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Online since 1995, is one of the oldest and most connected fantasy football information sites on the planet. Join fantasy industry pioneer John Hansen, film authority Greg Cosell, and a dedicated staff of full-time NFL experts as they provide you with the Xs-and-Os and analytical angles you need to conquer your fantasy league.


2017 NFL Draft Preview: Tight Ends  

In the final pre-draft podcast of the 2017 NFL season, Joe Dolan (@FG_Dolan) and Tom Brolley (@FG_Brolley) break down a tight end class full of freak athletes and excellent receivers. Read Toms full breakdown here:

2017 NFL Pre-Draft Podcast  

The 2017 NFL Draft is nearly here, so join John Hansen (@Fantasy_Guru) and Greg Cosell (@gregcosell) as they go across the league looking at possible landing spots for the incoming rookies, and break down the talent of the 2017 rookie class.

2017 NFL Draft Preview: Running Backs and Yards Created  

The incoming 2017 rookie RB class is a fascinating one, and Graham Barfield (@GrahamBarfield) has the full breakdown with his in-depth Yards Created process. Join him and Joe Dolan (@FG_Dolan) as they take a look at the film, the metrics, and where the metrics differ on over a dozen of the projected top incoming rookies at an extremely fantasy-relevant position. Grahams Full YC Breakdown: Joes Full Pre-Draft Rookie Report:

2017 NFL Draft Preview: Wide Receivers  

We are now just three weeks away from the NFL Draft in Philadelphia, and it is time to take a look at another incoming skill position class. Joe Dolan (@FG_Dolan) and Tom Brolley (@FG_Brolley) dig into a WR class that could see three to five first-round picks on April 27. They analyze the consensus top three players, who could go in any order, then discuss some other names that could sneak into the first round. They look at some of the more impressive athletic metrics from the class, and wonder if a certain small-school player who tested poorly really hurt his stock.

2017 NFL Draft Preview: Quarterbacks  

The NFL Draft in Philadelphia is just four weeks away, and Joe Dolan (@FG_Dolan) and Graham Barfield (@GrahamBarfield) are getting fired up for it by examining an interesting incoming QB class. The guys break down the consensus top four QBs from both a film and statistical perspective, analyze potential fits, and philosophize about the transition of the position from the college to NFL ranks. They also spend time discussing one of their favorite mid-round options at the position, as well as trying to eliminate early-round hype on one particular player they dont think deserves it.

2017 Free Agency Review Podcast  

Join John Hansen (@Fantasy_Guru) and Greg Cosell (@gregcosell) as they recap some of the biggest moves made in Free Agency so far and look at how some of the moves might impact fantasy across the league in 2017.

IDP Corner Podcast: Volume 4  

Free agents, trades, releases, signings, and more...all from the IDP side of things. Join IDP Analyst Justin Varnes (@downwithIDP) as he goes across the league, recapping the big IDP moves and news so far this offseason.

2017 Free Agency Preview  

On the even of NFL free agency kicking off, Joe Dolan (@FG_Dolan) and Graham Barfield (@GrahamBarfield) are plugged into the goings on around the league as it relates to fantasy football. The guys break down the Brandon Marshall signing with the Giants, analyze the potential Kirk Cousins move, and speculate about one of the most intriguing QB off-seasons in history. They also go in-depth on what is an extremely deep and interesting wide receiver class.

Combine Preview: WRs and TEs  

Joe Dolan (@FG_Dolan) and Graham Barfield (@GrahamBarfield) finish up their fantasy-slanted preview of the NFL Combine with a look at some of the top WR and TE prospects, and what those prospects need to do to impress.

Combine Preview: QBs and RBs  

Join Joe Dolan (@FG_Dolan) and Graham Barfield (@GrahamBarfield) as they begin breaking down what to watch for from the skill position players at next weeks NFL Combine. They discuss what drills to watch at each position, and what metrics may be a little overrated. Then, Joe and Graham reveal their true draft crush at the RB position in a very deep class.

2016 Lessons Learned, 2017 Free Agents  

Join John Hansen (@Fantasy_Guru) and Staff Writer Paul Kelly (@paulkellytweets) as they look back at the 2016 season to see what lessons they learned for next year, drawing on some interesting topics penned by Hansen in his article, 2016 Lessons Learned. Also, the guys take a look at some intriguing free agents and how each might have a fantasy impact in 2017.

Super Bowl Review and Yards Created Intro  

Falcons fans may not have recovered yet from Super Bowl LI, but Joe Dolan (@FG_Dolan) and Graham Barfield (@GrahamBarfield) have. They give their final thoughts on a game that will be talked about for a long time. Most importantly, Graham provides an intro to his Yards Created series, which breaks down the best incoming RB prospects for the 2017 NFL Draft. Check out Grahams Leonard Fournette piece here:

Quick Super Bowl LI Preview  

Super Bowl LI is here, and it is one of the more exciting matchups we can remember from a fantasy perspective. Joe Dolan (@FG_Dolan) and Graham Barfield (@GrahamBarfield) take a quick look at the Falcons and Patriots, focusing especially on the diverse backfields for each team.

Eulogizing Ryan Grigson and QB Off-Season Preview  

It is the Super Bowl bye week, and while Joe Dolan (@FG_Dolan) and Graham Barfield (@GrahamBarfield) are NOT playing Pro Bowl DFS, they still have plenty to talk about in their longest podcast yet. First, the guys break down what went wrong in Ryan Grigsons tenure as the Colts GM, and why he was unceremoniously fired by owner Jim Irsay. Then, they go through the entire league to preview what should be one of the most tumultuous off-seasons at the quarterback position in quite some time. They discuss Romo, Tyrod, Garoppolo, Cutler, and more.

Championship Week DFS Breakdown  

With two potential shootouts on the NFL slate this week, Joe Dolan (@FG_Dolan) and Graham Barfield (@GrahamBarfield) break down the slate from a DFS perspective, bringing you their preferred plays from the Packers, Falcons, Steelers, and Patriots.

Divisional Round DFS Breakdown  

This should be a far more competitive weekend of NFL playoff games than the Wild Card Round, so Joe Dolan (@FG_Dolan) and Graham Barfield (@GrahamBarfield) are here to break down all the action. They discuss the gymnastics you need to do at other positions to fit elite RB and WR options into your lineup, while also revealing some of their favorite lower-end plays for this week of playoff DFS.

Wild Card DFS Breakdown  

Though the fantasy regular season is over, there is still time to get in on the action in the playoffs. Joe Dolan (@FG_Dolan) and Graham Barfield (@GrahamBarfield) break down each of the four wild-card matchups with their predictions and, more importantly, their favorite DFS plays of the week. The guys go in depth on expensive, mid-range, and sleeper plays, and what their preferences are for each game.

Navigating the Week 17 Minefield  

Week 17 is often a terrible week for fantasy, and this year is one of the worst we can remember. Join Joe Dolan (@FG_Dolan) and Graham Barfield (@GrahamBarfield) as they break down the teams who will rest starters, the teams who have nothing to play for, and the injured players who have no reason to risk their futures. They also highlight some players who have excellent motivation who could be great DFS plays this week.

Week 17 Matchup Podcast  

Fantasy Guru's John Hansen (@Fantasy_Guru) and NFL Films' Greg Cosell (@gregcosell) go around the league previewing all of the Week 17 games and intriguing matchups!

Week 17 Down to the Wire Podcast  

Fantasy Guru's Tom Brolley (@FG_Brolley) and Paul Kelly (@PaulKellyTweets) discuss the top Waiver Wire options at each position heading into Week 17.

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