The Girl Next Door Podcast

The Girl Next Door Podcast


We're two next door neighbors who love a good chat and a good cocktail. Come on in, have a drink and stay a while.


Fall Extravaganza & Fall Ladies  

It's the episode that we look forward to every year - FALL EXTRAVAGANZA! There's a pumpkin beer taste test, a pumpkin spice quiz, the annual candle sniff test and more. Happy fall, friends!

Creating Happiness & Beast Slash  

Bring on the fall cocktails! We're sipping a hard cider spritz with a twist of something unexpected. Plus chatting about creating happiness in our lives and what challenges our happiness.

Parenting Preschoolers & Aggressively Fall Friendly  

Over an autumn apricot cocktail we chat about the experience of parenting preschoolers - how it's different than parenting toddlers, what's awesome, what's challenging and what we're learning being (pre)school moms. 

Mom Hobbies & Speed Traps  

We try an "okay" cocktail and dive into hobbies, creative passions and past times - what we're currently doing, how we're making the time, what we've let lapse and what we hope to bring into - or back into - our lives one day.

Book Club 7: The Husband's Secret  

For our summer book club episode we dive into The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty, which is suspenseful and twisting, and sip an Australian Opal along the way.

2016 Goals Check In & Frosé  

We're jumping on the Summer of Frosé train and checking in on 2016 so far and how our annual intentions and goals are shaping up. 

Family Memory Keeping & Missing Torti  

We "cheers!" with a mango margarita and chat about some totally not overwhelming approaches to family memory keeping.

Friendship Landscapes & Pick Up Lines  

Over a cocktail with 0% juice grenadine we chat about our current and past friendship landscapes, how we keep up with friends and how we make new ones, including our go-to friend pick up lines.

Travel Goals & Pouch Cocktails  

We prove that pouches make great cocktail starters and dive into a chat about travel, both trips on the books and trips we are dreaming about when our kids don't require us to lug so much stuff.

Summer Cozy & Hearty Bottoms  

The temperatures are heating up in the neighborhood but we're not letting that keep us from being cozy. A pineapple gin and tonic accompanies us during this summery episode.

Book Club 6: Big Magic  

We sip a summery brew and discuss Elizabeth Gilbert's inspiring and practical new book on living creatively.

Behind the Scenes & Under Construction  

We're giving you a behind-the-scenes listen at how we produce the show! And sipping a shrub that is part vinegar and mostly gin.

Happening Lately & Cruise Ships  

We're sipping a ginger beer margarita during this grab-bag episode of everything we're up to and into lately.

And join us for our upcoming spring book club on May 25: we're reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert!

Marriage as Parents & Mothballs  

We sip a slushy watermelon cocktail that does double duty to soothe Kelsey's cough-induced deep voice and talk about how we're striving to maintain happy marriages since the arrival of kids.

Parenting Toddlers & Nothing Is Easy  

We're sipping a barista-approved cocktail and talking toddlers - from the cute to the defiant.

Tidying Rage & Smelly Jeans  

We sip a sparkling cara cara orange-sage-campari cocktail and dive into a discussion of tidying and share how we've dealt, or not dealt, with household and kid clutter.

Habits & Dragonification  

A French 75 accompanies our discussion of habits - habits we have, wish we had or would love to break.

Leap Day Bonus!  

Surprise! What better way to celebrate an extra day of the year than with a bonus episode of TGND? Happy Leap Day, everyone!

Book Club 6: Modern Romance  

Hey hey, it's book club time! Join us for a discussion of the funny yet informative book about love and dating in the digital age: Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari.

Paper Planners & Pencil Pouches  

We geek out over our paper planners while sipping a TGIF Sunrise cocktail.

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