GARNER PODCAST: When You Screwed Up Big Time  

The Awkward Oscars, Costing the Company, and The Baby Kicker

GARNER PODCAST: Just Don’t Really Care  

Beards, Basketball, and Too Much Facebook...

GARNER PODCAST: Ban Cilantro  

Shaving Behind The Wheel, Banning Food, Chicken Talk


Empty movie Theatre, Rom-Com idea, and name calling

GARNER PODCAST: First Date Gifts  

W.O.W, the "T" sound, and First Date Gifts

GARNER PODCAST: Acquaintances In Low Places  

Garth Brooks hype, Low Places, and Nonsense Lyrics

GARNER PODCAST: Awkward Plane Stories  

More Lasers, Valentine's Boxing Day, and Uncomfortable Plane Rides.

GARNER PODCAST: Dragon’s Den  

Awkward Wedding, Stealing Hot Sauce, and Dragon's Den Ideas

GARNER PODCAST: No Cash Survival  

Snuggles, Wet T-Shirts, and Sugar Babies

GARNER PODCAST: Kissin’ Cousins  

Close encounters with cousins, Being Broke, and the snuggle girl...

GARNER PODCAST: Hollywood Free Pass  

Hal & Joanne, The Worst Actors in Hollywood, and Assembling Furniture...

GARNER PODCAST: Lobster Claw Cast  

Dragon's Den Pitches, Dick-o-Rette, and Superbowl Thoughts...


Buyers Remorse, Movie Madness, and Couples that dress the same...

GARNER PODCAST: Extremes You’ve Gone To…  

Hating on Gym Class, Getting Out of Doing Stuff, and Missing Out on Titanic...

GARNER PODCAST: Old School Tech  

Movies that Make you Cry, Old Technology, and The RPM Challenge...

GARNER PODCAST: Super Sweet!  

Crying at "A Dog's Purpose", The Last Call on a Flip Phone, and Things that are Super Sweet...

GARNER PODCAST: Bloody Syringe Emoji  

Ticket for License Mutilation, Favourite Emoji's, and Ben Saves the Day...

GARNER PODCAST: Getting Ghosted  

Friend Dumping, Getting it on with Parents, and The R.I.P Race on F.B...

GARNER PODCAST: Friend Fight  

Friend Break-ups, Sea Breachers, and Epipen Boy...

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