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The Daily Boost: Best Daily Motivation | Life | Ca


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What's Your Intention  

It's a brand-new week. Can I ask? What's your intention this week? An intention is a driving force for living with passion and on purpose. Knowing your intent will always lead to the outcome you are seeking. Now, your intention does not have to be a 47-page manifesto. In fact, in military terms, it would "The Commanders Intent." You are the Commander of YOU - right? Commanders Intent means that everybody is on the same page. All know what the original plan intended. Life can be a bit of a battle. Your plans will be in a constant state of change. You should always know why you headed down that road in the first place. It will go a long way toward making sure you reach your destination. Know your intention. Be deliberate. Enjoy the ride.

Success Tips From Amazon  

Every year, Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, delivers a letter to his shareholders. It sure sounds a lot like life. Even if you're not in business, focusing on people will keep you honest. Surprise them with something new and exciting. That's how you keep folks around. It's easy to work hard creating a smooth running life and lock yourself into a routine of daily process. Be mindful, not to focus on your process and lose track of the outcome. Don't get stuck in your world. Change is always going to occur. If you don't embrace change, you slip behind. You must be able to make high-quality decisions faster. Remember, there is no one way to make decisions. Most decisions are reversible if you make a mistake. Decide once you have 70% of the information you need. Wait too long, and you'll miss the boat. Interesting reading. Google it.

Reduce Your Decision Universe  

Do you find there are too many decisions you need to make each day? It's time to simplify. You only have so much time, brain energy, and patience. What if your resources went into choosing what the shirt you'll be wearing? What's left for the important stuff? Is it possible that you could have a wardrobe that essentially the same? Steven Jobs did. How about eating the same foods on a rotating basis? One set of meals for this week, one for next. What if you locked in work related systems that never changed? You could get everything done and move on to achieving your dreams and goals. Keep things simple. It makes life much more fun.

The Power of Frustration  

You may have heard me say, "When you get frustrated, it's time to get excited. Something is about to change." Frustration occurs when you stop making progress. Try as you might, you can't get what you want. You give up. You may try again, but you'll stop more quickly if you don't reach your goal. This process is known as Extinction - and it's a good thing. When you are chasing your dreams, anything that doesn't deliver a constant reward will cause you to give up. What's the fix? You must try something new. Success will reinforce the new behavior, IF you let the old behaviors go extinct. Allow the process to happen. Don't hang on to what you know isn't working. That's silly. If you find yourself stoppped in your tracks, seek a new path to get the motivation you need to keep moving.

9 Ways To Relax And Enjoy Life  

A lot is going to happen this week that will attempt to stress you out, pull you off track, and make you question why you do what you do. Here are a few thoughts that will center you in any storm. 1) Acknowledge that all emotions come from within you. 2) Find someone you respect and use them to stay honest. 3) Recognize there is life after failure. 4) Read purposefully, and apply your knowledge. 5) Challenge yourself to be brutally honest. 6) Reflect on what you spend the most time on. 7) Remind yourself; you weren’t meant to procrastinate. 8) Put the phone away and be present. 9) Remind yourself that time for YOU is your most precious resource. I bet you better already!

When a Thought Pops Into Your Head  

A thought popped into your head. What are you going to do? Since we know that you become what you think about most of the time, it might be a good idea process that thought as quickly as possible. Why? Three possible choices have the power to guide your life: 1) You choose to discard the idea and remove it from your thoughts. 2) You immediately make the decision to follow through and turn your idea into reality. 3) You let it linger while you sit on the fence over what you should do. Choosing options one or two places you in control of your destiny. Option three will send you down an unknown path. The choice is yours. Make it a good one.

60 Second Story Telling Formula  

I'm always getting folks asking about using a story to build relationships. Since humans are unique among creatures that walk the earth in how they use story, it's an excellent idea. But there's a problem. If you've ever cornered by someone insisting on telling you their life story - you're going to love this. Here's the formula for telling your story within sixty seconds. 1) Identity. Who are you and what are your motivations? Short and sweet. 2) Struggle. What did you go through while on your journey? Short and sweet. 3) What did you discover along your way? Short and sweet. 4) What was the result? Yes, short and sweet. With a little practice, you can deliver your story in less than sixty seconds. You will also resonate with the person in front of you, and move your relationship to the next level.

Keeping It Real When Chasing Dreams  

I've been noticing a trend in folks who finally figure out what you want to be when you grow up. Let me throw down a couple of truths. 1) Figuring out what you want to do is most of the battle. Be clear about what you want - even if it's only the first step. 2) Never run toward your dreams too quickly. You must take care of your present reality. Balance your old while you move to your new. 3) Unless you are independently wealthy, you are going to need money. Don't give up your day job. 4) Always be willing to do the stuff your running from IF it helps you get to your goal faster. Keep doing it until you don't need it anymore. 5) Never give up. Your goal was important enough to chase so keep pursuing it until you reach it. Otherwise, don't start. Keep it real until your dreams become real.

How Happy People See Life  

Did you know that happy people are regular people that look at the world differently? They don't wear rose colored glasses either. The have a better way: 1) They realize that if you are alive, you will have problems. 2) They accept that dealing with problems is a privilege of being alive. 3) They don't get frustrated. They know problems mean you are shaking up life and living. 4) Happy people accept responsibility for solving problems. They never run from them. 5) A good day for a happy person is dealing with everything life can throw at you. Getting a great nights sleep and doing it all over again is the reward. By the way - It's amazing how this kind of attitude seems to make most problems never show up in the first place.

Passion vs. Purpose  

Have you thought about living your passion today? A few days ago, a listener asked, "What's the difference between Passion and Purpose?" What a great way to start the week! Passion is your compelling emotions behind your dreams. Your feelings drive your passion. Your Purpose is the why behind it all. Your Purpose is the deep reason for your existence. Following your passion while living out your purpose is the ultimate life goal. Emotion + Logic = Happy Life!

