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The Full Fact Podcast

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The Full Fact podcast brings you the facts behind the spin. Full Fact is the UK’s independent fact checking organisation. Tune in to hear from our researchers about their latest investigations.


The Big Picture and Can We Trust Politicians?  

In this final episode of Full Fact's election podcast, we look at each of topics we've written our manifesto reports about for this election, these are: health, immigration, the economy, Europe, education and housing. We then end the podcast by speaking to Full Fact director Will Moy about trust in politics.

Manifesto Report, Immigration and your Questions  

Will Moy, the director of Full Fact, join Poppy and Phoebe to talk about the manifestos. Joseph O'Leary talks to the team about immigration.

Food Banks, Crime Rates and Sir David Speigelhalter  

This week we talk food bank claims and we ask are crime rates falling? We also have an interview with superstar statistician Sir David Speigelhalter and we ask our resident comedian James Ross all about monitoring claims at Full Fact.

Manifesto Presto  

This week Poppy and Phoebe from the team at Full Fact are checking claims from the major parties' manifestos.

GPs, Foreign Aid and Education  

Poppy Damon and Phoebe Arnold from the team at Full Fact take a look at the facts behind GP waiting times, foreign aid and the claim that 1 in 3 children leave primary school unable to read or write properly.

How are zero hour contracts like selfies?  

Poppy and Phoebe from the team at Full Fact, discuss the facts about zero hour contracts and how much money has been spent on the NHS in the last five years.

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