The Clark Howard Podcast

The Clark Howard Podcast


Nationally-syndicated consumer expert Clark Howard shows you practical money-saving ideas to help you Save More, Spend Less, and Avoid Ripoffs.


Clark Howard: 10.24.16  

Topics: AT&T Time Warner merger; Clawback of CA soldier bonuses; New federal lost luggage policy; Major hack last friday and the implications; Start Christmas shopping now!

Clark Howard: 10.21.16  

Topics: Index funds and simple investing; Tiny bottles cost SO much more; Self-driving cars update plus GM Maven; Clark Stinks; Amazon is great for product reviews, not necessarily purchasing

Clark Howard: 10.20.16  

Topics: Tech to help your WiFi issues; ridiculous credit card agreements; Winterize your home; Guide to Generation Z; Pay isn't bad for liberal arts degrees over time

Clark Howard: 10.19.16  

Topics: Verizon data cap issues; Nursing homes sue over arbitration; Students use loans to fund lifestyle; Know Your Worth salary information; AT&T launching new streaming TV service plus Vudu free movies

Clark Howard: 10.18.16  

Topics: Canada says "America IS Great"; Facebook privacy scam; Buying holiday airfare; Healthcare news and open enrollment; People with multiple jobs

Clark Howard: 10.17.16  

Topics: New online lender "Marcus"; Watch out for Uber scams; discounted buffet food; Black Friday 2016 preview; Jet Blue flight school

Clark Howard: 10.14.16  

Topics: New nursing home arbitration rules; kidnapping scam; Remedy sorts through your medical bills; Clark Stinks; Volt hearing aids

Clark Howard: 10.13.16  

Topics: New real estate start ups; Comcast improperly charging customers; 5 hour work day; Fitness trackers might not help; Cord cutting costing the cable companies big.

Clark Howard: 10.12.16  

Topics: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau court ruling; Yahoo won't let email users go; Samsung Note 7 issues; ETF fees go down further; Medical ID theft

Clark Howard: 10.11.16  

Topics: Use cash for small purchases; Student loan scams; Credit report mistakes; Frequent flier mile theft; marriage and money

Clark Howard: 10.10.16  

Topics: BEST OF SHOW: How to be a millionaire; cheating stockbroker; Trade agreements; cash on hand makes people happy; start up businesses

Clark Howard: 10.07.16  

Topics: Life insurance without exam; Paying too much for TV; Qoins startup help pay debt; Clark Stinks; Workers getting paid by prepaid cards

Clark Howard: 10.06.16  

Topics: small business lending; Don't buy premium gas; Credit card chip and pin safety; Paperless offices; Google Trip planning app

Clark Howard: 10.05.16  

Topics: National teacher day; Best Buy selling recalled products; New prepaid card rules; Blackrock lowers ETF fees; Yahoo gives emails to govt

Clark Howard: 10.04.16  

Topics: Real Estate agent fees changing; Southwest airfare sale; AT&T stops harvesting customer data; New Prius is part electric; Meat prices are super low

Clark Howard: 10.03.16  

Topics: Bass Pro buys Cabelas; Wells Fargo fined for ripping off servicemen; File your Fafsa now; HP software makes their printers not work; NEW IRS scam

Clark Howard: 09.30.16  

Topics: Cheap haircuts; is a ripoff; sending money online; Clark stinks; Gift card warning

Clark Howard: 09.29.16  

Topics: Smartphones and car rentals; Nigerian scamster arrested; fitness and smoking; small businesses need employees; Better to rent or buy a home?

Clark Howard: 09.28.16  

Topics: New American Customer Satisfaction Index on electronics; People buying Halloween costumes for pets; New cheap Georgia Tech masters degree online; Clark talks trade and the TPP; Oil prices

Clark Howard: 09.27.16  

Topics: Equifax new credit score; Beware of free trials; Cities with the best economic conditions; Clark's Uber/Lyft stories; Open Enrollment

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