The Daily Boost: Best Daily Motivation | Life | Ca

The Daily Boost: Best Daily Motivation | Life | Ca


Need Motivation? The best daily motivation is The Daily Boost! Find out what makes you happy! Reduce your stress! Get inspired! Master life skills like lifestyle design, balance, communication, career advancement and enjoy more success. The Daily Boost is the world's most popular daily motivation program. Scott Smith delivers a unique, straight talking, real, very funny, and extreamly effective strategies that will give you amazing results! The Daily Boost has been iTunes top ranked self-help program since 2004 – give it a listen and find out why so many people around the world make The Daily Boost part their day... every day. (More podcasts at


Stop Procrastinating  

Are you a member of the Procrastination Club? If so, you are participating in one of the most popular groups ever devised. Everybody joins eventually. So, what is procrastination? The intentional and habitual postponement of an important task that you should do now. Is it possible that you are not procrastinating? Maybe you're just forcing yourself to do something that you don't need or want to do anyway? Maybe you're getting caught up in the caught up? Making busy, keeping up with the Jones? There's so much you can do today. How many are you procrastinating, and how many should you toss off your list?

Taking Control of Everything  

Hmmm... How about a little tough love today. Lately, there has been one piece of advice I seem to be passing along on a daily basis. If you want to control your destiny, it's time to take control of your life. How do you do that? The first step is for you to evaluate your life. I like to call it "Taking an Inventory." Good. Bad. Ugly. It doesn't matter. You can't move forward until you dig deep into your life and access your current foundation. Relationships? Debt? Job? Friends? Hobbies? Dreams? Goals? You need to know exactly where you are standing in all areas of your life. Your future success requires that you don't bury your head in the sand.

Ready. Fire. Aim.  

Would you like a shortcut to getting anything you want in life? Would you like to get there quicker, faster and easier? Since you're a mover and a shaker, you know the value of using Goals in your day-to-day life. Goals are those magical gems that give you the power to turn your dreams into reality. Here's the simple secret to achieving massive success with your Goals. Commit yourself ONLY to take action that moves you closer to your Goal. Period! Stay focused, say "No," and slice and dice the day create motion in the direction of your choice. Keep going until you get there. Once you have success, keep perfecting your actions until they run on autopilot. Your next great adventure can wait until you complete your current journey.

How To Level Up Your Life  

I'm a big fan of Zig Ziglar's work. In fact, Zig is the reason I'm in this business. Zig used to say, "You can get anything you want in this world if you help enough others get what they want." Yes, life is all about giving Value. Then, a few years ago my friend, Eli Davidson said something very intriguing. "When someone has a problem that is urgent, pervasive, and expensive, you have a real opportunity to provide Value." Are you looking to level up in life? Today may be a good day to help someone get what they want.

More Time in Your Day  

How would you like more time in your day - or at least to feel that way? I enjoyed a fantastic weekend that seemed like a month. It was like a vacation as a child seem to last forever. Wouldn't it be cool to capture that feeling every day? It is possible to enjoy your personal time machine when you understand that time is relative. Your perception of time will determine how you experience your day. Try this: 1) Embrace anticipation. Focus your excitement on what is to come instead of what is in the past. 2) Slow down. Busy for the sake of busy will make time seem to pass quickly. So will life. 3) Introduced LOTS of sensory input for your mind to ponder. Complex thoughts, colorful visuals, even music will make it seem like you day is never ending. Confused? Listen to today's Daily Boost.

Reward For Hard Work  

Have you ever imagined what life was going to be like when you reach your goals? What if life never got any easier? How would you feel then? The truth is, if you do anything well, you will be rewarded with the opportunity to do more. That's how you rise through the ranks of success. Does that mean you can never slow down? Only if you blindly chase the next golden nugget. The trick is to leverage your higher position. Set an expectation of higher pay, more flexibility, fewer hours, and more help as you earn respect. Stand your ground, you don't want to stay in the trenches forever, right? Ask for what you want. You deserved it.

