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Talking to Jared Keeso About LETTERKENNY, The Funniest Show You've Never Heard Of  

A few months ago we found out about Letterkenny, a Canadian comedy series about life in rural Ontario, and we've been hooked ever since. So we were absolutely stoked when Letterkenny's star and creator, Jared Keeso, agreed to a Skype interview to tell us about the making of the show, what we can expect from season 3, and when we can expect Letterkenny to finally be available legally here in the US.

Is YouTube SCREWED?  

We once again discuss the shenanigans, malarkey, and hoopla going on with YouTube, and also give YOU advice on not being a lazy ass and getting the most out of summer music festivals.

Sharlto Copley Returns!  

Sharlto Copley (District 9, Hardcore Henry) returns to talk about his new movie Free Fire, growing up in South Africa, and his upcoming directorial debut.

Talking Movies with Scott "Movie" Mantz  

We decided to make a truce with our sworn mortal enemy Scott Mantz, a member of the Movie Critic Illuminati

Nolan North: Man Of A Thousand Voices  

We talk to Nolan North, the voice of basically every video game character ever.

Special Guest Rapidfire Special! Shibby's First Kiss! Tiger Sex! And MORE!  

The video version of this podcast features a tour of the office, check it out here:

How To GET A JOB  

This week it's just us answering your questions and having advice that is questionable at best.

Corey Taylor of SLIPKNOT & Stone Sour Has OPINIONS  

Corey Taylor joins us to talk about making music, and to share his opinions about basically everything.

Hope For The Superhero Genre?  

Hope For The Superhero Genre? by The ETC Podcast

We Froze to Death in Winnipeg's Canadian Death-Tundra  

We made the foolish mistake of traveling to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada during February, and it was quite a shock to us SoCal city boys.

Chilling Out w/ Hannibal Buress  

We're joined by one of our favorite stand up comedians, Hannibal Buress, who you might know from The Eric Andre Show and Broad City.

2017 Movies Look TERRIBLE?!  

This week we talk about our recent trip to London and look at all the BIG movies coming out in 2017.

Does 2017 Suck Too?  

We're back, and we've got plenty to complain about.

2016 was the WORST YEAR EVER? w/ Maddox & Rucka!  

Update: Since recording this, George Michael has died, Carrie Fisher has died, her mother Debbie Reynolds has also died, Zsa Zsa Gabor has died, the Russian ambassador to Turkey has been assassinated, 92 people died in a Russian plane crash, and 11 victims were killed in Berlin in a terror attack.

1:08:08  Our Favorite Movies of 2016 w/ Alicia Malone, Clarke Wolfe, & Dan Casey  

We invited some of our biggest movie lover friends in to talk about this year's best movies.

The WORST Movies of 2016 w/ The Schmoes  

We're joined by Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis of The Schmoes as we go over the worst movies we had the displeasure of seeing in 2016

Spoole's Back in Town!  

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Your Generation Sucks?  

This week we write a pitch for a kids TV show and discuss why teenagers are the absolute worst.

Happy Danksgiving  

Happy Danksgiving by The ETC Podcast

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