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Dr. Drew Pinsky, board certified internist and addiction medicine specialist, takes listener calls and talks to experts on a variety of topics relating to health, relationships, sex and drug addiction.


#247: Anna Vocino and Vinnie Tortorich  

Anna Vocino and Vinnie Tortorich join Dr. Drew for a podcast about fitness, diet, and Anna's new cookbook 'Eat Happy.' The guys also answer listener questions about lactic acid, building lean mass, and colonoscopies.

#246: Ken Baker  

Entertainment journalist Ken Baker joins Dr. Drew to recall his battle with a benign brain tumor, resulting in him having to go through puberty in his late twenties. The guys also talk about the new movie based on that story, The Late Bloomer. Afterwards, Drew gives an update on his health before the guys share some thoughts about therapy.

#245: Listener Phone Calls and Dr. Renee Dua  

Dr. Drew talks to listeners on the phone about interstitial cystitis, sex addiction, and reestablishing a connection with one's daughter. Also, Dr. Renee Dua calls in to talk about Heal. For more on Heal, visit

#244: Listener Phone Calls  

Dr. Drew talks to listeners on the phone about men watching porn, hair loss, and the long term effects of Tramadol.

#243: Live at The Ice House in Pasadena  

Dr. Drew and Mike Catherwood are live from the Ice House in Pasadena for a live podcast featuring some history of Drew and Mike's connection with the Pasadena area as well as some fan interaction with Q and A.

#242: Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi  

Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi sits down with Dr. Drew and talks about Jersey Shore, motherhood, and true crime stories. Afterwards, Drew spends the second half of the show answering listener calls.

#241: Jay Mohr  

Jay Mohr joins Dr. Drew for a discussion about faith, parenthood, and race.

#240: Rob Weiss  

Robert Weiss LCSW, CSAT-S joins Dr. Drew for an in-depth conversation about sex addiction.

#239: Adrianna Costa  

Adrianna Costa talks to Drew about marriage and motherhood before the pair interview one of Dr. Drew's superfans in-studio. After the break, Dr. Drew answers listener phone calls.

#238: Max Ritvo  

Poet Max Ritvo returns to the Dr. Drew podcast for a very emotional and honest discussion about the progression of Max's disease and much more, later Dr. Drew goes one on one with the fans answering listener phone calls.

#237: Garry Meier  

Garry Meier joins Dr. Drew to talk about the transition from radio to podcasts, interviewing Howard Stern, and the influence of radio broadcasting on youth. For more on the Garry Meier Show, visit

#236: Live from the Hollywood Improv  

This week's epsiode is an unedited airing of the first ever live version of The Dr. Drew Podcast recorded on June 28th, 2016 from the world famous Hollywood Improv. Drew is joined on stage by returning guest and longtime friend Mike Catherwood as they examine their history together (as well as some of Mike's solo history) before welcoming a few friends of Mike's and taking audience questions.

#235: Ben Greenfield  

Ben Greenfield and Mike Catherwood join Dr. Drew for a podcast about fitness, diet, and performance. Check out Ben's book 'Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life' on Amazon! Also listen to the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast and visit

#234: Vinnie Tortorich  

Fan Favorite Vinnie Tortorich joins Drew for a continued conversation about Vinnie's NSNG (No Sugar No Grain) philosophy and how he's been applying it to his client's lives. They also speak about their shared realizations about aging before being joined by their mutual friend Mike Catherwood to wrap up the show.

#233: Dr. Erin Foster and Dr. Stacey Lowen  

Dr. Erin Foster and Dr. Stacey Lowen join Dr. Drew to talk about how social media, technology, and parental involvement shape the adolescent mind.

#232: Phone Calls  

Dr. Drew helps callers with questions about having relationships during recovery, the possible lingering effects of taking mushrooms, and chronic pain conditions.

#231: Kevin Kerslake and DJ Kevin Scott  

Kevin Kerslake returns to the show with DJ Kevin Scott to further discuss the story of DJ AM.

#230: Dr. Erin Foster  

Relationship therapist Dr. Erin Foster joins Dr. Drew for a conversation about maintaining healthy relationships and the work that goes into that endeavor. They also speak about Erin's past and get into the sometime scary experiences from her early life.

#229: Listener Phone Calls  

Dr. Drew addresses the tragic shooting in Orlando before answering listener phone calls about using Phentermine for weight control, what do do with an abusive daughter, and how to handle a possible beer allergy.

#228: Mike Mosberg  

Drew welcomes Mike Mosberg to the show this week to talk about his work in the addiction and recovery community. The show opens with Drew and Mike recounting the A-list holiday party at which they met and the craziness that went on that evening before transitioning into Mike's work in the New York recovery scene. They also take some phone calls and help out listeners with their questions about recovery.

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