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Welcome to the Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast . The one word that gets used to describe Rob over & over (apart from a ‘successful businessman’), is not what you’re thinking -it’s – ‘Disruptive.’ If you want a boring, comfortable, safe existence where you’re never challenged and you slowly rot away amid all the negativity, existing rather than truly living, then close Rob down! (There’s hundreds of other podcasts who will pump the same old spiel about entrepreneurship and property investments) If you’re still here, then you’re clearly looking for more from life. You know you can be something much bigger and greater, a great entrepreneur and businessman, and you have so much to give. Then Rob can help, he has over 100,000 entrepreneurs who are testament to this. Despite his ‘Disruptive’ persona (striving for more, questioning everything, continually learning, shaking things up and pushing the boundaries of convention), you’d be surprised that Rob isn’t one of these big-shot, big-ego (according to himself) celebrity-fashion Entrepreneurs. Rob is a die hard passionate ‘work(play)-a-holic,’ and a family man. If you crave new, want to prove the skeptics wrong and give a real meaning and legacy to your life, then the 'Disruptive' podcast will be straight to the point & challenging ‘Ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s ignorance’ – Rob Moore


#129 Rob Interviews Sahar Hashemi Entrepreneur & Founder of Coffee Republic  

Sahar Hashemi talks about her journey as founder of Coffee Republic. How she started with her business and managed to grow it and sell it. Her thoughts about start-ups, resourcefulness, and the way start-ups operate. Why we need to find the thing we are good at, keep on learing, and be out of our comfort zone. She also talks about disruption and what being disruptive means to her.

#128 Caffeine Cast: How to Onboard & Integrate Staff in the Best Way  

Rob talks about integrating new staff members in your business and "nurturing" them. What you have to do to make them feel connected with the company, to get to know everyone else and feel part of the team, how to identify their needs and give or receive some useful feedback. DO'S and DONT'S, why you need to let them make mistakes and the balance between trusting them to do their job and nurturing them.

#127 Can Growth Be 'Too Fast'? Can Quick Success Be Failure?  

Why growing too fast can be failure. Fast growth means more bigger problems, new challenges and unexpected situations. Why all your systems need to be in place and robust before you grow and how to balance speed of success without ruining everything.

#126 Caffeine Cast: If You Want The World To Understand & Accept You  

On this episode, Rob talks about self-awareness and how to make people understand and accept the real you. How to find out who you really are and how to get the message of who you really are out in the world so as to attract more customers and followers.

#125 Rob Interviews Falklands War Veteran, Simon Weston  

Simon talks about life and business. The purpose in life, what you are good at, why small problems matter and how to ask for help and advice in order to develop ourselves and overcome obstacles. The difference between inspiration and motivation, the power of knowledge and what successful people do. He also talks about his personal journey and experience in both life and business.

#124 Caffeine Cast: The Art of Business & The Business of Art - Mistakes I Made as a 'Creative'  

Rob shares his personal experience as artist and talks about the mistakes he made. What to know about merging your passion and profession, why selling is not a bad thing and how to deal with feedback.

#123 Robs Rant: Replace Your Emotional Reactions With "Thank You" & "Sorry"  

How you can benefit yourself from reacting to criticism and feedback with just saying “thank you” and “sorry”. Apologise frequently for the little things you did wrong or were perceived as wrong by others. Say sorry when you mean it, control your emotions and have a background rant!

#122 Rob Interviews Tony Buzan Inventor of Mind Mapping & Best Selling Author  

Tony Buzan talks about mind mapping, creativity, daydeaming and innovation. He explains why everybody is creative, how teachers play an important role in our development and why we need to daydream. The importance of exercise, eating healthy and commitment. He talks about his new book, and of course, explains what being disruptive means to him.

#121 Caffeine Cast: Decisiveness - How to Make Faster & Better Decisions & Banish Procrastination  

Rob shares his thoughts on how to stop procrastination and make faster and better decisions. Why perfection is unattainable and why you need to start now and get better later. Why you need to spend more time testing than planning. Why to stop listening and start watching, plan the things you can control and go on taking baby steps. How to get things done by using the model: "Learn - Test - Do - Review - Tweak - Repeat".

