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An Interview with the Sejics | Comic Book Podcast #269  

This week, the Talking Comics crew transcends timezones and interview the splendid Stjepan and Linda Sejic!!! In addition to chatting about podcast favorites like Sunstone, Death Vigil, and Bloodstain, the Sejic's talk about the challenges of the comics industry, anime, healthcare, potential collaborations, and their favorite video games!!!

BEST COMICS OF 2016 Awards Spectacular | Comic Book Podcast Issue #268  

It's here--THE BEST OF 2016 AWARDS SPECTACULAR!!! Mara, Bob, Steve, and Joey gather round the (internet) table to deliberate painstakingly over the best in comics from last year. With such an astoundingly diverse and stellar list of nominees, picking a winner ain't easy!!! Tune in and see how it all shakes down!!! Also, the gang discusses the recent press release out of Marvel regarding changes to their digital code policy... 'Nuff said. READCOMICS

Comics Catch-Up and Listener Questions | Comic Book Podcast #267  

Aloha 2017!!! The gang has finally recovered from their EPIC Best of 2016 nomination episodes and are ready and raring to review everything comics from the last few weeks!!! From Kelly Thompson and Leonardo Romero's Hawkeye #1 to the epic (?) conclusion to Marvel's CIVIL WAR II to the surprise Supergirl: Being Super from Mariko Tamaki and Joelle Jones to a slew of stellar independent comics, the last few weeks of 2016 did not go quietly into the night. It's comics galore in this first episode of the new year, so tune in and kick off 2017 right!!! Also, the crew takes a few listener questions and evaluates the future of DC and Marvel in the aftermath of Rebirth and Marvel NOW (again). READCOMICS

The Best Comics of 2016 - Nominations Episode III | Comic Book Podcast Episode #266  

We've reached the end (of TIME)!!! The Talking Comics crew wraps their EPIC NOMINATION MARATHON DISCUSSION of the very best of the best in the world of comic-dom in 2016!!! This episode, the marathon takes a toll as the gang gets punchy while discussing and debating creators and comics in the following categories: BEST WEBCOMIC BEST ARTIST BEST WRITER BEST STORY ARC BEST OVERALL COMIC Also, the crew announces yet another inductee for this Spring's TALKING COMICS HALL OF FAME induction!!! Entering our Vintage Wing will be Siegel & Shuster's Action Comics/Superman, Kane, Finger & Robinson's Detective Comics/Batman, and Marston & Peter's Sensation Comics/Wonder Woman--the trinity of debuts for DC's TRINITY!!! Tune in to learn more!!! Finally, a special thank you to all of our listeners and contributors--we consider you all friends and family and a very special part of this remarkable community we've put together here at Talking Comics. It has been one crazy year in comics, and we're so glad we were able to share it with all of you. Happy holidays and a very healthy and happy New Year to all of you!!!

The Best Comics of 2016 - Nominations Episode II | Comic Book Podcast Issue #265  

The nominations keep rolling along!!! The Talking Comics crew continues to talk the very best of the best in the world of comic-dom in 2016!!! This episode, things get heated as the gang discusses and debates creators and comics in the following categories: BEST PUBLISHER BEST COVER BEST SINGLE ISSUE or ONE-SHOT BEST MINI- or LIMITED SERIES BEST ONGOING SERIES Also, the crew announces one more inductee for this Spring's TALKING COMICS HALL OF FAME induction: SAGA by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples!!! Tune in to learn more!!!

The Best Comics of 2016 - Nominations Episode I | Comic Book Podcast Issue #264  

It's that time of year again!!! The crew has gathered in the hallowed halls of Talking Comics to talk the very best of the best in the world of comic-dom in 2016!!! This episode, the gang discusses and nominates creators and comics in the following categories: BEST MEDIA ADAPTATION OF A COMICS PROPERTY BREAKTHROUGH WRITER BREAKTHROUGH ARTIST BEST NEW SERIES BEST ORIGINAL GRAPHIC NOVEL. Also, the crew introduces the TALKING COMICS HALL OF FAME, a new concept designed to celebrate and honor those comics works that deserve even more recognition for continued excellence and cultural impact. The first inductee? This year's Special Achievement in Comics recipient, MARCH by Congressman John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell. Tune in to learn more!!!

