The Clark Howard Podcast

The Clark Howard Podcast


Nationally-syndicated consumer expert Clark Howard shows you practical money-saving ideas to help you Save More, Spend Less, and Avoid Ripoffs.


Clark Howard: 12.05.16  

Topics: OPEC drops production; Amazon phishing emails; DirecTV Now launches; Online marketplace sellers; Holiday bonuses

Clark Howard: 12.02.16  

Topics: Perdue chicken; High real estate commissions; The cost of free shipping; Clark Stinks; Free library books

Clark Howard: 12.01.16  

Topics: Target partners with start ups; ATM fees; Work retirement plans; Cars are spying on you; End of year to-do list

Clark Howard: 11.30.16  

Topics: New hearing aid option; Fake grant scam bust; Rfid credit cards and protection; Trim app tackles overdraft fees; Halo Top ice cream is a winner!

Clark Howard: 11.29.16  

Topics: Credit card debt; annuity dinner pitches; Retirement savings; Kids and screen time; Small business hacking threats

Clark Howard: 11.28.16  

Topics: 529 plan w/ poor investments; insurance commissioner letter scam; Credit agencies say you are dead; Insurance rates; Reward credit cards

Clark Howard: 11.25.16  

BEST OF CLARK REPEAT. Buying groceries online; Publishers clearing house scam; Cameras watching everything; How much should you run?; Verizon bloatware

Clark Howard: 11.24.16  

BEST OF CLARK REPEAT. WiFi just got better with Eero and Luma; Credit card fine print; Winterize your home; Guide to Gen Z; Liberal arts degrees

Clark Howard: 11.23.16  

BEST OF CLARK REPEAT. Costco car buying; Wells Fargo 401 lawsuit; First time homebuying; Holiday gas prices; Google Home

Clark Howard: 11.22.16  

BEST OF CLARK REPEAT. Marcus lending; yahoo breach; New site to save on buffet food; Healthcare price hike; Condo insurance

Clark Howard: 11.21.16  

BEST OF CLARK REPEAT. Index funds and simple investing; mini products are expensive; GM's new Mavon; Know your worth; new AT&T streaming service & Vudu

Clark Howard: 11.18.16  

Topics: Married to your smartphone; IRS scam ring busted; Credit score changes; Clark Stinks; New car key options

Clark Howard: 11.17.16  

Topics: Life expectancy and retirement; Illegal debt collection; Walking to work; New SoFi refi option; Buying furniture online

Clark Howard: 11.16.16  

Topics: Trusted websites for contractors; England bank hack; car sales; Making lame monkeys walk; Roadie is the Uber of shipping

Clark Howard: 11.15.16  

Topics: Trusted websites for contractors; England bank hack; car sales; Making lame monkeys walk; Roadie is the Uber of shipping

Clark Howard: 11.14.16  

Topics: Post election trade; Amazon refunding customers; Black Friday!; Holiday gas prices; New Google Home device

Clark Howard: 11.11.16  

Topics: How might energy policy change; Veterans day deals; Exploding Samsung washing machines; Clark Stinks; Fundamental Trump changes

Clark Howard: 11.10.16  

Topics: America and infrastructure spending; Yahoo breach; Payday loan ballot initiatives; Canadian immigration; Discount European airlines

Clark Howard: 11.09.16  

Topics: Stock market election reaction; Clark deals black friday; Future of healthcare; Trump on taxes; Minimum wage ballot initiatives

Clark Howard: 11.08.16  

Topics: Soda tax initiatives; big banks still taking federal money; nurses in demand; total wireless; LinkedIn now for high schoolers

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