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James Keown - 204 - Generation Why  

James Keown. September 2004. Waltham, Massachusetts. He seemed to have it all; an adoring wife, a good job, a luxury car, and an acceptance letter from Harvard Business School. When he and his wife moved from Missouri to Massachusetts so that he could pursue his degree, things were looking even more promising. Soon after moving to the Boston suburb, though, his wife Julie started becoming ill. To those who knew the couple he appeared to take great care of his wife. Just months later, though, Julie would fall into a coma and die. She had been poisoned. An investigation that began during the final days of her life would start to uncover the truth about James Keown. The smooth talking, intelligent man Julie had fallen for and married was a con artist who lied about everything. Computer forensics would reveal his sinister intentions.

Holly Bobo - 203 - Generation Why  

Holly Bobo. April 13, 2011. Parsons, Tennessee. 20 year-old Holly Bobo gets up early to prepare for the day. She is to take an exam to complete her nursing degree. Shortly after 7:30am a neighbor hears a scream. Her dog will start barking and her brother will wake up. He will look outside and spot two people kneeling by Holly's car. He believes that his sister is speaking with her boyfriend. He cannot make out the conversation but he does hear her say, "No. Why?" It sounds like they might be going through a breakup. After speaking with his mother, though, he learns that her boyfriend is off hunting turkey and that the man that is with her is a stranger. His mother implores him to grab his gun and shoot him. By the time Clint Bobo understands the danger she may be in it is too late. She and the strange man have disappeared into the woods. Holly Bobo would never be seen alive again.

Bart Whitaker - 202 - Generation Why  

Bart Whitaker. December 10, 2003. Sugar Land, Texas. A 24 year-old man and his family go out one evening to celebrate his graduation from Sam Houston State University. Upon arriving home they are ambushed by a gunman waiting inside. The mother and her 19 year-old son are killed. The father and the older son whose graduation they were celebrating are hospitalized with injuries. The investigation finds its target early on as information comes in showing that the celebration was for nothing. Bart Whitaker was not graduating college. More people would come forward and this young man who was so loved by his family was found to be hiding a dark secret.


Kevin Green - 201 - Generation Why  

Kevin Green. September 30, 1979. Tustin, CA. A heated argument between a husband and his wife prompts him to leave. He will drive away to cool off and get something to eat. Later, when he returns, he discovers that his wife has been bludgeoned and raped. The attack was so severe that she suffered memory loss and much of her ability to hear or smell. After medical care she will get to go home. But a short time later something will come back to her. The memory of her husband as her attacker... Kevin Green will be arrested and convicted for the crime. Many years later a DNA hit will alert authorities to a troubling fact. They convicted the wrong man. Green's former wife, though, isn't buying into his innocence.

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The Keddie Murders - 200 - Generation Why  

The Keddie Murders. April 12, 1981 Keddie, California. 14 year-old Shiela Sharp returns home and discovers the bodies of her mother, 36 year-old Glenna "Sue" Sharp, her brother, 15 year-old John, and his friend 17 year-old Dana Wingate. They had been bound, stabbed, beaten, and/or strangled to death.Her 12 year-old sister Tina was missing. Three years later, Tina's skull was found near a waterfall 29 geodesic miles from the cabin. Sue was getting divorced from her husband, but he had an alibi. Who else would have murdered them and why?

Pamela Smart - 199 - Generation Why  

Pamela Smart. May 01, 1990. Derry, New Hampshire. A 22 year-old media services director at Winnacunnett High arrives home to discover the condominium that she shared with her husband dark and quiet. Once inside she would find him dead on the floor and their place ransacked. The investigation would stall early on until a young man went to police with information. This would ultimately lead to the arrests of five people. One of whom was the very wife of the of the murdered man. The four young men would cut deals while she maintained her innocence. Billy Flynn, just a sophomore at the high school, had become her lover and said that she had coerced him into killing her husband. Did Pamela Smart conspire to kill her husband? Or was she falsely implicated by the younger people she had become involved with?