Ms. Marvel, No Angel, and Baby Groot | Comic Book Podcast Issue #263  

For their last regular show of 2016, the crew dives deep into some very exciting comics, including the moving and bittersweet Ms. Marvel #13, the dynamic writing debut of Adrianne Palicki in No Angel #1, and the promising stories in the DC New Talent Showcase. Also, Mara talks some DC annuals, Joey and Bob get into the collected edition of the horror series Rowan's Ruin, and Steve waxes poetical about a graphic novel about the life of Glenn Gould. And, of course, BABY GROOT!!! If you haven't seen the latest Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 trailer, get on it!!! While the gang won't be recording regular episodes for the next few weeks, keep an eye out for the annual Talking Comics Best of episodes that will be released on the normal schedule!!!

AD: After Death and Detective Comics Theories | Comic Book Podcast Issue #262  

This week, the Talking Comics crew covers a slew of HUGE events in comics from last week ranging from the end of "LIES" in Wonder Woman #11 to an apparent major character death in CIVIL WAR II #7 (and the obvious death in Death of X #4...) to the debut of a new (?) team in Ultimates 2 #1. Also, Mara takes us to Star Wars land, Joey talks Super Powers #1 from the iconic team of Art Baltazar and Franco, and Steve and Bob have some theories about the new squad of villains wreaking havoc over in Detective Comics!!! Also, things get deep as the gang considers AD: AFTER DEATH Book One, the long-awaited team-up between Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire. Also also, reactions to the newly announced rosters and creative teams for X-MEN: BLUE and X-MEN: GOLD books coming out of the upcoming Inhumans vs. X-Men and ResurreXion event. READCOMICS

Talking Comics, Giving Thanks, and AMERICA | Comic Book Podcast Issue #261  

The Talking Comics Crew changes things up this week and tries out a new format for talking comics! As the conversation carries on, the crew covers everything from the ups and downs of Marvel NOW! (Again), surprising new series from several independent publishers, and a strangely intriguing graphic novel about a magical dismembered leg! Also, the gang reacts to the announcement of the creative team for AMERICA, Marvel's upcoming solo series starring the fan favorite America Chavez. Check out the announcement interview with writer Gabby Rivera and editor Will Moss here!!! Finally, Mara, Bob, Joey, and Steve take a moment to say what they're thankful for in comics this Thanksgiving season. HINT: One of those things is you, our wonderful audience. Thank you for your support and all you do to help foster this supportive, engaged, brilliant community. Happy Thanksgiving! READCOMICS

The Inhumans & an Interview with Jeremy Whitley | Comic Book Podcast Issue #260  

This week, the Talking Comics crew interviews Jeremy Whitley (@jrome58), the Eisner-nominated writer of Princeless the upcoming Unstoppable Wasp!!! Jeremy gives some scoops on that upcoming series and looks back on some of his memorable anthology stories from the last year.

Doctor Strange Review | Comic Book Podcast Issue #259  

"BY THE HOARY HOSTS OF HOGGOTH!!!" This week, the Talking Comics crew is joined by Editor-In-Chief Bobby Shortle to review DOCTOR STRANGE, the latest addition to the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe. The gang gets into the story, the visuals, the casting, and the future of the mystical side of the MCU in a lengthy conversation on the film.

We Stand with Chelsea Cain | Comics Podcast Issue #258  

In addition to the plethora of comics (double the Wonder Woman, double the fun!), the gang discusses the recent harassment of Mockingbird writer Chelsea Cain. Bobby steps in at the beginning of the episode to highlight the Talking Comics stance when it comes to harassment: as a site and a group of fans, we celebrate and respect all comics fans and do not tolerate people who are hateful about the things we make or enjoy. Please remember to be respectful to all fans and realize that every comic is someone's favorite comic.

