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Three of the top minds in DFS combine to break down each week of the NFL season like no one else can. Peter Jennings is the top daily fantasy player in the world, Al Zeidenfeld was the 2013 Tournament Player of the Year and Adam Levitan is one of the most respected writers in the industry.


Episode 109: Fitness Props Recap  

The pod is finally back as Adam Levitan and Peter Jennings recap the All-Star break, the trade deadline and some fitness props. They also hit on interesting situations in Friday's NBA slate. 

Episode 108: NBA February 15  

It's the last pod before the All-Star break. Adam Levitan and Al Zeidenfeld touch on some key situations in Wednesday's massive 14-game slate. They also discuss airplane seat reclining, dad strat and lots more. Timestamp 21:45 for #TeamQandA. 

Episode 107: NBA February 14th  

Love is in the air as Valentine's Day is here. Adam Levitan and Al Zeidenfeld take questions on PDA, gifts and Tuesday's NBA slate. 19:50 for #TeamQandA. 

Episode 106: NBA February 10th  

Adam Levitan is joined by Peter Jennings aka CSURam88 to discuss some key injuries situations on Friday's slate. They also discuss fitness props, Valentine's Day strategy, ROI by buy-in level and lots more. Timestamp 25:20 for #TeamQandA. 

Episode 105: NBA February 8th  

Adam Levitan and Al Zeidenfeld are back to break down important situations on an information-heavy Wednesday slate. They also lament the FSWA award loss and handle one of the more thought-provoking listener questions of the season. 24:10 for #TeamQandA.

Episode 104: NBA Feb. 7  

Adam Levitan and Al Zeidenfeld recap Monday's slate, hit on injuries for Tuesday's slate and talk some short-slate strategy. They also take some interesting listener questions. 

Episode 103: Special Guest Drew Dinkmeyer  

It's an exciting episode as DFS pro and co-founder of DailyRoto Drew Dinkmeyer joins Adam Levitan. They discuss why Dink doesn't leave his house, how his wife doesn't hate him, the day-to-day life of a grinder, why he engages in the "is Kyrie Irving good" debate, tennis, making projections, important injuries on Friday's slate and tons more. Timestamp 24:45 for #TeamQandA.

Episode 102: Peter and Al  

Peter Jennings and Al Zeidenfeld talk through important injuries for Wednesday's 12-game slate. They also discuss whether Narrative Street is a real thing and urinal etiquette.

Episode 101: NBA February 1  

Adam Levitan and Al Zeidenfeld talk about how injuries to Nikola Jokic, Julius Randle, Enes Kanter and others will affect Tuesday's slate. They also take the usual wide-ranging listener questions. 

Episode 100: Peter's NBA pod debut  

Peter Jennings joins Adam Levitan for a milestone episode of the podcast. They talk Friday's NBA slate, screenshot etiquette, transitioning from NFL and lots more. 

Episode 99: NBA January 25  

Adam Levitan and Al Zeidenfeld try out a different format as they discuss the most important injuries on Wednesday's slate. They also talk some more general NBA strategy and take the usual potpourri of listener questions. 

Episode 98: First NBA Pod!  

It's a new era as the Edge transitions to NBA. Adam Levitan and Al Zeidenfeld touch on differences vs. NFL, Tuesday's slate, hoops strategy and also take questions from listeners. 

Episode 97: Divisional Round Game-by-Game Breakdown  

It's a bittersweet day as the final NFL pod of the season is upon us. Adam Levitan, Al Zeidenfeld and Peter Jennings discuss each matchup in this week's four-game slate. 

Episode 96: Wild Card Game-by-Game Breakdown  

The playoffs are here. Adam Levitan, Peter Jennings and Al Zeidenfeld discuss all four games on a tightly-capped slate. 

Episode 95: Last Solo Pod  

It's a bit of a sad day as we've reached the final solo pod of the season. Adam Levitan recaps Week 17, hits on a big week for the listeners and takes some interesting questions. 

Episode 94: Week 17 Game-by-Game Breakdown  

This is the end. Week 17 is here and we will wrap up the regular season with a massive 16-game main slate. Adam Levitan, Peter Jennings and Al Zeidenfeld look at each team's motivation and subsequent playing time/value for the players. 

Episode 93: Week 16 Recap  

In this week's solo pod Adam Levitan reviews his Main Event lineup, some contrarian constructions and players in difficult matchups. He also takes the usual potpourri of listener questions. 

Episode 92: Week 16 Game-by-Game Breakdown  

This week's 12-game main slate is a bit odd since it will go down on Saturday and because a whole fistful of studs are missing. Adam Levitan, Peter Jennings and Al Zeidenfeld discuss each game in play during Championship Week.

Episode 91: Week 15 Recap  

It's another solo edition as Adam Levitan hits on Drew Brees, Ty Montgomery, Kenneth Farrow and more. He also takes listener questions ranging from pool strategy to wedding gift strategy to laundry. 

Episode 90: Week 15 Game-by-Game Breakdown  

It's a strange main slate with limited exciting options at the top of the QB and WR pools. Adam Levitan, Al Zeidenfeld and Peter Jennings examine each game while looking for the best values and sneaky plays. 

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