Take The Easy Way  

Do you ever feel like you're always fighting an uphill battle? Why is it that everybody seems to believe that life is supposed to be difficult. That you must be willing to suffer through arduous tasks, long hours, and hard projects. Who said you must give up all your fun if you want more success in life? Yes, some things are difficult - but nothing should stay that way forever. If you find yourself beating your head against the wall, it might be time to look over your shoulder. I bet there's another way - an easier way. Go-with-the-flow, my friend. It makes the process so much more fun.

Success Beyond Failure  

Have you ever wondered how to succeed in a long-term Goal? Without endless nights of crying yourself to sleep? It won't help to remind you that everything is hard before it gets easy. Or, that if it were easy everybody would do it. Try this: 1) Know what you want. Easy peasy - right? 2) Get a Coach and train, train, train. Counting on Google to help you master your new skill is not a good plan. Get a REAL Coach. 3) Trust your training while you practice, practice, practice. You'll get better. I promise. 4) Commit to continuing until you reach your Goal - no matter what. Yes, it will be hard. Then again, you'll soon be one of those lucky people are blessed with a life others envy.

Engaging Quickly  

Whether you're in business, have a job, go to school, or just live life, your ability to present well will supercharge your success. Here are 5 tips I use every day: 1) Understand most folk's only expectation is that you will wow them. They are not expecting bad. You shouldn't either. 2) Join the conversation THEY are already having inside their head, not the one YOU are having. 3) You'll move faster if you drop the small talk and dig into the meat of your communication. You can fill in additional information later. 4) The sooner you can get people to suspend disbelief and engage with you, the sooner you will have success. 5) Stop overkill. Find the first best place to take your exit and being your meeting to an end. You're going to be amazed how well this works.

Stop Procrastinating  

Are you a member of the Procrastination Club? If so, you are participating in one of the most popular groups ever devised. Everybody joins eventually. So, what is procrastination? The intentional and habitual postponement of an important task that you should do now. Is it possible that you are not procrastinating? Maybe you're just forcing yourself to do something that you don't need or want to do anyway? Maybe you're getting caught up in the caught up? Making busy, keeping up with the Jones? There's so much you can do today. How many are you procrastinating, and how many should you toss off your list?

Taking Control of Everything  

Hmmm... How about a little tough love today. Lately, there has been one piece of advice I seem to be passing along on a daily basis. If you want to control your destiny, it's time to take control of your life. How do you do that? The first step is for you to evaluate your life. I like to call it "Taking an Inventory." Good. Bad. Ugly. It doesn't matter. You can't move forward until you dig deep into your life and access your current foundation. Relationships? Debt? Job? Friends? Hobbies? Dreams? Goals? You need to know exactly where you are standing in all areas of your life. Your future success requires that you don't bury your head in the sand.

Ready. Fire. Aim.  

Would you like a shortcut to getting anything you want in life? Would you like to get there quicker, faster and easier? Since you're a mover and a shaker, you know the value of using Goals in your day-to-day life. Goals are those magical gems that give you the power to turn your dreams into reality. Here's the simple secret to achieving massive success with your Goals. Commit yourself ONLY to take action that moves you closer to your Goal. Period! Stay focused, say "No," and slice and dice the day create motion in the direction of your choice. Keep going until you get there. Once you have success, keep perfecting your actions until they run on autopilot. Your next great adventure can wait until you complete your current journey.

How To Level Up Your Life  

I'm a big fan of Zig Ziglar's work. In fact, Zig is the reason I'm in this business. Zig used to say, "You can get anything you want in this world if you help enough others get what they want." Yes, life is all about giving Value. Then, a few years ago my friend, Eli Davidson said something very intriguing. "When someone has a problem that is urgent, pervasive, and expensive, you have a real opportunity to provide Value." Are you looking to level up in life? Today may be a good day to help someone get what they want.

More Time in Your Day  

How would you like more time in your day - or at least to feel that way? I enjoyed a fantastic weekend that seemed like a month. It was like a vacation as a child seem to last forever. Wouldn't it be cool to capture that feeling every day? It is possible to enjoy your personal time machine when you understand that time is relative. Your perception of time will determine how you experience your day. Try this: 1) Embrace anticipation. Focus your excitement on what is to come instead of what is in the past. 2) Slow down. Busy for the sake of busy will make time seem to pass quickly. So will life. 3) Introduced LOTS of sensory input for your mind to ponder. Complex thoughts, colorful visuals, even music will make it seem like you day is never ending. Confused? Listen to today's Daily Boost.

Reward For Hard Work  

Have you ever imagined what life was going to be like when you reach your goals? What if life never got any easier? How would you feel then? The truth is, if you do anything well, you will be rewarded with the opportunity to do more. That's how you rise through the ranks of success. Does that mean you can never slow down? Only if you blindly chase the next golden nugget. The trick is to leverage your higher position. Set an expectation of higher pay, more flexibility, fewer hours, and more help as you earn respect. Stand your ground, you don't want to stay in the trenches forever, right? Ask for what you want. You deserved it.

What's Your Internal Motivation  

Where do you get your motivation? It's not uncommon for somebody to say, "Motivate me, Scott!" Huh? Let me break this down into two simple rules: 1) External motivation is temporary. It will always lead to frustration and is most likely what you are using right now. 2) Internal motivation is forever. It will always be exciting and is what you are seeking. Finding your internal motivation is more than knowing why you want something. It's about feeling excited - even to the point of not being able to hold yourself back. If you are holding yourself back, while somebody else motivates you, you will never get what you want. Go inside yourself. That's where you'll find the answer.

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