#120 Rob is being interviewed by Dan Bradbury  

On this episode, Rob is being interviewed and shares his thoughts about passive income, money and assets. He talks about his business partner, Mark, how they met and started their businesses, how it is to raise children as an entrepreneur, and what you can learn as parent. His daily routine and how to organise your schedule so as to achieve more. His favourite books and podcast shows that have influenced him so far and why "money is the root of all good".

#119 Caffeine Cast: How To Deal With The VOICES In Your Head  

Everyone has arguements in their heads. This negative voice that tries to warn us. However, this negative voice creates obstacles to ourselves and doesn't serve us. You deserve more, so focus on the good things, coach yourself, show the world who you are, don't be a fraud and attract the right people around you!  

#118 Rob's Rant: Stop Picking Off The 'Easy Wins'  

Why to pick the hard things in your business and not the easy ones. Starting with the easy things it is only delaying the pain. Solving the hard problems will give you momentum and energy to do the rest, and helps your confidence and self-worth goes up. If it’s hard to do now, it will probably give you more results later.

#117 Rob Interviews Angels Den Investment Founder Bill Morrow  

Bill Morrow talks about Angels. What they do, why they do it, how they invest and what is expected from you in order to attract an investment. What should you do or shouldn’t do to raise finance from Angels. Big mistakes Bill has seen in the business and what type of businesses should look for investments. He also talks about his journey so far, and of course, what being disruptive means to him.

#116 Caffeine Cast: Opportunity - How to Know to Say YES or No  

Rob talks about saying YES or NO to opportunities that come. How to react when you get the right opportunity the wrong time, why you need to say more YES’s in the beginning and more NO’s later in your career. Is the new opportunity aligned with your vision? Is it going to help you achieve your goal? Is it a Hell Yes?

#115 Rob Moore Interviews Co Founder of Inncent Smoothies & Jamjar Investments Richard Reed  

Richard Reed talks about his businesses and his book. How he started his business, his mission, how he overcame challenges and finally sold the business to “Coca Cola”. He shares his thoughts on charity and why it is important to help others. How it is to run a business with three people, how luck is a factor that affects your career, useful advice for entrepreneurs and what being disruptive means to him.

#114 Caffeine Cast: 19 Ways to Grow, Scale & Get More Business Done  

Rob talks about 19 ways to grow your business and do more in less time. How to compartmentalise your diary and make it work for you. Why it is not only about the amount of time you work but about quality of time too. Systemise everything you do in your business, outsource, ask for help, find mentors and follow them, stop comparing yourself to others, invest your time wisely and think,research and decide quicker.

#113 Rob’s Rants: Do You Want to be Right or Rich?  

No one is right about anything, we just have our perception of reality. So, imagine if you invest that energy that you put into criticising others about who is right and what is right, and you put that into caring for your clients. How to argue with people, allow others to be right, invest your energy wisely and think about the long term results.

#112 Rob Moore Interviews 6 Time Mr Olympia Bodybuilding World Champion Dorian Yates  

Dorian Yates talks about his career as bodybuilder, his training, challenges and the journey up to the point he became a world champion. He talks about how to be realistic, focus on your goal and be consistent doing the right things, and set small successive steps in order to achieve your goal. He also runs his own businesses, so he shares his experience in working with partners, team members and what being disruptive means to him.

#111 Caffeine Cast: The Myth of a Bad Day & the Reality of How to Have A Good One  

How you define your day as “good” or “bad”. Why there are no “good” or “bad” days but just good or bad things that happen every day.

#110 Content Marketing - Building your Expert Status, Reach & Influence  

Rob talks about content marketing. What is it, how to do it and why you need it. How content marketing will help you build trust, understand your clients and serve them. How to get inspired, ask your clients what they need, be aware of different formats and create the best content. How to use all platforms, be consistent and share your content.

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