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Diane Rehm’s New Podcast: Trump, Russia and Senator Jeff Sessions For Attorney General  

David Ignatius of the Washington Post on Mosocw and President-elect Donald Trump, then, questions for Attorney General nominee Republican Senator Jeff Sessions.

Maya Angelou: “Mom & Me & Mom” (Rebroadcast) –  And Diane Signs Off  

Maya Angelou came onto this program several times over the years. But in her last conversation with Diane, in 2013, she talked about writing about her fraught relationship with her mother for the first time. Her last words to Diane: “I love you, Diane Rehm. And I look forward to seeing you and talking to you again and again.” A year later, she died at the age of 86. In one of Diane's most treasured interviews, the women reflect on forgiveness, healing and reconciliation.

Tim Russert: “Big Russ and Me: Father and Son: Lessons of Life” (Rebroadcast)  

In 2004, Meet-the-Press host Tim Russert published a memoir about his father titled, “Big Russ and Me.” Tim died of a heart attack four years later. A rebroadcast of Diane’s conversation with Tim about his long career in television news and life lessons learned from his father.

Mary Chapin Carpenter On Her 14th Album, “The Things That We Are Made Of” (Rebroadcast)  

Mary Chapin Carpenter joins Diane to talk about her new album, the "artistic insight of middle age" and rewriting her life story in new ways.

J.K. Rowling (Rebroadcast)  

A rebroadcast of Diane's 1999 interview with J.K. Rowling, author of the acclaimed Harry Potter series.

Kate Mulgrew: “Born With Teeth”  (Rebroadcast)  

Kate Mulgrew, who stars as "Red" in the Netflix TV series "Orange Is The New Black", opens up in a new memoir about her complicated family and the baby she gave away for adoption as a young woman.

Diane Interviews Her Best Friend, Jane Holmes Dixon (Rebroadcast)  

Diane Rehm and Jane Holmes Dixon first met more than 35 years ago, when they were both homemakers active in their church. Diane went on to become a nationally syndicated talk radio host and Jane became a Bishop in the Episcopal Church. Jane passed away four years ago Christmas Day.

Fred Rogers On Parenting (Rebroadcast)  

Diane speaks to Fred Rogers, a pioneer in educational television for children, about parenting.

Albert “Race Hoss” Sample (Rebroadcast)  

A rebroadcast of one of Diane’s all-time favorite interviews with Albert “Race Hoss” Sample who was abused and abandoned by his mother. He spent 17 years in a brutal Texas prison. His story of survival, redemption and reclaiming his humanity.

Peter Yarrow and Noel Paul Stookey: “Peter, Paul and Mary: Fifty Years in Music and Life” (Rebroadcast)  

In the early 1960s, Peter, Paul and Mary helped bring folk music out of the coffeehouses and onto the airwaves. Their songs of protest and struggle helped define a generation. In a new book, they look back on a career that spanned five decades.

Maurice Sendak On His Life And Career (Rebroadcast)  

Diane talks with Maurice Sendak, author and illustrator of the children's classic "Where the Wild Things Are" about his life and career.

Diane’s Final Show: She Hears From You!  

Diane says goodbye after 37 years on the air. She takes your calls and questions, and reflects on her long career.

Friday News Roundup – Domestic  

The Friday News Roundup: President-elect Trump continues to add to his top-level staff. Obamacare sign-ups are strong despite the law’s uncertain future. And North Carolina fails to repeal a controversial bathroom bill.

Ta-Nehisi Coates On The Legacy Of The Nation’s First Black President  

Writer Ta-Nehisi Coates won last year’s National Book Award for “Between the World and Me,” an exploration of being black in America. In the latest Atlantic Magazine cover story, he looks at the legacy of our first African-American president and the role race played in this year’s election.

The Power Of The Executive Branch  

The power of the executive branch: What President-elect Donald Trump can and cannot do as our nation’s chief executive.

Why Opioid-Related Deaths Continue To Rise And What Can Be Done To Reverse The Trend  

According to the CDC, opioid-related deaths surpassed 30,000 last year for the first time in history. Diane and a panel of guests discuss why the numbers continue to rise, and what public health officials, doctors and advocates say needs to happen to reverse this alarming trend.

Threats To Democracy Here And Abroad  

With the rise of populist leaders in Europe and the election of Donald Trump, some are voicing concerns about the state of liberal democracies. Diane's guests identify the elements of a stable democracy and nations that could be at risk.

Faith Leaders On Efforts To Unite A Divided Country  

Some Americans are reportedly turning to religious leaders for guidance following a tumultuous election. Faith leaders on efforts to unite a divided country and their messages as we head into a new year.

Latest On Syria: International Repercussions And The Future Of The Conflict  

The gunman who killed Russia’s ambassador to Turkey yesterday in Ankara shouted “Don’t forget Aleppo, don’t forget Syria!” Tens of thousands of people are being evacuated from besieged Aleppo, and President Assad could soon have full control of the city. The latest on the conflict in Syria, its international repercussions, and the humanitarian situation on the ground.

Ongoing Questions About How Donald Trump Will Deal With Business Conflicts Of Interest As President  

President-elect Trump tweeted he will hand over control of his businesses before taking office. But he has yet to address how he will avoid financial conflicts of interest. Ethical concerns about Trump’s business empire as he enters the White House.

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