The Clark Howard Podcast

The Clark Howard Podcast


Nationally-syndicated consumer expert Clark Howard shows you practical money-saving ideas to help you Save More, Spend Less, and Avoid Ripoffs.


Clark Howard: 01.20.17  

Topics: New Carnival cruise technology; Dating sites stink; Shyft app; Clark Stinks; Owning a home vs. renting

Clark Howard: 01.19.17  

Topics: Money mistakes by the decade; Timeshare scam; Shopping for eyeglasses; New review sites for doctors/lawyers; Last minute hotel deals

Clark Howard: 01.18.17  

Topics: Inflation is on the rise; Doctors selling your data; Republic Wireless update plus Verizon fees; 3 new email scams; Things to buy in January

Clark Howard: 01.17.17  

Topics: New: Life insurance with no medical underwriting; DirecTV Now not refunding people; Deferred interest plans; Where healthcare money goes; What apps are best to sell stuff?

Clark Howard: 01.16.17  

Topics: REPLAY HOURS for MLK DAY - Clark's first day at CES in Las Vegas

Clark Howard: 01.13.17  

Topics: Bad hospitals could kill you; banker stole from elderly; Clark's Lending Club update; Clark Stinks; Apeel keeps produce fresh

Clark Howard: 01.12.17  

Topics: Fake service animals; Real estate ponzi scheme; Kodi TV; Credit card rates and rewards; BBB top scams of 2016

Clark Howard: 01.11.17  

Topics: Norway gets rid of FM radio; Wells Fargo clarkrage; New Amazon credit card; Young adults spend more on coffee than investing; Get paid what you are worth

Clark Howard: 01.10.17  

Topics: Savings challenges; Fee-laden college debit cards; Amazing airfare sales!; New technology could make dentist visits easier; Creepy call centers know a lot about you

Clark Howard: 01.09.17  

Topics: Retail sector in turmoil; Bitcoin's surging value; T-Mobile keeps getting better; New minimum wage laws; ATM debit card theft

Clark Howard: 01.06.17  

Topics: Live from CES Clark discusses car innovation; Interview with CNET's Ashley Esqueda; Ooma's new security system; New tech in TV's

Clark Howard: 01.05.17  

Topics: Live from CES Clark discusses the Drone Rodeo; CES trends; Clark's favorites from CES Unveiled; DirecTV Now price increase plus trends in cord cutting

Clark Howard: 01.04.17  

Topics: Prizes for solving problems; incredibly expensive Swedish mattress; Used car market changing; Blood pressure apps; Free self-driving software

Clark Howard: 01.03.17  

Topics: Cell phone fixing company; Ponzi scheme clarkrage; New check out machine; Key replacement kiosk; Sweden recycling program

Clark Howard: 01.02.17  

BEST OF CLARK REPEAT Topics: Marcus lending; Google malware; Credit report and mortgages; phone calls during flights; headphones for kids

Clark Howard: 12.30.16  

BEST OF CLARK REPEAT Topics: Holiday gifting and mailing; double billing switch cell phone plans; Fiduciary; Watching TV double time; Signal encrypted messaging app

Clark Howard: 12.29.16  

BEST OF CLARK REPEAT Topics: Investing is weird right now; Coal blowing trucks; Millennials and office machines; Monkey walks because of technology; Roadie - Uber of shipping

Clark Howard: 12.28.16  

BEST OF CLARK REPEAT Topics: Economic pie in America; AT&T cramming charges; Credit Karma tax serice; Total Wireless; High schoolers using LinkedIn

Clark Howard: 12.27.16  

BEST OF CLARK REPEAT Topics: Nice people are happier; Bank fees; Loans to rebuild credit; P2P textbook trading; DirecTV Now

Clark Howard: 12.26.16  

BEST OF CLARK REPEAT Topics: Healthy snacks; Wells Fargo and Prudential; Fake retail pricing lawsuit; Google Safety app; Republic Wireless deal

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