What's Your Internal Motivation  

Where do you get your motivation? It's not uncommon for somebody to say, "Motivate me, Scott!" Huh? Let me break this down into two simple rules: 1) External motivation is temporary. It will always lead to frustration and is most likely what you are using right now. 2) Internal motivation is forever. It will always be exciting and is what you are seeking. Finding your internal motivation is more than knowing why you want something. It's about feeling excited - even to the point of not being able to hold yourself back. If you are holding yourself back, while somebody else motivates you, you will never get what you want. Go inside yourself. That's where you'll find the answer.

3 Questions For Fast Success  

If you've been looking for a quick way success- this will do it!   I was watching Restaurant Impossible when Robert asked, "When did you last get paid. "Why do you have a business?   The answer?   No matter what you do, you're only doing it for money.   Don't believe me?   What would you do if you didn't have to work? I guarantee it would be different.   Here are three kick-starting questions:   1) What exactly do you want from your business or your Job, and what should it provide you. When you know, you can set goals to achieve it.   2) What is the absolute minimum necessary you need to achieve your goal? Keep it simple and know when you succeed.   3) What is the fastest and easiest path to get it done? Hint? Focus your activity on the next step in front of you.    

How To Get What You Want  

Have you ever noticed how nobody gets to the point these days?  It seems like everybody is beating around the bush, instead of asking for what they want. I have news for you.   People can't read your mind.  If you want something, you're going to have to ask for it.  But, it's not all about you. Before I continue, I have a warning. Be careful what you ask for just in case you get it.  Be specific, so there is no confusion.  Be on guard for creative answers that are not exactly what you want. Now, a three step formula to making it happen: 1) Come right out and ask for what you want. 2) Tell them how helping YOU will benefit THEM. 3) Tell them what to do next. Get ready!    

Time to Stop Learning and Start Doing?  

Have you ever felt as if something is holding you back from getting what you want?   Maybe you’re spending too much time learning? The challenge happens when your mind confuses learning and doing.  It can’t tell the difference between perception and reality - unless you tell it.  And, it's easy to get caught up stuffing your brain with new information.  The problem is, you are not working toward your goal. Here are some simple truths: 1) Learning is fun and required to make a better life. 2) Learning alone will not create results. 3) You don’t have to learn everything to succeed. When you consistently apply what you have learned, you will make progress.  Besides,  your brain is not big enough to hold all the knowledge in the world anyway. Don’t get stuck in the trap. When you grasp plenty to move, MOVE!

Face Your Passion: Moving Toward Purpose  

Do you know your purpose in life?   What a great feeling!   But, what if you know your purpose but can't get yourself to take action toward your goal?  No, you're not procrastinating.  I would be that you're just busy with minute-by-minute life.   If you want to change, try this: 1) Slow down and get real.  Running faster will only distract your from your purpose even further.  Be brave and accept what you want.  2) Forget any limitations floating around in your mind.  Toss out fear of consequences for your actions too.  After all, they'll probably be good ones anyway. 3)  Accept where you are in your life today.  Start there and move forward.  Put one foot in front of the other pointed in the direction of your dreams.   Stand up, take a step, and repeat!

Your Experience Mindset  

As we begin a brand new year, I have a question for you. What experiences will you have this year? Life is all about the "Conscious" experiences you are having.  That requires planning, awareness, and setting your expectations. As you go about setting and achieving your goals, be sure to pay attention to your focus.   While you take action, shift your focus to the experience you want to have.  Life will be a lot more fun. Isn't that what goal setting is all about? Don't skip over the fun by jumping to the destination, savor the journey in 2017.

One Thing, A Million Directions  

In just a few days we're all going to begin a new and exciting journey into 2017. Some of those will last a lifetime, others just a few weeks - maybe. As we get into the final days of the year, I'm getting focused and stepping up to starting line. But, I have rules: 1) I do not believe in or set New Year's Resolutions. If I decide to do something, I start. There's no need to wait January 1st to change your life. 2) No matter what you intend, it will always take what seems like a million steps to get there. They will almost always be in different directions and rarely connected to your goal. 3) If you choose to do a million things, that's a million things multiplied by a million steps. How are you ever going to get what you want doing that? People who get what they want focus their energy on what they want. People who don't get what they want spend their precious energy on every misguided dream that pops into their head. Which kind of person will you be this year?

