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Dr. Drew Pinsky, board certified internist and addiction medicine specialist, takes listener calls and talks to experts on a variety of topics relating to health, relationships, sex and drug addiction.


#284: Dave Navarro and Mike Catherwood  

A special crossover podcast with This Life. Dr. Drew and Mike Catherwood sit down with Dave Navarro of Dave Navarro's Dark Matter Radio, Ink Master Shop Wars, and Jane's Addiction!

#283: Scott Adams  

Drew welcomes Dilbert creator and expert on persuasion Scott Adams to today's Dr. Drew Podcast and they dive right in talking about Scott's experience as a trained hypnotist, his long running history of correctly predicting US Presidential elections and his expert level knowledge is the art of persuasion. You can pre-order Scott's new book 'Win Bigly: Persuasion in a World Where Facts Don't Matter' now on amazon, releasing this October.

#282: Dr. Stephen Hinshaw  

UC Berkeley Professor of Psychology Dr. Stephen Hinshaw joins Dr. Drew for an in-depth conversation on phsychology and mental illness.

#281: Dr. Janina Scarlet, Tim Ryan, and Wes Chapman  

Dr. Janina Scarlet calls in to talk about Superhero Therapy and geek culture. Wes Chapman also joins the show to further investigate more evidence based treatments and the effects of a hero's journey through acceptance. After the break, Dr. Drew talks to Tim Ryan, founder of A Man In Recovery Foundation.

#280: Wes Chapman Returns  

Wes Chapman returns to the show to delve even further into his fascinating story that he introduced on episode 275.

#279: Listener Calls  

Drew opens today's show speaking about some of the recertification tests he has been taking recently and the changes that have been made to them over the years. He then turns to the phones and speaks to callers on a variety of topics including 'Trump Anxiety', complications arising from sarcoma, HPV and more.

#278: Listener Calls  

Adam and Drew open the show hitting on the Oppositional Defiance Disorder they discussed yesterday and Drew observes that Adam is surrounded by so many of those kinds of people that it must be that he is attracted to them. They then turn to speaking about Adam's relationship with his father and how Adam has had to evolve that relationship over the years. Later they turn to the phones and speak to a caller who lost a sibling to a heart defect and a caller wondering what's going on with Drew's shoulder.

#277: Dennis Prager  

Radio host and documentary filmmaker Dennis Prager joins Dr. Drew today to discuss his upcoming project he's making in concert with Adam Carolla titled 'No Safe Spaces'. Drew and Dennis have an in depth conversation about the state of college campuses today and how the next generation of college students are being prepared to enter the world.

#276: Listener Calls  

Drew goes solo on this podcast and takes your listener phone calls including calls about sobriety in general, one wondering how to deal with the tricky subject of teen drinking, another worried about refugees pouring into her home state and many many more. He also comments on Steve-O's latest interview with Joe Rogan.

#275: Wes Chapman  

A Human Project's Wes Chapman joins Dr. Drew today for an intense and in-depth look at Wes' journey from a tumultuous upbringing and how he eventually got to where he is today as a healthy well adjusted member of society trying with all his might to make the world a better place.

#274: Joelle Jacobson & Calls  

Dr. Drew is joined this week by Betty Ford's Joelle Jacobson for a conversation about the state of the recovery community as well as a study that Mrs. Jacobson has done that suggests that older women are binge drinking on a more regular basis than in the past. Drew then turns to the phones and takes calls alone for the remainder of the show including one about addiction, another about auto immune disease and more.

#273: Maria Bamford  

Dr. Drew chats with comedian Maria Bamford about medicines, psychiatric experiences, and hospitalizations. They also discuss suicide and Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome before diving into some talk about Maria's Netflix series Lady Dynamite. Watch Maria's new special, Old Baby, available on Netflix tomorrow May 2nd!

#272: Fred Stoller  

Fred Stoller join's Dr. Drew this week to talk about his new book 'Five Minutes To Kill' about comics getting their start in the HBO Young Comedian specials from the 1980s. They also catch up with Fred's mother Pearl.

#271: Vinnie Tortorich and Anna Vocino  

Dr. Drew is joined this week by Vinnie Tortorich and his friend Anna Vocinio to talk about Vinnie's #NSNG lifestyle and Anna's book 'Eat Happy' that follows his plans.

#270: Mike Catherwood, Live from The Ice House in Pasadena  

Dr Drew is live from the Pasadena Ice House where he is joined by his good friend Mike Catherwood. The guys reminisce on their days growing up in the Pasadena area, take audience questions and speak to a few of Mike's good friends who joined as well.

#269: Dr. Lisa Strohman  

Dr. Lisa Strohman returns to the Dr. Drew Podcast for an in depth conversation on a variety of topics with a special focus on sexting between teens and how the antiquated laws surrounding the topic make things exceptionally dangerous for today's children.

#268: Jordan Harbinger  

Jordan Harbinger joins Dr. Drew to talk about the 10,000 Hour Rule, luck, and The Art Of Charm.

#267: Listener Phone Calls  

Dr. Drew talks to listeners about stopping addiction before severe consequences, Richard Simmons, and anxiety disorders.

#266: Dr. Shelley Uram and Adam Tishman  

Dr. Drew welcomes Harvard trained, triple board-certified psychiatrist Dr. Shelley Uram to the program for an in-depth discussion about psychological trauma. Afterwards, Dr. Drew talks to Adam Tishman who co-founded Helix Sleep: an extremely innovative company selling affordable, customizable mattresses.

#265: Jeff St. Clair  

Pharmaceutical industry veteran and Dr. Drew Podcast listener Jeff St. Clair calls in to speak with Drew about his time in the industry. They also take listener phone calls.

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