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Spencer Ackerman and Laura Hudson tackle the conflicts, schemes and themes of Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones: how did your predictions stack up? – the Citadel podcast  

We revisit our forecasts from three months ago and respond to readers’ feedback about the season

The Vengeance of Game of Thrones – The Citadel podcast  

As the chess pieces are set up for the final act, the players of the Game of Thrones use chaos to get their revenge

How realistic are battles in Game of Thrones? – the Citadel podcast  

In The Battle of the Bastards, fighting has exploded across two continents – so are the tactics genuine and is the violence authentic?

Game of Thrones: a parable for the US election? – The Citadel podcast  

What can Game of Thrones tell us about how we discuss politics?

How Game of Thrones handled the impact of sexual assault – the Citadel podcast  

The Broken Man was an episode in which many characters – including Theon, Cersei, the Hound and Sansa – dealt with trauma

Game of Thrones: 'Probably even the Night’s King got a family' - The Citadel podcast  

As our characters start to take on their likely final forms for the story, we see them all checking back in with their families in Blood of my Blood

Game of Thrones: how has ‘Stark privilege’ affected Hodor's life? – The Citadel podcast  

This week we examine the grey areas of Stark privilege and whether Pyke can live up to its ship building bravado

Game of Thrones: can there be 'No justice, no peace' in Westeros? - The Citadel podcast  

Daenerys is fighting with fire, but what compromises must be made to keep the peace?

Game of Thrones: who in Westeros is a villain? – The Citadel podcast  

With the aftermath of Jon Snow’s return sending shockwaves across The Wall, our hosts examine what really makes a villain

Game of Thrones: the ‘mad dogs’ of Westeros – The Citadel podcast  

Young family members are seizing power up and down the continent, but does anyone have a strategy to rule the Seven Kingdoms?

Game of Thrones: powerful women and power grabs – The Citadel podcast  

With two coups on either end of Westeros, our hosts examine whether Alliser Thorne or Ellaria Sand will be able to wield power now they’ve grabbed it

Game of Thrones podcast – get ready, season six is coming  

In the first episode of the Guardian’s newest podcast, Spencer Ackerman and Laura Hudson tackle the conflicts, schemes and themes on Game of Thrones Don’t miss an episode – subscribe on iTunes

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