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Episode 55 - Dick on Court  

What happened in court, the tyranny of the suggestion box, my theory of aiming, for whom the system works, top billing, who won the Asterios/WarOfTheFanBoys fight, Katherine the cat girl, how debt makes you a child, several chewings out, stepping in water with your socks, hearing the lamentations of their women, the world's greatest hero, and the evil Rod Serling in men; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

Episode 54 - Dick on Graduating  

What not to wear to court, graduation speeches are the devil, people who walk without purpose, my dad takes questions from Twitter and talks about Longmire, the Asterios vs. WarOfTheFanBoys call that launched a thousand ships, a Patreon warning email, restraining orders for civil harassment, a different audio engineer, Letters from Sean: Part 3, Cuck Hunt, Marble Madness, slow walkers getting hit by cars, the Man in Black and la Flama Blanca, a very, very drunken rant about gun rights, and maybe the worst hangover in the history of the show; all that and much more this week on The Dick Show! 

Episode 53 - Dick on Pulling Teeth  

Fishing for nothing, Sean's uncle the spy, finding places to bang, reality news, the crass anachronism of judgement, the final Tim Changzzzzz pitch, unisex names, an announcement from the Science Justice Warrior, a vacation with children, LEGO men, turn stealing, apology tours, Joel Chaco's beef with me, littering and, more of Tammy's Laugh Therapy, auctioning school, hell is other people, handicap french fries, Maxwell The Silver Hammer's pregnancy scare, and trivia to pull your teeth; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

Episode 52 - Dick on Waut3rgate  

The time I drank too much on a huge podcast, Madcucks goes to an LA art show, a dramatic re-enactment of the Waut3rgate leaks, Maddox the job terrorism, the $15 minimum wage, an apology from McDonald's, three months to live for one DickHead, Juan's questions from Facebook, gay bars, Thomas Jefferson, gadgets that I want to bang, the Goss Squad vs. Asterios Kokkinos, the Street Fighter challenge returns, and Lettuce Jones can't get a straight answer; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

Episode 51 - Dick on Bear Spray  

A Maui look-a-like contest, a hula dancing festival, a regional liquor contest, Diet Coke Armageddon, proof of Kung Fu Tommy, more questions for Coach, how to make a noose, playing with bear spray, beating my girlfriend on Twitch, DIY home defense, throwing away kids' toys, an erotic story from a real man, the tyranny of fake gasps, Madcucks gives a weak book update, what to do with THE LETTER, the heart rate monitor, the best beer combo, a soft I told you so, and a sudden power outage; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

Episode 50 - Dick on Fighting  

The Vietnamese man who taught me how to fight, Sean's wedding story, the redaction of a lifetime, false HR complaints, Twitch addiction, Sean's last fist fight, Asterios' Butterbean training regimen, Uber pools, Reverend Scott, compliance, phone calls with dogs, my man is moving to Abu Dhabi, Don't Legalize It, Van Halen, The Goss Squad, Fool's Liquor Round 2, sharing, crying, and like ten hours of podcasting; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

Episode 49 - Dick on Interrupting  

A Day of Interrupting, television addiction, Big Breakfast is killing you, Sean's voice is killing you, Asterios vs. WarOfTheFanBoys, the billboard, The Dick Show sends an autism to Cannes, being on Gavin McInnes, pointless research on gender binaries, cringe-ophobia, airlines and my biggest fantasy, the adventures of Cadyver, Phteven's various side businesses, Dustin's first bit, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, the time Tucker Max hit on my girlfriend, whatever happened to Lettuce Jones, Layc is single, and Sean interrupts me while I'm working it; all that and more this week on The Dick Show.

Episode 48 - Dick on Saving the World  

Secondary Audio Programming, the Science Justice Warrior, the failures of high school Spanish, getting fat, how many lies it takes to save the world, a Trump pinata knife altercation, fool's liquor, Dustin's man-on-the-street bit, apostrophe's, women and their purses, Consuelo's Cinco de Mayo podcast, three-act emasculation, taking ten minutes to say goodbye, headrest hunchbacks, the panicked phone calls of a county run-off, the next two Road Rage cities, Sean gets a Star Trek shirt, I get a pen, and Madcucks gets a podcast; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

Episode 47 - Dick on Road Rage: Philly  

Road Rage: Philly and the people who got kicked out, your brain the drug dealer, how to buy beer, Asterios' Dustin smack-down, an army of Seans, The Leviathan, Ken M and civil discourse on the Internet, dress codes, Sean reacts to the live show, a mod from The_Donald teases us with his Trump sci-fi novel, chicks who love Disneyland, The Matrix reboot, ATM fees, rock climbers and other people I want to punch in the mouth, Ken M gets banned from The_Donald live, someone borrows a lighter from Asterios, the Science Friction podcast, Digibro and his robe and his associates, The Dick Show jazz remix, and Juan the Road Rage Champ; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

