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The Fall of Rome Podcast

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I'm Patrick Wyman, and I just finished my PhD in the history of Late Antiquity - the period between about 300 and 700 - at USC. The Fall of the Roman Empire is my specialty, and in this podcast I'll be bringing you the most recent work on this topic in digestible format. I can be reached at pwymanusc at gmail.


The Fall Of Rome, Special Episode: The End Of The Gladiators  

Gladiators are one of the defining characteristics of the Roman Empire in popular culture. How and why did they disappear? We explore the topic in this special episode.

Fall Of Rome, Episode 7: The Three Transformations Of Roman Gaul  

Gaul was one of the heartlands of the Roman Empire, and it encompassed a tremendous amount of diversity within its borders. Over the course of the fifth century, the region split along its fault lines, with three different paths emerging for its constituent parts. The north became a playground for Frankish warlords, while in the two southern locales, life went on much as it had before.

Fall Of Rome, Episode 6: The Catastrophic Fall Of Roman Britain  

In 350, Britain was a thoroughly integrated province of the Roman Empire, full of prosperous, Latin-speaking cities, luxurious villas, and all the other trappings of Roman life. By 500, the cities were gone, the economy had collapsed, and the island was split among an innumerable number of petty kingdoms. What happened? How did everything go so wrong?

Fall Of Rome, Episode 5: Just How Screwed Up Was the Later Roman Empire?  

One of the fundamental questions about the later Roman Empire is just what a mess it really was. Did the barbarians topple a fundamentally healthy, functional state? Or were they merely the straw that broke the camel's back of a diseased, rotten, empire that could no longer hold itself together? In this episode, we discuss just how things had changed between the peak of the Roman Empire in the second century and the beginning of the end in the fourth.

Fall Of Rome, Episode 4 - The Gothic Sack of Rome  

In 395, the barbarian Goths rebelled against the Romans and fought a campaign that culminated in the sack of Rome in 410. But were the Goths really barbarous foreigners, or are they better understood as a Roman army seeking a position within the Empire?

Fall of Rome, Episode 3: The Goths And The Beginning Of Rome's End  

In the third episode of The Fall of Rome, we explore the Goths' migration into the Roman Empire and their desperate war for survival against the forces of the Empire. This conflict culminated in the Battle of Adrianople, the worst defeat of a Roman army in more than 350 years. How did a rag-tag group of migrants defeat the cream of the army and leave an emperor dead on the battlefield?

Fall Of Rome, Episode 2: The Barbarian World  

In the second episode of The Fall of Rome, we explore the barbarian world beyond the frontiers, focusing on the fearsome Goths who would one day leave an emperor dead on the battlefield, sack Rome itself, and found a kingdom of their own inside the empire's borders. The barbarian world was tightly tied to Rome, and those connections are what we'll investigate today.

Fall Of Rome, Episode 1: Introduction  

Episode 1 of the Fall of Rome Podcast, brought to you by Patrick Wyman, PhD in Late Roman history.

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