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Welcome to the Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast . The one word that gets used to describe Rob over & over (apart from a ‘successful businessman’), is not what you’re thinking -it’s – ‘Disruptive.’ If you want a boring, comfortable, safe existence where you’re never challenged and you slowly rot away amid all the negativity, existing rather than truly living, then close Rob down! (There’s hundreds of other podcasts who will pump the same old spiel about entrepreneurship and property investments) If you’re still here, then you’re clearly looking for more from life. You know you can be something much bigger and greater, a great entrepreneur and businessman, and you have so much to give. Then Rob can help, he has over 100,000 entrepreneurs who are testament to this. Despite his ‘Disruptive’ persona (striving for more, questioning everything, continually learning, shaking things up and pushing the boundaries of convention), you’d be surprised that Rob isn’t one of these big-shot, big-ego (according to himself) celebrity-fashion Entrepreneurs. Rob is a die hard passionate ‘work(play)-a-holic,’ and a family man. If you crave new, want to prove the skeptics wrong and give a real meaning and legacy to your life, then the 'Disruptive' podcast will be straight to the point & challenging ‘Ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s ignorance’ – Rob Moore


#147 The Biggest Mistakes We’ve Made in Business: Featuring Business Partner Mark Homer  

Mark and Rob share their biggest mistakes they have done so far in their business. Why it is bad to engage in business based on emotions, why mistakes are part of every process and business, and how to deal with them. Why mistakes make you stronger, how to learn from them and fix your problems immediately. 

#146 Caffeine Cast: (At Least) 18 Ways to Increase Your Profits  

On this episode, Rob gives you more than 18 ways to increase your profits in your business. Why you need to increase your prices, the volume of your sales, the speed of making business, your brand reach and liquidity but reduce your costs, bad debt and taxes. Why it is important to review and track your margins, know what to rent or buy and have a referral programme.

#145 Rob Interviews Daley Thompson Britain's Greatest Decathlete, Gold Medalist Olympian  

Daley Thompson talks about his carreer as athlete, businessman and parent. How hard work, challenges and competition helped him to succeed as athlete and to always achieve the best result. How pressure and rivals can benefit you and why you need to persist in order to achieve your goals. He also talks about the challenge of being a parent, and his decision to be a parent and not a coach. How to reinvent yourself and move on with a new career and the importance of planning and preparation. Why he believes you need to work more on your weaknesses and of course what being "disruptive" means to him.

#144 Caffeine Cast: The essentials to >Balance< in business  

Rob shares six things that you need to balance in your business. Work hard but work smart, leverage and get active income before passive income. Plan but also do. Try and allow yourself to fail, trust but verify, give to others but don't be bullied and last but not least, sell but also care.

#143 (How to) Sell but not Sell Out. Plus Impromptu Q&A on selling LIVE  

Rob talks about selling your product and answers to your questions. Why selling is not a bad thing. You need to sell your product but you need to be clear on your vision, what you are doing and what you are not doing. How selling defines your business and how to balance selling your product and improving it by getting feedback and reinvest your profits. Keep the dialogue open with potential investors, test them and find out their values.

#142 Depression & Loneliness in Business - it's REAL. How to defeat it  

Rob talks about depression and loneliness that every entrepreneur experiences. All successful people go though these emotions and everybody has its own challenges and problems. Do not compare yourself to others, be around inspiring and great people, find the upsides in every challenge and go on chasing your dream.

#141 How to Free Yourself From Your Failings FAST  

Rob talks about how to easily free yourself from your mistakes and weaknesses. Why you need to identify all your strenghts and weaknesses. How to take advantage of all the weaknesses that are required for your growth and outsource the rest. Do more of your strengths and hire people that have different skills, strengths and weaknesses from you.


#140 Rob Interviews Quentin Willson Former Co-Host of Top Gear, Author, TV Producer & Entrepreneur  

Quentin Willson talks about almost everything. His personal journey as entrepreneur and TV host, entrepreneurial education, opportunities, assets, media and arts, investing in watches and of course cars. Why you need to be special, unique and disruptive as entrepreneur and be the best you can.

