The Clark Howard Podcast

The Clark Howard Podcast


Nationally-syndicated consumer expert Clark Howard shows you practical money-saving ideas to help you Save More, Spend Less, and Avoid Ripoffs.


Clark Howard: 05.24.17  

Topics: New services will buy your home; $400 t shirts!; Military appreciation; Google tracking your purchases; Fruit juice and kids

Clark Howard: 05.23.17  

Topics: AT&T major customer service issues; Lawsuit against Hersheys over slack fill; Fiduciary law update; Visa gift card issues; Ooma offers home security

Clark Howard: 05.22.17  

Topics: States combatting drug prices; Payday installment loans; Google job search; Small business lending; Facebook sextortion

Clark Howard: 05.19.17  

Topics: Calorie counts; Debt levels are out of control; New: Facebook requesting donations; Clark Stinks; Cell phone news

Clark Howard: 05.18.17  

Topics: Narrow insurance policies; Ponzi scheme tycoon; AirBnb booking advice; Student loans could result in home loss; TV companies mining data

Clark Howard: 05.17.17  

Topics: AT&T's major issues; Republic Wireless & Costco deal; Don't post this on Facebook; Really old debt can haunt you; New Amazon kids tablet

Clark Howard: 05.16.17  

Topics: Clark discusses his most recent medical difficulty; Sunscreen in schools; Bitcoin bubble; Discont grocer Lidl launching; Graduate wages and car mistakes

Clark Howard: 05.15.17  

Topics: Cyber attack; Hospitals using liens against patients; Ring doorbell prevents break-ins; TN free college; Tesla solar roof

Clark Howard: 05.12.17  

Topics: Indie hotels; Auto lender fined for debt collection against military; YouTube fitness; Clark Stinks; Airline satisfaction

Clark Howard: 05.11.17  

Topics: Clark cancer update; LAX fancy airport suite; Student loans affect mortgages; Middle class shrinking; Savings accounts

Clark Howard: 05.10.17  

Topics: Net neutrality; Fake brain pills; Dating and your credit score; Comcast aims to protect internet devices; Rapidly changing gas prices

Clark Howard: 05.09.17  

Topics: Warren Buffet on healthcare; Department of education major issues; Spirit airlines debacle; Amazon Echo Show; GoodRx updates save you money

Clark Howard: 05.08.17  

Topics: Morgan Stanley ditches Vanguard; Scam fundraising on GoFundMe; 3D printing now saving lives; Employment picture looking rosy; Facebook makes you sad

Clark Howard: 05.05.17  

Topics: How to spot secure websites; Kids and codeine FDA warning; New streaming site Pureflix; Clark Stinks; Mattress shopping

Clark Howard: 05.04.17  

Topics: REPLAY HOUR Retirement accounts that stink; New phone scam; Block unwanted spam texts and calls; Changes in the movie biz; Geriatric social workers

Clark Howard: 05.03.17  

Topics: Puerto Rico's bankruptcy; The downside of automatic bill-pay; 5G is coming; How to ditch fake Amazon reviews; new Hulu pay TV option

Clark Howard: 05.02.17  

Topics: Coal usage going down; Merchandise shipping scam; Booking hotels by the minutes; Condo values; Running and longevity

Clark Howard: 05.01.17  

Topics: Debt crisis in America; Fake Yelp reviewer busted; Clark discusses 23andMe experience; Cybersecurity jobs; Wedding gifts to give and wedding insurance

Clark Howard: 04.28.17  

Topics: Solar update; Watch out: elderly rip-offs; Robot delivery; Clark Stinks; Tricks to help you save more

Clark Howard: 04.27.17  

Topics: Beef prices; Phoneline hackers; New cool Roku update; Affordable tiny apartments and pod homes; Schools should start later

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