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Supergirl, Young Animal, and ResurreXion | Comic Book Podcast Issue #257  

This week, the Talking Comics crew talks comics (obviously), but also pops over to the TV side to talk Supergirl on the CW!!! Steve and Bob leads the conversation on the (positive) changes to the show, including its new stable of characters and emotional core. Staying on the TV side, Joey talks about the devastating Walking Dead Season 7 premiere. (#RIP[SPOILERS]).

Star Wars and Comics, Comics, Comics | Comic Book Podcast Issue #256  

This week, the gang talks comics upon comics upon comics upon comics forever!!! Steve's out rockin' out with FAILURE, so it's just the trio of Mara, Bob, and Joey chillaxin' all cool in the studio. Topics this week range from Rogue One trailer thoughts and Star Wars comics to the longevity of DC Rebirth to the consequences of the Civil War II delays on some of the Marvel NOW! launches. Also, Wonder Woman. Obviously.

NYCC 2016 Highlights | Comic Book Podcast Issue #255  

This week, the gang recounts all their New York Comic-Con escapades and adventures!!! From Mara's mega awesome Star Wars panel to Bob's favorite encounters down Artist Alley to Steve's non-stop tour of pretty much every single thing that happened, the Talking Comics crew has got NYCC on the brain. Even Joey (who missed the actual convention this year, despite literally living within swimming distance of Manhattan...) gets in on the fun and recounts the epic super amazing Talking Comics meet-up that happened Saturday night!!!

LUKE CAGE, Origin Stories, and DOOMED! | Comic Book Podcast Issue #254  

This week, the Talking Comics crew welcomes Marty Langford back to the podcast for an update on his upcoming documentary, DOOMED! The Untold Story of Roger Corman's THE FANTASTIC FOUR. Bob leads the lively conversation through the World's Greatest Unreleased Cult Film!!! DOOMED! will be released VOD on 10/11/2016 and on DVD 12/20/2016!!!

DC's Monster Men and Marvel's Civil War II | Comic Book Podcast Issue #253  

It's all comics all the time in this week's episode of Talking Comics!!! Mara and Steve break down the first two parts of "NIGHT OF THE MONSTER MEN" (the first crossover of the Rebirth era), Joey gets real about the current state of Marvel's CIVIL WAR II event, and Steve reaches back into the archives for Jill Thompson's classic Scary Godmother.

Doom Patrol, Ghosts, and (She-)HULK | Comic Book Podcast Issue #252  

This week, the Talking Comics crew gets right down to it with some of the most dazzling books from last week, including the tragic Detective Comics #940 and DOOM PATROL #1, the debut series for DC's new Young Animals imprint. Also, Steve and Joey talk at length about Raina Telgemeier's latest graphic novel, Ghosts.

"We're gonna MARCH." | Comic Book Podcast Issue #251  

"To the past and future children of the movement" The Talking Comics crew delves deep into the critically-acclaimed graphic novel trilogy, MARCH, by Congressman John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and artist Nate Powell. The three-volume collection captures the vital, complex history of the Civil Rights Movement from the Lewis' perspective on-the-ground at the time. Brilliantly executed and authentic, MARCH stimulates an emotional, evocative conversation from the crew. Also, Mara and Bob rave about the latest issue of Paper Girls, Steve gets dazzled by Glitterbomb #1, and Joey tries to navigate the quagmire that is Alters #1.

Giant-Sized Call-In Anniversary Edition! | Comic Book Podcast Issue #250  

Guests galore as Talking Comics celebrates 250 episodes with a specail over-sized issue!!! Super spectacular listeners, contributors, and patrons of the site call in with questions, comics talk, and salutes to the flagship podcast that started it all!!! The crew talks comics crushes, maligned story lines, tattoos, and She-Hulk. Meanwhile, Bob talks the Start Trek convention in NYC, Mara breaks down the small moments from Civil War II tie-ins Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man, Steve dives headlong into Kim & Kim, and Joey loses his mind over Angel Catbird!!!

Stigma, Shunning, and the Comic Book Fandom | Comic Book Podcast Issue # 249  

The gang gathers to share in Steve's joy as he recounts his recent proposal (congratulations, Steve!). Bob, Mara, and guest Carolyn Cocca spearhead the conversation on shunning in the geek community. We explore why we do it, personal fallacies, and what we could do to be more open with new fans. Fear not, comics are discussed as well, including Joyride, Wonder Woman #5, Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur, and Emma.

Mary Jane Rumors, November Solicits and Runaways  | Comic Book Podcast #248  

This week, the crew digs deep into the November Solicits from DC, Marvel, and Image Comics and considers the rumors surrounding the cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Steve gets real about the just-announced Runaways TV show, Bob chats nerd cruises and Mockingbird, Mara talks up Terry Moore and Echo, and Joey waxes poetical about his inner-theatre nerd with Backstagers.

