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Power Man & Iron Fist Finale and Godshaper #1 | Comic Book Podcast Issue #282  

This week, the boys are joined by a very special guest: Melissa Megan, aka host of the Sirens of Scream podcast, co-host of the Top Shelf book club, editor-in-chief of Mega Nerd Media, and sometimes-contributor to Talking Comics!!! After catching up with the uber-awesome Melissa for a bit, the gang gets down and dirty with some of the biggest comics from the last few weeks, including (but not limited to) Wonder Woman, The Unstoppable Wasp, Harrow County, My Little Pony: Legends of Magic, and Moonshine. Also, Bob and Joey say goodbye to Power Man & Iron Fist and the whole crew says hello to Godshaper, a new series from BOOM! Studios!!!

Indie Comics Galore and the Thor: Ragnarok Trailer | Comic Book Podcast Issue #281  

The Bifrost has opened and the gods have rained down the first teaser for THOR: RAGNAROK unto us... and just in time for this week's show!!! The gang shows their "apprethiation" for the trailer footage, remarking on the new characters, the new look, the new vibe for our Asgardian hero(es?). Also, it's independent comics galore as Steve, Bob, and Joey take a deep dive into a gaggle of comics from IDW, Titan, and Image (BLACK CLOUD #1!!! Paper Girls #13!!!), as well as several graphic novels, including Nameless City and Newsprints.

On Marvel Comics and the Market; On DC Films and Batgirl | Comic Book Podcast Issue #280  

This week, the gang dives deep into two of the biggest comics-related news stories of the week: the now-infamous comments from some Marvel execs on diversity, creative teams, and events and the blockbuster announcement that Joss Whedon would be directing and writing an upcoming Batgirl film. Words are exchanged, thoughts are shared, and the conversation gets critical. (~1:45:30) But before all that, Bob, Steve, and Joey talk some of the best comic books from last week's stands, including the grand finales to Mark Waid and Chris Samnee's run on Black Widow, Dennis Hopeless' Spider-Woman, and James Tynion IV and Rian Sygh's Backstagers. Check it!

That Supergirl/Flash Musical Episode and Listener Questions!!! | Comic Book Podcast Issue #279  

Issue #279: That Supergirl/Flash Musical Episode and Listener Questions! Download Directly From iTunes Remember that time Supergirl and The Flash teamed up for a musical? Well, the Talking Comics crew does and they talk at length about the latest superhero crossover in the CW-DC-TV-verse (?). Also, lots of comics talk, including thoughts on brand new issues of Hulk, Spider-Gwen, Action Comics, Wonder Woman, and Batgirl, as well as debuting series like Iron Fist and Helena Crash. Throughout the episode, Bob, Steve, and Joey answer as many listener questions as possible, too!!! READCOMICS

Issue #278: GIANT-SIZED EDITION: Iron Fist, PWakaH, and Rian Sygh  

SPECIAL GIANT-SIZED ISSUE!!! Steve is in the Captain's Chair!!! The Talking Comics crew sits down with Rian Sygh, one of 2016's break-out artists who is currently wrapping up Backstagers with James Tynion IV for BOOM! Studios. Rian and the crew talk comics (obvi), influences, anime, manga, Zelda, and upcoming projects. Also, Steve and Joey share their thoughts on the latest addition to the Netflix Marvel Universe, IRON FIST, which dropped last weekend. 'Nuff said... Also also, Bob regales the gang with his adventures during the returning ICON 2017!!! And, of course, tons of talk about last week's comics, including some tear-jerking scenes in Ms. Marvel and Patsy Walker, AKA Hellcat!

Superman Reborn, Wonder Woman Trailer, and Mara's Goodbye | Comic Book Podcast Issue #277  

The gang gathers to discuss the week in comics, including Gotham Academy, Action Comics, All-New Wolverine, Squirrel Girl, Grass Kingdom, and more. We hash out our apprehensions and excited feelings over the second Wonder Woman trailer released and talk some important Thor 3 news. Finally, Mara says goodbye as Steve prepares to take the reigns and lead the Talking Comics crew into a new era!

