The Dark Verse

The Dark Verse

United States

Short stories of occult, metaphysical, and fantastical horror that will follow you to the visions of your sleep.


TDV 106: Apathindying  

In the pit of night, in a barren land, beneath and within leafless oaks and upon untrodden soils, a gathering of vagabond Magic Bleeders shared in their woes around the warmth of communal flames. Distant battles painted the sky with colorful sparkles and bursts of glimmering energy that cut through the fissures of the branches. […]

TDV 105: The Supplicants Of Pain  

In memory, what I saw felt only as a dream—a picture so surreal that only the wild and deviant subconscious should have been able to conjure such a display. I doubted many of the account’s details over time as knowledge and experience established a clear border between reality and fantasy. Even with the event elaborated […]

TDV 104: Everyone’s Whisper Sounds The Same  

My wife turned out the lights, crawled into bed with me, and whispered, “I love you,” into my ear before giving me a kiss on the lips. “I love you, too,” I whispered back. I turned my way and she hers, and we faded into slumber. “Wake up, wake up,” my wife said to me […]

TDV 103: Not Worth Reading  

I stepped out of work for lunch and walked to the nearby delicatessen. I picked up a corned beef sandwich on rye bread and sat outside at one of the few cast iron tables available to enjoy it. The afternoon was not the warmest of days, but the sun provided a convivial blanket of illumination […]

TDV 102: The Strangewax Candles  

My new mother and brother arrived on the eve of my twelfth birthday. I was neither happy nor resentful with their addition. It had been three years since my mother died—three years of just my father and I—and I understood that there was a vacancy in his heart and in our home. My only worry […]

TDV 101: Doorways To Obliteration  

Doorways are a means of passage, but are also non-circumventive impositions on passage that have varying degrees of access. Some are open to all. Some contain doors for the filtration of sight and sound, but are still open to all. Some have locked doors, allowing admission only to the possessor of a key. Others are […]

TDV 100: The Eyeless Sight (The Unlike Light Sequel)  

There was a purpose to the keep, and although that purpose had not yet been revealed when the Man of Courage with his smoke candles stepped out of the prison of the dark into the peril of the light, it was always present and always forthcoming. It was only a matter of when it would […]

TDV 99: It Concludes In A Receptacle  

Crisp, colorful, autumn leaves crunched beneath my footsteps as I walked through the tree archways of my neighborhood on a brisk, overcast afternoon. Every few moments, a gust of wind whistled above me, sending leaves to the whim of the hibernating world. A pulse of soothing electronic music ebbed from my headphones into contemplative thought […]

TDV 98: Spirit Dispersion  

You will be with me forever,” Mother of a Thousand Minds whispered into the ear of the man she held within her arms. She pressed herself against him tightly and released us. Go, my little ones, she said in thought as I and thousands of her minds became small spike appendages that extended from her […]

TDV 97: The Kids Go First  

Ding-dong. The doorbell rang. I hesitatingly placed a bookmark in my afternoon read, pulled myself up from the couch, and lurched towards the front door. When I got there, I pressed my eye to the peephole to scout the visiting presence. Barely within view were two children somewhere between the ages of seven and nine—a […]

TDV 96: The Lantern And Its Book  

While vacationing with friends and family in a remote and beautiful range of densely-forest-covered mountains, I made the bold decision to backpack alone into the wilderness for a night; no one else had the desire or equipment to join me. Being an adventurer, I bought a map, found a region I liked, and decided to […]

TDV 95: The Midnight Magician  

The Secronomus, its face and body of black shards jutting forth and its eyes of red crystal, impartially watched from its throne as I performed an act of transmogrifying juggling. Simple, smooth balls of silvery metal effortlessly circled into the air from hand to hand before whirling and warping into different beasts and entities that […]

TDV 94: The Ruination Die  

There were palm readers, fortune tellers, and clairvoyants, but I was nothing like them. Where others saw auras and energies, I saw numbers. Each and every person that ever entered my view was accompanied by a number—a number that could not be known by the individual it belonged to unless I divulged it. The numbers […]

TDV 93: Little Angels  

The pig brain swelled. Fluids popped and hissed from its folds and grooves. Dr. Mayoris slightly increased the temperature inside the incubator containing it. “So are you still set on the placement of your angel?” he asked me. His black and white hound’s-tooth coat offset his ungainly face. “Yes, behind my left eye,” I said, […]

TDV 92: Infernobot  

Technology had connected the universe, making space suitable for recreational and residential dwellings, travel between livable planets acceptable in duration, and old age such a slow onset that populations overran worlds. Death was still the unknown, and I wanted to find it–not by dying, but by seeking its destination. The purple sky—mingling with aqua light […]

Promo: The Dark Verse, Vol. 1 Hardcover Reprint  

Help me bring back THE DARK VERSE, VOL. 1 hardcover book! I am currently running a crowdfunding campaign to reprint The Dark Verse, Vol. 1 hardcover book. I printed 1,000 copies back when I first published the book in 2009, and five years later, at the end of 2014, I sold out. I need your help to again […]

TDV 91: Costumes Of Reality  

Outside, frogs croaked by the hundreds. The recent rains had swelled the nearby creek allowing for a brief metropolis of amphibian prolificacy. They had never before caused me much delay when it came to falling asleep, but this evening their raucous sounds were so penetrating that it was too hard to exchange their dissonance with […]

TDV 90: The Essence Of All-Sight  

The steps leading up to the century-old stronghold were like rotting teeth, fragmented and disgustingly whittled. The passageway at the pinnacle of these steps—tucked between the swooping, gnarly trees of the Battlemance Forest—lay open for any foolish wayfarer such as myself who desired to connect the fate of one’s life with the Death Breadths of […]

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