Skrulls, Squirrels, and Sales Figures | Comic Book Podcast Issue #247  

The Talking Comics crew crunches the numbers (statistics!) and delves into the June marketshare report and the representation of women and people of color on the creative side at Marvel, DC, and Image Comics. Then, Bob, Mara, Steve, and Joey do what they do best and talk tons of comics, including Scott Snyder's passion project, All-Star Batman #1, and Phil Jimenez' dynamic first issue to the new Superwoman series. Also, the crew talks cows, squirrels, skrulls, and much, much more!

Suicide Squad Review | Comic Book Podcast Issue #246  

This week, the Talking Comics crew reviews SUICIDE SQUAD, the latest entry in the DC Extended Universe film franchise. From the cast to the music to the writing to the editing, Mara, Steve, and Joey break down all the good, the bad, and the "meh" of Director/Writer David Ayer's rendition of Task Force X. Also, Bob recaps his super-stellar symposium entitled "Taking the Long Way: The Superheroine's Struggle for Respect."

Special Edition: Dungeons and Dragons Podcast  

Goblins on the road to Phandalin? What is this world coming to! Every Dungeons and Dragons game has to start somewhere and what better place than on the road from Neverwinter! Our merry band of adventures choose their names and leap into action. Where will the campaign take them? Roll a d20 and find out! Time for Adventure! Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast hosted by Bobby Shortle, Jacqui Turner, Brian Verderosa and Bob Reyer from Talking Comics. Go on thrilling and ridiculous adventurers with first time D & D players.

The Power of Marvel's Youth | Comic Book Podcast Issue #245  

The gang gathers to discuss the week's comics, including the new Batgirl series, a return to Wonder Woman's Lies arc, upcoming comic Belzebubs, and Civil War II and it's impact on Captain Marvel and Ms Marvel. The status of Lunella Lafayette as the smartest person in the Marvel Universe is brought up, and we give our stamp of approval on Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. We answer questions regarding the "perfect" comic we've read as well as the characters that are important to the advancement of women, POCs, and LGBTQ characters (hint: many of them are in the Marvel Universe).

San Diego Comic-Con 2016 Recap | Comic Book Podcast  

The Talking Comics crew breaks down the biggest news from San Diego Comic-Con 2016, including the first trailer for WONDER WOMAN!!! Mara, Bob, Steve, and Joey share their thoughts on that Captain Marvel casting, the Eisner Awards, the new DC Animation film The Killing Joke, and the most exciting comics announcements from Marvel and DC. Also, Steve drops some major mind-blowing theories on one of the team's favorite books of the week, Bryan Lee O'Malley and Leslie Hung's Snotgirl #1!!!

New Super-Man Review & Marvel NOW! | Comic Book Podcast Issue #243  

Talking Comics crew takes a deep dive into Civil War II and the upcoming Marvel NOW slate of new comics! Also, a listener e-mail leads to a lengthy conversation on representation, responsibility, and cultural context in regards to Gene Luen Yang's New Super-Man #1 from DC. Mara gushes over Grand Admiral Thrawn, Steve brings up an awesome all-ages graphic novel from Scholastic, Bob has an announcement, and Joey's back behind the mic!!!

The New Iron Man and Diversity in Comics | Comic Book Podcast Issue #242  

The team talks about Marvel's new Iron Man Riri Williams, share positive feelings about the upcoming Captain Marvel team, and examines June's sales numbers. Guest co-host Carolyn Cocca joins Mara, Bob, and Steve to discuss comics, music, and diversity. Need to know what to read? We pile on the recommendations this week from both mainstream and indie companies.

Bitch Planet, Princess Jellyfish, and Marvel Divided | Comic Book Podcast Issue #241  

Standouts like Mockingbird, Human Body Theater, Death Follows, and Zoe Dare vs. the Disasteroid. The crew also takes a second look at Bitch Planet #8 and the importance of transgender representation in comics. We touch on the upcoming Divided We Fall initiative from Marvel and wax poetic about the days when superheroes could be heroes.

Bobby's Farewell and Dark Knight: A True Batman Story | Comic Book Podcast Issue #240  

In honor of Bobby's retirement, the crew spends this week doing what they do best: TALKING COMICS!!! Aside from the stand-out new releases (Wonder Woman!!!), the crew takes a deep dive into two incredibly effecting graphic novels: Rosalie Lightning by Tom Hart and Dark Night: A True Batman Story by Paul Dini & Eduardo Risso. Also, Mara, Bob, Steve, and Joey say goodbye to Bobby while he takes a moment to reflect on 5 years as host of the Talking Comics podcast "Be true to yourself... Be reasonable, Be informed, Be Intelligent, and you will rise so much farther and higher and more quickly than you would if you were just trying to be everybody else." - Bobby

All-Star Superman | Comic Book Podcast Issue #239 | Talking Comics  

Amid all the #REBIRTH relaunches, the Talking Comics crew revisit one of Bobby's favorite Superman stories: Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely's ALL-STAR SUPERMAN!!! Also, Mara squeezes ten books into her lightning round, Steve talks the 1%, Bob gets British, and Joey finally discusses the Tony Awards. Check it!!!

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