The Grappling Central Podcast: The biggest names i

The Grappling Central Podcast: The biggest names i

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Insightful commentary by world-renown grapplers!


Episode 128: Kurt Osiander Halloween Special  

When Kurt is on the show, don't expect your average GCP interview! In our Halloween Special, and Kurt's 5th appearance on the show, Kurt talks about his seminar tour, ghosts in his house, crazy Halloween memories, shark attacks and of course, weapons and heavy metal!

Episode 127: Nick Delpopolo  

In this episode, we are joined by Judo star Nick Delpopolo. Fresh off his performance at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, Nick talks about his intriguing life story, Judo tactics and the adversity he has worked through to become a champion.

Episode 126: Riccardo Ammendolia  

Riccardo Ammendolia joins the show and talks about his start in Jiu-Jitsu, the BJJ scene in Canada, competing in Brazil and how he became one of the most recognizable voices in BJJ commentary

Episode 125: Freddy Trillo  

Professor Freddy Trillo joins the show for an insightful and surprising look into the world of law enforcement hand to hand training and the importance of grappling in a self defense situation.

Episode 124: Alexander Trans  

In this episode, Alexander Trans talks about BJJ in Europe, his decision to move permanently to Rio De Janeiro and his reasons for leaving Checkmat to join GF Fight Team. He also discusses "big man" Jiu-Jitsu and what it was like to teach in Abu Dhabi.

Episode 123: Felipe “Zicro” Neto  

Professor Neto is a highly respected black belt and the longest running Alliance Black belt outside the team's founders. Felipe talks about the team's orgins, his beginnings in Jiu-Jitsu and shares some very funny stories from back in the day

Episode 122: “Sambo” Steve Koepfer  

"Sambo" Steve Koepfer is a Master of Sport in Combat Sambo, a Judo black belt and a highly sought resource for knowledge in the grappling world. Steve talks about Sambo's history, martial arts politics and his event, Combat Wrestling World Championships.

Episode 121: Guillaume “Gile” Huni  

The man behind and, Professor Guillaume "Gile" Huni talks about Jiu-Jitsu's growth in Eastern Europe, how he began his websites and his action packed life of dodging fake black belts and Eastern European criminals!

Episode 120: André Galvão returns!  

Andre Galvao returns! We catch up with what he has been up to since we spoke last, the importance of a good take down game, dealing with losses and his love for movies! Also, if you're a fan of his book Drill To Win, he makes an exclusive announcement!

Episode 119: Ashley Williams  

In this episode, we are joined by the UK's youngest black belt Ashley Williams. An EBI veteran and rising star in the grappling world, Ashley tells us about his start in BJJ, his EBI experience and shares his insight on teaching kids.

Episode 118: Marcos Santos  

In this episode, we are joined by decorated Black Belt Marcos Santos. Professor Santos talks about his time spent with the Brazilian Special Forces, real life self defense application and losing his first school in NYC to the 9/11 attack.

Episode 117: Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu  

In this episode, we are joined by one of the most decorated competitors of our time, Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu. He talks about his humble beginnings, his unique learning process, his greatest achievements and the one thing that scares him the most!

Episode 116: Robert Drysdale  

A highly respected instructor, MMA fighter and Jiu-Jitsu champion, Professor Drysdale speaks very openly about PED use in both MMA and BJJ, the watering down of Jiu-Jitsu, fake black belts, crazy Kung Fu videos and the importance of teaching responsibly.

Episode 115: Rafael Domingos  

In this episode, decorated competitor Rafael Domingos tells the incredible story about his beginnings growing up in the projects in Sao Paulo, being taken in by Demain Maia to be groomed as his protege and becoming a Jiu-Jitsu champion and Pro MMA fighter.

Episode 114: Jeremy Horn  

In this episode, we are joined by MMA pioneer and submission specialist Jeremy Horn. Jeremy talks about his beginnings in martial arts and fighting, the ups and downs of his career and the importance of keeping a realistic mindset when training.

Episode 113: Baret Yoshida  

In this episode, we are joined by Professor Baret Yoshida in his first podcast interview ever! Professor Yoshida talks about his beginnings in Hawaii, his time spent fighting in Japan and shares some details on his specialty, the Crucifix position.

Episode 112: Leo Leite  

In this episode, we are joined by Professor Leo Leite. A Judo and Jiu-Jitsu champion and undefeated MMA fighter, Leo talks about the application of Judo in Jiu-Jitsu and MMA, the highpoints in his career and his love for his new career as an MMA fighter

Episode 111: Matt Baker  

In this episode, we are joined by Professor Matt Baker. Matt talks about his time spent with his legendary instructor Master Jean Jacques Machado, the difficulties of improving in Jiu-Jitsu and his program designed to help struggling students.

Episode 110: Reilly Bodycomb  

In this episode, we are joined by Reilly Bodycomb. A highly respected Sambo specialist and leg lock master, Reilly talks about his intro to grappling, the importance of a good take down game and his love for Street Fighter and The Ninja Turtles.

Episode 109: Murilo Bustamante  

In this episode, we are joined by living legend Murilo Bustamante. Professor Murilo reflects on his long career, his experience fighting for Pride and the UFC, his time spent with Master Carlson Gracie and his new business he started in Brazil.

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