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Dana Loesch hosts her award-winning, nationally syndicated daily radio show, The Dana Show: The Conservative Alternative from Dallas, Texas where she also hosts 1cDana 1d on The Blaze television network.


Monday July 24 - Full Show  

Charlie Gard’s parents are giving up their legal fight to help their son. Effects of socialized healthcare reflect single-payer. The “slut walk” is only for “anti-Semitic sluts”. Anthony Scaramucci has some questionable tweets that he has deleted. Someone sets up a live stream of Sean Spicer’s home. A man builds stairs at his house for $500 and Toronto told community to take them down because they could do it better. Jared Kushner makes statement about Russian collusion. Dana reviews episode 2 of Game of Thrones and how it compares to modern day. Dana still isn’t pleased with Jeff Sessions. Michael Phelps raced a virtual shark. Japan comes up with “hamburger straws” Snooty the manatee gets a birthday party then dies. Dana can’t deal with Dr. Pepper. Tropical Storm Don and Hurricane Hilary are both occurring at the same time. This and much more!

Friday July 21 - Full Show  

Sean Spicer out as White House Press Secretary, Anthony Scaramucci gets hired as Communications Director and Steve Bannon is not happy. Dana tries to speak Swedish. New Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci does not support gun rights. Deray McKesson got paid $165,000 to be a Human Capital Officer of Baltimore Public Schools to fire people. We listen to the live press conference audio with Anthony Scaramucci. Debbi Wasserman-Schultz hired questionable people to handle IT in the DNC and paid them six figures. Progressives in New York would rather the government pay for transgender surgeries than military equipment. Dana dives into the Mailbag of Hate. That and much more!

Thursday July 20 - Full Show  

A New York Times interview with Trump released that Trump wouldn’t have chosen Sessions as AG. Sessions still wants the job. OJ Simpson has his parole hearing. The media complains about the money being spent to protect Trump Tower. Nancy Pelosi is not happy with the 10-year budget. Tim Gill wants to target Christians to “punish the wicked”. Dana’s obsessed with a Joe Esposito song. Chick-fil-a introduces new family style entrees and Dana wants to eat the whole thing. Glave’s patent isn’t getting approved. Florida man shoots tires of utility vehicle. The Juice is loose! OJ gets parole granted. Singer of Linkin Park commits suicide. Chris Christie catches a foul ball and gets booed. Plus, Oklahoma Congressman Steve Russell joins us to talk healthcare, budget & more.

Wednesday July 19 - Full Show  

Healthcare has become a game of pointing fingers. Congress is on pace to be the least productive Congress since Millard Fillmore. New Civil Asset Forfeiture rule is bad news. Apple releases emoji with a woman with hijab. Trump & Putin apparently met for a 2nd time privately at G20 even though they sat 7 seats apart, OJ Simpson faces parole because he was touching himself. Linda Sarsour called Jake Tapper “alt-right” because he condemned her. The Dyke March isn’t allowing "all lesbians" Why the “Cruz amendment’ got left out of healthcare, and Minneapolis police officer fatally shoots woman because he hears loud noises. That and much more!

Tuesday July 18 - Full Show  

The Senate Healthcare bill collapses and the GOP is not happy, Dana shows her thoughts on what to do next. A viking diet is the best way to fight dementia. The US hits Iran with sanctions by not being compliant with nuclear deal. The final person in Donald Trump Jr's Russian meeting identified. The Republicans respond to their failed Obamacare repeal. Plus, a Florida man gets his privates stuck in a swimming pool. There's backlash against the NRA’s new ad against the Washington Post. Also, Congressman Trent Franks from Arizona joins us to talk last chance for Obamacare repeal.

Monday July 17 - Full Show  

Healthcare bill is still a mess and Republicans may not ever fix it. "AntiFa" protester calls a horse a “racist-Trump supporter”. Army allows transgender soldiers to shower together. The Russian meddling claims are getting redundant. Stephen Yates joins us to talk Syrian ceasefire and Trump Jr. meeting. R. Kelly is kidnapping women. Women’s March praises a woman convicted of murdering a cop. Dana nerds out on new Game of Thrones season, and Army vet fired from Home Depot trying to stop thieves.

Friday July 14 - Full Show  

Dana introduces her National Protest Day episode. People participating int the NRA to Department Of Justice march have protection with guns at the rally. Dana updates the Kate Steinle case. Jenn Jacques from Bearing Arms joins us to talk gun safety. We check back in on Florida Man. Protesters calling in live from the march! Also, Ted Nugent joins us to talk current state of politics, left wing violence, the Exodus project, and his current tour. That and much more!

Thursday July 13 - Full Show  

New Senate health care draft released. Teen Vogue writer bashes her own sons by saying all men are threatening. Dana’s announcement for her show tomorrow in response to the nationwide protest against her and the NRA. Kid Rock announces his Senate run. John Lott joins us to talk about myths about firearms and women, a Florida man found cocaine inside Cookie Monster. Joan Walsh from MSNBC attacked Ivanka Trump for wearing pink. That and much more!

Wednesday July 12 - Full Show  

Dana shares a story and defines treason correctly. Did Donald Trump Jr actually commit a crime? Deray Mckesson thinks the new Planet of the Apes movie is racist. Cosmopolitan says you shouldn’t celebrate your baby’s gender. RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel joins to talk about Trump Jr’s emails and the health care bill. Dana explains what “cousin first removed” means. Linda Sarsour went on a tweet storm, a clown beat someone up for not giving him money, and a New York Times writer took a friend to get sandwiches, but the friend was too “stupid”. Also, US Attorney Andy McCarthy joins us to discuss whether Trump Jr’s actions are criminal & Linda Sarsour’s comments about Jihad.

