The Catacombic Machine

The Catacombic Machine


The Catacombic Machine is a Catacomb X expression, curated by Josef Gustafsson.


Tad DeLay | The Cynic and the Fool  

In the season finale of The Catacombic Machine, Josef talks to Tad DeLay about his recently published book The Cynic and the Fool: The Unconscious in Theology & Politics.

Bryce Maxwell | BwO and Faciality  

In this episode of The Catacombic Machine you will get to listen to a talk given by Bryce Maxwell at University of Chichester during the Radical/ized Religion Event.

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Alexander Bard | The Global Empire  

Josef speaks to cyber philosopher Alexander Bard who is the co-author, with Jan Söderqvist, to the Futurica Trilogy and Syntheism - Creating God in the Internet Age. They're currently working on their fifth book.

Early in the episode, Alexander mentions a TEDx talk he gave a few years ago: What if the Internet is God?

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Ola Sigurdson | Heavenly Bodies  

Josef speaks to Ola Sigurdson during the Katakomb Event about Ola's newly published book Heavenly Bodies: Incarnation, the Gaze, and Embodiment in Christian Theology.

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Jordan Miller | Resisting Theology, Furious Hope  

In this episode of The Catacombic Machine Podcast, Josef speaks to theologian Jordan Miller about his new (so far unpublished) book Resisting Theology, Furious Hope.

Join Barry Taylor and Josef in Utrecht, Holland: Blossom030 en Geestdrift present: Radical Theology

And mark down July 1 in the calendar for The Forest Interface.

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Bart Campolo | Far From The Tree  

Josef talks to secular humanist chaplain Bart Campolo. Bart has recently published a new book together with his father Tony Campolo: Why I Left, Why I Stayed: Conversations on Christianity Between an Evangelical Father and His Humanist Son. There is also a fresh documentary out about Bart and Tony, made by Belfast filmmaker John Wright: Far From The Tree.

In the episode Bart mentions a recent article about him in The New York Times, written by Mark Oppenheimer: The Evangelical Scion Who Stopped Believing.

Don't forget to buy your tickets to the Katakomb Event in Gothenburg April 21-22:, and if you're interested in joining Josef and Barry Taylor in Utrecht, Holland, here's information for you: Blossom030 en Geestdrift present.

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Aaron Van Voorhis | A Survival Guide for Heretics  

Josef talks to Aaron Van Voorhies about his background as a fundamentalist Christian and his move towards radical theology. Aaron is not only a radical theologian, he is also a pastor, which is an interesting combination. And he has written a book: A Survival Guide for Heretics.

Conner Habib | Blue Velvet  

Josef speaks to Conner Habib about desires, sex work, identity, religion, politics, activism and much more.

If you want to know more about Conner, check out his homepage:, follow him on Twitter: @connerhabib. Conner also offers an online course on the occult.

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Jeffrey Robbins | Radical Democracy and Political Theology  

Josef talks to theologian Jeffrey Robbins about postsecularism, democracy, movements of resistance, the American election, trauma, radical theology and much more.

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Jonatan Bäckelie | Darkness On The Edge Of Ecstasy & The Subsecular Arts  

Josef talks to theologian and music producer Jonatan Bäckelie about The Subsecular Arts, which is a theological project closely connected to Jonatan's recently released album Darkness On The Edge Of Ecstasy.

James Hill Jr. | Malcolm X and the American Election  

The reactive identity politics of the Democrats reduced the complexity of people's hopes and dreams to "black votes," "Hispanic votes," and so on. Hence both the politicians and the metrics people became blind to the excess of possible worlds hiding beneath the surface of skin color, gender, sexuality, religion. Ultimately they were all reduced to a Hillary or Trump vote--the eternal binary code. The silver lining is that many people's refusal to be reduced to a number in a vicious game for power shows that there's a willingness to scramble the code. So while many mourn the lack of votes for Hillary, we're hopeful since the refusal to vote is a sign of people affirming their own difference, and that's the kind of strength that will be needed to overcome the tyranny that now awaits.

