The Em Rusciano Radio Show Podcast

The Em Rusciano Radio Show Podcast


The fabulous Em Rusciano will return to the Hit Network this month to host a brand new show, The Em Rusciano Radio Show. Hitting the airwaves from Sunday June 19th across metro and regional Hit Network stations, The Em Rusciano Radio Show will feature two hours (6-8pm) of the most honest conversations on radio, with frank and funny discussions between Rusciano, her guests and listeners. Rusciano says, “I’m really looking forward to getting back on the air, I want to make a smart kick-arse show that tells the truth and makes people laugh. The Hit Network have been brave enough to give me complete creative control which is either a brilliant move, or someone's getting fired. Either way, I’m excited!" Tune into The Em Rusciano Radio Show on Sunday nights, 6-8pm on The Hit Network


The Em Rusciano Radio Show Podcast Sunday 3rd July 2016  

This week Em's guest is Jane Harber you'll know her from shows like Underbelly, The Moody Christmas, Never Tear Us Apart - The Untold Story of INXS and she currently appearing as Zara Perkich on Offspring. We talk obscure 90's TV crushes, the farce of our election and we chat to the author of Not Right In The Head a brilliant & hilarious book on Alzheimer's by Michelle Wyatt.

The Em Rusciano Radio Show Podcast Sunday 26th June 2016  

On the show we had co-host Jamila Rizvi and we spoke all thing political. DON'T WORRY it wasn’t boring politics…..we made politics fun by referencing the Spice Girls. We also spake about what it would be like if our parents had Facebook in the 80’s. As always we finished the show with a duet and Jamila is not a strong singer! We love her though.

The Em Rusciano Radio Show Podcast Sunday 19th June 2016  

Did you stalk your partner first? Unsolicited dick picks and Would you drink with your cat? All with special guest Joel Creasey!

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