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TGA Podcast Ep:338  

This episode is a very special double feature with my guest Matt Facciani, and we also introduce the very first episode of “Sketchy Podcast.” You won’t want to miss out. Remember, to enjoy the magazine it only costs a buck! Go to and become a subscriber today.

TGA Podcast EP: 337  

This month, I’ll be talking about vaccination and the recent outbreak of measles in Disney World. We also announce the launch of my exciting new project: Sketchy Magazine…or should I say, MEGAZINE!

TGA Podcast EP:336  

This week, Tbad joins me as we discuss the history of Christmas, and even showcase some original holiday songs for all of you. Don’t miss out on the Yuletide fun!

TGA Podcast EP:335  

This week, my cohost TBAD and I talk about time travel and the movies that feature this poorly used trope, and we’ll also talk about the future of space exploration. It’s one hour of goofy fun you won’t want to miss. Be sure to support the Patreon Campaign!

TGA Podcast EP:334  

This week, I interview Eiynah, of the blog Nice Mangos. She recently wrote an open letter to Ben Affleck, which went viral. So I had her on so we could talk about the hot subject of Islamophobia. If you loved the interview, don’t forget to support our Patreon Campaign. One dollar a month makes all […]

TGA Podcast EP: 333  

This week, Jony Scaramanga joins me to talk about his latest project, the Pope and all the fuss people make about him, and finally we talk about my new Patreon campaign! Be sure to tell everyone that #TGAisBack

TGA Podcast EP: 332  

This week, my special guest is Vyckie Garrison who joins us to discuss her latest talk (see video below). We also chat about her recent project to save her home. You can easily contribute by buying a copy of Bible Stories. All sales this week will go to her!

TGA Podcast EP: 331  

This week, Ryan joins me as we casually take down a “philosophy” professor and his pathetic arguments for the existence of suffering as evidence of God. We also talk about free will and even yellow journalism! You won’t want to miss this show. Be sure to check out the video we’re responding to here

TGA Podcast EP: 330  

This week, my guest is former Rev. Bob Ripley, who was a Senior Minister of Canada’s United Church. He’s written a new book, and joins me on the show to talk about his recent experience of coming out of the atheist closet Don’t miss out!

TGA Podcast: Episode 329  

This week, Jeff joins me as we review the disasters that are “Noah” and “Heaven is Real”. We watched these terrible movies so you never have to. So don’t miss out on this spoiler-alert show!

TGA Podcast: Episode 328  

After a relaxing vacation, we’re back to regular podcasting! This week, we discuss the tragedy of Jonestown and the familiar political situation that created it! Also on the show, we have in interview with God. You won’t want to miss out!

TGA Podcast EP:327  

This week, Ryan joins me as we talk about the Pope excommunicating the Mafia, and how the Vatican Bank (more correctly known as the Institute for the Works of Religion) and its long history of corruption. We also discuss some of my challenges selling the e-book in the wild west of publishing! Don’t miss out! […]

TGA Podcast EP: 326  

This week, both Ryan and Jeff join me for an off-the-cuff episode about the Vatican and it’s pathetic attempt to “punish” child rapists with a life of luxurious prayer. Apologies if it’s all a bit all over the place!

TGA Podcast Ep: 325  

This week, I’m proud to announce the completion of “Bible Stories”! After years of talking about it, the book is finally available for sale. So after listening to the show, be sure and support us by buying your copy today!

TGA Podcast: Episode 324  

This week, we review the movie “God’s Not Dead”. I would warn you about spoilers, but this isn’t so much a fruit as it is a total corpse. All that’s left are the bones of criticism. Don’t miss out!

TGA Podcast: Episode 323  

This week, my guest is Catherine Dunphy, former director of ‘The Clergy Project,’ and now working on an outreach project along the same vein called ‘Rational Doubt‘ on Patheos. We talk about her childhood, her de-conversion, and her good work!

TGA Podcast: Episode 322  

This week, Ryan joins me as we talk about a new study that links Internet use with the decline in belief, a scientist weighs in and says debating creationists is a waste, and finally we discuss the Boy Scouts revoking a troop’s charter over a gay counsellor. All that and more! Don’t forget to check out Ryan’s […]

TGA Podcast Episode 321  

This week, Jeff joins me once more to talk about the Bill Nye vs Ken Ham debate (better late than never!), and the fallout, as well as Brandeis University and their decision to revoke Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s honorary degree. All that and much more!

TGA Podcast: Episode 320  

This week, Jeff joins me as we talk about Christianity making a comeback, we review the movie “God’s Not Dead”, and we talk about the new ‘documentary’ “The Principle”, and how famous scientists were tricked into being in a movie about how the sun revolves around the earth!

TGA Podcast: Episode 319  

We are back! Yes, “The Good Atheist” has been resurrected, and what better way to celebrate than by talking about the new Cosmos series, hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson. Also on the show, Ray Comfort decides to call out Neil and suggest that the Bible is actually scientific. Finally, we announce the launch date for […]

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