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Dana Loesch hosts her award-winning, nationally syndicated daily radio show, The Dana Show: The Conservative Alternative from Dallas, Texas where she also hosts 1cDana 1d on The Blaze television network.


Thursday, January 19 - Hour 3  

Dana is LIVE from SHOT Show in Las Vegas. Dana celebrates the end of the Obama administration finally! Andrew Saxton of joins Dana from Vegas to discuss some awesome night vision accessories!

Thursday, January 19 - Hour 2  

Dana is LIVE from SHOT Show in Las Vegas. Dana tackles Obamacare and refutes the lies being told on it by the left. Karl Malone, the Mailman, joins Dana live in Las Vegas to talk about hunting and guns.

Thursday, January 19 - Hour 1  

Dana is LIVE from SHOT Show in Las Vegas. Dana previews the inauguration tomorrow, and hilariously mocks the planned women's marches. You'll want to hear Dana's hilariously accurate comparison of Republicans being bullied the last 8 years to Ralphie from A Christmas Story!

Wednesday, January 18 - Hour 3  

Dana is LIVE from the SHOT show in Las Vegas. Dana discusses the upcoming inauguration on Friday. You won't believe what Snoop Dogg was recorded saying about black people attending Trump's inauguration. Actor Matthew Marsden joins Dana from SHOT show to discuss gun culture in America compared to England.

Wednesday, January 18 - Hour 2  

Dana is LIVE from the SHOT show in Las Vegas. Dana talks about Betsy DeVos confirmation hearing and her battles with fake Indian Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. MMA star and gun advocate Tim Kennedy joins Dana LIVE from the SHOT show to discuss America being back with Obama leaving, the Bradley Manning commutation, guns, and much more!

Wednesday, January 18 - Hour 1  

Dana is LIVE from SHOT show in Las Vegas. You don't want to miss Dana commenting on the commutation of Bradley Manning! Larry Keane, the VP of SHOT Show, joins Dana to talk about the Bradley Manning situation, the future of gun laws in America, and more!

Tuesday, January 17 - Hour 3  

Dana discusses Nat Geo's incredibly biased outlook of Obama's time in office. Dana puts to rest some of the myths regarding Obamacare and how health insurance works. Find out what Jessica Chastain said that has Danna pretty unhappy!

Tuesday, January 17 - Hour 2  

Dana has some fun with the cat fight going on with the left regarding their planned women's marches in DC during Trump's inauguration week. James O'Keefe joins Dana to discuss his latest Project Veritas video that you won't want to miss!

Tuesday, January 17 - Hour 1  

Dana has reached her limit with the left and you don't want to miss her discussing the 50 or so Democrats missing Trump's inauguration on Friday. You have to hear Dana hilariously mock Green Day regarding their latest song criticizing Donald Trump.

Monday, January 16 - Hour 3  

Dana goes through parts of Obama's recent interview with ABC and calls the President out for a lot of his nonsense. You do not want to miss Dana rip Democrats for not attending Trump's ingratiation or recognizing him as a legitimate President. Maj Toure joins Dana for a great interview regarding Facebook trying to shut down his Black Guns Matter advocacy.

Monday, January 16 - Hour 2  

You need to hear Dana bash President Obama after he claims talk radio and "fake news" have undermined Democracy, if anybody has done that it is the Democrats. Dana discusses Toby Keith performing at Trump's inauguration and Hollywood bullying celebrities out of going. Stephen Yates joins the program to discuss NATO and much more with Dana!

Monday, January 16 - Hour 1  

Dana hits back at John Lewis for calling Trump an "illegitimate" President. Dana explains why it was okay for Donald Trump to respond on Twitter here. Dana celebrates MLK Day with a story about him and being denied gun rights that you will want to hear.

Friday, January 13 - Hour 3  

Dana ponders what could have made House Democrats so angry after a meeting with James Comey. Dana mocks the left for still trying to use Comey as a scapegoat for Hillary's loss. Dana discusses the Presidential Medal of Freedom that Obama gave to Joe Biden.

Friday, January 13 - Hour 2  

Hear some of the best bits from General Mattis' hearings. Dana praises Mattis for his stance on Russia and NATO. You don't want to miss Dana react to an Obamacare supporter's question to Paul Ryan at his Town Hall. Dana comments on the Presidential transition.

Friday, January 13 - Hour 1  

You have to hear Dana slam and mock the LL Bean boycott in the only hilarious way she knows how! Dana shops on LL Bean's website live on air. Dana critiques the current President and his deportation policies.

Thursday, January 12 - Hour 3  

Dana shoots down Representative Richmond for complaining about having to testify at the end of the Sessions hearing. Dana will not take the left's false accusations against Sessions! You can't miss this hilarious story Dana about Ashley Judd and emojis!

Thursday, January 12 - Hour 2  

Dana comments on Ben Carson's HUD hearings. Hear Dana explain why she isn't so sure about that pick for Trump. You do not want to miss Dana eviscerate anti-gun leader Shannon Watts!

Thursday, January 12 - Hour 1  

You must hear Dana slam Ben Smith for his complete lack of awareness regarding this fake Donald Trump news story that Buzzfeed decided to publish. Dana discusses the issue with CNN and Donald Trump and whether or not the CNN reporter should be fired for his actions during Trump's press conference yesterday.

Wednesday, January 11 - Hour 3  

You don't want to miss Dana talk about some of the possible last actions of President Obama before he leaves office next week. Dana talks about some of the key parts from Obama's farewell speech last night.

Wednesday, January 11 - Hour 2  

Dana continues to rip into Buzzfeed for their terrible reporting about this Trump "leak" Dana explains to you why you shouldn't be criticizing Jake Tapper or CNN regarding this though. You don't want to miss this exchange between Marco Rubio and Rex Tillerson and Dana's reaction to it!

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