The Degenerate Nation Podcast

The Degenerate Nation Podcast


Plug your headphones in and turn your soul volume down. The Degenerate Nation podcast harnesses a bizarre blend of pathos and perversity, social commentary, improv, and "interviews" with characters from the vast underbelly of our Degenerate Nation.. You're welcome.


Billy Bush Conspiracy Theories  

A-Aron's conspiracy theories. Trump. Mosquito Homicide.

Am I Manic?  

Am I Manic? Or do I just want to be a kitty, kitty, kitty....

Back to the Womb  

Friendship divorce. Returning to the womb. Parlaying the podcast into wanton sex.

Losing Our Virginity  

Losing my virginity at 25. Degenerate gambling advice.


Debate. Weed. Depression.


Deconstructing Donald Trump's Debate Disaster

Colin Kaepernick Kissing Muhammad  

Guest Host Luther Danger interviews Degenerate Nation Founder...

Snorting Hot Sauce  

Hot sauce and buttholes are exposed on this crossover event episode. This is the second part of a two-part crossover event that we did with The Infamous Chronicles team in their Los Angeles studios and shit got weird. Head over to their show to listen to the first half and then head back here to finalize the insanity.

Fingering the Obtainable  

Lumberjack Erotica.

Pokemon Go Olympics Trump  

Rafael Palmeiro Fucks.

Rio2016 Olympics  

Degenerate Nation takes on the 2016 Olympics

Animal Hospital Blowjob  

Comedian Greg Stevens joins Degenerate Nation on an intimate walk-and-talk

Archery Gangbang  

Dildo drones. Olympic Kegels.

Donald Trump  

Donald Trump's acceptance speech


Yellow Team is a Suck Fest. Mervin the Crackhead. Pokemon Go and Sex Dolls.


Luther Danger. Butt stuff, Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go  

Good hair. Clean butthole. Open mind. Pokemon Go.

Masturbation Imposter Syndrome  

Are you masturbating the right way? We're not.

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