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The Daily Boost: Best Daily Motivation | Life | Ca


Need Motivation? The best daily motivation is The Daily Boost! Find out what makes you happy! Reduce your stress! Get inspired! Master life skills like lifestyle design, balance, communication, career advancement and enjoy more success. The Daily Boost is the world's most popular daily motivation program. Scott Smith delivers a unique, straight talking, real, very funny, and extreamly effective strategies that will give you amazing results! The Daily Boost has been iTunes top ranked self-help program since 2004 – give it a listen and find out why so many people around the world make The Daily Boost part their day... every day. (More podcasts at


Everything's Impossible Until...  

Do you sometimes feel as if you are so close to achieving your goal that you can taste it? Are 3 feet from gold? A few year's back the book "3 Feet From Gold" hit the shelves. Since then many people have mistaken its meaning as, "If I keep digging I'll get there." Probably not. The book follows Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich principles. It also included the success formula; (P+T) x A x A=Success. Combine your Passion with your Talent. Develop your Associations with others who can help. Apply Massive Imperfect Action. Your success is assured. Everything is impossible until it becomes real.

Personal Brinksmanship  

Brinksmanship. It's the art or practice of pursuing a policy to the limits of safety before stopping. Are you a Brinksman? If you want to get what you want in life, you will need to push the envelope to the limits. That requires brinksmanship. Brinksmanship applies in business and politics. It makes all parties uncomfortable. Only one party will understand the process. The other will feel threatened. If you want something, it's very likely somebody or something will stand in your way. Convince them that you will follow through on your promise to succeed no matter what. They will get out of your way. Brinksmanship takes strategy and courage. Decide what you want. Stick to your plan. Hold onto your courage. Enjoy your success.

Stop The Insanity  

In your entire life, has anybody ever said to you, "it's good to be a quitter?" Consider today, the day you received some excellent advice. Being a good quitter isn't an excuse. It should never be an option for making things easier. It's a wise choice when your progress has you going around in circles or stopped. When your inner-voice begins to sound the warning, listen. There's no need to wait for the inevitable. Trust yourself and move on as soon as possible. I see a very good nights sleep in your future!

Anticipation Engine  

How would you like automatic motivation for the rest of your life? From the time you were very young, there have been events that you couldn't wait to arrive. Christmas, birthdays, weddings, vacations, job interviews among them. The anticipation is magical and very motivating. How would you like to harness that "Anticipation Engine?" How would you like a steady stream and never-ending exciting life moments? Here's how: 1) Choose one of your Bucket List items and decided to make it happen. Don’t be picky. Start now. 2) As you begin to move, your anticipation will grow. Use that feeling to drive your actions. 3) After your reach, your goal, decide on your next project and begin right away. Repeat forever. The goal is to create a life-long series of events. Use them to drive anticipation, and you will always live and exciting life.

Catalyst For Success  

I love to say, "Life Begins When You Move" and "Stand up, take a step, repeat." But how much energy do you need to get started? I bet it's less than you think. In chemical engineering, a catalyst makes a reaction happen more quickly. You need a Personal Development Catalyst - and excitement is the key ingredient. When you're excited about one thing, everything else gets easier. With excitement, thresholds lower, focus shifts, and forward momentum begins. How do you apply this? Don't worry about HOW. That will take care of itself. Get excited about your dreams and follow the path that appears in front of you.

Four Words That Keep The Focus on You  

Communicating with others is a required skill for staying focused on your goals. Next time somebody attempts to pull you off course... Simply say “Yes, and..." to their request. Doing so will allow you to maintain momentum and not sound negative. It also puts you in control. One of my favorites, “Yes, I would love to help, next week would be better for me." Answering “Sounds Great” is another choice. It puts you in agreement with no real commitment. That allows you to keep the door open for the future. And remember, the best response is often no response. It's a great way to keep their monkey off of your back. Stay focused. It’s how you get what you want.

What Label Do You Wear?  

