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The Daily Fantasy Football Edge

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Three of the top minds in DFS combine to break down each week of the NFL season like no one else can. Peter Jennings is the top daily fantasy player in the world, Al Zeidenfeld was the 2013 Tournament Player of the Year and Adam Levitan is one of the most respected writers in the industry.


Episode 130: NFL Draft Preview with Josh Norris  

NFL prospect guru Josh Norris of Rotoworld joins the pod ahead of next week's draft. He and Adam Levitan discuss Josh's rise to stardom, player evaluation, skill sets of this class' top prospects and potential Year 1 impacts. 

Episode 129: Last NBA pod  

The end of the NBA's regular season is here and we close it out with a solo pod. Adam Levitan discusses the players who will be motivated on Wednesday. He also takes listener questions on topics ranging from BvP to breast implants to snoring. Timestamp 8:55 for Team Q and A. 

Episode 128: NBA April 11  

Adam Levitan and Al Zeidenfeld recap the Masters, hit on Tuesday's NBA slate and discuss asking permission for marriage. Timestamp 19:00 for Team Q and A. 

Episode 127: Solo NBA April 7th  

It's a solo edition as Adam Levitan discusses Friday's NBA slate. He looks at the rotations within the teams likely to be fighting hard. Adam also takes listener questions regarding vasectomies, sleeping in the same bed as dogs and more. 

Episode 126: NBA April 5th  

There's just one week left in the NBA's regular season. Adam Levitan and Al Zeidenfeld talk about Wednesday's slate, DFS seasonality, deciding whether to play full-time, goodbye kisses and plenty more. 

Episode 125: The Masters  

It's a special edition of the podcast for Masters Week. Adam Levitan, Peter Jennings and Al Zeidenfeld discuss overall golf strategy and get into this week's event. They also take a fistful of golf-specific questions from listeners. 

Episode 124: NBA March 31st  

Adam Levitan is joined by Peter Jennings to discuss Friday's 11-game slate. They talk injury situations in Memphis, Philadelphia, Houston and more. They also answer listener questions on topics ranging from lab-grown meat to DFS pros entering the front office of sports teams.

Episode 123: NBA March 29th  

Adam Levitan and Al Zeidenfeld discuss key injuries on Wednesday's 10-game slate. They also touch on Tuesday's Sixers situation and handle listener questions. Timestamp 23:30 for #TeamQandA.

Episode 122: NBA March 28th  

Al Zeidenfeld is back from Miami. He talks with Adam Levitan about injuries on Tuesday's slate and takes listener questions. Timestamp 24:10 for #TeamQandA.

Episode 121: The return of CSURam88  

After a multi-week vacation, Peter Jennings aka CSURam88 is back. He chats with Adam Levitan about his travels, the DK Live Final, National Puppy Day, Friday's slate, bankroll management and tons more. Timestamp 21:09 for #TeamQandA. 

Episode 120: Special Guest Justin Phan  

Adam Levitan is joined by Justin Phan of FantasyLabsNBA. They talk about doing daily NBA projections, keys to playing NBA DFS in March, Wednesday's slate and lots more. Timestamp 34:15 for #TeamQandA. 

Episode 119: NBA March 21  

Adam Levitan survived a trip to Austin and is back. He talks with Al Zeidenfeld about Tuesday's NBA slate, rest situations, "blocking" in cash games, short shorts and lots more. Timestamp 23:40 for #TeamQandA. 

Episode 118: Solo pod is back!  

It's the first solo pod of the NBA season. Adam Levitan recaps Thursday's night's action and previews an injury-laden Friday slate. He also takes listener questions on topics ranging from alcohol to wife's massages. 

Episode 117: NBA March 15th  

Adam Levitan and Al Zeidenfeld are back ahead of Wednesday's 10-game slate. They discuss the injuries to Nicolas Batum, LaMarcus Aldridge and other spots. They also take listener questions, starting at the 26:43 mark. 

Episode 116: NBA March 14th  

Adam Levitan and Al Zeidenfeld are back to talk some late-season NBA strategy. They hit on "clean" spots, socks, 3-max tournaments and advice for getting into the DFS industry. 

Episode 115: Special Guest Mike Gallagher  

Adam Levitan is joined by Mike Gallagher of Rotoworld NBA. They talk vines, Summer League, some interesting rotations around the league and take listener questions. 

Episode 114: NBA March 8  

Adam Levitan and Al Zeidenfeld are back. They discuss five key situations on Wednesday's big 11-game slate and take some risqué listener questions. Timestamp 19:13 for #TeamQandA. 

Episode 113: NBA March 7  

Adam Levitan and Al Zeidenfeld touch on Tuesday's three-game slate. They also take questions on slow drivers in the left lane, Dream Team vs. today's All-Stars and quality time with the wife despite the presence of kids. Timestamp 19:24 for #TeamQandA.

Episode 112: Special Guest Andrew Wiggins aka Makisupa  

Former host of this podcast and nosebleed stakes grinder Andrew Wiggins joins the pod to discuss a variety of topics with Adam Levitan. They hit on his legendary fist-pump, the DFS ecosystem, NBA strategy, yoga pants, dogs and tons more. 

Episode 111: NBA March 1st  

It's a big 11-game slate on Wednesday. Adam Levitan and Al Zeidenfeld discuss some key injury spots plus the usual potpourri of listener questions. Timestamp 17:05 for #TeamQandA.

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