The English We Speak

The English We Speak


Every week, we look at a different everyday English phrase or piece of slang in this fun three-minute programme. From BBC World Service



Can you do lots of different things? This could be the phrase to describe you

The coast is clear  

Doing something you shouldn't? Here's a phrase about not being caught

Pull a fast one  

Make the English you speak sound more natural

Suck it and see  

Learn a phrase about having new experiences

To cut your teeth  

Starting out in a new profession? Here's an expression about gaining experience


Getting less for your money? Could you be the victim of 'shrinkflation'?

La-la land  

Is someone making unreasonable requests? Here's where they live

A different kettle of fish  

Fishing for a phrase? This could be the one for you

At the drop of a hat  

What would Rob do at the drop of a hat? Find out more about this expression

Brass neck  

What does being confident but rude have to do with your neck? Learn an expression that should not be taken literally

Reinvent the wheel  

Wasting time doing something that's been done before? There's a phrase to explain this


Do you have a false friend? In The English We Speak we get to hear how one of Feifei's best friends isn't a friend at all and discover that there's a great word to describe them

To be fair  

Give both sides of the argument with this phrase

On the box  

Watching a ‘box’ can’t be very enjoyable, can it?


Learn a phrase you can use that features our feathered friend


Learn a phrase involving bottles that describes when you're too afraid to do something

Got your number  

Understanding someone's true intentions

A slap in the face  

Not got the result you wanted? Here's a phrase that expresses how you feel


Learn a word that describes tempting online links


Dan and Feifei are in the studio and Dan has been working on a new music track. Will it be good? Let's find out

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