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Welcome to the Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast . The one word that gets used to describe Rob over & over (apart from a ‘successful businessman’), is not what you’re thinking -it’s – ‘Disruptive.’ If you want a boring, comfortable, safe existence where you’re never challenged and you slowly rot away amid all the negativity, existing rather than truly living, then close Rob down! (There’s hundreds of other podcasts who will pump the same old spiel about entrepreneurship and property investments) If you’re still here, then you’re clearly looking for more from life. You know you can be something much bigger and greater, a great entrepreneur and businessman, and you have so much to give. Then Rob can help, he has over 100,000 entrepreneurs who are testament to this. Despite his ‘Disruptive’ persona (striving for more, questioning everything, continually learning, shaking things up and pushing the boundaries of convention), you’d be surprised that Rob isn’t one of these big-shot, big-ego (according to himself) celebrity-fashion Entrepreneurs. Rob is a die hard passionate ‘work(play)-a-holic,’ and a family man. If you crave new, want to prove the skeptics wrong and give a real meaning and legacy to your life, then the 'Disruptive' podcast will be straight to the point & challenging ‘Ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s ignorance’ – Rob Moore


#078 Hyperproductivity Systems & Hacks  

On this episode, Rob give us tips on how to be more productive. He talks about vision, values, key result areas, income generating tasks, key performance indicators, how to compartmentalize your diary, multitasking, the 4 D's model, how to say "no" and the LMD model.

#077 Caffeine Cast: The 8 Stages Of Selling Success  

On this caffeine cast, Rob talks about the selling process. How to introduce yourself, make people feel comfortable, identify their needs and problems, create the value proposition, be confident on asking for money, deliver the product or service and ask for feedback or referrals.

#076 Peer Inside a Live 1 to 1 Coaching Session with Rob  

A live 1 to 1 coaching session with Rob. Rob answers to a lot of questions about mentorship and mentors, where to find them and how to choose them. He also answers questions about how to be creative, build your vision statement, keep yourself motivated and last but not least, how to deal with children as parent and entrepreuner.

#075 Caffeine Cast: Cash, Cash Flow & More Cash  

This caffeine cast is all about cash and cash flow. How you can achieve a reversed cash flow cycle like "Dell" or other companies do. What is negative or zero-days position, how to achieve it and get your cash before even sell your product or service.

#074 Rob Interviews Beth Tweddle  

Beth Tweddle, talks about her career in gymnastics, her retirement, her new business and her MBE award. She reveales her "entrepreneur" side of her, and her thoughts about achieving goals, time management and setting priorities.

#073 Caffeine Cast: How to Raise Finance Face to Face & the Death of Crap Elevator Pitches  

Another caffeine cast, this time about pitching and getting in touch with potential investors or clients. What is a crap pitch and how to improve it. How to raise finance on a face to face meeting. Why you need to be selective and strategic about where you go, who you focus on and who you connect with in your network.

#072 Rob LIVE Talk: W = V + (F)E x L (The Formula for Wealth)  

One of Rob's live talks about the formula for wealth. Rob explains how and why this formula works. He also covers some of the most important topics around this formula, such as raising prices, why your self-worth is your net-worth and "leverage on leverage" practices.

#071 Caffeine Cast: If I Could Start My Career Again What Would I Do  

On today’s episode, Rob talks about what he would do differently if he could start his career again. He talks about mistakes, why they are part of our success and why progress towards a worthy goal equals happiness.

#070 Building a Brand From The Ground Up  

An episode only about brand. What is brand and what to do before thinking about logos and business cards. Why your promise needs to be consistent, how to articulate your promise and balance self-service with serving others. Stand for something and against something.

#069 Caffeine Cast: How to Think Bigger to Grow Bigger in 7 Simple Steps  

On this caffeine cast, Rob gives us seven steps on how to think bigger and grow bigger. Why to think big? Because there is no competition on the top! Why it is important to reduce the risk and give ourselves freedom to think bigger. How being with people who think big affect us. Why we need to study big thinkers and the importance of growing in increments. 

#068 Rob Interviews Mat Januszek  

Another interview, this time with Mat Januszek, one of the founders of “Escape Fitness”. On this interview, Mat talks about his business, how to turn your passion into your profession, the importance of fitness for entrepreneurs and he also shares his suggestions about brain foods for entrepreneurs and audio programs he enjoys to listen to.

#067 Caffeine Cast: How to Declutter to Become Hyper Productive  

Another caffeine cast on how to declutter and increase your productivity. Working more doesn’t mean you are productive. You need one day every couple of months to clear out your entire life. Clear your wardrobe, basement, living room, car and back up everything you have on your laptops or mobile devices. Create a space that you enjoy being in, zen yourself and your life will change!

#066 Rob interviews Jospeh Valente  

The winner of The Apprentice, Jospeh Valente, talks about his career, how he started and grew his business within a few years of operation. He advise us to stick in our plan and he also explains the benefits of not being a specialist. He talks about self-belief, motivators, money and much more.

#065 Caffeine Cast: How To Master The Email Beast  

On this caffeine cast, Rob gives us advice on how to organise our emails and have our inbox empty. Four actions that we can take and four types of folders that we need to create, which will keep our inbox empty and will make our life easier and without stress.

#064 How To Set Up, Grow & Scale Your Business Part 2  

Rob goes on with steps on how to set up, grow and scale your business. Why you need to build your community, why you need multi-platform strategies and both personal and business branding. How to add value by giving free information out on your platforms and look after your community. The importance of being clear with your vision and balance new innovations with existing proven platforms. The seven main functions of a business, how to manage your emotions and let your diary managing you. Do whatever you do with passion, focus on serving your clients and accept challenges.

#063 Caffeine Cast: Manage & Master Your (Real, Honest) Fears  

On this caffeine cast, Rob talks about fears, how we can manage them and compartmentalise them. Each fear serves a purpose, so we need to identify this purpose and be aware that everything needs to be balanced between extremes. People will judge us anyway, so we might as well be rich!

#062 How To Set Up, Grow & Scale Your Business Part 1  

On this episode Rob gives us a list of steps that we need to follow in order to set up, grow and scale our enterprise. He gives us questions that we need to answer in order to identify our vision, values and purpose. He talks about the importance of being unique, testing, crowdsourcing, collecting feedback and pivoting frequently. How to be prepared for partners, staff, outsourcing and a couple of metrics that will help you grow. Why we need to focus on making money and ways to finance your business.

#061 Caffeine Cast: When to Hire, When to Scale up and When to Franchise  

On this episode, Rob talks about hiring, scaling up your business and how to systemise everything so as to be ready for franchising. He explains why it is important to hire staff and why you need to do it now. How to use all key performance indicators in order to manage your staff and their responsibilities. How to systemise your business and be prepared for franchising, and of course leveraging leverage.

#060 Raising Positive Kids Part 2  

On the second part of “Raising Positive Kids” Rob goes on with steps which will help us as parents. Children aren’t meant to be happy but they need to be challenged. We have to be clear on our values, reward their efforts and not perfection and get them involved with hobbies or other events. Love and show affection for their mother and say “sorry” and “thank you”. It cures all.

#059 Caffeine Cast: Rob's Routine & Your Daily Success  

On this caffeine cast Rob talks about his everyday routine and how he manages his time. He also explains why success is a consistent daily action and gives us tips on how to build key result areas and manage our diary so as to be more productive without working numerous hours per week.

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