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Dana Loesch hosts her award-winning, nationally syndicated daily radio show, The Dana Show: The Conservative Alternative from Dallas, Texas where she also hosts 1cDana 1d on The Blaze television network.


Monday, April 24 - Full Show  

Dana explains why she doesn't believe there will be a government shutdown coming. Dana examines the end of "Pro-Life" Democrats in the party. You don't want to miss Dana's take on the French elections and what they are showing, and Stephen Yates joins the show to discuss what the results in France are showing. You can't miss Dana's take on the Ann Coulter situation in Berkeley as well! As usual Dana has Florida Man, Today in Stupidity, and much more!

Friday, April 21 - Full Show  

Dana talks about the ridiculous made up controversy on the left because Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, and Sarah Palin took a picture in front of a Clinton portrait in the White House. Ted Nugent himself joins the show to discuss this and his visit to the White House and you won't want to miss hearing about it! Dana also mocks the Democrat party unity tour while also giving you a warning about the future of the party, find out what this warning is! Dana brings back a hilarious edition of Mailbag of Hate for today as well as Florida Man and Today in Stupidity!

Thursday, April 20 - Full Show  

Dana discusses Jason Chaffetz not running for reelection. Dana explains why some Republicans better stop fighting with the Tea Party group. You don't want to miss Dana hilariously mock Chelsea Clinton as well as the Democratic party for being in shambles! Dana tries to comprehend the stupidity behind the controversy of a gun being raffled off in Houston. Also, Dana has some fun mocking Bruce Springsteen after he releases a "Trump Protest" don't want to miss it!

Wednesday, April 19 - Full Show  

Dana has all the coverage you need on the important election that took place in Georgia, and the RNC Chair herself Ronna Romney McDaniel joins the show to discuss this election and the disarray of the Democratic party! You don't want to miss Dana eviscerate the media's reaction to the Fresno terror attack. Phelim McAleer also joins the show and you don't want to miss the fundraiser he is running to send Josh Fox to meet with ISIS! Dana also has some hilarious Florida Man stories as well as Today in Stupidity!

Tuesday, April 18 - Full Show  

Don't miss a great show from Dana today as she mocks tax day and the government. Dana talks about the big race happening in Georgia and you won't believe this piece of information about the main Democratic candidate! Dana explains why the media is overreacting to Trump congratulating Erdogan on winning more power in the Turkey election. You'll also want to hear Dana hilariously mock former Olympian James Cracknell on his ridiculous obesity comments. Don't miss Dana's touching segment on the children of Robert Godwin the victim of the Facebook Shooting.

Monday, April 17 - Full Show  

Dana has all the latest news and her take on the situation developing in North Korea. Find out what Dana thought about Vice President Mike Pence's visit to Korea! Stephen Yates also joins the program to discuss what is happening with the North Korea situation right now. You don't want to miss Dana's segment talking about the awful Facebook Live murder in Cleveland. Dana also gives you her scorching take on judges blocking a plethora of executions in Arkansas and you won't want to miss this!

Friday, April 14 - Full Show  

Don't miss Dana examine the U.S. and North Korea tensions and what might happen next! You absolutely have to hear Dana eviscerate Steve Bannon and explain why Trump is close to having had enough of him. Dana tries to figure out some of the progressive left's reactions to ISIS fighters dying in the latest bomb drop. "Former" Green Beret Jeff Houston joins Dana to discuss the bomb being dropped in Afghanistan and the current administrations actions in the Middle East, you won't want to miss this excellent interview!

Thursday, April 13 - Full Show  

It's a big news day and Dana covers it all! Dana has all the information and her informed take on the U.S. dropping the "Mother of All Bombs" on ISIS in Afghanistan. Former NAVY Seal Jared Ogden comes on the show to discuss this bombing, what it means, and the situation in Syria you do not want to miss this interview! Dana discusses the Trump and U.S. relations with Russia, and hilariously mocks some of the over the top reactions to Trump's latest actions. State Rep Nick Schroer also joins the show to discuss an upcoming bill in Missouri that would penalize Gun Free zones if an incident were to occur there.