#139 Caffeine Cast: 2 *Simple Cures* for when you 'Put Things Off'  

How to stop procrastinating and delaying things. Why you need to think of how you will feel afterwards and how this can help you take action and do the right thing for you and your business.

#138 Mini-Series on Raising Cash From (Ultra) High Net Worths (UHNW): Part 2 - How to get the Money  

On this second part, Rob talks about how to get the money flowing. The "7 lunch" rule, how to get introductions from other people so as to get credibility, find common interests with who you talk with and identify people's values. How to sell "through" and not "to" and tips for your conversation before asking the money.

#137 Caffeine Cast: Traditional Education vs. Self, Entrepreneurial Education & You  

Rob talks about the differences between traditional and self, entrepreneurial education. What to expect from self education and why self-awareness is important for you. Why traditional education is useful for certain people and professions and how to balance both of them and benefit yourself.

#136 Rob's Rant: Inspirational Entrepreneurial Ladies - Serving Themselves vs Serving Others  

Rob talks about women in business. How they can balance serving them and serving others. Why they need to find their purpose, don't feel guilty, take time for themselves, do what they love, get inspired, be better leaders and serve the world!

#135 Mini-Series on Raising Cash From (Ultra) High Net Worths (UHNW): Part 1 - Where to find (U)HNWs  

On this first part, Rob talks about raising cash from high net worths and where to find them. How to get in touch and start a dialogue with your existing contacts. Why it is important to join clubs, parties, masterminds and business events in big cities. Why to follow top influencers, read their auto-biographies, and how they might help you in the future.

#134 Caffeine Cast: The 3 Commonalities of the World's Greatest Leaders, Billionaires & Visionaries  

What are the three commonalities of the most successful people in the world and what they do differently from others. Why clarity of vision is important, why you need to articulate your vision and how to inspire other people to follow you and deliver this vision to the world. 

#133 Caffeine Cast: Serendipity & How To Make It Happen  

Rob talks about all these little moments that will change your life. Why you need to put yourself out there and keep on doing what you do. How to look for the good in the bad and turn mistakes into something magical. Never give up, it’s never too late to start, and when your moment does happen, you need to grab it and leverage it.

#132 Rob's Rant: Don’t Give Away your Prices too Early  

Rob explains why you don’t need to reveal the prices of your product or service too early. How to make people understand the value of your product, reduce their risk or even reverse it. Ask your clients what they know about your product and build your value proposition.

#131 Rob Interviews Darren Stanton The Human Lie Detector & Body Language Expert  

Darren Stanton talks about lies. How and why people are lying. How to identify if someone is lying using certain patterns. How lying is being used in interviews, sales, politics and how to find out the real core values of someone. He also talks about his experience as police officer, shares interesting stats about people lying and how it is to live your life as "lie detector".

#130 Caffeine Cast: Doing What You Love & the Money Will Follow is Bad Advice  

Rob talks about money and doing what you love. Why either extreme, focusing only on making money, or doing only what you love is wrong. Why you need to get some knowledge on making money. How making money will make you do more of what you love, which also brings you more money!

#129 Rob Interviews Sahar Hashemi Entrepreneur & Founder of Coffee Republic  

Sahar Hashemi talks about her journey as founder of Coffee Republic. How she started with her business and managed to grow it and sell it. Her thoughts about start-ups, resourcefulness, and the way start-ups operate. Why we need to find the thing we are good at, keep on learing, and be out of our comfort zone. She also talks about disruption and what being disruptive means to her.

#128 Caffeine Cast: How to Onboard & Integrate Staff in the Best Way  

Rob talks about integrating new staff members in your business and "nurturing" them. What you have to do to make them feel connected with the company, to get to know everyone else and feel part of the team, how to identify their needs and give or receive some useful feedback. DO'S and DONT'S, why you need to let them make mistakes and the balance between trusting them to do their job and nurturing them.

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