The Full Catastrophe

The Full Catastrophe


In a live therapy session, guests tell stories about when life got so bad it got funny. Hosted at Giant Dwarf by Rebecca Huntley and Sarah Macdonald.


#4. Sarah Macdonald: Burpin' Your Bad Voodoo  

It never rains but it pours for Sarah Macdonald.

#3. Richard Glover: Who Would Live Alone?  

When his partner Deborah leaves town, a house and a child are left at the mercy of Richard Glover.

#2. Rebecca Huntley: Leave the Body, Take the Cannoli  

How Rebecca Huntley ruined her beloved grandmother's funeral. 

#1. Annabel Crabb: You Shall Have All The Towels You Require  

Annabel Crabb recounts the disorderly arrival of her first child.

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