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Comedian Dana Gould takes a look at our world... through his eyes... for your benefit. Joined by fellow comedians and other interesting people with a focus on the weird and the real. Conversation. Music. Monologues. With Ken Daly, Andy Paley and more.


Happy Hipsterdays!  

Happy Holidays, to you... And thanks for taking time out of your holiday season, be it Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Festivus or Celebration Of The Goofer Man, to spend an hour or so with me and my guests.

And what guests we have.

The cast of the new Mystery Science Theater is here today, Jonah Ray, Baron Vaughn and Hampton Yount, the new Jonah Heston, Tom Servo and crow respectively, and the author of one of my favorite books to come out this year The Comedians: Drunks, Thieves, Scoundrels and The History Of American Comedy, Kliph Nesteroff.

Speaking of standup comedy, if you'd like to see me, I will be ringing in the new year in Austin, Texas Dec 31, 1st and 2nd, nd returning to San Francisco for Sketchfest January 22nd, 23rd and 24th. For details on all this malarky, go to

Land O' Freaks!  

Eddie Pepitone, the Bitter Buddha himself, and I ventured down to USC and confronted Dan Schner the head of USC's Jesse Unruh's School of Public Policy to find out just what in the hell is going on with the election and the state of our nation.

We are also joined by comedian Julie Prescott, whose album, Every Joke On This Album Kills Because I Cut The Ones That Didn't, is available and we will discuss it's inception, as it was recorded in a string of one-nighters in the deep south. We are also joined by writer and Public Radio audio investigative journalist Peter Gilstrap who will help us hoist the lid off the pop culture creepy barrel.

Hey, speaking of creepy, why not come out and see me live? I'll be performing in Arlington Virgina at Arlington Drafthouse on Dec 4th and 5th and on New Year's Eve weekend and the Cap City Comedy Club in Austin, Texas. Details and ticket links available at

Bride Of Halloweenery!  

It's the most wonderful time, of the year. My favorite time of year, my favorite month, my favorite holiday and my favorite episode of the podcast. This year is no exception. I can't summon the Great Pumpkin but I can squash any fears that this episode is anything less than awesome.

Get it? Pumpkin and squash, because they're vaguely similar. Okay.

Big Guns! Patton Oswalt is my guest. We're gonna talk the horror movies that made us who we are. Showing them to your kids. Make them one of us. One of us.

Laurie Jacobsen is here. Laurie wrote the best book I have ever read about supernatural doings in the heart of Tinseltown, Hollywood Haunted. Find out who couldn't take the hint and stuck around after they died.

And actor, writer and cinema collector extraordinaire, Bob Burns. You may not know Bob by name, but he has had a documentary and two books written about him. He is one of the most fascinating people I have ever known, and if you are a fan of all things Halloween, then you, like me, will soon be looking up to Bob as the mentor that I do. A truly extraordinary guy with an extraordinary story. Also joining us is filmmaker Frank Dietz, maker of said documentary, entitled Beast Wishes.

Last, but not least, on October 16th in theaters and Video On Demand, the film Tales Of Halloween. A horror anthology featuring the top tier fright filmmakers at work today, I am joined in the cast of that movie by Greg Grunberg - he's in Star Wars - Cerina Vincent, James Duval, Lisa Marie, John Savage, John Landis, Joe Dante, Adrienne Barbeau, Pat Healey, Mick Garris. I will not tell you what happens to me in the movie but I will tell you what I learned on the set. If it's five o-'clock in the morning and you have got a bucket of fake blood that's been sitting out all night, when that stuff finally comes out of the pump, it's COLD.

Tales Of Halloween, I am so happy to be in that movie and on your October podcast queue.

There they are. Trick or treat!

Paging Dr. Cyclops  

Ahhhh September. Apple blossom time. The temperatures dip down under the hundreds and I start the long process and dragging my Halloween decorations out of the garage. I'm also travelling! If you live in Indianapolis, Indiana, I'll be at Morty's Sept 17, 18 & 19th. October will find me back in good ol' San Francisky at the Punchline on October 1st, 2nd and 3rd and in Kirkland, Washington, just a stone's throw north of Seattle, at the Laughs Comedy Club on October 15th, 16th and 17th. For details and ticket inforation please check out the live performance page on assuming we've fixed it by then. If not, go to my facebook page or the bulletin board on the south wall of the Laurel Canyon Country Store. Just look for the abandoned Slurpy cup full of bees!

My guests today. Excellent comedians all.

Matt MacCarthy, follow him @mccarthyredhead,
Eddie Pepitone @ eddiepepitone
April Richardson @ apey
And the so fast it scares even me Mike Lawrence, @themikelawrence


Oh, the dog days of summer, and we're here to get you through it. Today's show features an all-star line-up of comedy heavyweight. Gilbert Gottfried is here. (@realgilbert), an old friend who I have wanted on the show since the very first episode, Brian Posehn (@thebrianposehn), Eddie Pepitone (@eddiepepitone), as well as Kate Berlant - who, if you don't know Kate, you will very soon, (@KateBerlant) and the hilarious Dan St. Germain (@danstgermain).

One last thing, before I begin, I want to heartily endorse Bob Goldthwaite's new films, Call Me Lucky, it's an amazing documentary about Barry Crimmins, who guested on this very podcast just last year. You can check it out at but in the meantime, THIS podcast is clawing at the door, so I think I'm gonna let it. Enjoy.