In today's episode, Josef speaks to James Hill Jr., who is a long time friend of the podcast, about the American election, Malcolm X, evangelicalism and the times ahead.

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Music by Jonatan Bäckelie

Aron Flam | Nietzsche, Comedy & The Trickster  

Josef speaks to comedian Aron Flam about the connection between philosophy and comedy, Nietzsche, Deleuze, antisemitism, feminism, and much more.

Check out Aron's YouTube channel, and listen to his Swedish podcast Dekonstruktiv kritik.

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Peter Sjöstedt-H | Noumenautics  

Episode number 1 of The Catacombic Machine features a conversation between Josef and philosopher Peter Sjöstedt-H, about his book Noumenautics, published by Psychedelic Press. The book navigates through subjects such as the sentience of cells, the constrictions of consciousness, the metaphysics of might, the magic of mushrooms, the narcotics of Nietzsche, and the neologism neo-nihilism.

Andreas Engh Seland | Divine Suspense in Fear & Trembling  

In this episode, Joel talks with Andreas Engh Seland, phd candidate in philosophy of religion at Lund University, Sweden. Writing on Sören Kierkegaard's book on the faith of Abraham, Fear and Trembling, Seland develops a innovative concept of "suspense" as a means of explicating a tricky text full of repetitions, paradoxes and references to the philosophy of Hegel.

John Swinton | Disability Theology  

In this episode, we revisit a catacomb introduced to the podcast by our friend Timothy Chilvers, who together with David leads the conversation with John Swinton.

Barry Taylor | A Confraternity of the Faithless  

In this episode of Freestyle Christianity you will get to listen to a talk by Barry Taylor at Wake in Belfast.

Catacombic Session | Desiring Theology of Becoming  

In this episode, Josef, David and Joel catch up on time lost by summarizing the last couple of weeks and especially the events we´ve participated in (Göteborg, Sweden and Belfast, Northern Ireland).

In the second half of the conversation, the triad explore the structure and chaos that is "catacombic theology."

The episode as a whole can be seen as synthesis of the last couple of months of Freestyling, both in texts and podcasts, but also as the start of a new series of podcasts, dedicated to an archeology of the catacombs. A special focus of this episode ended up being a connection between radical theology, the death of god, desiring theology of Charles Winquist,

Join the conversation either by way of critique or commentary, on any of the social platforms associated with Freestyle Christianity; we´d love to hear from you.


Kester Brewin | A Savage Journey to the Heart of the Dream of Flight  

In this episode of Freestyle Christianity you will get to listen to a talk given by Kester Brewin at the festival Wake in Belfast. The subject of Kester's talk was his recently published book Getting High: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the Dream of Flight.

We are all born flightless, every one. After so many thousands of years each of us still drops into the world smooth-skinned and featherless.' Why have we never been content to keep our feet on the ground? In the 1960s this desire to get high exploded with the LSD counterculture and the Apollo missions. In this unique and dazzling book, acclaimed author Kester Brewin (MUTINY / AFTER MAGIC) explores the history of the human quest for transcendence, and how, following a family tragedy, it blighted his own life. Drawing on a huge cast of characters from the Montgolfier brothers to Renaissance artists, Hells Angels, astronauts, The Beatles, Gonzo journalists and dreaming hippies, GETTING HIGH is a wild trip into the ancient dream of flight, soaring through shamanic ritual, enlightenment science and punching a hole in what we think the 1960s was all about. Interwoven in all of this is Brewin's own story. Growing up in a mining village in Yorkshire, his father was the local vicar, the man tasked with lifting this subterranean community each Sunday and offer it a vision of the above. But this pressure to open heaven has terrible consequences for the family, and a tragic illness sends each of them flying. Skilfully linking ancient history, the story of the 1960s and his own battles with the yearning to 'get high,' this is an important and timely book with an urgent message about religion, the promises of technology, and our need to keep our feet on the ground.

Peter Rollins | The Prophecy of Symptoms  

Peter Rollins and Jay Bakker visited Sweden for our Freestyle Christianity Event "Catacomb" in Gothenburg, and this episode features a summary by Pete of what we talked about during the three days of the event. 

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