The Dark Verse

The Dark Verse

United States

Short stories of occult, metaphysical, and fantastical horror that will follow you to the visions of your sleep.


Promo: The Dark Verse, Vol. 1 Hardcover Reprint  

Help me bring back THE DARK VERSE, VOL. 1 hardcover book! I am currently running a crowdfunding campaign to reprint The Dark Verse, Vol. 1 hardcover book. I printed 1,000 copies back when I first published the book in 2009, and five years later, at the end of 2014, I sold out. I need your help to again […]

TDV 91: Costumes Of Reality  

Outside, frogs croaked by the hundreds. The recent rains had swelled the nearby creek allowing for a brief metropolis of amphibian prolificacy. They had never before caused me much delay when it came to falling asleep, but this evening their raucous sounds were so penetrating that it was too hard to exchange their dissonance with […]

TDV 90: The Essence Of All-Sight  

The steps leading up to the century-old stronghold were like rotting teeth, fragmented and disgustingly whittled. The passageway at the pinnacle of these steps—tucked between the swooping, gnarly trees of the Battlemance Forest—lay open for any foolish wayfarer such as myself who desired to connect the fate of one’s life with the Death Breadths of […]

TDV 89: Omnipotent Ingenuity  

Darilandria Alrindce Syabeltel.” That was all the gargantuan visitor said after it arrived through a fissure in space and abruptly appeared in the middle of the world. A portal, not so different than a mirror in the sky, appeared without warning, reflecting back the lands before expanding outward to its city-wide ends as an enormous […]

TDV 88: The Protean Birth Enigma  

Although I slept and although I dreamt, I was not at rest. My muscles perpetually flexed while the blood surging through my veins heated my damp, rank flesh. My eyes jutted beneath their lids, absorbing an orange light that radiated heat upon me and into the core of my mind’s visions. Time passed exceedingly slow […]

Promo: The Spirit Collectors (A Novel by Sharkchild)  

In the world of Awya, where cities are scattered across isles in a seemingly endless ocean called the Black Waters, an umyn boy by the name of Amory Demshen is unable to suppress the insatiable longing to explore Tempertime Cemetery—a place forbidden to those without proper training and knowledge. After a spryth guides the boy […]

TDV 87: The Apocalypse Bringers  

A destroyed moon lay dispersed across the sky. Its fragments reflected a pale, red light. In front of these debris, a great multitude of meteors reached the atmosphere, raining across the land in streaks of flame. Concussions resounded in every direction that amplified the pandemonium of this planet’s final hours. “Sidideris desiterkan durs forlektis,” my […]

TDV 86: Dominance By Devouringness  

On an early afternoon as I sat on a bench in Stebly Park reading the book, The Itinerant Life of Triach, and as the glow of sunlight amplified the surroundings—the freshly manicured lawns, the crisp hedges, the brilliant daisy fields, and the flourishing oak trees—giving them a surreal accent, I struck up a conversation with […]

TDV 85: A Random Game Of Vitriolage  

Who sings this?” my grandmother asked as I placed needle on spinning vinyl, bringing to life an aura of music. A soothing and charming voice stirred the heart above a movement of catchy melodies and rhythmic bass. The way the voice careened from lyric to lyric brought the music to life in a story of […]

TDV 84: Rainsaw  

My son looked so innocent and full of happiness. His wavy, golden brown hair bounced softly while he hunted the red ball that continually evaded his uncoordinated efforts of collection, and the slightly oversized, brown, suede jacket encasing his figure only did him harm on his quest. Every time he missed a grasp on the […]

TDV 83: D.M.V. (Dream Magic And The Vessels)  

I called my house the Old Souls Orphanage—a haven for the elderly without a place to call home. Those in the latter years of life who had not the funds or family to be given the living quarters of comfort and peace that were deserved came to my abode to receive well-appointed accommodations. I gave […]

TDV 82: The Wrong House Of Worship  

His play of the piano was remarkable. The way his fingers careened along the keys was like a swift and gentle stream that invoked the serenity and beauty of nature’s kiss. His melodies, with their masterful fermatas and crescendos, called out in prayers to the ears. The music was a triumph beyond those things known, […]

TDV 81: Killing Tools (The Glove Of Wires)  

There was nothing wrong with my childhood that should have ever attracted the blackness that arose at the age where toy robots, slingshots, and water guns were the apple of my eye—I played, I fought, I got hurt, I got in trouble, and I learned. Despite my innocence, the ominous stars aligned and allowed the […]

TDV 80: Age Of Thaumaturgics  

With sweaty, trembling hands, I entered the floor of Candure Stadium. Each and every sound of my bodily existence was muted by the humming ruckus pulsating between expectant members of the critical audience. My breaths were hollow, my steps were unheard, and the beating of my heart reverberated within me in empty concussions. The blood […]

The Unlike Light (Remastered)  

Indulge in the remastered edition of The Unlike Light. The Ravener has joined the dark forces of this track to bring the best in audio horror fiction to your ears. Click here to download TDV Remastered Episode

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