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Episode 201: The Seven Gun And Knife People You’ll Meet In Heaven  

Chris, Tom and Tom discuss Artifact, the Dota 2 International, Hellblade, Shadow Tactics, The Shrouded Isle, Lawbreakers and more. Please note: we discuss the recent Hellblade debate, including some mechanical spoilers, from around the 28 minute mark to the 49 minute mark. After that, there’s a less-potentially-spoilery chat about the game itself. Here’s the announcement [...]

Episode 200: You Think I’m A Lake, But I’m Just A Bunch More Sand  

Pip, Chris, Tom and Tom celebrate 200 episodes the only way they know how: by doing another episode. Featuring The Long Dark, Tacoma, ducks, rum and time. Plus: looking forward to Guild Wars 2’s next expansion, the future of esports and VR and dancing and stuff as experienced at ChinaJoy, hastily abandoned segue ambitions, meditations [...]

Episode 199: The Sum of Everything is Quern  

Two Toms and a Pip gather to discuss the death of everything, Unity’s rep, Pyre, Walden, and QUERN. Also, mad clunking noises! We had to recordĀ on a table with the old mic this week, so apologies for the dip in sound quality. Normal services will resume shortly. Show notes: Contrary to what we thought on [...]

Episode 198: Crying On The Shoulder Of A Ryan  

Chris and Tom S are joined by PC Gamer editor-in-chief Samuel Roberts to discuss The Sexy Brutale, GTA Online and open world co-op. Then, suddenly, Pip! Plus: CBeebies on fire near the Sennheiser Gate, pulling out of Everything, old Dota grudges, the mysteries of the Sweaty Brutale, and an encounter with Kelvin in The David [...]

Episode 197: Turd Act Plort Twist  

Pip, Tom and Chris discuss VR, Hollow Knight, Slime Rancher, a little PUBG, esports, whether or not we should have more wine, and puns. Plus: quadges from quadges, bodily censure, the 7/10 fallacy, and loads more. Be summoned by the hot takes bell, be repelled by the heady tang of fresh plort. when you go [...]

Episode 196: Ten Thousand Agility To France  

Chris, Tom F and John R discuss Tyranny, Zombie Night Terror, Diablo III, Everspace, and so on. Also: a fate worse than Bejewelled Infinite, things gravity can’t do, and a briefcase full of snakes. New Overwatch man, Doomfist. Evil Genius 2 is being worked on by Rebellion. The first one was made by Elixir. John’s [...]

Episode 195: Adjusted Columbo’s Rubberbanding Radius  

Chris, Tom, Tom and secret Pip discuss Steam sales, Diablo III’s Necromancer, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and more. Plus: meditations on the question of review-bombing, how the radishes are doing, assorted crime, and an extended discussion of Poirot for some reason. Looks like meat’s back on the prix fixe, boys. Diablo III got its Necromancer this week. [...]

Episode 194: If All You Have Is A Bone Store, Every Problem Looks Like An Ossuary  

Pip, Tom, Chris and Tom discuss mod drama, patch note etiquette, Dead Cells, Tekken 7, Nex Machina, and Dota 2’s co-op update. Plus: mangled metaphor, the worst names for things, time management, allergies, and more. Apologies for the dip in sound quality this episode: as we explain at the beginning, Britain’s heat wave rendered our [...]

Episode 193: So Much For The Tolerant Elf  

Tom, Chris and Tom talk their way through a gigantic pile of E3 announcements, including expansions for Dishonored 2 and XCOM 2, Shadow of War, and assorted pirates. Plus loads more: see the show notes below for a full list of games and their associated trailers. Far Cry 5: footage and a very silly picture [...]

Episode 192: Ludomancers of Batman City  

Chris, Tom F and Alex discuss the future of XCOM 2, the history of Andromeda, Worlds Adrift, Dead Cells, Dawn of War III, Battlegrounds, and more. Plus: methods of movement, the Warcraft movie, micro but perhaps too much, secret pantalons. Here’s the teaser image for Firaxis’ to-be-announced XCOM 2 thing. Kotaku’s article about Mass Effect: [...]

