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Welcome to the Disruptive Entrepreneur Podcast . The one word that gets used to describe Rob over & over (apart from a ‘successful businessman’), is not what you’re thinking -it’s – ‘Disruptive.’ If you want a boring, comfortable, safe existence where you’re never challenged and you slowly rot away amid all the negativity, existing rather than truly living, then close Rob down! (There’s hundreds of other podcasts who will pump the same old spiel about entrepreneurship and property investments) If you’re still here, then you’re clearly looking for more from life. You know you can be something much bigger and greater, a great entrepreneur and businessman, and you have so much to give. Then Rob can help, he has over 100,000 entrepreneurs who are testament to this. Despite his ‘Disruptive’ persona (striving for more, questioning everything, continually learning, shaking things up and pushing the boundaries of convention), you’d be surprised that Rob isn’t one of these big-shot, big-ego (according to himself) celebrity-fashion Entrepreneurs. Rob is a die hard passionate ‘work(play)-a-holic,’ and a family man. If you crave new, want to prove the skeptics wrong and give a real meaning and legacy to your life, then the 'Disruptive' podcast will be straight to the point & challenging ‘Ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s ignorance’ – Rob Moore


#167 Rob Moore Live 'Money' Q&A Part 2  

On this second part of live Q&A, Rob talks about capitalism and money, how to teach kids about the value of money, how to make money from scratch and why talking about money is not a "taboo". How do you know when you have made enough money, tips on how to keep on the conversation about money and his personal thoughts about making, managing and talking about money.

#166 Rob Moore Live 'Money' Q&A Part 1  

On this live episode, Rob celebrates the launch of his new book "Money" and answers your questions. What is the attitude of millionaires towards money, how to teach children about money management, and why rich people give away money. His thoughts about crowdsourcing, digital currencies and what he learned through the process of writing his book.

#165 Even more of the Entrepreneur's Mindset! (Part 3)  

In the third and final part of the Entrepreneur's Mindset series, Rob unveils another 4 useful and inspiring tips including scarcity and abundance thinking, and mastering your emotions to help you move forward and be the best version of yourself. 

#164 The Entrepreneur's Mindset Part 2  

Rob talks about the right mindset that every entrepreneur needs to have.

In part 2, Rob explains why you should stop faking it til you make it and start being it til you see it; why you should only compare yourself to who you were rather than who you want to be and that you should NEVER let anyone tell you that you can't do something!

#163 Rob’s Rant" Stop B*tching About Being Overwhelmed  

Stop complaining about being overwhelmed, cause you are responsible for that. Why being overwhelmed is a good thing and how to balance between doing a lot of stuff or getting bored. Why being overwhelmed means that people see value in you, you are expanding your skills, you are growing and you are getting prepared for the next level. So, be wise about being overwhelmed, prioritize, get help, feedback and grow!

#162 The Entrepreneur's Mindset  

Rob talks about the right mindset that every entrepreneur needs to have. Why you need to be responsible for everything in your business, good and bad, how to balance risks, de-risk or take calculated risks. Why you must be a problem solver and know that bigger problems mean bigger opportunities and value, and the importance of keep on taking courses and educate yourself.

#161 Caffeine Cast: Do This One Easy Thing for More Business & Money  

One thing that Rob does and can help you make more money in your business. Why writing down your business or money making ideas can help you do more and achieve more. How to survey your clients and find out what they need, what you can do for them, how to serve them better or faster and what to do if you think you don't have any ideas.

#160 12 Ways to Motivate Yourself Fast (& Get off Your A*se)  

Rob gives 12 ways to motivate yourself and keep doing what you do despite the difficulties. What is motivation and what inspiration. How to keep you motivated by defining your values, have a clear vision, outsource what doesn't serve your values and find your little "boosts". Why you need to start now and get better later, help other people, get accountability and keep learning.

#159 Caffeine Cast: How to Leverage Your Competition Best  

On this episode, Rob talks about competition and how your competitors can help you grow your business. How to learn from your competitors and take useful feedback. Why your competitors remind you of what is great about you and keep you motivated. How they spread your message to clients and can help you get more clients within your niche.

#158 When to Keep Going & When to Give Up 11 Tips  

Rob gives you tips on how to know when you need to go on or give up. Why you need to look at your past and your bias, and find your blind spot. Ask yourself if what you do is proven to work, if you need more time or how much you stand to lose. How to think about reducing risk, pivoting, leveraging and finding other ways to do the same work. Go back to your "why" and take your decisions without being emotional.

