The Clark Howard Podcast

The Clark Howard Podcast


Nationally-syndicated consumer expert Clark Howard shows you practical money-saving ideas to help you Save More, Spend Less, and Avoid Ripoffs.


Clark Howard: 02.24.17  

Topics: Civic now charges for credit score; Check cashing bad, bank customer service worse; Workforce changes; Clark Stinks; Interns at Google don't suck

Clark Howard: 02.23.17  

Topics: Facebook PTO policy; Getting into an accidental Uber; Mugshot websites; Investing in artificial intelligence; Indoor farming could mean cheaper food

Clark Howard: 02.22.17  

Topics: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau under attack; LA flood insurance not being paid out; Car reliability; New food labels; Waze expanding ride sharing

Clark Howard: 02.21.17  

Topics: Amazon lowers free shipping amount; Major TSA fail; Hackable childrens toys; Traffic and working from home; Kids savings challenge

Clark Howard: 02.20.17  

Topics: REPLAY HOURS Cheapest awesome smartphones; Western Union fined; Amazon selling car parts; Getting a passport; Tax refund loans

Clark Howard: 02.17.17  

Topics: Mortgage and credit scores; Electronic baby monitors; Can you trust BBB ratings?; Clark Stinks; Interview with financial rapper Dee-1

Clark Howard: 02.16.17  

Topics: How to rent a car; 26F retirement scams; Direct primary care; Make your own cleaning products; New bifocals changing the eyeglass game

Clark Howard: 02.15.17  

Topics: Inflation; Rx drug price increases; Drone taxis; Student loan rates go down; Millennials most dangerous drivers

Clark Howard: 02.14.17  

Topics: Cardless ATM's having troubles; T Mobile deal!; Know your airport security rights; Disney costs rise; Aldi making big changes

Clark Howard: 02.13.17  

Topics: Verizon unlimited plan; Police fraternity donation scam; Cyber insurance; Vanguard assets; Amazon getting into the underwear game

Clark Howard: 02.10.17  

Topics: Income tax moves; Wells Fargo rage; Fight back on healthcare claims; Clark Stinks; Standing desks in schools

Clark Howard: 02.09.17  

Topics: Microsoft privacy dashboard; Hamilton ticket scam; Warning labels; Banks dealing with Mint; Interview with Mike Rowe

Clark Howard: 02.08.17  

Topics: Rising interest rates and bonds; Cash settlement scams; How to get the streaming TV you want; Facebook community helper; Hearing loss and solutions

Clark Howard: 02.07.17  

Topics: Clark's Super Bowl trip; Dirty politics in South Dakota; Future of fiduciary responsibility; Valentine's Day; Smart TV's spying on you

Clark Howard: 02.06.17  

Topics: REPLAY HOURS Life insurance; Cancelling DirecTV Now; Deferred interest plans; Health insurance; Apps to sell things

Clark Howard: 02.03.17  

Topics: 3D printed wheelchair; A yacht named "Overdraft"; Not crowd-sharing, but cow-sharing; Clark Stinks; Surge pricing for traffic

Clark Howard: 02.02.17  

Topics: Real estate commissions; Uber false advertising; Repair cafes; New price stickers on fruit; Clark discusses the ads you hear

Clark Howard: 02.01.17  

Topics: Betterment now offers investing advice; Facebook customer service scam; Hyperloop competition; Online learning; Credit card fraud rising

Clark Howard: 01.31.17  

Topics: Walmart free 2-day shipping; iMessage phishing scam; Tesla battery packs; Superbowl TV buying guide; Technology hackers

Clark Howard: 01.30.17  

Topics: How Immigration ban affects business; "Can you hear me now" scam; Barista robots; ACA deadline; New Years resolutions now

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