The Dixmoor 5 - 198 - Generation Why  

The Dixmoor 5. Chicago, Illinois. November 19, 1991. A young teenager named Cateresa Matthews leaves her grandmother's house to go home but doesn't make it there. At first she is simply missing, but on December 8th of that year her body would be discovered in a field. She had been abducted, raped, and murdered. The police acted quickly and built a case against five boys who knew her. After a successful trial it seemed as though justice had been done but, due to a dna test on evidence collected from the victim, it later became clear that they had prosecuted five innocent people. Worse still, the prosecutors and the investigators were aware of this from almost the start of this case and prosecuted them anyway. Cateresa's mother as well as the Dixmoor 5 would find that, in Chicago, justice isn't always easy to come by.

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The Mary Morris Murders - 197 - Generation Why  

The Mary Morris Murders. October 2000. Houston, Texas. A woman drives to work one morning before 6am. Later that day her supervisor called her house to ask where she was. At 5pm, police arrive at the scene of a burned up Chevy Lumina with the remains of a body inside. Just a few days later, another woman calls a friend to say that someone at a drugstore was making her nervous. Within 15 minutes she would make a disturbing call to 911. Then she disappeared. The next morning she would be found in her car. She had been beaten and shot in the head. The families of the two women, as well as detectives, would be baffled by the similarities between the two cases. Particularly the fact that both women were named Mary Morris...

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Baton Rouge Serial Killer - 196 - Generation Why  

Baton Rouge Serial Killer. Baton Rouge, Louisiana. From 1998 to 2003, a serial killer was following, stalking, and violently murdering women. There was never any visible forced entry to the victims' homes and, for quite some time, law enforcement was sure that a white male in a white pickup was their suspect. The brazen killer would eventually be discovered and once his past was exposed, a clear picture of who he was and how he operated became chillingly clear.

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Rabia Chaudry - 195 - Generation Why  

Rabia Chaudry. In 2000, a young man named Adnan Syed was sentenced to life in prison plus 30 years for the murder of Hae Min Lee. Years later, This American Life's Sarah Koenig would cover his case on the first season of Serial. One woman had been the driving force behind getting Adnan's case more exposure and to fight to change his fate. Rabia Chaudry was a family friend who felt a great injustice had been done to him. The co-host from Undisclosed is more than just a podcaster. Famous for her advocacy for Adnan Syed, Rabia is also a lawyer and now an author. Her book, Adnan's Story, is a book about her life and the case for Adnan's innocence. The book is now available wherever books are sold.

Murder Of Robert Wone - 194 - Generation Why  

Murder Of Robert Wone. August 2nd, 2006. A Washington D.C. attorney is invited to stay at his friends' house. He had started a new job and would be working late so he didn't feel like traveling back home. He arrives about 10:30pm and isn't there even an hour before he is discovered on a pullout bed with several knife wounds to his chest and abdomen. Those that were in the house with him, Joseph Price, Victor Zaborsky, & Dylan Ward, claim an intruder must have entered the home and killed him. The case appears to get even more bizarre once details of the evening and of the crime scene become known. Who murdered Robert Wone?

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Brandon Lawson - 193 - Generation Why  

Brandon Lawson. August 9, 2013. Bronte, Texas. A 26 year-old man leaves his house late at night after an argument with his common-law wife. He had planned to drive to his dad's house to stay elsewhere for the night and cool off. His truck would run out of gas and he would make a number of calls. He called his wife but her phone was charging in her car. He called his brother who drove out to help him. He also called 911. When his brother and a sheriff's deputy arrived, the truck was empty and Brandon was nowhere to be found. Hauntingly, the 911 call seems to indicate that his life was in danger. Was he running from someone? Or did something else happen to Brandon Lawson?

Madalyn Murray O'Hair - 192 - Generation Why  

Madalyn Murray O'Hair. Austin, Texas. August, 1995. America's most hated woman, along with her youngest son and granddaughter, goes missing. She was the leader and founder of American Atheists. An organization meant to enforce and fight for the separation of church and state. At first, this is not exactly surprising as many suspected that she had had enough and fled. Her eldest son, with whom she had abandoned once he became a Christian, called authorities after someone in the organization moved into his mother's house. Later, they discover that the three hadn't fled after all. They had been kidnapped. What's worse, they had been taken by someone who hated Madalyn Murray O'Hair more than anyone else and was bent on revenge...