Episode 46 - Dick on Camping  

Joshua Tree, my plan for Philly, selling t-shirts, folding tents, friendly Australians and their drive-by G'days, the true test of camping, "Sean answers", Peach demonstrates how to hug properly, Coach eats some chocolate, bad wedding toasts, my The_Donald AMAA, Coach borrows my parents' truck, Peach "finds" my diary, 80s girl saves someone's life, more laugh tracks, Maddox's book title: the Biggest Rehash in the Universe, and all of Los Angeles loses its internet; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

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Episode 45 - Dick on Opening Day  

Preventing late podcasts, Liquor pacing, Madcucks vs Existence #2, Dodger's opening day, Buckley's edible hat, stealing from the rich and giving to myself, Randy's smooth-talking, bad neighbors, why Buckley was banned from the delivery room, Ginger Ale's hand-drawn tattoo, The Five-Life, girl and boy cartoon shows, hot chicks farting on planes, the Middle East is a money pit, Sam Glaze, My Room Records, Laughter Therapy with Sean, the biggest prank in the universe, The Best Book in the Universe, and the most 2.5 million downloads in the universe; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

Episode 45

Episode 44 – Dick on Talent Shows  

Download the MP3 Losing count of beers, family reunions, ruining talent shows, Lowtax’s weird audio, the confusion of ubiquitous content, farmers, rental car insurance and other scams, line cutters, the time Sean was a rock star, Asterios’ roommate, April Fools pranks, houses that you build yourself, more on the billboard, more on Philly, more Goss, … Continue reading "Episode 44 – Dick on Talent Shows"

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Episode 43 – Dick on Pranks  

Download the MP3 The clap, the Dick Show Tattoo, pranks, the mayor of chick town, the Dickbute, the creators of the 8chan list, another nonsensical rant about healthcare, Denzel can’t skate, morons at intersections, “letting you go” and workplace suggesters, an invasion of space aliens, NHS, fraud, Loudmouth Leah, a Road Rage update, a billboard … Continue reading "Episode 43 – Dick on Pranks"

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Episode 42 – Dick on Timeout  

Download the MP3 The Billboard Prank, squirrel farts, getting locked out of Twitter, Philly sells out in three hours–SO WE GET A BIGGER VENUE, manspreading at the gym, Larry’s secret petting zoo, cat yoga, party ghosts, time wasters and the time police, hockey, real talk with customer service, the mid-life crisis of fifth graders, Power … Continue reading "Episode 42 – Dick on Timeout"

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Episode 41 – Dick on Madcucks  

Download the MP3 Madcucks vs. Existence, another #1 hit, Lowtax eats a hamburger, our favorite memes, trademark disputes, there are no jokes on the internet, someone threw away all my Pogs, Sean finally is a rage, Uwe Boll the jerk, I offer a bounty for the He Will Not Divide Us flag, wasting Randy’s time … Continue reading "Episode 41 – Dick on Madcucks"

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Episode 40 – Dick on Women on Strike  

Download the MP3 A Day Without a Woman, Flasks: can’t live with em, can’t live without em, people who live in bath houses shouldn’t throw soap, Madcucks defends Madbux, Sean’s favorite Star Trek, a Menards update, Lettuce Jones calls from prison, the official Billboard charts, Project: Episode 108, a dick mold bet, a dick pic … Continue reading "Episode 40 – Dick on Women on Strike"

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Episode 39 – Dick on Santa Cuck  

Download the MP3 If the moon landing was a joke, a plan comes together, DIY glow in the dark pee, Seder pranks, period boobs, Lent, “Santa Cuck: Bald Headed Lies” becomes immortal, the science of spite, the organ of shame, hot chicks making goofy faces, the lazy gods among us, Consuelo’s final podcast, beating Adele, … Continue reading "Episode 39 – Dick on Santa Cuck"

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Episode 38 – Dick on Harmful Opinions  

Download the MP3 Boner mysteries, iPhone Hawks, Bad Psychologists, Harmful Opinions, Cards Against Humanity, making your mom sleep in the car, anime, degeneracy, a new erotic stories bumper, Star Trek shrines, the evolution of the human mind, in defense of Madcucks, in defense of Dustin, in defense of America, The Consuelo Podcast, to Menards or … Continue reading "Episode 38 – Dick on Harmful Opinions"

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Episode 37 – Dick on Skating  

Download the MP3 The war on white people, Dr. Manhattan’s dong, drunk children, a Shangri-La of hot, available women, a parade of the awkward and a life spent trying not to hurt people, Clegg blames me for everything, violence in bars, stories from the trolling front lines, The Enigma rides again, more pieces of the … Continue reading "Episode 37 – Dick on Skating"

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Episode 36 – Dick on Cables  

Download the MP3 A legacy of cables, the stormtroopers of the anti-fascist league, Consuelo’s podcast, a bonus episode from an alternative dimension, opinions from people who’ve never punched anyone, investing tips from a guy whose car is zip tied together, Layc reads the news, in-studio fertility testing, evidence of crying, the post-episode 77 sit down, … Continue reading "Episode 36 – Dick on Cables"

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