The Dive LoL Podcast

The Dive LoL Podcast


Welcome to The Dive, a weekly podcast hosted by Jatt, Kobe, and Azael that takes a closer look at the world of League esports and the NA LCS. Releasing on Thursday every week, the gang will be diving into the biggest international news, meta shifts and solo queue trends, and in-depth analysis of the NA LCS. #TheDiveLOL


The Dive - EP 103:  Trash Talk  

This week the gang will be trying their hand at trash talk, looking at patch 7.6 and the Galio rework, and wrapping up the last week of the regular season in the NA LCS.

The Dive EP 102  

This week they’ll be diving into two major events affecting the league world recently, how patch 7.5 will affect pro play, and discuss how the NALCS playoff race is shaping up so far.

The Dive EP 101  

This week they’ll be looking at one of the biggest roster moves since Doublelift joined TSM, as he now teams up with Liquid to salvage what’s left of their Spring Split campaign. Will he be Liquid’s savior in their darkest hour? Or is this just a patch-up job for an otherwise sinking ship? NA LCS Trades: 00:42 - 17:10 Patch 7.5: 17:10 - 32:20 NA LCS 32:20

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