Don't label me! I can't tell you how many people say that to me. One problem. I'm not doing the labeling. You can change the entire direction of your life by changing the how you present to others. It's a skill you must master - unless you prefer other people define who you are. Call it positioning, posturing, personal branding, human nature. Folks want to categorize everything - even people. You’ve heard it before; he’s a good guy, she’s friendly, he’s a hard worker, she’s a great Mom. Do you know who you are? Do you know how you want others to see you? What label are you putting on yourself today?

Law of Attraction Exposed  

I've always believed that we should re-name the Law of Attraction; the Law of What You Think About Most. Like attracts like. What you think about will become real. Period. If you are always saying, "I won't get something because I never do," you're right. You won't. If you always dream of a new life while focusing on your current problem, you'll get more of those problems. You get what you focus on most. Worse, you might not be aware where you are placing your attention. Be careful where you focus today - then follow up with massive imperfect action until you get what you want.

Runway For Success  

As you head into the second half of the year, I wonder if you've given yourself enough runway? Reaching your goals means knowing exactly where you want to go. It's also flexible when the winds blow you off course. There's one more thing. Succeeding in any mission requires momentum before take off. In other words, before you pour on the gas, do you have enough time to build the speed you need? Your success journey is no different than a pilot at the controls at the end of the runway. You're going to need both time and power for a successful launch.

Don't Be The Resistance  

There's a trend that is teaching folks to resist what they don't like. They say, "Be the resistance!" But isn't that the exact opposite of how the world works? You may have heard, "What you resist persists." Maybe you have experienced it's power first hand. I guarantee that you will get MORE of what you DON'T want. All you have to do is continue to focus your attention on what you DON'T want. It's common sense. If you spend your time focused on anything, even bad stuff, it must be pretty important to you. You're going to get more. The solution is switching your focus and thoughts to what you want to bring into your life - exclusively. Start today. It gets easier with practice.

How To Be Nicer To Yourself  

On a couple of Monday's a month we hold a Click Coaching. Folks from all over the world allow me to mentor them. On our last call, Jenifer had a question. "I tend to be hard on myself, and I'm not sure how to get out of the habit. I'm flexible and easy going, but when it comes to myself, I don't give myself a break. Do you have any insight?" Yes, and it's more common than you think. The trick is to catch yourself being hard on yourself at the moment it happens. Then, interrupt the pattern by saying something like, "This is NOT me! I treat myself like I treat everybody else," and begin acting that way. You must interrupt the pattern and immediately replace it. Otherwise, the behavior will continue. On the other hand, if you do, I promise it won't take long before you find yourself being nicer - to yourself.

How to Get What You Want in Life  

Have you ever started your day reflecting on the people who made an impact in your life? People often ask who my mentors have been over the years and the lessons learned. It's always an easy answer. When I was 25 years old, my friend Larry, a successful business person gave me the gift of his mentorship and his well-worn copy of Zig Ziglar's "See You at The Top." As I dug into the 12-cassette program, there was one lesson that has guided my life to this day. "You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” Not a day goes by that I don't live by that mantra - just like Larry did so long ago. Life is good - even on a Monday.

What One Thing Would Change Everything  

A few days ago I realized that it had been 17 years since I quit my last full-time job. I also started loving Monday's again. Then, out of nowhere, I remembered a question I asked myself all those years ago that propelled me forward. "What if I blew off everything that I thought I needed to do today. Instead, I performed the one activity that would grow my business, career, happiness, or prosperity. What would you do?" Now it's your turn. What would you do? Don't tell me everything is important. That's not true. Most everything is filler. So, what is important? Of course, it's anything that will your grow your business, career, happiness, or prosperity. Whoa - I can almost hear the gears in your mind churning from here!

