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Richard Dreyfuss - Encore Hour  

Eric shares his latest column " Can we inspire patriotism? Being an American is something we need to learn and understand". Actor Richard Dreyfuss calls for civics to be taught again. Sign-up at

Eric is Back! Part 2  

Eric continues talking about all his adventures here and abroad.

Eric is Back! Part 1  

Tune in and find out everything Eric's been up to over the past few of weeks!

Michael Franzese  

In this encore presentation, Eric explores the amazing transformation of former mobster Michael Franzese.

Jason Scott Jones  

John Zmirak sits in again for Eric and talks with Jason Scott Jones about his intriguing book, The Race to Save Our Century.

Victoria Jackson  

In hour two, a special encore presentation featuring Victoria Jackson. Eric delves into both the serious and silly side of Victoria's life!

David Daleiden  

In hour one, John Zmirak fills in for Eric and interviews pro-life activist David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress. Tune in today!

Ashley Null  

It’s an encore presentation featuring Ashley Null, author of "Divine Allurement: Cranmer's Comfortable Words” - Tune in and get comfortable!

Dr. Thornbury  

Dr. Gregory Thornbury is taking the helm for Eric! Don't miss his one-on-one with Gerald R. McDermott discussing his book "Israel Matters”

Albin Sadar  

Eric talks with Albin Sadar for Fun-Facts Friday.

Paul Glader  

King’s College professor Paul Glader talks with Eric about the state of media.

Chuck Stetson  

President of The King’s College, Dr. Greg Thornbury is filling in for Eric and talks with Chuck Stetson about the US Constitution and Bible Literary.

Hugh Ross  

Eric talked with President and Founder of Reasons to Believe, Hugh Ross.

Dr. Greg Thornbury filling in for Eric  

Dr. Greg Thornbury talks with film critic Bill Newcott.

Remi Adeleke  

Eric talks with former Navy Seal and actor in the newest Transformers: The Last Knight, Remi Adeleke. They talk about his story and recent I Am Second video.

Kevin McCullough  

Kevin McCullough is filling in for Eric and LIVE! He also talked with Chief Religion Correspondent for Fox News, Lauren Greene about her latest book Lighthouse Faith: God as a Living Reality in a World Immersed in Fog.

Daniel Mattson  

Author Daniel Mattson comes on for Miracle Monday and talks about his newest book Why I Don't Call Myself Gay: How I Reclaimed My Sexual Reality and Found Peace

Kevin McCullough LIVE  

Kevin McCullough fills in for a LIVE hour.

Albin Sadar  

Albin Sadar came on for Fun-Facts Friday Fact: There's a castle in Scotland that's a giant pineapple Don't miss it!

Ken Fish  

Ken Fish came on to talk about his ministries, Kingdom Fire Ministries!

Victoria Jackson  

Former SNL star, Victoria Jackson came on the show and talked about her overcoming cancer.

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