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The Cult Of Nick is more than just a podcast ... it's a podcast with a silly name. The podcast from former Kerrang! & LBC Radio presenter Nick Margerrison. Highlights include astronaut Edgar Mitchell, uber conspiracy theorist David Icke, and former MI5 spook David Shayler - all in the archive. New uploads every Tuesday. Podcast notes:


168 - Chaos magick and Festival 23 with Dave Lee and Twitchy Spleen  

Fresh from the excitement of Festival 23 the world's favourite least sinister cult on the internet dives right into an impenetrable chat about magic and Eris. Also we have Twitchy Spleen from the now legendary band GIBLET and clips from their awesome work "Holding The Egg'. Smear the podcast all over the internet like some sort of smelly steaming truth nugget. We're recruiting new members at the moment, having an actual audience for this is turning into fun. And don't forget to congratulate our excellent guests via their social media: @dleeahp - Dave Lee. @twitchey_spleen - Twitchy Spleen of GIBLET NM

167 - Dr Penny Sartori on Near Death Experiences  

Our guest this time round is described on her website thus: "Dr Penny Sartori worked as a nurse in a British hospital for 21 years, 17 of those being in Intensive Care. She is highly experienced and skilled in her role as an intensive care staff nurse; and has conducted unique and extensive research into the near-death experiences (NDEs) of her patients. In 2005 she was awarded a PhD for her research into NDEs. Dr Sartori’s work has received worldwide attention and media coverage. She has spoken at many conferences both nationally and internationally and her work has received the attention of HRH Prince Charles." I'm sure you'll agree, she was a great speaker. Her book is well worth a look, it works as a beginner's guide but then goes quite in depth. A little like this chat... Post your thoughts in the comments section of or tweet me on @nickmargerrison You can find Dr Sartori on @DRPENNYSARTORI Do share this particular episode far and wide. We're looking at a nice healthy listener ship currently. Dr Penny Sartori's work is featured in more detail here.

166 - Dr Powell's experiments in telepathy  

An excellent chat about telepathy. Worth looking down the time line of this podcast for the episode where I speak with Dr Sheldrake on this topic if you're new to the show. Dr Powell's website is here: Astounding work from The Cult's listeners in pushing the audience up. Our downloads are at a nice healthy 5,000 per episode. Keep recruiting new members, post it up on forums and websites around the globe. The article I mention is here: The excellent music you can hear is here: Also I will be doing a talk at Festival 23 Go see - get tickets and say hello!

165 - Free Speech with Claire Fox  

Long term Cult listeners will be aware of my obsession with the idea of free speech around the turn of 2013-2014. I loved Claire's book "I find that offensive", the focus of this interview. Please spread the word that the podcast has returned! Invite a mate to join the internet's least sinister cult of Discord! Here's Claire's bio: Claire Fox is the director of the Institute of Ideas, which she established to create a public space where ideas can be contested without constraint. She has a particular interest in education and social issues such as crime and mental health. Claire is a panellist on BBC Radio 4’s The Moral Maze and is regularly invited to comment on developments in culture, education and the media on TV and radio programmes such as Question Time and Any Questions? She is also a columnist for TES (Times Education Supplement) and MJ (Municipal Journal). Claire is an Executive Board member of the Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction (IRDR), UCL, and a Fellow of Wellington College. The Institute Of Ideas:

164 - Ashley Mortimer of The Doreen Valiente Foundation.  

The Cult Of Nick relaunches with an awesome interview featuring Ashley Mortimer of The Doreen Valiente Foundation. There's a few words at the end about cult founder Mr Margerrison's bumbling from one talk station to another, which put the podcast on a slight hiatus for a while. In that period, weirdly, the audience has grown some more, looking at approximately 5,000 listeners (per podcast) these days. The Discordian tribe is expanding! NM

163 - A blogger from Paris and Robbie Graham, the writer of Silver Screen Saucers  

Catherine Michelle O'Leary, the blogger I speak to, blogs here: The Neil Wallis podcast I mention is here: Robbie Graham joins us, his site is here: Music from The Decadent Marsupials and Quisling Meet.

162 - Gabriel D Roberts, The Hermit. Plus random thoughts about initiation.  

Gabrielle D Roberts gives us some thoughts on spiritual enlightenment. This triggers some conversation in the latter part of the podcast about initiation and enlightenment in general. And a few thoughts about Mars. The Cult Of Nick has finally moved to Talk2MeRadio - this means you can now subscribe to it via ACAST.