Special Edition: Talking Comics Invades Android's Amazing Comics  

n our quest to seek out entertaining and engaging comic book sources, Bob and Steve set up shop to record a special podcast within the walls of Android’s Amazing Comics in Sayville, New York. While there, your friendly neighborhood podcasters enthusiastically chin-wagged about their new comic book day selections. Additionally, Bob sat down for some real talk with key members of the store’s delightful staff. Throughout the laughs and outpouring of information, we’re reminded of just how important it is to have kind and inclusive individuals managing these endangered establishments. We hope you enjoy this special presentation, and we hope to bring you more like it in the near future!

Supergirl, Young Animal, and ResurreXion | Comic Book Podcast Issue #257  

This week, the Talking Comics crew talks comics (obviously), but also pops over to the TV side to talk Supergirl on the CW!!! Steve and Bob leads the conversation on the (positive) changes to the show, including its new stable of characters and emotional core. Staying on the TV side, Joey talks about the devastating Walking Dead Season 7 premiere. (#RIP[SPOILERS]).

Star Wars and Comics, Comics, Comics | Comic Book Podcast Issue #256  

This week, the gang talks comics upon comics upon comics upon comics forever!!! Steve's out rockin' out with FAILURE, so it's just the trio of Mara, Bob, and Joey chillaxin' all cool in the studio. Topics this week range from Rogue One trailer thoughts and Star Wars comics to the longevity of DC Rebirth to the consequences of the Civil War II delays on some of the Marvel NOW! launches. Also, Wonder Woman. Obviously.

NYCC 2016 Highlights | Comic Book Podcast Issue #255  

This week, the gang recounts all their New York Comic-Con escapades and adventures!!! From Mara's mega awesome Star Wars panel to Bob's favorite encounters down Artist Alley to Steve's non-stop tour of pretty much every single thing that happened, the Talking Comics crew has got NYCC on the brain. Even Joey (who missed the actual convention this year, despite literally living within swimming distance of Manhattan...) gets in on the fun and recounts the epic super amazing Talking Comics meet-up that happened Saturday night!!!

LUKE CAGE, Origin Stories, and DOOMED! | Comic Book Podcast Issue #254  

This week, the Talking Comics crew welcomes Marty Langford back to the podcast for an update on his upcoming documentary, DOOMED! The Untold Story of Roger Corman's THE FANTASTIC FOUR. Bob leads the lively conversation through the World's Greatest Unreleased Cult Film!!! DOOMED! will be released VOD on 10/11/2016 and on DVD 12/20/2016!!!

DC's Monster Men and Marvel's Civil War II | Comic Book Podcast Issue #253  

It's all comics all the time in this week's episode of Talking Comics!!! Mara and Steve break down the first two parts of "NIGHT OF THE MONSTER MEN" (the first crossover of the Rebirth era), Joey gets real about the current state of Marvel's CIVIL WAR II event, and Steve reaches back into the archives for Jill Thompson's classic Scary Godmother.

Doom Patrol, Ghosts, and (She-)HULK | Comic Book Podcast Issue #252  

This week, the Talking Comics crew gets right down to it with some of the most dazzling books from last week, including the tragic Detective Comics #940 and DOOM PATROL #1, the debut series for DC's new Young Animals imprint. Also, Steve and Joey talk at length about Raina Telgemeier's latest graphic novel, Ghosts.

"We're gonna MARCH." | Comic Book Podcast Issue #251  

"To the past and future children of the movement" The Talking Comics crew delves deep into the critically-acclaimed graphic novel trilogy, MARCH, by Congressman John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and artist Nate Powell. The three-volume collection captures the vital, complex history of the Civil Rights Movement from the Lewis' perspective on-the-ground at the time. Brilliantly executed and authentic, MARCH stimulates an emotional, evocative conversation from the crew. Also, Mara and Bob rave about the latest issue of Paper Girls, Steve gets dazzled by Glitterbomb #1, and Joey tries to navigate the quagmire that is Alters #1.

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