The Double Disillusionists

The Double Disillusionists


Andrew P Street and Dom Knight, plus various more qualified guests, chat about Election 2016. Because there's never been a more exciting time to be disillusioned...


There's Never Been A More Exciting Time To Go To The Pub  

Looking back on Saturday's election result, APS and Dom conclude that they need a drink. So they head to the pub to try and make sense of a night when the biggest winner was probably Pauline Hanson... and fail comprehensively.(Sorry about the background noise, by the way.)

The Brexit Instability Crisis Disaster Episode (with Mark Humphries)  

This week, The Feed's Mark Humphries joins Andrew P Street and Dom Knight for a wander through the rubble of post-Brexit democracy. How much are we looking forward to our own non-binding vote now, kids? Plus, does anyone at Labor HQ have Liberal mates, or even any kind of mates?

Scare Campaigns And ScoMophobia, Oh My!  

As the parties become increasingly shrill and desperate, APS and Dom ponder which scare campaign is scaringest and which phobia is phobiest. No guest this week because of horribly slow internet where Dom is (although there is birdsong and ambient music!) BUT lots of plugs for our live event at Giant Dwarf on 7 July...

Preferences, Privilege and Palmer (with Jacqueline Maley)  

As politicians' tempers fray, SMH columnist Jacqueline Maley joins APS and Dom to look back on more innocent days, when Clive Palmer's car collection was the talk of Capital Hill. Plus - Senator Hinch?

Bring Out The Half-Time Oranges (with Dee Madigan)  

It's about halfway through the campaign, so campaign guru Dee Madigan joins APS + Dom to run the rule over the parties' efforts so far. She tells us what their pitches should be, why they're working or otherwise, and makes a bold prediction. (Photo andrew_B on Flickr)

A Debate Without Winners (with Richard Cooke)  

A Debate Without Winners (with Richard Cooke) by Andrew P Street and Dom Knight

Dead cats and dodgy broadband (with Alice Workman)  

Buzzfeed's Alice Workman joins APS and Dom to answer huge questions like what would a Nick Xenophon balance of power look like? Why disparage non-English speakers? And how is there an audio glitch whenever we mention the NBN?

The Spirit of Tasmania (with Dan Ilić)  

Dan Ilić is hitching his way from Hobart to Cape York, asking people their perception about Australian politics as he goes. He joins APS and Dom to reveal the inner thoughts of Tasmanian voters. (Ferry image - Bjørn Christian Tørrissen)

It's On! (with Sean Kelly)  

It's On! Both Election 2016 and this new podcast. Hard to know which is a greater source of excitement... Our debut guest - Sean Kelly, politics editor of The Monthly.

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