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Friday News Roundup – International  

President-elect Trump chooses a retired Marine general to head the Pentagon. Syrian rebels agree to form a new alliance as the regime bombards Aleppo. And thousands of Cubans turn out to watch Fidel Castro's funeral procession. A panel of journalists joins Diane for analysis of the week's top international news stories.

Friday News Roundup – Domestic  

President-elect Donald Trump starts a victory tour with a stop in Cincinnati. Nancy Pelosi is re-elected House minority leader. And North Carolina prosecutors say the police officer who killed Keith Lamont Scott will not face charges.

President-Elect Trump And U.S. Trade  

During the campaign President-elect Donald Trump promised to bring jobs back to the U.S. by changing the rules with our global trading partners: What stronger protectionist policies could mean for American workers and the U.S. economy.

An Update On The North Dakota Pipeline Protests And Oil Pipeline Safety  

Despite blizzard conditions, thousands of Dakota Access Pipeline protestors vow to defy state evacuation orders. An update on the North Dakota pipeline protests and oil pipeline safety.

“The Master Plan”: A New Look At ISIS’ Complex Hidden Past  

Drawing from newly declassified documents, counterterrorism expert Brian Fishman makes the case for a new history of the origins of the Islamic State. He says the US has made critical mistakes in understanding the terror group to this point. Fishman and expert William McCants discuss the hidden past of ISIS, and what the new U.S. administration needs to know about it moving forward.

How Journalists Are Rethinking Their Role Under A Trump Presidency  

The U.S. media is accustomed to covering a White House that plays by certain rules. But President-elect Donald Trump tweets false information freely and frequently manipulates the media. How journalists are rethinking their role under a Trump presidency.

The Debate Over Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment  

The debate over involuntary psychiatric treatment: a look at how patients can be both helped and traumatized by being forced into mental health care. Diane and a panel of guests discuss what the data indicate about the role of forced treatment in preventing violence, suicide and mass murder.

A General Election Recount in Wisconsin and Charges of Election Fraud from President-Elect Trump  

A general election recount is scheduled to begin on Thursday in Wisconsin, led by Green Party candidate Jill Stein. And President-elect Donald Trump says millions voted illegally in three other states. Charges of election fraud, and whether recounts could affect the outcome of the presidential election.

The Debate Across The Nation Over “Death With Dignity” Laws  

Colorado and the District of Columbia have joined California and four other states in allowing doctors to help terminally ill patients end their lives. An update on the nationwide debate over so-called death with dignity laws.

What’s Ahead For Congress In Its Lame Duck Session—And President Obama’s Efforts To Protect His Legacy  

Lawmakers are making a final push on issues like spending and mental health care. What Congress can get done in its lame-duck session—and President Obama’s efforts to protect his legacy.

Fidel Castro’s Complicated Legacy—And What’s Next For Cuba  

Fidel Castro, who ruled Cuba for nearly 50 years, died late Friday at the age of 90. One of the world's longest serving heads of state, Castro began to fade from the public eye in 2006. But he is still both beloved and deeply loathed by generations of Cubans. Castro's death has set off celebration and mourning in his country and around the world, as Cuba begins to look at how to move forward without one of the world's most revolutionary—and polarizing—figures. Diane and a panel remember the personal and political life of Fidel Castro and look at what’s next for Cuba.

A Conversation With Berkeley Breathed, Creator of the “Bloom County” Comic Strip (Rebroadcast)  

The Pulitzer Prize-winning creator of "Bloom County" on the revival of his beloved comic strip after a 25-year hiatus and a new book about the origins of Bill The Cat.

Two Views On The Jim Crow South And Its Legacy Today (Rebroadcast)  

Two perspectives on life in the Jim Crow South: how white children learned to believe that black Americans were inferior and the crushing conditions that motivated millions of African Americans to move from the South in search of a better life.

Matthieu Ricard: “Altruism” (Rebroadcast)  

A molecular-biologist-turned-Buddhist-monk says altruism is the answer to many of the world's most pressing challenges. Can concern for others help solve wealth inequality, climate change and world hunger?

Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt: “The Rainbow Comes and Goes” (Rebroadcast)  

When Anderson Cooper’s mother, the designer and heiress Gloria Vanderbilt, reached her 91st birthday, they began a correspondence, breaking a wall of silence between them. A conversation with the broadcast journalist and his famous mother on life in the spotlight, suicide, money, and grieving for a parent and a child.

Teens And Tech: How Digital Communication Impacts Young People And Their Relationships  

Diane sits down with her teen grandson Benjamin and a panel of experts to talk about how young people use technology to communicate today. We explore what teen tech use can mean for their relationships with other teens as well as with older generations.

Why Dementia Rates Among Older Americans Have Fallen  

Some good news: A recent study suggests that between 2000 and 2012, dementia rates for older Americans fell by 24 percent. We discuss why, and ongoing efforts to address what remains a daunting public health crisis.

The Personal Story Behind One Of America’s Most Famous Home Movies  

On November 22, 1963, Abraham Zapruder stepped out of his office in Dallas to record President John F. Kennedy's motorcade. What he captured became one of most important moments of video footage in America's history. In a new book, Abraham Zapruder's granddaughter shares a family history of the film for the first time.

How China Could Emerge As The World’s Global Leader During The Trump Administration  

Some say President-elect Trump’s rejection of the Trans Pacific Partnership and threats to pull out of the Paris climate accord would hand global leadership over to China. Diane and a panel of guests look at how China's global role could expand during the Trump presidency.

President-Elect Donald Trump’s Business Empire And Possible Conflicts Of Interest  

Donald Trump plans to pass the reins of his business dealings to his children to avoid potential conflicts of interest. Ethics watchdog groups say this does not go far enough. Questions about Trump’s corporate empire as he prepares to take office.

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