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Dana Loesch hosts her award-winning, nationally syndicated daily radio show, The Dana Show: The Conservative Alternative from Dallas, Texas where she also hosts 1cDana 1d on The Blaze television network.


Tuesday, December 6 - Hour 3  

Dana touches on the upcoming Sandy Hook anniversary, and she crushes an anti-gun movement that is using the anniversary as propaganda. You have to hear Dana hilariously talk about the Ben Carson pick for HUD, and why him putting you to sleep is only good for brain surgery.

Tuesday, December 6 - Hour 2  

Dana is trying to understand why Trump's phone call with Taiwan can be considered a snafu. It's about time we have a President that doesn't just bow to everyone. You will not believe what BLM is trying to get white people to pay them for now..

Tuesday, December 6 - Hour 1  

Dana comments on Trump trying to put a halt to the government building two new Air Force One planes. You won't believe the effect it actually had on Boeing. Dana explains why we should be questioning Trump's infrastructure plan. How is it any different than the stimulus plan Obama came up with?

Monday, December 5 - Hour 3  

Dana mocks and slams Katie Couric for trying to get her case dismissed after she attacked a gun group with a falsely edited video for air. You will not believe what feminists are saying "Baby It's Cold Outside" is really about, and you must hear Dana hilariously mock them!

Monday, December 5 - Hour 2  

Find out why Dana is calling Newt Gingrich a "Beltway Barnacle." You won't believe who Ivanka Trump is going to be meeting with. Dana has an interesting comparison for Trump to one of the Walking Dead characters.

Monday, December 5 - Hour 1  

Dana updates on the latest regarding immigration after some interesting comments from Paul Ryan. You have to hear Dana's take on this controversy with Trump, Taiwan, and China. Dana puts the Dakota Pipeline protesters on blast after the White House puts a stop to it and you can not miss it!

Friday, December 2 - Hour 3  

Dana mocks the Democrats for admitting they have no plan moving forward. Dana explains at the end of the day what is wrong with the Democratic party. You have to hear Dana's reaction that Amy Schumer might be playing Barbie in a movie! Plus don't miss Mailbag of Hate.

Friday, December 2 - Hour 2  

Dana continues her praise for Mad Dog Mattis. Stephen Crowder joined the show for a hilarious interview you have to listen too that touches on the Democrats whining and everything being called racism.

Friday, December 2 - Hour 1  

Celebrate with Dana as Mad Dog Mattis is appointed the Secretary of Defense! Dana goes into detail about the tax credits Trump is giving Carrier, and find out why Dana feels like this is more of a Pence thing than a Trump thing.

Thursday, December 1 - Hour 3  

Dana discusses Trump's Carrier deal. Find out what books are now being banned and why Dana has had enough of it. Dana mocks the left for thinking a statement made by Levi's was a "win" for the gun control movement.

Thursday, December 1 - Hour 2  

You got to hear Dana hilariously rip apart the latest criticism from the left on "racist" bras during a Victoria Secret Model show. Dana explains her problem with subsidizing companies like Obama did while being thrilled that Trump managed to keep jobs in Indiana.

Thursday, December 1 - Hour 1  

Dana laughs at the Democrats who retained Nancy Pelosi as their House leader further showing they didn't learn anything from this election. You will not believe this horrible story coming from a Wisconsin VA and Dana's strong reaction to it.

Wednesday, November 30 - Hour 3  

Dana touches on some of the remaining picks for Trump's cabinet. Edward Conrad, a former partner with Mitt Romney at Baine Capital, joins the show to discuss the possible pick of Romney for Secretary of State, as well as the current state of the American job market and economy.

Wednesday, November 30 - Hour 2  

You MUST hear Dana rip apart people who care calling for the country to stand with other Somali refugees. Dana gives her top 5 Christmas movies!

Wednesday, November 30 - Hour 1  

You have to hear Dana's thoughtful opinion on the recent flag burning controversy and exactly where she stands on the issue. You will not believe what Barney Frank said on live TV. Dana crushes a recent Buzzfeed Article attacking the hosts of the recent popular TV show Fixer Upper!

Tuesday, November 29 - Hour 3  

You've got to hear Dana hilariously make fun of Jill Stein and her craziness. Dana wonders what the inside of the White House is going to look like with Donald Trump in there. Dana slams some public places with gun free zones.

Tuesday, November 29 - Hour 2  

You have to hear Dana slam the mainstream media for once again ignoring Flyover Nation during these Tennessee Wildfires by barely covering it. Stephen Yates joined the show to discuss the Ohio State incident as well as Donald Trump's latest cabinet picks.

Tuesday, November 29 - Hour 1  

You have to hear Dana's frustrations as the main stream media drops their coverage of the Ohio State attack because it was no longer a shooting. Dana slams John Kasich for saying we might never know why the attack happened, it was clearly an act of terrorism. Dana discusses Trump's latest cabinet picks.

Monday, November 28 - Hour 2  

Dana comments on the hot issue coming from the Trump campaign with Kellyanne Conway and Trump fighting over Mitt Romney being a Secretary of State candidate. You have to hear Dana slam Castro's reign in Cuba and explain why his supposedly great healthcare system was a mirage.

Monday, November 28 - Hour 1  

Dana tries to wrap her head around the fact that some people are mourning Fidel Castro's death. Dana has all the up to date information on the Ohio State attack, and you have to hear her crush the gun control groups who tried to use this story to their advantage even though the attacker used a knife.

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