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Dr. Drew Pinsky, board certified internist and addiction medicine specialist, takes listener calls and talks to experts on a variety of topics relating to health, relationships, sex and drug addiction.


#263: Nely Galan  

Dr. Drew is joined this week by media personality and author Nely Galan to talk about their shared history working in TV ad well as Nely's journey to becoming a TV personality and professional speaker as well as her personal history with Donald Trump as a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice.

#262: Listener Calls  

Drew turns straight to the phones for this episode of the show and speaks to a variety of callers including one who is relatively newly sober and wanting to get in to a romantic relationship, another who is concerned that he is improperly tapering off of his medication and another who is explicably losing weight, amongst others.

#261: Carrie Keagan  

Media personality, author and celebrity interviewer Carrie Keagan joins Dr. Drew for a long form conversation about Carrie's rise from one of the first stars created on YouTube to her dynamic career as it exists today. They discuss Carrie's experiences in Hollywood, her book, and the ways in which she came to hate and love her boobs with a ton of emotions in between. Get Carrie's book, Everybody Curses, I Swear!: Uncensored Tales from the Hollywood Trenche on Amazon -

#260: Listener Calls  

Drew goes straight to the phones in this episode and spends the entire episode taking listener phone calls including one from a caller who is hearing a clicking sound coming from his heels, another who is dealing with loud and contentious neighbors and wondering wether or not she should get the police involved and another with a question about penile sounding, and finally an addiction question amongst many others.

Weekly Infusion featuring Nicole Angemi  

A special airing of Dr. Drew's new podcast, Weekly Infusion with Dr. Bruce. The guys pair up with pathologist assistant Nicole Angemi (of @mrs_angemi Instagram fame) to discuss the human body, diseases, and death.

#259: Ami Horowitz  

Dr. Drew is joined by media personality and YouTube star Ami Horowitz for a long form conversation about how divergence between parties have transformed the nature of debate across all parts of our political and social systems.

#258: Stevie D  

Drew opens the show this week welcoming his guest Steve 'Stevie D' DuPin to discuss his career in stand up comedy and his experience working through prostate cancer. They also take some prostate cancer themed calls before Drew says goodbye to Stevie and moves on to more general phone calls. Drew speaks to a variety of callers including one who was recently broken up with looking for what to do next and another who is worried that a friend of theirs is being abused in a retirement home.

#257: Listener Calls  

Drew opens up the show talking to a caller who has a question about Drew's recent colonoscopy before turning to the guys in the booth to talk about new years resolutions in general and how the idea may be inherently flawed. This leads to a more in depth conversation on social media and how it has evolved quite a bit in it's short lifespan and now may be the time for those services to look inward at themselves. Drew then turns back to the phones and speaks to a variety of callers including one with a ringing in his ears and another getting a pain in his groin after orgasm.

Best Of, #205: Bobcat Goldthwait  

At the top of the show, Dr. Drew chats with Bobcat Goldthwait about his persona throughout the 80s, and how he met his friend, comedian Barry Crimmins. The guys then discuss why your career should be evolutionary, and why Bobcat has Jimmy Kimmel to thank for his latest iteration. Later, the guys talk about how surprised Bobcat was to find that his new documentary about Barry, 'Call Me Lucky', has impacted its audience. In the last part of the show, Bobcat speaks openly about his relationship with Robin Williams, and how he is just now finally recovering from a very difficult year.

#256: Mark Cronin  

Reality TV producer Mark Cronin joins the show for a discussion about his extensive career working as the creator and executive producer of various reality TV shows starting with Singled Out in the 90s and continuing to his work today on hit shows like Bravo's Below Deck.

#255: Dr. Ken Levy  

Dr. Drew is joined by Dr. Ken Levy for a wide ranging discussion on bipolar disorder as well as other personality disorders and Ken shares some of the expertise he has acquired over his years working in the field.

#254: Ryan Blair  

Drew welcomes entrepreneur Ryan Blair to the podcast for an in depth conversation about Ryan's journey from juvenile delinquent gang member to highly successful businessperson. Ryan and Drew cover his entire journey before getting to his current life as a successful businessman and author.

#253: Fran Drescher  

Fran Drescher joins Dr. Drew for a conversation about health, cancer, and food.

#252: Dr. Dan Siegel  

Dr. Dan Siegel returns to the show for an in-depth conversation about the mind and body. After the break, Dr. Drew answers listener calls.

#251: Elizabeth McIngvale  

Drew welcomes Elizabeth McIngvale to the podcast to talk about her experiences with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. As well as being the Founder and President of the Peace of Mind Foundation, Elizabeth has extensive personal expereiences with OCD and more specifically the treatment of the disorder. Later in the show Drew and Liz turn to the phones and speak to a variety of callers on OCD and mental health in general.

#250: Listener Calls  

Dr. Drew spends the entire show taking listener calls. Some of the topics include: friends with benefits, marijuana's effect on fertility, the Bicameral Mind, and why Drew doesn't recommend the medical field for his children.

#249: Bryan Callen, Brendan Schaub, and Chris Nowinski  

The Fighter and The Kid's Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub join Dr. Drew for a podcast about CTE. They guys also welcome Christopher Nowinski, co-founder of the Concussion Legacy Foundation, to weigh in on the topic. Later, Drew answers some listener phone calls.

The Slammer's Last Stand  

In celebration of the demise of The Slammer this week, this is the final episode recorded there. Penn explains his attraction to - & reservations about - libertarianism & atheism.

#248: Anderson Cowan  

Anderson Cowan joins Dr. Drew to talk about his upcoming film Groupers as well as reminisce about their years on Loveline. For more about Groupers, visit

When It Says Rain In the Script, Cross It Out  

Acting on Code Black, & the trials of making the low budget horror film The Grounds.

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