Wednesday, April 12 - Full Show  

You won't want to miss these comments by Vladimir Putin about the United States and Dana's reaction to them! Dana gives an update on the latest with the United Airlines situation. Dana talks about what the involvement of the U.S. in the North Korea area is going to be now. Also, don't miss Dana explain what the special election in Kansas means for Republicans and what needs to happen before the one in Georgia takes place!

Tuesday, April 11 - Full Show  

Dana looks close at the situation in Syria and what possible U.S. actions may be coming. Don't miss Dana hilariously mock Piers Morgan! Dana also explains why this United controversy is exactly why people hate the media. You won't believe what Sean Spicer said today and Dana's reaction to it! Glenn Jacobs, better known as WWE wrestler Kane, joins the show to discuss a major political announcement that you won't want to miss!

Monday, April 10 - Full Show  

Dana takes a look at some of the ridiculous reactions on the left regarding the Syrian missile strike. Dana celebrates the swearing in of Neil Gorsuch as a Supreme Court Justice and talks about the upcoming cases he might impact you don't want to miss that! Dana gives you her take on the United flight controversy. Dana covers the breaking news of a new shooting in San Bernardino. You have to hear Dana have some fun with the "Cash Me Outside Girl" after it is announced she is getting a reality TV show!

Friday, April 7 - Full Show  

Dana has all the coverage you need regarding the U.S. missile strike in Syria. You don't want to miss Dana's opinion on the matter as well as what she believes this means with Russia. Dana also talks about the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch and why we have Harry Reid to thank for this! Stephen Yates joins the program to discuss everything you need to know about the Syria situation.

Thursday, April 6 - Full Show  

Dana covers the news of the day with Republicans going "nuclear" to confirm Neil Gorsuch. Dana lays into the hypocritical Democrats who established this rule not the Republicans! Dana discusses the options with the situation in Syria and you don't want to miss her make her view on military action very clear. RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel joins the program and you won't want to miss this interview as she discusses everything ongoing in Congress regarding this Gorsuch nomination and more!

Wednesday, April 5 - Full Show  

You don't want to miss Dana mock Jeff Merkley for his 15 hour Gorsuch protest. Dana explains why all of this is a waste of time for the Dems. Dana discusses to the Syria situation including President Trump's comments today with King Abdullah visiting. You have to hear Dana's reaction to this Pepsi commercial protest! Dana also takes down Susan Rice and her recent comments trying to defend herself.

Tuesday, April 4 - Hour 3  

Dana explains why there was no need for Susan Rice to ever unmask anybody. You will be interested to hear Dana's thoughts on a story of a Washington man shooting an intruder showering in his house. What she says just might surprise you!

Tuesday, April 4 - Hour 2  

Dana continues to break down the Susan Rice situation and tries to figure out why the media isn't covering it harder. You will not believe what new DNC Chair Tom Perez said about Republicans and you have to hear Dana's response to it!! Dana also delivers some great Florida Man stories for the day!

Tuesday, April 4 - Hour 1  

Dana lays the smackdown on Democrats and their ridiculous filibuster on Gorsuch. You'll want to hear Dana prove how hypocritical the Democrats are being right now! Dana has all the latest regarding the Susan Rice leaking scandal.

Monday, April 3 - Hour 3  

Dana gives her thoughts on this ridiculous fight over Neil Gorsuch. Dana explains how Trump's meetings with foreign leaders at Mar-A-Lago is nothing new at all for President's.

Monday, April 3 - Hour 2  

Hear what Dana has to say in response to Tina Fey calling out white college educated women who voted for Donald Trump. Stephen Yates joins Dana to discuss the United States situation with North Korea and China, the Russia attacks, and much more.

Monday, April 3 - Hour 1  

Dana covers the awful bombing that has happened in Russia and plays a game trying to figure out who might have done this! You don't want to miss Dana rip the Democrats for trying to get block the Neil Gorsuch nomination!

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