#157 Caffeine Cast: 2 Assets of Vast Success (NOT Money or Skills)  

Rob talks about two assets that can lead you to success, curiosity and resourcefulness. Why it is important to stay curious, ask more questions, ask deeper questions and meet new people. How to get rid of any distractions, focus on your problems and try to find new, better ways to solve them.

#156 Rob Interviews Simon Hazeldine, Expert Negotiator, International Speaker & Best Selling Author  

Rob and Simon talk about negotiating. Simon shares his experience and reveals the secrets, tactics and tricks of negotiating. What makes someone a good negotiator, different ways to negotiate, common mistakes and how to improve your performance while negotiating and put yourself in powerful position. Lastly, he talks to Rob about disruption and what the word disruptive means to him.

#155 Caffeine Cast: The 3 Things (PRA) More Important to Your Team Than Money (& How to Motivate Them)  

Rob talks about the 3 important things that can motivate your staff. Progression, Recognition and Autonomy. Why people are seeking progression, why they need recognition and why they appreciate autonomy on their jobs. How to discover their values, serve them to achieve their vision and help them be loyal to themselves and you.

#154 Part 2 of Special 150th Episode  

On this second part of Q&A, Rob and Jo go on answering the questions of the community. Rob talks about the balance between business and personal life, his darkest moments in his journey so far and situations that every entrepreneur experiences, such as loneliness and bad cash flow in the early days. The most disruptive entrepreneurs he met and how they influenced him. The importance of mindset and how to identify your income generating tasks. Jo talks about his next big goals, back-stage moments of "Apprentice", public speaking and how to learn public speaking techniques. They both share their experience and thoughts on parenting, enjoying what you doing and recommendations of audiobooks and other sources that helped them learn and grow.

#153 Caffeine Cast: 'Why this man turned down £350k & when you should say 'NO'  

Why and how to say "NO". Rob explains why you sometimes need to turn things down and say no. How saying no can help you create success and make money. How to see the downsides of saying yes or the upsides of saying no. Why you are defined by what you say no to, how to link your decisions to your vision and values, and the importance of saying NO politely.

#152 Rob’s Rant: Be SO Positive You Annoy Grumpy People  

Rob gives you tips on how to avoid negativity and negative people in your life. Why it is your responsibility to choose the right people to be around you, people that bring you positivity, good energy and inspire you. So, change your mindset, spend more time with the right people, be positive and follow your vision!

#151 15 Things I Learned About Money Writing the Book 'Money'  

Rob talks about the 15 things he learned about money while writing his new book "Money". He explains why money is just neutral, and is the root of both all good and bad things. Why money is flow, energy and movement, why money loves trust and speed and dislikes friction. How negative emotions, such as fear, envy and shame, leads you to low self-worth and affect the way you manage money. Why wealthy people contribute to society and do philanthropy. He also explpains why people will judge you anyway, either because you have a lot of money or you have no money!

#150 150th Episode of Disruptive Entrepreneur Special: Featuring Apprentice Winner Jo Valente  

A special live Q&A episode, where Rob and Jo answer to questions from the community. They cover almost everything about their journey so far, and they talk about their biggest challenges, mistakes, self-discoveries and more. What would Rob do differently if he was back again in the beginning of his career, what are his thoughts about the next big things that entrepreneurs should expect and tips for a consistent workflow. Both Rob and Jo, share their favourite podcasts and audiobooks which helped them get inspiration and they talk about business in general, jobs and different values among people.

#149 Rob Interviews Kevin & Karen Clifton Strictly Come Dancing Legends  

Kevin and Karen chat with Rob about their dance business. Their new project and how they got to this point after years of preparation. They talk about how it is to work, live and do everything together, the business side of what they are doing and how they want to disrupt their industry. How they deal with all haters and people criticizing them and their work, their vision, and of course, what the word "disruptive" means to them.

#148 Caffeine Cast: Leveraging the Success of the Successful  

Rob explains why you don't need to struggle on your own. You need someone to guide you through, learn from his experience and mistakes, and get inspiration. Get mentors, attend masterclasses or courses, do what they tell you and be more successful and rich learning through the success of other people.

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