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Updates 2016 - 191 - Generation Why  

Updates 2016. Justin and Aaron give opinions on news and updates involving Steven Avery, Adnan Syed, Freddie Gray, Oscar Pistorius, Ethan Couch, Dylann Roof, Kendrick Johnson, and George Zimmerman. It has been a busy year and we have received many emails and messages asking us for our thoughts on each and every one of these cases. Steven Avery's lawyer, Kathleen Zellner has vowed to get him released. Adnan Syed won an appeal and had his conviction in the death of Hae Min Lee vacated and awaits a new trial. Freddie Gray's death prompted Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby to charge the officers involved in his arrest, but has failed to get a single conviction. Federal investigators looked into the Kendrick Johnson death at his high school and then abandoned their investigation.

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Charlie Brandt - 190 - Generation Why  

Charlie Brandt. January 3, 1971. Fort Wayne, Indiana. A 13 year-old boy walks into his parents' bathroom carrying a gun. His father is shaving and his pregnant mother is taking a bath. Their son would shoot his father then his mother despite their pleas. His 15 year-old sister was his next target but the gun merely clicked. After a physical confrontation he would give up. Later, due to his age, he would be sent for treatment at an Indianapolis mental hospital. Over the next three decades he would seemingly live a normal life until the year 2004. While he and his wife were staying with her niece his urge to kill resurfaced. When law enforcement officers arrived on the scene they found him hanging in the garage, his wife dead on the couch from multiple stab wounds, and his niece mutilated in her bedroom. It was a scene not unlike that left behind by Jack the Ripper. Charlie Brandt's secrets would start to come out.

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Sean Drenth - 189 - Generation Why  

Sean Drenth. Oct. 18, 2010. A Phoenix police sergeant seems to have a great life. He has a great marriage and a young child. He is also well respected in his department. One night, though, changes everything. He would be discovered on the ground outside of his patrol car. His life had ended by way of a shotgun that now rested vertically, barrel up, on his chest. According to the investigation, though, there are questions about the placement of the weapon. How could a shotgun discharge and come to rest as it did? Other evidence points to murder as well, but the medical examiner finds Drenth's death to be a suicide. Many in the department disagree with this finding. Did Sgt. Sean Drenth commit suicide? Or was he murdered...and why?

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Death of Diren Dede - 188 - Generation Why  

Death of Diren Dede. April 27, 2014. Missoula, Montana. When homeowners are burglarized multiple times and the police seem to be able to offer little to no support, they choose to take other measures. They set up a camera and motion sensors in their open garage and wait for another burglar. A high school student named Diren Dede enters the open garage within a few days and the homeowner, Marcus Kaarma, heads outside armed with his shotgun. Diren is shot and killed. Kaarma feels he acted within his rights as defined by Montana's 'castle law'. Police and prosecutors disagreed.

Jane Doe January - 187 - Generation Why  

Jane Doe January. A woman is raped in her own apartment by an unknown man who had made his way into her building. Despite supportive family and law enforcement, it would be two decades before the identity of the rapist would be discovered. Bringing the man to justice would become her mission and she set about researching him and doing what she had to do to have charges brought against him. Along the way she would have to deal with challenges as well as an important question as she approached a trial date: Will her progress over all of these years diminish what he did to her? Emily Winslow speaks candidly about what happened to her and what she learned about the system, and herself, in her quest for justice.

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Martha Haney - 186 - Generation Why  

Martha Haney. Williamston, MI. Back in 1897, a man returns home from work to eat some lunch. He will make a gruesome discovery involving his mother. Her head has been removed and has been placed on a platter at the dinner table. She had been murdered with an axe. Her murderer would turn out to be his own wife, Martha. What would provoke such an attack? Joining us was author Rod Sadler whose book, To Hell I Must Go, provides the details on Michigan's own version of Lizzie Borden. His genealogical research brought this story to his attention as his great-great-grandfather was the sheriff in Williamston at the time and handled the case until its conclusion.

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Olivia Mabel -185 - Generation Why  

Olivia Mabel. A Celina, Texas woman goes down a dark path after her son dies in an accident. Authorities would be alerted after receiving silent 911 calls from her home. Once inside they discovered what she had been doing for almost 3 years. A makeshift altar, a doll fashioned from a stick, and letters to her son were in front of her lifeless body. They say her grief may have prompted her to manifest an entity that turned evil. We will break this tale down and discuss why stories like this are so popular.

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