America, Royal City, and LOGAN | Comic Book Podcast Issue #276  

The gang's all here and dives deep into some really dynamic, really exciting new comics!!! Talking points on this week's Talking Comics include (but are not limited to): The punching-stars-in-the-multiverse former-young-avenger America Chavez gets her own ongoing series...How was Gabby Rivera and Joe Quinones' debut issue of America??? Jeff Lemire dropped a new Jeff-Lemire-y book called Royal City... There's been a lot of Arthurian re-imaginings over the last few years, but what if "Arthur" was a chess-playing teenage girl named Rani??? And much comics!!! Also, there was this little movie called LOGAN that hit the cinemas last week. Mara and Joey drop their HOT TAKES on the "end" of the Wolverine film era in this episode!!! READCOMICS

Mighty Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl: Being Super | Comic Book Podcast Issues #275  

This week, the gang is joined by Professor Carolyn Cocca to catch up with the ongoing adventures of some of our favorite superheroines. The crew covers continuing issues in Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur, Mighty Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Wonder Woman , and Supergirl: Being Super. #WhoRunTheWorld? Also, Carolyn and Joey unpack the conclusion to "Nation Under Our Feet" in Black Panther #11 while Mara and Bob dive headlong into Hulk #3. Also, tons of first issues from tons of different publishers make for a long list of comics to talk about this week on Talking Comics!!! READCOMICS

Batwoman: Rebirth and Marvel May Solicits | Comic Book Podcast #274  

Happy After-Presidents-Day!!! The Talking Comics crew has gathered to talk all that's new and exciting in the world of comics. After starting with a digression into falling asleep at the movies and The Lego Batman, Mara, Bob, Steve, and Joey get into it with Batwoman: Rebirth, The Wild Storm, Super Sons, Ultimates2, Spell on Wheels, and the return of Sex Criminals (!!!)!!! Also, the gang talks about the surprises, shocks, and left-field stuff in Marvel's May solicits!!! Spoilers: Like, where the heck is PWAKAH!?!?!??!?!

Steve's Triumphant Return & Graphic Novels Galore | Comic Book Podcast Issue #273  

Steve's back and the gang's all here to talk through TONS of comics!!! This week's selections include, but are not limited to: WONDER WOMAN #16, in which Bilquis Evely takes over on art dutes!!! SUPERWOMAN #7, in which we finally (?) reach the end of the first arc!!! MS. MARVEL #15, in which G. Willow Wilson reminds us why this comic is well-deserving of its Best Series accolades!!! EMPOWERED: SOLDIER OF LOVE #1, in which Bob "fleshes" out our memory on this quirky universe of supraheroes!!! And many more!!! Also, perhaps spurred by Steve's return, Mara, Joey, and Steve all delve into a gaggle of graphic novels to help expand your libraries at home!!! Keep an ear out for discussion on Reindeer Boy, Lucille, Blank Slate, A Land Called Tarot, and ANGEL CATBIRD, Vol. 2!!!

An Interview with Blake Northcott | Comic Book Podcast #272  

This week, the gang sits down with novelist, journalist, and comic book writer Blake Northcott (@ComicBookGrrl) to talk about her role in launching ALL-NEW FATHOM for Aspen Comics. Tune in for some super secret scoops about her other upcoming projects from Chapterhouse comics and perhaps a new novel down the road!!! You can find out more at Also, a relatively light week for comics leads to some interesting conversation about stand-outs like Unstoppable Wasp, Hawkeye, The Walking Dead, and Planetoid Praxis and a quick review of the just-released final trailer for Netflix's IRON FIST. Please be sure to continue sending well wishes and good vibes to co-host Steve Seigh, who is super close to being back at 100% and podcast-ready!!!

Wonder Woman Spin-Offs and Civil War II: THE OATH | Comic Book Podcast Issue #271  

With Steve out on medical (send him good vibes at @dead_anchoress!!!), the gang is joined by Professor Carolyn Cocca to take their weekly deep dive into the world of comics!!! From the final finale epilogue conclusion to Civil War II in "THE OATH" to the several tie-ins/spin-offs to DC's Wonder Woman franchise to new issues of Hulk and Saga, last week was one heck of a week for comics. Topics this week include politics in comics, satirical cannibalism, Riverdale, and obscure Star Wars/Wonder Woman characters. Check it!!! READCOMICS

The Mighty Captain Marvel and Logan Trailer | Comic Book Podcast Issue #270  

Carol Danvers (a Talking Comics favorite) returns in THE MIGHTY CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 from Margaret Stohl and Ramon Rosanas!!! The gang gathers round the podcasting table to discuss the official debut for the new series and checks in on the status of Earth's Mightiest Hero in the aftermath of the divisive Civil War II. Also, Bob talks Batman (!), Mara talks Doctor Aphra (!!), and Joey takes us to the indie-scene for some new number ones from Image and BOOM! (!!!). Also also, a listener question takes the crew down the Saddest Comics Ever rabbit-hole. Get the kleenex ready.

An Interview with the Sejics | Comic Book Podcast #269  

This week, the Talking Comics crew transcends timezones and interview the splendid Stjepan and Linda Sejic!!! In addition to chatting about podcast favorites like Sunstone, Death Vigil, and Bloodstain, the Sejic's talk about the challenges of the comics industry, anime, healthcare, potential collaborations, and their favorite video games!!!

