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Dana Loesch hosts her award-winning, nationally syndicated daily radio show, The Dana Show: The Conservative Alternative from Dallas, Texas where she also hosts 1cDana 1d on The Blaze television network.


Thursday, October 27 - Hour 3  

Dana touches on Michelle Obama campaigning out with Hillary Clinton today. Dana bashes a Ben Affleck PSA video to vote, why do celebrities need to speak out on politics? You won't believe what Arby's is offering now in select cities and Dana needs to get her hands on it!

Thursday, October 27 - Hour 2  

Dana talks about the importance of Trump hammering the abomination that is Obamacare. You have to listen to Dana get into the meat and potatoes of Obamacare and totally rip it apart!

Thursday, October 27 - Hour 1  

Dana explains why these Clinton emails don't really effect Hillary Clinton's base. Dana shares some pretty amazing stories coming from the Clinton camp regarding her private email server. You have to hear a fantastic segment with Dana talking about a possible Mormon mafia!?

Wednesday, October 26 - Hour 3  

You have to listen to Dana just tear the State Department a part after they won't admit to Iranians using Americans as cash cows after the previous ransom payment. Find out why Ash Carter is working on while President Obama is off doing late night TV shows.

Wednesday, October 26 - Hour 2  

Dana continues to slam President Obama for knowing about Clinton's private email and lying about it. You have to hear Dana talk about the video that has everyone talking about between Newt Gingrich and Megyn Kelly!

Wednesday, October 26 - Hour 1  

Dana addresses the new bombshell information from Wikileaks that shows President Obama may have known about Clinton's private email before he has claimed too. You must listen to Dana passionately explain why the Senate

Tuesday, October 25 - Hour 3  

Dana has the day off so enjoy an hour of The Best of The Dana Show! In this hour hear Dana tell a terrible story of the government once again screwing over our armed forces. Dana also talks to Ben Shapiro!

Tuesday, October 25 - Hour 2  

Dana has a day off so enjoy The Best of The Dana Show! In this hour hear Dana slam Obamacare and talk about why it has failed. Also, relive her excellent interview with Presidential candidate Evan McMullin!

Tuesday, October 25 - Hour 1  

Dana takes a day off so enjoy The Best of The Dana Show! In this hour she talks about the important and close Senate races, as well as the rocking Clinton Morocco scandal.

Monday, October 24 - Hour 3  

Dana touches on all the latest polls including the very important Senate races. You have to hear Dana call out one of the candidates for being a fake 2A supporter! You won't believe what people are protesting now either.

Monday, October 24 - Hour 2  

Dana had her soul broken by Trump at his Gettysburg speech, find out why! You won't believe what the government is doing to returning soldiers now. Stephen Yates joins the show to discuss Wikileaks and the latest in Mosul.

Monday, October 24 - Hour 1  

Dana slams the continued failures of Obamacare and explains why it has failed like it has. You have to hear Dana rip a part the Clinton campaign for their latest hypocrisy.

Friday, October 21 - Hour 3  

Dana takes some interesting calls and further discusses the Wikileaks and whether or not we should be okay with them. Brian Kilmead joins the show to discuss his newest book as well as the current election.

Friday, October 21 - Hour 2  

Dana comments on the latest cyber hacks across the country today. Dana tells you who she believes is behind these cyber attacks. You MUST listen to Dana passionately explain why these Wikileaks are not good for the country even if they are on Hillary Clinton.

Friday, October 21 - Hour 1  

Dana talks about the super awkward Al Smith dinner from last night. You have to hear some of the "jokes" Trump told about Hillary Clinton! Dana tears Obama and his comments on Obamacare apart!

Thursday, October 20 - Hour 3  

You have to hear Dana destroy Hillary Clinton's answers on ISIS and accepting Syrian refugees. Dana discusses both candidates' answers on the SCOTUS. What is your state's favorite candy? Dana will tell you!

Thursday, October 20 - Hour 2  

Donald Trump and Dana put Clinton on blast for sending people to Trump rallies to incite violence. You have to hear Dana give you her opinion on who won the debate last night. Dana tells you what the best thing it was that Trump did last night.

Thursday, October 20 - Hour 1  

Dana has all the debate recap you need! She tackles Trump's comments about not conceding the election if he loses, but gives you a friendly reminder of a Democrat who did something similar. You have to listen to Dana give you the best and worst moments of the debate in such an entertaining way only she can do it!

Wednesday, October 19 - Hour 3  

You have to hear Dana put President Obama on blast after he says that there is nothing to see between the State Department and FBI reports. Ben Shapiro joins the show to discuss his newest book and the state of the country after the election is over.

Wednesday, October 19 - Hour 2  

You must hear Dana's reaction to Donald Trump inviting President Obama's half brother to the third debate! Dana gives you a great breakdown of the latest polling in key battleground states.

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