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The Podcast

United States is a website especially devoted to football design, offering the facility to present, manage and store creations. The Podcast aims to transport that visual experience into the world of audio, featuring chat with great minds from the world of football design.


Episode 14 - Matchworn Football Shirts and The Arsenal Shirt, with Simon "Shakey" Shakeshaft's resident blogger Jay chats to Shakey - renowned shirt collector and collection curator - on the subject of matchworn football shirts. Shakey is also a co-author of the fantastic "The Arsenal Shirt" book, so talk later turns to some great examples hailing from North London. Music:

Episode 13 - The True Colours Books, Johan Cruyff and the new England kit, with John Devlin  

DF blogger Jay talks John Devlin again about the latter's True Colours books, the passing of Johan Cruyff and there's still time to discuss the new Nike England kits a little more. Music:

Episode 12 - Discussing the 2016 Nike England Kits with John Devlin blogger Jay chats to author, graphic designer and illustrator John Devlin about the newly launched Nike England Home and Away kits for Euro 2016. The new releases are dissected and appraised in the context of the England kit's history and the evolution of kit design in general. Music:

Episode 11 - St Patrick's Day Irish Special with Denis Hurley  

DF's Jay talks to his old sparring partner Denis Hurley, in an Irish/St Patrick's Day special. Being discussed are the new Ireland shirt, GAA jerseys and Irish sports design history. Beware: industrial language. Music:

Episode 10 - Football Crests with Martin Le Roy  

DF blogger Jay talks, again, with Martin Le Roy, on the subject of football crests. Making up a growing proportion of the site's uploads, crests earned their day in the podcast sun. Music:

Episode 9 - Living the Kit Design Dream with Irving Perez  

DF blogger Jay chats to DF member, and now professional kit designer, Irving Perez (irvingperceni on DF). Irving's story is a fascinating one - that even manages to overcome the technical problems faced whilst recording (that crackling? Yes, it does eventually stop. Bear with it). Truly, you couldn't make this stuff up. And the story's not even over yet... Music:

Episode 8 - MLS Jerseys and Kits with Austin Long  

In conversation with DF blogger Jay is's Austin Long. The former is educated on Major League Soccer's kit design history and the latest releases. Music:

Episode 7 - Rugby Design's Influence on Football Design with Denis Hurley  

DF blogger Jay again speaks to Irish sports journalist Denis Hurley, this time on the subject of overlap and contrasts of approach in rugby (union) and football, all in the context of - largely, kit - design. Music:

Episode 6 - Professional Kit Design with Jason Lee  

Professional kit designer Jason Lee (freelance; formerly of adidas and Hummel) talks to's blogger Jay about what it takes to design kits for a living. Jason also divulges one or two secrets from the industry... Music:

Episode 5 - Football Kit Sponsorship with John Devlin's Jay chats again with John Devlin (True Colours), this time on the subject of kit sponsorship, as Kettering Town celebrate the 40th anniversary of their introduction of the phenomenon into the British game. Music:

Episode 4 - A Review of 2015 and Look Ahead to 2016 with Chris Oakley blogger Jay is this time honoured by the presence of The Football Attic's Chris Oakley, to look over some of the big football design events of 2015 and speculate on what might happen in the year to come. Music:

Episode 3 - Kit Clashes and Herbert Chapman with Denis Hurley blogger Jay chats to sports journalist and DF member Denis Hurley. Topics include the complexities of kit clashes, what association football could learn from GAA, and the legacy of Herbert Chapman. Music:

Episode 2 - Amateur Kit Design with Martin Le Roy  

DF blogger Jay is joined by DF member Martin Le Roy to discuss the potential of amateur kit design, and how a fantasy can quickly become a reality. Music:

Episode 1 - Euro 2016 Kits w. John Devlin  

In the first episode of The Podcast, DF blogger Jay chats to True Colours author John Devlin on the state of football kit design, with a particular focus on the upcoming Euro 2016 tournament. Music:

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