Building Your Future on Your Past  

As we approach the end of the year, you may be considering what you'll be doing new next year. I have an idea that will allow you to reach your goals faster - especially if you are thinking about a new start. Do NOT start new! It takes too long to get momentum, and you will be giving up your most powerful tool. The wisdom that you have gained in your years of living is the foundation for everything you seek in the future. Build on that knowledge base, and you'll move more quickly to your goals. Besides, it's not like you could ever forget all the lessons you've learned - right?

Explore The Possibility  

Are you caught up in the river of life?  Paddling just to keep up with current with no time to think about YOU?   It's easy to get entangled in your day to day list of things.  You lose track of the road you thought you were traveling to your destiny.   When you finally give yourself a few minutes to remember your passion, you don't recognize it.  It becomes difficult to believe that you have the power to design whatever you desire.     Don't fall for it.  You can!   Today, take a few minutes for YOU!     Who are you? Why are you here?  What do you want most? How will your future be?   Explore the possibility of YOU!  You'll be glad you did.  

Every Day is The First Day  

Is it just me or does creating the life you want to make you feel like Bill Murray in the movie, Groundhog Day. Well, if you want to do your goals, you may as well get used to it. Whatever goals you are working toward, no matter how long you've been at it, the all reset every day. You always begin every day as if it were your first. Yes, everything is a bit easier since you have built a foundation - one that has grown from past daily efforts. However, with every rising Sun, you will find a new way to progress toward your goal. It doesn't matter whether you succeed or fail the previous days. From where you are now, today is the first day of you making your dreams come true. Whew! I bet that takes a load off your shoulders - right?

Are You In Command?  

I like to fly little airplanes. Over the years I've learned a lesson; I don't have to ask permission to go where I want to go. It's always up to me to choose my destination. I'm what the FAA refers to as the Pilot in Command - the Boss of the airplane. I have total control to decide on my goal and plan my journey. I'm also required to tell Air Traffic Control where I'm traveling. Their job is to make sure I arrive safe and sound. There is no requesting permission and no negotiating. I call ATC on the radio, tell them where I would like to travel, and I'm on my way. Yes, sometimes ATC will recommend an alternate route, but I always get to my destination. That sure sounds a lot like life - doesn't it? Is today the day that you take command of your journey?

How The Law of Attraction Operates  

I've always believed the Law of Attraction should actually be the Law of What You Think About Most. Like attracts like. What you think about, you get. Period. If you're always saying, "I won't get it because I never do," you're right! If you always dream of a new life while focusing on your current problems that's all you'll ever have. You ALWAYS get what you focus on most - and you might not even be aware of where your attention goes. Isn't it time you harness the extraordinary potential of your mind? Start today with clear focus followed by massive imperfect action.

Decision Making Magic  

Your ability to make quick decisions is the mark of somebody who knows what they want in life - but how do you figure out what you want? Forget the old "Pro/Con" list that your Mom told you to use. It's time to up your game with "Quantum Linguistics!" Use these four questions the next time you're trying to figure out what to do in any situation: 1) How would I feel if I did? 2) How would I feel if I didn't? 3) How wouldn't I feel if I did? 4) How wouldn't I feel if I didn't? I bet you get things figured out before you get to question three. Whoa - you're about to be filled with new clarity and excitement!

Hope, Fear, Faith, and Courage  

Have you ever paid attention to the process that moves you forward - or stops you in your tracks? All change begins with Hope; a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. Right after the comes Fear; an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat. When you commit to making your dreams come true, you move into Faith; you have complete trust or confidence in someone or something. Finally, comes Courage; the ability to do something that frightens one. Don't allow yourself to get stuck in the along the way - your dreams are waiting.

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