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Tobin and Leroy 10-12-16 Full Show  

Tobin and Leroy discuss the Dolphins and how bad the team is. (16:19) The guys get into the discussion of how gross milk is and how Jim Harbaugh drank milk with his steak dinner. (30:48) Tobin fails at describing a TV show too Leroy. (41:32) The guys discuss the Dolphins and Rashad Jones injury.(56:26) Adam Beasley joins the show and discusses the Dolphins awful season.(1:13) We do 15 minutes of Heat and talk about the future of this team. (1:20) The guys talk about how Dan Marino needs to be given Tannenbaum’s job. (1:36) Tobin and Leroy talk about Leroy and his plans to dress up as a Stormtrooper for Halloween. (1:48) Leroy looked up whether or not we could buy real nun chucks so that Tobin could try and play ping pong with nun chucks.

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