161 - Stranger Than We Can Imagine with John Higgs  

Music by the legendary @quislingmeet


C.O.N favourite John Higgs goes through his latest work, "Stranger than we can imagine, making sense of the 20th Century".



160 - Festival 23 and the future of The C.O.N  

The Festival 23 website is up and running, here:


I tweet here:


The show's website is here:


Music by Quisling Meet.



159 - A short introduction to The Archons  

The wonderful Runesoup iz here:


Welcome to new listeners, you're late. We've been doing this for ages now. Want to join? You need to listen to every single podcast. You won't get it if you don't do that. It'll just be noise.


The wonderful music in the background is from an excellent pop act:


They are available for live gigs etc. Why not book them to spice up your next corporate event?


Speaking of which, it does appear that this podcast is now on the verge of earning money without "selling out". Cult members will be able to imagine how exciting this is. New listeners will not. But they might get an idea if they download the whole lot and join...



158 - Fellow Discordian: The Right Reverend Ryan Richards Redacted  

A fun interview with The Right Reverend Ryan Richards [REDACTED]. We wander around the world of Discordia chatting about Pope Bob and the various projects this celebrated Erisian is manifesting. Further information here:


The podcast has almost "pod faded" in recent times. This is ironic because I am working on a project which will be focused on podcasting. Stick with me, cult member, the dawn broke a few months ago and a glorious podcasting sunrise is on its way.


Music from The Decadent Marsupials:

And the legendary Quisling Meet:



157 - Andrew Johnson from 'Check the evidence'  

Andrew Johnson from


As cult members will be aware - my work levels are through the roof at the moment. The podcast is now one week behind schedule. We shall catch up but the schedule on uploads is going to get a bit freaky for a while I think.

This was uploaded by my mobile phone. The picture we mentioned will follow tomorrow.


Here's a clip of the TV show:



155 - Peter Robbins UFO expert and experiencer on Rendlesham Forest  

Peter Robbins' Facebook page is here, follow him for more of his work:


Music from The Decadent Marsupials:

And the legendary Quisling Meet:


Our facebook page is here:

My Twitter is here:



154 - Ducks with guns  

An archive show featuring interviews with:


Rob Simone's work is here:


Gary Heseltine is here:


Richard Holland: Paranormal Magazine wikipedia here


A debate about evolution featuring religious preacher Kerrigan Skelly ( his YouTube here: ) and physicist Simon Singh ( his website here: )


A random caller from my Hallam FM period pops up. It's from her call that this week's podcast gets its title.


Music from The Quisling Meet and The City of Lancaster's infamous Decedant Marsupials:



153 - The Satanic Sluts  

I reference this, well worth watching in full, GK Chesterton:


The Satanic Sluts don't seem to update their site anymore:


Commercial music used for review purposes only.


Uncommercial music provided for your entertainment by both The Decadent Marsupials ( their stuff here ) and the wandering genius that is Quisling Meet / Zero Friends Recordings




Onward to the eschaton folks!


Hail Eris!


All Hail Discordia!

152 - Expand your mind with Stewart and Janet Swerdlow  

Stewart and Janet Swerdlow's awesome all purpose conspiracy website is here:


Russelout Brand speaks tosh here:


The rant I include was posted on this website


The music this week comes from here:


Been a bit late with this podcast, my aim is to release another tomorrow.



151 - Chaos Magician Dave Lee and musician Avital Raz  



Dave Lee's blog is here:

And his website is here:

And he tweets here:


Avital Raz's website is here:

And the video to her song "Edinburgh Surprise" is here:


Nick Margerrison

Music by Decedent Marsupials -

150 - Psychic Soldier Exclusive!  

A breakthrough podcast featuring Psychic Soldier Sarah Adams, her facebook here:




This is Tabitha-Browne


Here's the Heseltine article:


Music by The Decedant Masupials:


"There is no piece of music that is not slightly elevated by a fart noise as its puncuation point."


The Honest Book of E.Discordia Chapter 23


Hail Eris!

All Hail Discordia!



149 - The Godfather of British Comics. Pat Mills  

Pat Mills is on Wikipedia here:


He mentions this book, here, The Cosmic Pulse of Life:


If you're new to Pat Mills's work a great place to start is the relatively recent Slaine - Books Of Invasions:


Here's the video I mention in the little rant at the end:


The rant was initially posted on my audioboo here:


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