The Coffee Commute

The Coffee Commute

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The Coffee Commute is a podcast for creative professionals and small business CEOs who are craving strong, well-brewed content, to get them through their morning hustle. Natalie Franke and Davey Jones, two founders of the Rising Tide Society, offer a behind the scenes look into the creative industry with tips, tools, and interviews with industry leaders to help you build a business that you love. Pour your cup of joe, open your inbox, and let’s hit the road.


A Quick Chat with the RTS Interns  

It's the last day of interning for Rising Tide Society interns Maddie and Erin. They join Davey for a quick chat about their experience.

Are conferences worth it?  

It seems that these days anything you want to learn, you can learn online. Natalie and Davey explore whether in-person events and conferences are still worth it with the increasing number of online courses, conferences, and workshops available.

Snapchat vs. IG Stories: Does Snapchat survive?  

Instagram just rolled out a new feature (Stories), and it looks a lot like Snapchat. Like a lot a lot. Natalie and Davey discuss the impact IG stories might have on Snapchat, and whether Snapchat is still worth it.

Caitlin Joyce Interview - How to Travel  

Caitlin Joyce (@cjkvisuals) stops by the Rising Tide Society office and updates the team on her travels. She also explains how she travels affordably, how she sets up shoot with people in other places, and what she has learned from traveling.

Feedback: The Breakfast of Champions or a Creative's Poison  

Natalie and Davey discuss 3 tips for receiving good feedback.

A Brewtiful Morning Routine  

Natalie and Davey discuss 7 tips for a brewtiful morning routine.

Kent Heckel Interview - Taking the plunge  

YouTuber, podcaster (Kids Next Dorm), and vlogger Kent Heckel stops by the Rising Tide Society office to chat with Davey & Natalie about how he started his business.

Jasmine Star Interview  

Davey and Natalie interview Jasmine Star and discuss her journey from law school to photography to educating creative professionals on business and marketing. She also shares her reading list.

Community over Competition  

In the first official Coffee Commute podcast, Natalie and Davey discuss the cornerstone of Rising Tide Society, community over competition.

Bonus Episode: A Girl Has No Name  

Is Davey's name REALLY Davey Jones? How did the Rising Tide Society receive its name? And considerations for naming your business.

Bonus Episode: Pokemon Go  

Natalie and Davey share how the Pokemon Go craze has taken over the Rising Tide Society office, and what we can learn from Pokemon Go as small business owners.

Welcome to the Coffee Commute  

Welcome to the Coffee Commute — a morning conversation to help the creative professional through the daily grind. Hosted by Davey Jones and Natalie Franke two founders of the Rising Tide Society.

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