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The Clark Howard Podcast


Nationally-syndicated consumer expert Clark Howard shows you practical money-saving advice to help you save more, spend less, and avoid scams and ripoffs. To access the entire Clark Howard Podcast archive, go to


Clark Howard 09.11.17  

Topics: Clark answers listener questions about the Equifax breach; Advice for Irma evacuees and hurricane help

Clark Howard 09.8.17  

Topics: Clark Stinks; Clark blasts Equifax over credit breach

Clark Howard 09.7.17  

Topics: Verizon Up is a new initiative that wants to spy on you; Walmart is now on Google Express

Clark Howard 09.6.17  

Topics: Hurricane Irma; Flood insurance scams; T-Mobile gives away free Netflix

Clark Howard 09.5.17  

Topics: Drone usage in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey; Wells Fargo scandal widens; Minnesota dealing with health insurance brilliantly

Clark Howard 09.4.17  

Topics: What are actual maintenance costs on older vehicles?; new app helps parents get ahold of their kids

Clark Howard 09.01.17  

Topics: Clark Stinks; Real problems in Oklahoma's education system

Clark Howard 08.31.17  

Topics: Labor Day car deals; People tapping home equity loans more

Clark Howard 08.30.17  

Topics: Beware of flood cars; Best Buy price gouging; Amazon Music adds student rates

Clark Howard 08.29.17  

Topics: New reverse mortgage rules; Furniture store taking in Harvey victims; How to save money at Target

Clark Howard 08.28.17  

Topics: How to donate to hurricane Harvey victims; burned by crowdfunding; Amazon's changes to Whole Foods

Clark Howard 08.25.17  

Topics: Clark Stinks; hearing aids will get much cheaper because of new law

Clark Howard 08.24.17  

Topics: Companies spy on work WiFi; JetBlue steps up their customer service game

Clark Howard 08.23.17  

Topics: WOW airlines making travel to Europe CHEAP; W2 phishing scam on the rise; Verizon Unlimited costs too much

Clark Howard 08.22.17  

Topics: Employer healthcare costs; How parents should give money to their adult children

Clark Howard 08.21.17  

Topics: How to track prices on Amazon; bank overdraft fees; Quirky website for inventors

Clark Howard 08.18.17  

Topics: Clark Stinks; Costco loses lawsuit with jeweler Tiffany

Clark Howard 08.17.17  

Topics: Currency trading; Clark's take on

Clark Howard 08.16.17  

Topics: Amazon's new Instant Pickup; Sprint and Moviepass deals; Internet connected devices collecting data on you

Clark Howard 08.15.17  

Topics: Solar eclipse safety; New pay TV scam; Clark's review

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