an amazingly weird first date story on our Summer Lovin' series.

Yul Kwon on running marathons at 80, fashion broadcaster Jeanne Beker, and indigenous author Richard Wagamese  

Marathoner Yul Kwon on his secret to running races at 80. Fashion broadcaster Jeanne Beker on her career, and the meaning of Canadian fashion. And indigenous author Richard Wagamese on the value of libraries.

Jean Paul on race and culture in stand-up comedy, Bif Naked's new memoir, and the journey two sisters took to find each other. (06/03/2016)  

Comedian Jean Paul talks about his Trinidadian roots and what motivates his comedy. Rebel and rock goddess Bif Naked tells us about her new memoir. And we hear the story behind two sisters who just found each other, and are now sharing the ultimate gift.

The Candy Palmater Show Podcast  

This is where you can connect every week to hear thoughtful conversations and share a laugh or shed a tear. Comedian and host Candy Palmater will speak with people from all walks of life and engage in interviews that are honest, funny and above all, human

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