Hot Hot Heat!  

Agony in a g-string - backstage with Suicide Girls. Bruce or Caitlin? Allergic to...everything? The Phantom Clown Scare of 1981, Two Guys from Boston and more!

Thank you all for your patience in between broadcasts. This show is worth the wait. It's composed of two separate shows.

The first a live performance at the Doug Fir Lounge in Portland during the Bridgetown Comedy Festival. That show features Arden Myrin, Steve Agee and Baron Vaughn.

The second show was recorded at Falcon's Lair recording studios high atop Mulholland Drive in sunny and parched Southern California and features Nicole Powers co-host of Suicide Girls' Radio, April Richardson of stage and screen and finally, Alison Rosen herself of the Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend podcast.

Hot Buttered Shame!  

Give Me Sex Jesus - The Movie! The Conan set you'll never see! Shame! Shame! Shame! What did Fatty Arbuckle really do? Two Guys From Boston & more! With Jonah Ray, Hampton Young, Eddie Pepitone, Susan Burke, Matt Barber & Brittany Machado

American Griper!  

Horrible things I've said & forgotten. The Big Superman Rip-Off, F#$! the news! Schumacher's Batman! Existential Goofy! Two Guys from Boston & more! With Mike Lawrence, Kevin Macdonald, Arden Myrin, Eddie Pepitone & John Ennis!


The Snickers ad that broke my heart! Fighting chaos with more chaos! Doubt! Insecurity! Little Richard and Hugh Hefner (he's still at it!) With Bobcat Goldthwaite, April Richardson, Ryan Sickler and Genevieve Rice! Two Guys From Boston, Screamin' Jay Hawkins & more!

Peachy Keane!  

The Dana Gould Hour Holiday Special! Big Eyes, Margaret Keane, Blood Freak, The Wrecking Crew & the men who gave away Superman. Pepitone waxes, Jonah Ray ponders, Spooky Time Theater and 2 Guys From Boston. Larry Karaszewski, Drew Friedman, Eddie Pepitone, Jonah Ray, Denny Tedesco & John Ennis.

Son Of Halloweenery!  

The Dana Gould Hour annual Halloween spectacular! Dana Gould, Tom Kenny, Steve Agee, Arden Myrin, Matt Weinhold Rob Cohen and John Ennis wax horrific on small town weirdos, black cats, and the need for sexy costumes! Real-life confessions of Halloween related juvenile delinquency! Plus, Dana opens the vault for an interview with real-life horror legend Vampira herself, the late, great, Maila Nurmi. Also, Orson Welles and the War Of The Worlds! Horror Movie Hosts! A poem from Graveyard Craig and and a very scary Political Talk With Two Guys From Boston.

Back To School!  

Dana Gould, Patton Oswalt and Matt Braunger sidle up to the mics and let her rip. Hell's Angels and the origin of biker gangs in America. Who is Wino Willie, and how did he change your life? High School: who hated it more? The Rolling Stones! Stabbing victims! Billy Jack! White Knights v Trollers and much, much, more. With Dana Gould, Patton Oswalt, Matt Braunger & John Ennis.

What's Yer Thang?  

Dana Gould trades tales and tirades with the fast and funniest. Want to hear William Shatner and Adam West sing a duet? Look no further! What are you into? How much are you into it? Finding Playboys in the woods! Dick pic etiquette! Getting fired by your dad! It's all here. Boom!  With Dana Gould, Rob Cohen, John Ennis, Eddie Pepitone, April Richardson and  Matt Weinhold. You know you want it.

You Can't Say That!  

"I'm offended!" Or are you? Is it really "just a joke?"  In praise of Eddie Murphy, (& not!), GLEN OR GLENDA! Two Guys From Boston & more! W/ Arden Myrin, Eddie Pepitone, Shadi Petosky, Will Weldon & John Ennis.

Heavy Duty  

Agoraphobia! Held hostage in a grocery store! Tracking sexual predators for the FBI! The movie FREAKS and more! Sara Benincasa, Barry Crimmins, John Ennis, Stephen Tobolowski.

Dungeons and Bondage  

Dungeons & Dragons vs. Dungeons and Bondage! Whose fantasy life is better? Tom Hanks' anti-cult film, Blaine Capatch, Ken Daly, April Richardson, Scott Robison and former dominatrix "GUEST X." Plus Two Guys from Boston and much, much, more!

Happy Holidarrrgh!  

Who The f*#! is Santa Claus, anyway? Vegetarians vs. bacon. Arden Myrin changes clothes! Eddie Pepitone doesn't! Susan Burke! Two Guys From Boston and more.... w/ Eddie Pepitone. Arden Myrin Susan Burke & John Ennis

Of Fear and Filth  

Halloween! Dinosaur porn! Fred Schneider sings The Doors! How snakes work! Godzilla, Gojira, and more! w/ Jonah Ray, Matt Weinhold, April Richardson, Hannah Gansen and John Ennis.

I Shouldn't Laugh  

What's it like to be caught in a mass shooting. Really. Eddie Pepitone goes to England! Dana hates on Simon and Garfunkel! Satan Is Real according to the Louvin Bros! Two Guys From Boston and more... Eddie Pepitone, Monika Scott, John Ennis


Civil war ghosts! Scary fish! The Clash! In praise of The Night Stalker! Two Guys From Boston & more... Greg Behrendt, John Ennis, Jonah Ray, April Richardson, Janet Varney & Matt Weinhold

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