Tuesday July 11 - Full Show  

Donald Trump Jr.’s email’s with Russian ambassadors gets released, Dana summarizes. Has Linda Sarsour committed sedition? Chris Christie tries his sports radio career, and it doesn't go well. Florida man get his leg bitten off by a shark. Plus the Democrats think everything is treason is now. Also, a Day in Stupidity!

Monday June 10 - Full Show  

Congress is back in session, and nothing has changed. A Chicago man sold guns to murder cops. Dana asks Women’s March to denounce Linda Sarsour. Dana went to go see the new Spiderman. The Washington Post ties Illinois radio host to Alexandra shooting in their story. Stephen Yates joins to talk about Trump’s G20 visit. Columnist Bill Clark tries to compare himself to minorities because he got pulled over one time. Lena Dunham may have done something weird to her dog? Canadian journalist Brian Lilley joins us to talk how the Canadian government gave money to terrorist organizations

Friday July 7 - Full Show  

Dana praises Trump’s comments in Poland on energy, and criticizes a misunderstood gif. She is also not a fan of Tobey McGuire as Spiderman. A women walked into Congress with her shoulders exposed, and people are outraged. Michigan Representative Jack Bergman joins us to talk Kate’s Law and Trump’s European visit. Dana defends herself from Linda Sarsour and Women’s March's Jihadist rhetoric. Plus, who said it: David Duke or feminist writer? And more Mailbag of Hate!

Thursday July 6 - Full Show  

Dana updates on Trump in Europe before the G20 Summit. More on New York City cop assassination. Plus, a violent Anti-Capitalist riot erupts in Hamburg before G20 Summit. The Women's March organizer calls for Jihad against Trump. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe can’t pinpoint a leader of the Democratic Party. Are womb transplants a thing? Also we revisit a Day in stupidity. That and much more!

Wednesday July 5 - Full Show  

Dana discusses the overreaction of Trump’s GIF tweet. CNN misquotes Abraham Lincoln & Ben Franklin. The witch hunt for Reddit user HanA**Solo is wrong. An NYC police officer assassinated for no reason, Chris Christie sits on a closed beach. Dana, Kane & Steve place bets on the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight. Multiple Florida men blowing their hands off. Paul Ryan’s opponent wants to raise 32 Trillion in taxes, Nikki Haley makes a statement about North Korea at the UN. Howard Dean makes an incorrect generalization, and Stephen Yates joins to talk North Korea & G20

Friday June 30 - Full Show  

More hate on Dana’s NRA ad. Dana thinks Trump need to go about his tweeting a different way. Plus, Dana comments on Charlie Gard and Right to Life. Also, Dana cites many examples of Leftist violence. In addition, Dana touches on “Kate’s Law” and the Jamile Shaw story, plus a Florida man has butt graffiti? Finally, Dana take callers and reads off her Mailbag of Hate, and flashes back to the 80’s show “Dynasty”. That and much more!

Thursday June 29 - Full Show  

Dana responds to her NRA ad that went viral and defends intention of it. A hater leaves a ridiculous voicemail, plus another Florida man does something pretty disgusting. Trump’s travel ban officially goes into effect. NC Rep Richard Hudson joins in to talk about national reciprocity and Dana cites article that actually tells the truth about her.

Wednesday June 28 - Full Show  

Dana dive into the President’s influence on the delay in the Senate healthcare bill, also what Dana likes and doesn’t like about it. A Washington Post article on children exposed to guns picks up steam, and fecal matter found in Starbucks drinks? Dana touches on Philando Castille verdict, plus a Florida pees on shopping carts. Mark Zuckerberg goes on a “listening tour” for a possible political run? Plus, a callerargues Dana’s NRA ad. Representative Debbie Dingell calls out her own party, & Zoey Tur attacks her daughter on social media. That and much more!

Tuesday June 27 - Full Show  

Dana’s back from vacation and wraps up the health care craziness with a California woman who threatens to go to Planned Parenthood in Mexico. Dana summarizes SCOTUS decisions of the Travel Ban reinstatement and the Peruta v California decision on right to protect. Dana notices something interesting at Turks and Caicos on their immigration laws. Plus, Mitch McConnell’s response on vote delay. The UN Women releases toolkit to help narrow gender gap for procurement professionals and more Twin Peaks obsession. Also, John McEnroe makes comments about Serena Williams. That and much more!

Monday June 26 - Full Show  

Nate Shelman fills in one last time. Part of Trump’s travel ban reinstated, what parts are still in effect?Callers weigh in on current state of immigration, religious freedom and the effects of the reinstated Travel Ban. Stephen Yates joins on to talk reinstated Travel Ban. Plus, a Florida Man who tries to take a selfie with a gator. Finally, the GOP can’t seem to get the Senate Health Care Bill right, and the Democratic party is imploding and can't help. That and much more!

Friday, June 23 - Full Show  

Nate Shelman fills in for Dana and discusses Johnny Depp making an assassination comment about President, and callers weigh in on Freedom of Speech or threat from Johnny Depp. Nate touches on the shooting of Philando Castille by a police officer and is the shooting justified? Plus, callers on whether Castille shooting was justified. Also, a Day in Stupidity of a man who asked to go to jail for no reason.

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