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The Gary Hour

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A weekly podcast for the curious and introspective. NY funny people Gary Levitt and Matt Kaplan dive deep to discuss the things that matter most to each of their guests. We talk to psychologists, comedians, philosophers, musicians, writers, entrepreneurs, anyone we think has something thoughtful and interesting to share. Email the show:


Ep45 James Altucher  

James Altucher is our guest! James is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, and podcaster. He's made millions, he's lost millions, and he's gained a lot of wisdom along the way. Check him out: Email the show: Intro music by Setting Sun: Produced with apps by:

Ep44 Betsy Capes of Capes Coaching  

Betsy Capes from Capes Coaching visits us and shares her wisdom and tools she teaches to help you achieve your creative goals. Matt and Gary get vulnerable with some valuable therapy and quickly learn how they’re in their own way. Capes Coaching has earned its reputation as an industry leader by presenting a radically different way of approaching artistic careers, benefitting thousands of actors, artists, and creative professionals. Capes Coaching's mission is to empower actors and artists by providing them with the knowledge, tools, and support they need to take control of their careers. Check them out: Listen on iTunes: Email the show: Intro music by Setting Sun: Produced with Apps by:

Ep43 Griffin Newman  

We talk to actor and comedian Griffin Newman about working on the show Vinyl with Martin Scorsese, Studying improv as a child in a performing arts camp. Lots of laughs and a good conversation. Check out Griffin here: Email the show: Intro music by Setting Sun: Produced with apps by Future Moments:

Ep42 Usama Siddique  

We talk to standup comedian Usama Siddique about growing up Muslim, fundamentalism, adapting to new cultures, Bangladesh, sexual repression and more. It's a good one! Check him out: Email the show: Produced with apps by:

Ep41 Doogie Horner  

We talk to standup comedian and author of 3 illustrated books Doogie Horner. We talk about his bizarre experience on Americas Got Talent where he got almost immediately booed yet turned it around all within the allotted 90 seconds. We talk standup comedy and of course one of our favorite topics, relationships. Check out Doogie’s art: Email the show: Intro music by Setting Sun: Produced with apps by:

Ep40 Cate Weinberg  

Gary and Matt talk to NYC standup comedian and actress Cate Weinberg about how she overcame her shyness, different acting methods, when a bicyclist gave her a concussion and more! Fun times ahead. Check her out: email the show

Ep39 Actress Genoveva Rossi  

This week we talk with horror film actress Genoveva Rossi who's been in over 76 films in the past 4 years. We talk acting, dating, social media, sex scenes, stereotypes and more. Good stuff! Check her out: Email the show:

Ep38 Tanael Joachim  

We talk to NY based, Haitian born and raised comedian Tanael Joachim. We discuss identity, race, bigotry, culture adjustments, comedy and more. A solid episode full of interesting thoughts and lots of laughs. Check out Tanael:

Ep37 Filmmaker Jeremiah Kipp  

We talk to superb film director, writer, producer, Jeremiah Kipp. Jeremiah is a New York City based writer, producer and director. Check him out: Check out Audio Fix: for Videos:

Ep36 Comedian Ray Gootz  

Ep36 Career success, personal goals, romance? They say everything happens in its own time. Ray Gootz is an NYC based comedian who recently started supporting himself with comedy. He also happens to be a 35 year old virgin. Let's find out why things happen at their own time and if they always seem to happen at the right time. Follow Ray here:

Ep35 Michelle de Swarte  

A fascinating story with food for thought. Standup comedian, Vice host and former model Michelle de Swarte was raised in the projects of London, left school at 14, got discovered at 19 and ended up traveling the world as a model only to quit to pursue standup comedy. That’s only the beginning of this story. Just listen. Check out Michelle here:

Ep34 Martin Deegan (Artist)  

Ep 34! A former musician, tattoo shop owner, traveler... life’s long. We don’t have to do only one thing, but sometimes there’s one thing that’s always with us. For Martin Deegan, that’s been his artwork. Check out this interview with one of my favorite visual artists. See his work:

Ep33 Seth Faergolzia (Dufus)  

It's our first on-air musical performance! Seth Faergolzia sits down and talks songwriting, his current musical process, his former band Dufus, the things that keep him inspired plus more, with some live performances peppered in for flavor. Yum Yum. Check him out here:

Ep32 Sarah Lewitinn  

We have a fun chat with Sarah Lewitinn, also known by her nickname Ultragrrrl. We talk about her adventures and friendship with Courtney Love and other celebrities, her experiences with Ayahuasca, dating, dating apps and more! Check her here:

Ep31 Krystyna Hutchinson  

Our guest is comedian, actress and podcaster Krystyna Hutchinson! We talk about survival jobs, sex, relationships, acting and more. It’s a fun one and extremely NSFW in a good way. Check her out here:

Ep30 Dan Efram  

Ep30: It's a fun chat with Dan Efram. Dan's managed the band The Apples in Stereo for the past 15 years. His current projects include curating multimedia artist Steve Keene’s “Modular Synthesis” show at Shepard Fairey’s Subliminal Projects as well as producing documentaries on Steve Keene and "A Place We Have Been To: A film featuring The Elephant 6 Recording Collective" which includes primary entities The Apples in stereo, Olivia Tremor Control and Neutral Milk Hotel. Check Dan’s projects out here:

Ep 29 Restaurateur Siwat Thitiwatana  

Gary and Matt talk to musician turned restaurateur Siwat Thitiwatana about running a restaurant and food truck, life in Thailand with the Buddhist monks and more! Check out the restaurant: Email the show at:

Ep28 Actress Kelly Rae LeGault  

Gary and Matt talk to Kelly Rae LeGault about acting, horror films, dating, relationships and what life's like in the big city when you're from a small town in Michigan. Check her out here: Email the show at:

Ep27 Psychologist Dr. Nicole Pernod  

Gary Levitt and Matt Kaplan talk to Psychologist Dr. Nicole Pernod about Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness/Relaxation Strategies, patterns, reactions and how to change them. Learn more about Dr. Pernod here: - Email the show:

Ep26 Justy Dodge  

An intimate and super fun conversation with actress and comedian Justy Dodge about cutting, psych wards, comedy, relationships and more. Check her out here:

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