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What Now, America?  

Well, that happened. Here's our reactions to the election results, recorded the morning after.


We solved the big dick toilet problem

Nolan Bushnell: The Father of Video Games  

This week we sit down with Nolan Bushnell, who in 1972 founded Atari and released Pong, widely considered the first video game ever.

WE ARE LEGENDS!!! w/ the Creators Of Legends Of Chamberlain Heights!  

This week we talk to the guys behind one of our favorite new shows, Legends of Chamberlain Heights Watch the show Wednesday Nights after South Park or on


Talkin' video games...


The latest developments in the world of VR have us very excited.

Do Ghosts Exist? And More Of Our Favorite Scary Movies  

This week it's Eliot, Chloe, and Phil talking about more scary movies and having a spooky conversation about whether or not ghosts really exist.

Best Horror Movies EVER w/ Clarke Wolfe  

We're joined by horror aficionado Clarke Wolfe (Collider Nightmares) as we sort through our favorite scary movies and discuss what makes a horror movie great.


Your BURNING QUESTIONS Answered by The ETC Podcast

Awkward Erotic Fan Fiction w/ Steven Suptic  

Our friend/enemy/frenemy Steven Suptic, formerly known as MLGHWNT, joins us this week to talk about YouTuber stuff and read some surprisingly well-written erotic fan fiction.

Fall Movie Preview w/ Kristian Harloff!  

Leaves are starting to fall, nights are getting longer... well not quite yet, but the fall movie season is here, and Kristian Harloff of the Schmoes joins us this week to go over the Fall 2016 movie schedule.

Attempting To Understand DRAGON BALL Z w/Dani Fernandez  

Neither of us has ever watched Dragon Ball Z, or had any interest in doing so, but this week our friend, comedian and DBZ superfan Dani Fernandez, assigned us three episodes of Dragon Ball Z to watch, and BOY do we have questions. Follow Dani on Twitter:

CALL OF DUTY Doesn't SUCK! Plus- Cooking W- Hutch!  

Our old buddy Hutch joins us this week to talk video games, VR, chess, cooking, and Donald Trump.

Confessions Of A MEME DEALER w/ Mike Diva!  

We're joined by Mike Diva, creator of some of the best and weirdest internet videos around, including most recently "Japanese Donald Trump Commercial" and "Hillary Clinton - Meme Queen 2016." Watch Hillary Clinton - Meme Queen here: Check out Mike's channel - -- Visit our subreddit: Follow us on Twitter:

Hal Rudnick from ScreenJunkies!  

We're joined by fellow internet SUPERSTAR Hal Rudnick from ScreenJunkies, who despite believing Harambe needed to be shot is actually a very nice person.

2016 DOESN'T Suck?!  

We're again joined by Chloe Dykstra and we're gonna try to figure out ways that 2016 doesn't actually suck.

F**K 2016  

This week we're joined by Chloe Dykstra as we go over many of the reasons 2016 is a terrible, no good, very bad year. -- Visit our subreddit: Follow us on Twitter:

Is EGO a BAD Thing? w/Ryan Holiday  

We're joined by Ryan Holiday, author of Trust Me I'm Lying, Growth Hacker Marketing, The Obstacle is the Way, and his latest book, Ego is the Enemy. Learn more about Ryan Holiday at

Making SWISS ARMY MAN w/The Daniels  

The Daniels (Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert) talk about making their first feature film, Swiss Army Man

Maddox: Best Guest in the Universe  

Author, podcaster, comedian MADDOX is back!

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