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Three of the top minds in DFS combine to break down each week of the NFL season like no one else can. Peter Jennings is the top daily fantasy player in the world, Al Zeidenfeld was the 2013 Tournament Player of the Year and Adam Levitan is one of the most respected writers in the industry.


Episode 86: Week 13 Game-by-Game Breakdown  

With a ton of offenses in extremely plus spots, this is shaping up as a very high-scoring week. Adam Levitan and Peter Jennings examine each game on the 13-game slate.

Episode 85: Week 12 Recap  

The solo pod returns. Adam Levitan discusses ugly weeks from Amari Cooper and Brandin Cooks plus a big game from Travis Kelce. He also takes questions ranging from late-swap strategy to optimal bacon/egg/cheese construction. 

Episode 84: Week 12 Game-by-Game Breakdown  

Now that Thanksgiving is in the books, it's time to focus on the 12-game main slate. Adam Levitan, Al Zeidenfeld and Peter Jennings dive into each contest.

Episode 83: Thanksgiving Special  

This week's solo pod has been cancelled. Instead it's a three-man edition as Adam Levitan, Peter Jennings and Al Zeidenfeld discuss each of the Thanksgiving Day games.

Episode 82: Week 11 Game-by-Game Breakdown  

There aren't a lot of "free squares" this week. Adam Levitan, Al Zeidenfeld and Peter Jennings discuss how that affects the slate and all the best plays.

Episode 81: Week 10 Recap  

The streak is over as the listeners captured a win in the Week 10 4-man. Adam Levitan recaps the action while talking about coach speak, tipping, GPP game stacks and lots more. 

Episode 80: Week 10 Game-by-Game Breakdown  

We have a nice 12-game main slate for Week 10 and a slew of massive tournaments on DraftKings. Adam Levitan, Peter Jennings and Al Zeidenfeld hit on each game while looking for the best values. 

Episode 79: Special Stratcast  

It's a special two-man edition of the podcast as Al Zeidenfeld chats with DailyRoto's Drew Dinkmeyer. They talk high-level strategy and concepts for DFS rather than specific players. 

Episode 78: Week 9 Recap  

Adam Levitan recaps an interesting Week 9 which saw Gerri nail the Latavius Murray bark, Melvin Gordon go ham and Le'Veon Bell go bust. Adam also takes listener questions on topics ranging from short-slate strategy to bank account strategy for married couples.

Episode 77: Week 9 Game-by-Game Breakdown  

This week's main slate features 11 games, but no Julio Jones, Mike Evans, Rob Gronkowski, A.J. Green or Tom Brady. The guys examine each game and identify the best matchups as well as the situations to monitor.

Episode 76: Week 8 Recap  

Week 8 was the lowest-scoring of the season on DraftKings. That's what happens when Julio Jones, T.Y. Hilton, Spencer Ware and Mike Evans all drastically underperform. Adam Levitan discusses the fallout, highlights the best GPP lineups and takes listener questions.

Episode 75: Week 8 Game-by-Game Breakdown  

It's a smallish 10-game main slate as six teams are on a bye and another two are in London. Adam Levitan, Peter Jennings and Al Zeidenfeld examine each contest to look for the best values and sleepers. 

Episode 74: Week 7 Recap  

The chalk hit hard once again in Week 7. Adam Levitan talks about reasons why, how it affects strategy and how it applies to GPPs. He also takes the usual potpourri of listener questions. 

Episode 73: Week 7 Game-by-Game Breakdown  

A rash of injuries to players such as LeSean McCoy, Doug Martin and Vincent Jackson have shook up this 12-game slate. Adam Levitan, Peter Jennings and Al Zeidenfeld discuss each game with an eye on how the news has changed things.

Episode 72: Week 6 Recap  

It looked like a big week for running backs and that's exactly how it turned out. Adam Levitan recaps a high-scoring Week 6 by looking at late news, highlighting GPP lineups and taking listener questions.  

Episode 71: Week 6 Game-by-Game Breakdown  

It's a 13-game DraftKings main slate and it's overflowing with strong RB options. Adam Levitan, Al Zeidenfeld and Peter Jennings identify the top plays and values in each game.

Episode 70: Week 5 Recap  

The Steelers went ham, Cam Meredith is a thing and Jerick McKinnon was a bust. Adam Levitan recaps Week 5 while also discussing game selection and whether guys like McKinnon, Jarvis Landry and Zach Ertz were bad plays.

Episode 69: Week 5 Game-by-Game Breakdown  

The Oakland RB situation has thrown a wrench into this week's slate. Adam Levitan, Peter Jennings and Al Zeidenfeld discuss all 12 games on the main slate as they hunt for value plays and more. 

Episode 68: Week 4 Recap  

Adam Levitan rehashes an odd Week 4 that saw a ton of quality value plays but few strong high-priced plays. He hits on the DeAndre Hopkins disaster, the Julio Jones eruption, how many lineups to play and more. Adam also takes a 10-pack of listener questions.

Episode 67: Week 4 Game-by-Game Breakdown  

The bye weeks are here and this week's three-man is up a day early. Adam Levitan, Peter Jennings and Al Zeidenfeld talk about all 12 games on the main slate. 

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