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Why You're Fatigued on Your Diet And How to Fix It with Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson  

I'm really excited to share today's guest with you... Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson is a PhD in cognitive sciences and expert on the psychology of food addiction. She's the founder of the weight loss program called Bright Line Eating, which is all about helping people who struggle with food addiction and sugar addiction behaviors that sabotage their weight loss. And she's getting some absolutely phenomenal results helping people lose the weight and keep it off permanently. Susan is also a close friend of mine, so we wanted to have this discussion which is basically on a topic that intersects her expertise and mine -- the link between weight loss and energy.

Specifically, here's what you're going to learn in this episode:

What some of the most common causes of fatigue are Why weight loss causes fatigue   What really happens when you start cutting calories (hint: it's not just your "metabolism" -- it's something more important that most people have no idea about) The link between toxins, fat gain and fatigue  The two biggest factors that sabotage your fat loss success (and how to avoid them)

This is a great conversation with Susan and I, probably unlike anything you've heard before on this subject. If you're trying to lose fat, this show is a must-listen, and I think you're going to love it.

How to Biohack Fatigue with Joe Cohen  

In this episode, you will hear from biohacker Joe Cohen on how biohacking your genes can help boost your health and energy levels.

You will learn about

What Joe believes are the root causes of fatigue  What biohacking really is What the cannabinoid system is and how it influences your energy levels What orexin is What the most important genes are when it comes to fatigue and energy levels

WARNING: This episode has lots of technical science in it, and Joe presumes the listener has a solid understanding of physiology. If you do not have a solid background in studying health, you may find some of this interview difficult to understand. If you do have a strong background in studying health, you will likely enjoy this interview a lot. :)

How to Boost Your Immune System to Overcome Chronic Infections with Guillermo Ruiz  

In this episode, you'll hear from researcher Guillermo Ruiz on overcoming chronic infections. 

You'll learn:

* Why infections are a common trigger of fatigue

* What are the typical infections people with fatigue can have

* Why vitamin D supplements are often NOT a smart idea

* The difference between supplements and phytochemicals (and how it can be the difference between doing something helpful vs. counterproductive)

* How to strengthen your immune system and prevent infection

* A set of phytochemicals you can use to boost your immune system and help you beat chronic infections so you can overcome fatigue and get your energy back


How To Eliminate Stress and Anxiety with Mark Waldman  

Anxiety and stress are energy killers. And you probably already know that because you've experienced it. Severe stress or anxiety can literally crush your energy levels within hours. 

And day in, day out chronic stress and anxiety for weeks or months? It will seriously wreck your energy and cause long-term health problems.

What if you had access to one of the world's leading neuroscience experts who could show you the most powerful science-based methods you can crush your anxiety and stress in a matter of seconds?

Sound too good to be true? Listen to this interview and find the truth.

Taking control of your anxiety and stress is a critical piece of the puzzle when it comes to getting your energy back. Listen to this interview now.

7 Steps To Heal Hypothyroidism with Dr. Alan Christianson  

In this episode, the always brilliant Dr. Alan Christianson guides us through his 7-step system for reversing hypothyroidism that he's used to help tens of thousands of patients over the last couple decades.

This is a must-listen episode everyone with hypothryroidism or suspects they might have hypothyroidism. 

He's also just released a brand new program on healing hypothyroidism, which you can find www.theenergyblueprint/thyroid

How "Energy Drinks" Wreck Your Energy  

Today we're talking about "energy drinks." Specifically, we'll be covering why they work to give you a short-term boost of interview, but end up wrecking your energy in the long run. 

There are specific physiological mechanisms that explain how they wreck your energy, and we're going to get into some fascinating science around the causes of fatigue. 

If you regularly consume energy drinks (or refined sugar or caffeine), make sure to listen to this.

How To Fix Your Thyroid with Dr. Izabella Wentz  

Do you have unexplained weight gain, feel cold a lot of the time, have trouble sleeping, or feel fatigued? It might be your thyroid.

Dr. Izabella Wentz is here to tell you all about what has caused your thyroid to malfunction (she's developed a breakthrough new theory called the "Safety Theory") and how to fix your thyroid to get your health back. For those with thyroid issues, this interview is must-watch material.

Why Mitochondria are The Real Cause of Fatigue with Dr. Sarah Myhill  

Got fatigue? There's a lot of hype and speculation out there about all sorts of different theories about what makes us fatigued... it's the adrenals, it's the thyroid, it's inflammation, it's gluten and dairy, etc.

In my opinion, there is no person out there who has put the fatigue puzzle together better than world-renowned fatigue expert Dr. Sarah Myhill. In this interview, she breaks down the real causes of fatigue, and why your mitochondria are likely at the root of your energy problems.

If you're low on energy, listen to this interview right now. Trust me, you'll thank me later. :)

The Hidden Truth About Adrenal Fatigue with Dr. Bryan Walsh  

Do you have the symptoms of adrenal fatigue? Things like fatigue, sugar cravings, poor sleep, brain fog, and anxiety are some of the classic symptoms associated with adrenal fatigue.

If these symptoms sound all too familiar to you, then this podcast is a must-listen for you. 

Dr. Bryan Walsh goes over why these symptoms often have nothing to do with "stress" (as most people claim), why the adrenals are usually not "fatigued," what's really causing your symptoms, and how to fix the problem and get your energy back.

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