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Dana Loesch hosts her award-winning, nationally syndicated daily radio show, The Dana Show: The Conservative Alternative from Dallas, Texas where she also hosts 1cDana 1d on The Blaze television network.


Thursday, May 25 - Full Show  

POTUS in Europe, the latest in the Manchester terrorism investigation, the CBO scores the amended AHCA and a debate about the virtues of body slamming pesky reporters. These stories and more in this episode of The Dana Show.

Wednesday, May 24 - Full Show  

What is a watch list for? The latest on the Manchester loser. POTUS meets the Pope. Dana picks a bone with Piers Morgan. Dana questions a case of cultural appropriation. These stories and more today on The Dana Show.

Tuesday, May 23 - Full Show  

The Manchester attack and media coverage. Stephen Yates joins Dana to discuss POTUS in the Middle East. Also, Monica Lewinski is back in the news. This and much more in today's episode of The Dana Show.

Monday, May 20 - Full Show  

The media reaction to POTUS in Saudi Arabia. Students walk out of VP Pence graduation speech. Democratic leaders fear the focus on impeachment is hurting the party's reputation. A study of 40 journalists reveals that they drink too much and have brain problems.

Friday, May 19 - Full Show  

Dana discusses media bias regarding the James Comey memo and reports from the NYT that POTUS reassured the Russian Ambassador that his firing of James Comey would take the pressure off of the FBI investigation into Russia's involvement in the 2016 election.

Thursday, May 18 - Full Show  

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appoints Robert Mueller to be special prosecutor to oversee the Justice Department’s investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the U.S. presidential election and related issues. Rand Paul wants to know if the Obama administration spied on him during his 2016 presidential campaign. These stories and more in this episode of The Dana Show.

Wednesday, May 17 - Full Show  

The James Comey memo fuels impeachment talk. But who is doing the leaking? Will there be a special prosecutor: Dana's prediction. Also, POTUS to visit Saudi Arabia: rumors he will make the largest arms deal in history; and have you heard about the Arab NATO? This and more in today's show.

Tuesday, May 16 - Full Show  

H.R. McMaster defends his statement about POTUS (not) giving classified intelligence with Russia. Miss USA clarifies her statements regarding healthcare and feminism. The latest in the Seth Rich murder mystery. Dana discusses these and other stories in this episode of The Dana Show.

Monday, May 15 - Full Show  

North Korea launches its most successful missile to date. Does anyone outside the Beltway care about the James Comey story? Is healthcare a right or a privilege? The problem with feminism and feminists. Dana defends the daily press briefing. A caller challenges Dana on the Hyde Amendment. This and more in this episode of The Dana Show.

Friday, May 12 - Full Show  

Don't miss Dana's crazy surprise for Marty on his last day on the show! Dana also hits the hard news topics as she dissects Trump's latest tweets on his firing of James Comey. Don't miss Dana call out the people who are against America being involved in any kind of foreign activity. You also won't want to miss this story on Christian's being under attack once more. Dana also has another great edition of Mailbag of Hate!

Thursday, May 11 - Full Show  

Dana has all the latest news regarding James Comey being fired and you don't want to miss her debunk the media's fake narrative surrounding it! Find out why Dana believes the media is pushing the false narrative that Trump is under investigation when he isn't at all. You also don't want to miss Dana hilariously but informative explain why this all comes back to Hillary Clinton. Dana also has multiple Florida Man stories today that will have your jaw on the floor!

Wednesday, May 10 - Full Show  

Don't miss Dana's reaction to the James Comey firing as Dana is all over the biggest news story of the day! Find out what Dana thinks about the firing and what questions she has about it. You also won't want to miss Dana mock the Democrats for being up in arms over the move after calling for Comey's head after Clinton lost! Dana also has some great Florida Man stories and much more!

Tuesday, May 9 - Full Show  

Don't miss Dana's reaction to the latest big news stories as she recaps the Clapper and Yates testimonies from yesterday. Dana calls out the Democrats for their lack of proof that Russia effected the election! Dana celebrates Greg Abbott signing a law to ban sanctuary cities, and ponders what laws she would like to not follow like the left doesn't follow illegal immigration laws. You also won't want to miss Dana hilariously introduce a new intern to the show!

Monday, May 8 - Full Show  

Don't miss as Dana reacts to the French Election results and shuts down the people on the left who think this is some kind of victory for them. The FCC investigating Stephen Colbert after his crude remarks about Trump? Find out what Dana has to say about this as it just might surprise you! Stephen Yates joins the show to discuss the French Election results and what it means for politics in Europe moving forward. Dana also discusses the latest with the Maryland rape case involving a 14 year old girl.

Friday, May 5th - Full Show  

Dana reacts to the healthcare bill passing the House yesterday and discusses where the healthcare system is now going. You will not believe who the Washington Post is interviewing for an anti-gun story and you don't want to miss Dana crush it! Dana celebrates the repeal of Dodd Frank which she calls "Obamacare for Banks!" You don't want to miss another edition of Mailbag of Hate and Florida Man either!

Thursday, May 4 - Full Show  

You don't want to miss Dana's LIVE reaction as the healthcare bill gets passed in the House as she's on air! Dana breaks it down for you explains why this is just another version of Obamacare. Dana discusses Trump signing an Executive Order on Religious Freedom. You won't believe this story on what the famous Dr. Phil "Cash Me Outside" girl is doing now! Also, Dana has a couple of great Florida Man stories as well as Today in Stupidity!

Wednesday, May 3 - Full Show  

Don't miss Dana tell you why Speaker Ryan is wrong to call the spending bill a "win for Conservatives." Also, find out why Dana says the Republicans are still funding Obama's agenda! You don't want to miss Dana go in on Comey's testimony today and his refusal to press charges on this close Clinton aide! Dana also has the latest on what is going on with the healthcare bill.

Tuesday, May 2 - Full Show  

Dana reviews all the things Republicans have won since the election. She also introduces the audience to her new pet who visits in the studio.

Monday, May 1 - Full Show  

Dana returns from her trip to Atlanta for the NRA Convention has some great stories from that including a run in with the "Moms Demand" group! Dana also discusses Trump's first 100 days now that it is officially in the book. You don't want to miss Dana give a closer look at the budget that was passed as she gives her honest opinion on it! Foreign policy expert Stephen Yates also joins the show to discuss the latest in the ongoing situation with North Korea.

Friday, April 28 - Full Show  

Erick Erickson fills in for Dana. Erick goes over the latest economy report and explains why any Trump criticism based on it is totally unfair. Hear Erick's take on ESPN's issues as they lay off over 100 people. You don't want to miss Erick slam the left for the way they are politicizing everything. Also, tune in to hear what grade Erick gives Trump for his first 100 days in office!

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