Highland Games, Heather and Her Majesty  

Every year on the first Saturday in September, the Scottish village of Braemar hosts one of the most famous Highland gatherings in the world. Take in the sights, sounds (and Scots) of the Braemar Gathering, from kilts and queens to caber tossing.

The Pleasant City of Seville  

In the Spanish city of Sevilla/Seville, you can't turn a corner without finding Cool Stuff -- from exquisite architecture and tasty tapas to Flamenco dancing! Matt and Rachel take you on a virtual tour of the romantic city of Seville.

A Little Bit More o' London  

In the second installment of their "London" series, Rachel and Matt take a lively, lighthearted look at more of London's famous attractions, from theater and the Thames to Trafalgar Square.

A Little Bit O' London  

London is a sprawling, multicultural metropolis that's chock-full of Cool Stuff. So much, in fact, that it can't be contained in just one episode! In this installment, Matt and Rachel introduce you to the United Kingdom's capital city.

I Heart Guanajuato  

Guanajuato is the capital city of the Mexican state of Guanajuato -- and it's also one of Rachel's favorite places on the planet! Take a virtual tour of this charming colonial city and discover why it ranks among The Coolest Stuff on the Planet.

The Migratory Monarchs of Michoacan  

Monarch butterflies may look fragile, but every year, hordes of them fly thousands of miles to special wintering grounds in Mexico. In this episode, meet millions of these ethereal orange-and-black travelers in the butterfly sanctuaries of Michoacan, Mexico.

Johannesburg: City of Gold (and Trees)  

Johannesburg was one of the host cities for the 2010 FIFA World Cup tournament, and has a lot to offer. Matt and Rachel take you on a little jaunt to South Africa to check out Joburg's Cool Stuff.

Masada. Desert Fortress.  

On a clifftop high above the Dead Sea, the Masada fortress seems to tell a tale of paranoia, wealth, resistance, tragedy and triumph. Join Matt and Rachel as they uncover Masada's history, archaeology, legends and cultural significance.

Camel Racing in the Outback  

On July 12, the strange and popular sport of camel racing in Australia’s outback is on display. Get a front row seat at one of Australia's most famous camel racing events -- the Camel Cup -- in this episode.

Patagonia 2: Land of Fire!  

In this action-packed sequel, Rachel and Matt show you more of Patagonia's Cool Stuff, from lakes and llama-like creatures to Tierra del Fuego, the Land of Fire.

Patagonia: The Adventurer's Paradise  

Renowned for both its beauty and its inaccessibility, Patagonia is a land of contrasts -- it contains fjords, glacial lakes, rainforests and much more. Listen in as Rachel and Matt give you a closer look at this amazing and unique region.

Stonehenge Rocks!  

The Summer Solstice (June 21) is a big day for Stonehenge, arguably the most famous stone circle in the world. Find out why this prehistoric monument rocks -- in more ways than one --in this episode.

Taking a Hike to the Giant's Causeway  

In this episode, Matt and Rachel explore the history and formation of the Giant's Causeway, a large series of basalt columns that stretches along the coast of Northern Ireland and into the sea. Tune in and get a closer look.

Summer Festivals  

So what do Meatopia, Outside Lands and Artown have in common? They are all large multi-day festivals being held in the U.S. over the summer. In this encore episode, Kathryn and Sarah explore these and other festivals – including a festival that’s been around since 1897.

The Mind-Boggling Monasteries of the Meteora  

Perched precariously atop high rock towers, the monasteries of the Meteora in Greece inspire vertigo -- and awe. How did they construct buildings waaay up there? What in the world possessed them to do so?

6 Cool Facts about Route 66  

With Memorial Day coming up on Monday, we celebrate the official beginning of summer a drive down route 66. Route 66 is one of North America's most iconic roads. Join Rachel and Kathryn as they delve into the story of Route 66, presenting 6 fascinating facts about this uniquely American roadway.

Subterranean Adventures in the Southwest!  

Carlsbad Cavern is a labyrinthine, underground wonderland full of massive cave chambers, otherworldly rock formations and hordes of bats. Rachel and Matt take you on a tour of New Mexico's subterranean Cool Stuff in this episode.

Rock Climbing in the Gorge of Verdon  

Located in Provence, France, this river canyon is the second-largest gorge in the world. With numerous trails and routes, the gorge offers an unparalleled experience for everyone from professional climbers to weekend enthusiasts. Tune in and learn more.

Cool Stuff You Should Know about Lake Atitlan  

In this episode, Rachel and Matt take you on a tour of Guatemala's beautiful Lake Atitlan, courtesy of the guys from the "Stuff You Should Know" podcast and an organization called Cooperative for Education.

Costa Rica and the Invasion of the Sea Turtles  

On the beaches of Costa Rica, Olive Ridley sea turtles perform mysterious, synchronized reproductive rites called "arribadas." Learn more about this mass nesting behavior -- and where in Costa Rica you can watch it unfold-- in this episode.

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