Episode 191: Flamingos’ Uranium Legs  

Chris, Pip and the Toms cannot resist chiming in on Far Cry 5 one last time, but move swiftly on to Tom S’s impressions of Destiny 2 on PC, Tom F’s of Caveblazers and Legacy of the Void, and Chris and Pip’s differing feelings on the much-changed Dota 2. We hadn’t seen the actual trailer [...]

Prey: A Lock-In at The Crate and Crowbar  

Just in time for the weekend! Chris, Tom F and John R discuss the successes and failings of Arkane’s beautifully-designed sci-fi horror being-a-cup simulator. Needless to say, this one-off special episode is completely rammed with spoilers from the outset. If you haven’t played Prey all the way through to the end – and past the [...]

Episode 190: You Can Extrude A Beard  

Chris, Tom F and Tokyo 42 creators Sean and Maciek discuss Tokyo 42, game secrets, Far Cry 5, Offworld Trading Company, Forts, Edith Finch and loads more. As is said at the beginning of this episode, we hit our first serious technical problems while recording this week. As such there are a few gaps and [...]

Episode 189: And You Can Have The Hated Holiday Elf  

Chris, Tom F, Pip and a deck of Lego cards discuss Hanano, puzzle game design, Endless Space 2, pre-pre-E3 news, and more. Plus: a bumper helping of grudges, Chris’ flimsy manifesto, the fallacy of rock-paper-scissors, the duality of Linux as both man and penguin. In which Ubisoft announce a series of logos, some of which [...]

Episode 188: West, Aft, South And Down  

Chris, Tom F, Tom S, and bonus Pip discuss Prey! Lots of Prey. Lots o’ Prey. Also: Risk of Rain, Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry rumours, gimbal lock, and fascinating regional WASD. Give that toaster an extension cable. Hopoo Games’ Risk of Rain 2 translates a 2D roguelike to all three dimensions. Assassin’s Creed: Origins. [...]

Episode 187: The Contenxt of Bundvr Chegg  

Chris, Tom F, Alex and a modicum of Pip discuss Prey, Exo One, Dawn of War III, and What Remains of Edith Finch. Two hours of actual podcast: one bonus hour that we will never speak of again. Also: increasingly poor startup pitches, missing swans, goblins, pro StarCraft, walking simulator naming conventions, too much rum, [...]

Episode 186: Big Crab Claw, Little Crab Claw, Cardboard Box  

Chris, Tom S and Tom F discuss Phoenix Point, Vanquish, N++, The Signal From Tolva, Elite Dangerous and more. Then: a wild Pip appears? Plus: Destiny on PC! Dice in the wrong places! Penguins! Games on laptops! Plugs! Lambrini! Buckets! Ending! Every! Word! With! An! Exclamation! Mark! Phoenix Point is Julian Gollop’s new game, or [...]

Episode 185: In The Passion Pond At Red Tide  

Chris, Tom, Pip and returning guest Tim Wicksteed discuss Megaquarium, Golf For Workgroups, Battlefront 2 and much more. Plus: returning to Hearthstone, a little Dota 2, Unexplored, Loot Rascals, Hackmud, and your questions. Tim’s game is Megaquarium. It’s about a mega aquarium. His previous game was Big Pharma. It’s not about a big farmer. Behond [...]

Episode 184: RANK0 The Robert  

Chris and a full complement of Toms discuss new developments in Overwatch and Minecraft as well as Bayonetta, The Signal From Tolva, and a little bit of Mass Effect: Andromeda. Plus: stealin’ guys, the death of Eggman, moon resistance, poor broccoli timing, robot road manners, game dreams, the Andromeda question, and rum. And wine. Tom’s [...]

Episode 183: Dogs Have No Answer  

Live at Rezzed 2017! Pip, Chris and Graham talk about the games they’ve seen and played at the show and then field questions from REAL PEOPLE. There are some audio issues with this episode due to the unavoidable consequences of trying to get three allegedly-competent people to speak to both each other and a handheld [...]

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