If You're Selfish and You Know It Clap Your Hands  

I received an email asking, "I know I need to work on myself, but I'm feeling selfish." That calls for a dose of ScottLOGIC. Making your life better requires YOU to be responsible for YOU. You must be selfish. In only best ways. If you selfishly know what makes you happy, you probably make others happy too. Be selfish enough to know what you to best and stick to it. You will rock your career and bank balance into the stratosphere. Plus, you'll be helping a lot of folks along the way. When you're selfish enough to take care of yourself, you can take care of others - and be sexxxxxy. Be selfish enough to know yourself before mixing it up with others. You'll be the best partner ever. Be selfish enough to know what you believe. Everybody loves somebody with a depth of belief. You selfishly took your first breath in life and will let out the last. Why not be control between to two, as well?

Knowing Your Success Numbers  

My wife and I were watching Shark Tank on television and simultaneously gasped when an entrepreneur didn't know their numbers. Joi said, "Oh no! Mr. Wonderful is going to go after her." That started me thinking about the numbers of a successful life. How many books to do read? How many mentors do you have? How many hours a week are you productive? How many times do you go to the gym? How many time do you say, "I love you" to your wife? There are more. How many happy customers, clients, friends, employees, family, friends and kids to you have? How many positive thoughts versus negative do you have on a daily basis? Numbers don't lie. When you know yours, it will be impossible to continue on any path that doesn't make you happy.

Operation Reinvention  

It's a holiday weekend and we're playing with family today.  Show notes will be back tomorrow.

Success Traits  

It's a new week - and that means another opportunity for you to continue your quest for your best life. But, what exactly will it take for you to get what you want? I've had many mentors in my life. All made a point of validating that I possessed three characteristics before working with me. Would you pass the test? Do you have a burning desire to achieve your goal? Are you a coachable person and prepared to accept the wisdom and guidance of others? Do you have the willingness to undertake the effort required to achieve your success? Going it alone and doing things your way will get you started. However, you'll only realize upper levels of success with the help of others. Isn't it time for you to get out there and find a mentor that will help you accelerate your journey?

Summer Projects  

It's the last full week in the U.S. before the unofficial start of summer - Memorial Day Weekend. Have you thought about what your summer project may be? Most folks slow down this time of year. The kids are out of school, temperatures are high, and you've booked your dream vacation. That's all good, but it's also an excellent time for you to move forward. I've always made it a practice to take advantage of slower times to focus on something important. I choose a project that will move me forward in my career. I have to tell you; it feels great to arrive in September WAY ahead of the competition. What's my project? Finishing my long-in-the-works book has top priority. The goal is to complete the manuscript it the end of August. There! I put it out there. So, what will you tackle in the coming months? Thanks to Barkbox for supporting The Daily Boost. For a FREE EXTRA PREMIUM TOY added to your BarkBox every month, visit when you subscribe to a 6 or 12-month plan and then select “Yes, Please!” when asked, “Have a playful pup?”

Tasks vs Goals  

Happy Monday! Since you're starting a new week, you are probably setting a few short-term goals. Are you sure they are a goal? It's easy to get caught up in life and confuse the tasks you need to do with goals - but there is a difference. 1) Goals contain your outcome and why you desire them. 2) Your passion for a goal turns into reality when you begin achieving your list of tasks. 3) If your tasks do not align directly with you goals, you will not reach your goal. That's called a distraction. 4) When you complete your goal aligned tasks, you move closer to your stated outcome. Not all tasks lead to goals, but all goals lead to tasks. Stay focused.

Tasks vs Goals  

Happy Monday! Since you're starting a new week, you are probably setting a few short-term goals. Are you sure they are a goal? It's easy to get caught up in life and confuse the tasks you need to do with goals - but there is a difference. 1) Goals contain your outcome and why you desire them. 2) Your passion for a goal turns into reality when you begin achieving your list of tasks. 3) If your tasks do not align directly with you goals, you will not reach your goal. That's called a distraction. 4) When you complete your goal aligned tasks, you move closer to your stated outcome. Not all tasks lead to goals, but all goals lead to tasks. Stay focused.

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