The Duncan Trussell Family Hour

The Duncan Trussell Family Hour

United States

A weekly electronic salon style super show.


Jordan Peterson  

Dr. Peterson is a clinical psychologist and a professor at the University of Toronto. He’s the author of the book “Maps Of Meaning The Architecture Of Belief.” We talk about his outspoken stance on Canadian bill c16, a musically induced mystical experience he had one night, and ways to find meaning in the pain of existence. One of my favorite episodes ever.

Derek Waters  

Duncan reveals insider info regarding sub-par episodes and Derek and Duncan talk about Jesus Christ Superstar and the importance of surrender...

Tait Fletcher  

Tait Fletcher (Westworld, Pirate Life Radio) returns to the DTFH and we talk about his ascent into the world of action movies, sobriety, and the world of giving back.

David Nichtern  

Buddhist teacher, author, and Emmy award winner David Nichtern joins the DTFH and we talk about the buddhist wheel of life.

Emil Amos  

Emil Amos (Holy Sons, OM) joins the DTFH and we talk about the strange secret cults that exist in every darkling city of the world.

Hamilton Souther  

We celebrate Terrence Mckenna's birthday with a mind blazingly psychedelic episode with Maestro Hamilton Souther. ( Hamilton Souther completed a degree in Anthropology from the University of Colorado in 2000. In 2001, he left his California home and traveled to Peru. Later that year, he studied Ayahuasca shamanism under various Peruvian shamans on the Aucayacu River in the Amazon rain forest, approximately 24 hours away from Iquitos, Peru by boat. Then, in 2002, Souther began apprenticing with Don Alberto Torres Davila and Don Julio Llerena Pinedo, two medicine men in the area. Souther constructed a camp nearby, where he would live during his studies. It soon became clear to him that many Westerners would benefit from similar spiritual work, so he established Blue Morpho, named after the bright blue Amazonian butterfly of the same name. With its inception, Souther began guiding guests on the 24-hour trip by boat from Iquitos deep into the jungle. As more guests arrived, he added greater infrastructure to accommodate their needs.

Daniele Bolelli in BOX OF RAIN  

Daniele Bolelli, The Drunken Taoist, History On Fire, joins the DTFH and we talk about the election and nothingness.

Pendleton Ward  

The magical creator of Adventure Time joins the DTFH! Plus a big announcement about an upcoming move to a very special city......

Getting dirty with Chris Ryan  

Dr Chris Ryan, Sex At Dawn, Civilized To Death, returns to the DTFH and we talk about swarms, poop, the apocalypse, and argue about what fate awaits the blazing hell train that is modern human civilization.

Conner Habib  

A blazing episode with author, teacher, occultist, and porn star Conner Habib!

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Shane Mauss  

Comedian Shane Mauss joins the DTFH and we talk about DMT, psychedelics, the human soul, and eventually come to a final psychedelic realization.

Dr. Cole Marta  

A conversation with Dr. Cole Marta (MAPSZENDO PROJECT) who is the principal investigator in the phase 3 trial of MDMA as a treatment for PTSD.  We discuss Ketamine therapy, the synaptic cleft, and the strange and mysterious workings of the human brain.  

Also a 190 hour rant about my burning man experience.


The Galactic Experience

Dr. Bruce Damer  

A conversation with the brilliant Dr. Bruce Damer (Levity Podcast, we talk about VR, technology, the feasibility of mining asteroids, and the ethics of being involved with the military industrial complex.   This episode brought to you by SQUARESPACE.COM go to and use offer code duncan to get 10% off of your first order.

Emily V. Gordon  

Emily Gordon (Super You, Do You Think You're Pretty,) Joins the DTFH and we talk about her work as a clinician, an illness that helped shape her POV, and how to pick a good therapist.  This episode brought to you by SQUARESPACE.COM Go to and use offer code Duncan to get 10% off of your first order.


Zach leary, It's all Happening podcast, joins the DTFH and we talk about our upcoming attempt to bring virtual reality into a flotation tank.   This episode brought to you by  go to hour and use offer code family hour to get $50 towards your brand new mattress!    

AJ and Gino Gentile from LA Speed Weed  

Aj and Gino from are kind enough to drop by to discuss the insane restrictions and regulations that anyone attempting to run a legal medicinal marijuana service in the state of Califonia has to face. No advertisements.   This episode is donated to  PLEASE go there to help reform insane marijuana laws.  

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