BEST COMICS OF 2016 Awards Spectacular | Comic Book Podcast Issue #268  

It's here--THE BEST OF 2016 AWARDS SPECTACULAR!!! Mara, Bob, Steve, and Joey gather round the (internet) table to deliberate painstakingly over the best in comics from last year. With such an astoundingly diverse and stellar list of nominees, picking a winner ain't easy!!! Tune in and see how it all shakes down!!! Also, the gang discusses the recent press release out of Marvel regarding changes to their digital code policy... 'Nuff said. READCOMICS

Comics Catch-Up and Listener Questions | Comic Book Podcast #267  

Aloha 2017!!! The gang has finally recovered from their EPIC Best of 2016 nomination episodes and are ready and raring to review everything comics from the last few weeks!!! From Kelly Thompson and Leonardo Romero's Hawkeye #1 to the epic (?) conclusion to Marvel's CIVIL WAR II to the surprise Supergirl: Being Super from Mariko Tamaki and Joelle Jones to a slew of stellar independent comics, the last few weeks of 2016 did not go quietly into the night. It's comics galore in this first episode of the new year, so tune in and kick off 2017 right!!! Also, the crew takes a few listener questions and evaluates the future of DC and Marvel in the aftermath of Rebirth and Marvel NOW (again). READCOMICS

The Best Comics of 2016 - Nominations Episode III | Comic Book Podcast Episode #266  

We've reached the end (of TIME)!!! The Talking Comics crew wraps their EPIC NOMINATION MARATHON DISCUSSION of the very best of the best in the world of comic-dom in 2016!!! This episode, the marathon takes a toll as the gang gets punchy while discussing and debating creators and comics in the following categories: BEST WEBCOMIC BEST ARTIST BEST WRITER BEST STORY ARC BEST OVERALL COMIC Also, the crew announces yet another inductee for this Spring's TALKING COMICS HALL OF FAME induction!!! Entering our Vintage Wing will be Siegel & Shuster's Action Comics/Superman, Kane, Finger & Robinson's Detective Comics/Batman, and Marston & Peter's Sensation Comics/Wonder Woman--the trinity of debuts for DC's TRINITY!!! Tune in to learn more!!! Finally, a special thank you to all of our listeners and contributors--we consider you all friends and family and a very special part of this remarkable community we've put together here at Talking Comics. It has been one crazy year in comics, and we're so glad we were able to share it with all of you. Happy holidays and a very healthy and happy New Year to all of you!!!

The Best Comics of 2016 - Nominations Episode II | Comic Book Podcast Issue #265  

The nominations keep rolling along!!! The Talking Comics crew continues to talk the very best of the best in the world of comic-dom in 2016!!! This episode, things get heated as the gang discusses and debates creators and comics in the following categories: BEST PUBLISHER BEST COVER BEST SINGLE ISSUE or ONE-SHOT BEST MINI- or LIMITED SERIES BEST ONGOING SERIES Also, the crew announces one more inductee for this Spring's TALKING COMICS HALL OF FAME induction: SAGA by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples!!! Tune in to learn more!!!

The Best Comics of 2016 - Nominations Episode I | Comic Book Podcast Issue #264  

It's that time of year again!!! The crew has gathered in the hallowed halls of Talking Comics to talk the very best of the best in the world of comic-dom in 2016!!! This episode, the gang discusses and nominates creators and comics in the following categories: BEST MEDIA ADAPTATION OF A COMICS PROPERTY BREAKTHROUGH WRITER BREAKTHROUGH ARTIST BEST NEW SERIES BEST ORIGINAL GRAPHIC NOVEL. Also, the crew introduces the TALKING COMICS HALL OF FAME, a new concept designed to celebrate and honor those comics works that deserve even more recognition for continued excellence and cultural impact. The first inductee? This year's Special Achievement in Comics recipient, MARCH by Congressman John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell. Tune in to learn more!!!

Ms. Marvel, No Angel, and Baby Groot | Comic Book Podcast Issue #263  

For their last regular show of 2016, the crew dives deep into some very exciting comics, including the moving and bittersweet Ms. Marvel #13, the dynamic writing debut of Adrianne Palicki in No Angel #1, and the promising stories in the DC New Talent Showcase. Also, Mara talks some DC annuals, Joey and Bob get into the collected edition of the horror series Rowan's Ruin, and Steve waxes poetical about a graphic novel about the life of Glenn Gould. And, of course, BABY GROOT!!! If you haven't seen the latest Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 trailer, get on it!!! While the gang won't be recording regular episodes for the next few weeks, keep an eye out for the annual Talking Comics Best of episodes that will be released on the normal schedule!!!

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