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The Easy Allies Podcast #31 - October 19th 2016  

On this week's episode, we cover the official announcement of Red Dead Redemption 2, but stop short of speculating about it since we haven't seen the official trailer yet.

The Easy Allies Podcast #30 - October 12th 2016  

A new Power Rangers game doesn't look that new, whales are playing games before everyone else, and the PlayStation VR's release is just about here.

The Easy Allies Podcast #29 - October 5th 2016  

Amazon reveals their big budget games of varying significance, Battleborn will become something close to free to play, and we do a new dumb game.

The Easy Allies Podcast #28 - September 28th 2016  

Destiny 2 leaks suggest the series might be taking some exciting risks, Beyond Good & Evil 2 seems to be totally happening, and Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice still got bad reviews.

The Easy Allies Podcast #27 - September 21st 2016  

Before video games awards season kicks off, we put our chips down on the GOTY So Far, while doing our best to remember those games that will not come close.

The Easy Allies Podcast #26 - September 14th 2016  

Nintendo and Apple become closer friends than expected, Sony announces new games at TGS of varying significance, and of course we gotta talk about the PlayStation 4 Pro.

The Easy Allies Podcast #25 - September 7th 2016  

Before the mudslide of fall releases begins, we check in on the panel's thoughts and hopes for each big release.

The Easy Allies Podcast #24 - August 30th 2016  

Nintendo's 3DS announcements are not the news we were hoping for, PlayStation Now streams to PCs, and Gran Turismo Sport respects the franchise's tradition.

The Easy Allies Podcast #23 - August 24th 2016  

Dark Souls III DLC gets the team fired up, Metal Gear Survive sounds like something Brandon might try, and the slim PlayStation 4 isn't juicy enough for Ian.

The Easy Allies Podcast #22 - August 17th 2016  

Call of Duty Zombies continues to amaze Kyle (and no one else), Final Fantasy XV gets a final delay, and we discuss THQ more than we maybe ever have.

The Easy Allies Podcast #21 - August 10th 2016  

Sony announces their Neo announcement, No Man's Sky pushes the boundaries of review embargoes, and Nintendo shuts down a beloved fan project.

The Easy Allies Podcast #20 - August 3rd 2016  

The Xbox One S is a secret mini beefcake, Disney Infinity continues to break Jones' heart, and Ben quit Hearthstone!

The Easy Allies Podcast #19 - July 27th 2016  

Rumors indicate the NX is in fact a strange handheld hybrid, Sega announces two new Sonic games, and then finally some stuff happens that Brandon is interested in.

Easy Allies Podcast #18 - July 20th 2016  

Nintendo unveils a little holiday money-maker, Evo continues to grow, and the panel plays devil's advocate.

The Easy Allies Podcast - July 13th 2016  

Nintendo finally conquers mobile with its savvy work on Pokémon Go, E3 2014's Best of Show goes free to play, and Warner Bros. gets their wrists slapped for paying off the significant media.

The Easy Allies Podcast #16 - July 6th, 2016  

The world around CSGO becomes a swamp of questionable morality, and the Game Critics Awards for E3 bring out the debut of Yup or Nope.

The Easy Allies Podcast #15 - June 29th 2016  

When a wild Miyamoto interview sparks even more confusing speculation, we take it upon ourselves to plan the NX announcement.

The Easy Allies Podcast #14 - June 22nd 2016  

E3 flew by last week and we never stopped to remark on all of Microsoft's big news. Quick, now's our chance!

The Easy Allies Podcast #13 (E3 Edition) - June 13th 2016  

This week's podcast was recorded live after the first day of E3, and it definitely feels like it. The highly-engaged panel covers the five (or so) biggest game announcements and a brief rundown of each press conference.

The Easy Allies Podcast #12 - June 8th 2016  

It's the week before E3, so we're spending an extra-long episode cramming in as much as we can before the big show begins.

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