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The Deliciously Stella Podcast

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Join Bella Younger, aka Deliciously Stella, in her quest to #gettheglow


Deliciously Stella Episode 18  

In this episode, Bella meets the girls who run the online magazine, About Time, and finds out what it means to be a ‘veggan’.

Deliciously Stella Episode 17  

Bella chats to nutrition consultant Kate Arnold about VEGA machines and the myths on sugar alternatives. Plus, Bella heads to the Paradise Garage restaurant to meet Irish chef, Laosie Casey.

Deliciously Stella Podcast Episode 16  

Bella talks to Emma Gannon aka Girl Lost In The City about oversharing, body image and internet fame.

Deliciously Stella Episode 15  

This week Bella heads down to the offices of Olive magazine to talk food, wine and discover what makes Skinny Prosecco.

Deliciously Stella Podcast Episode 14  

Bella talks to nutritionist, Ian Marber, about his frustration over fad diets and more importantly, she finds out all about his favourite sweets.

Deliciously Stella Episode 13  

Bella met blogger and Instagrammer, Michelle Thomas, to talk about body image

Deliciously Stella Episode 12  

This time, Anthony Warner aka The Angry Chef tells Bella whats making him so cross.

Delciously Stella Episode 11  

This time in her quest to get the glow Bella meets someone with a real life PHD. This is getting serious!

Deliciously Stella Podcast 10  

This time Bella is getting all scientific and finds out what the #eatclean movement is getting wrong about water. Also she shares some dark secrets from her University days!

Deliciously Stella Podcast 9  

This time, Bella chats all things food with Channel 4's Felicity Spector @felicityspector. Plus Bella has a plan to get naked on her trip back to Scotland...this can only end badly.

Deliciously Stella Podcast 8  

Bella has some news this week and a story about a witch. Standard.

Deliciously Stella Episode 7  

Bella Younger continues her journey to #gettheglow.

Deliciously Stella Episode 6  

As Bella Younger (Deliciously Stella) continues on her quest to #gettheglow she explores dating with Sunday Time Columnist Dolly Alderton @dollyalderton.

Deliciously Stella Episode 5  

This time Bella Younger AKA Deliciously Stella speaks to Rosie Birkett and her sister in the ongoing quest to gettheglow

Deliciously Stella Easter Holiday  

Bella is buried in chocolate this Easter but wanted to apologise.

Deliciously Stella Episode 4  

This time, Bella's quest to get the glow sees her baking a cake with Anges de Sucre ( and she chats with Model Lily Bailey.

Deliciously Stella Episode 3  

This week Bella's quest to get the glow takes her to the highs of the Red Carpet and the lows of the Daily Mail comments section.

The Deliciously Stella Podcast - Episode 2  

As her quest to #gettheglow continues, Bella leads her first hot pod yoga class, finds out what’s behind the lemon & cayenne pepper diet, and chats to her mum about some of her childhood eating habits. Plus, who or what is the White Wine Werewolf? All of this and more, in Episode 2 of The Deliciously Stella Podcast…

The Deliciously Stella Podcast - Episode 1  

In her quest to gettheglow, Bella speaks to journalist Polly Vernon about her eating habits, gets the facts on chia from dietitian Sian Porter, and discovers why her friend Liv has a love/hate relationship with the Dukan Diet.

Deliciously Stella Podcast Trailer  

Join Bella Younger, aka Deliciously Stella, in her quest to #gettheglow

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